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Brad Pitt's Parents in Namibia

Brad Pitt's Parents in Namibia

Bill Pitt (Brad‘s father) and Jane Pitt (Brad‘s mother) have safely touched down at a local airport in Namibia.  Brad Pitt‘s parents are obviously in town to visit their precious 1-week old granddaughter Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt at the Burning Shore Lodge in Swakopmund. Below is a captioned picture from yesterday’s set of beach picturesAngelina and Maddox were, in fact, accompanied by Brad‘s younger brother, Doug Pitt. The pictures were taken at the Tiger Reef Beach Bar the day before (Friday, May 26) baby Shiloh was born. Well, at least according to Star/

Maddox horses around with Brad‘s brother, Doug, at Tiger
 Reef Beach Bar while Angelina watches on.

Shiloh‘s blingin’ binky is a one-of-a-kind 14K gold and diamond
 studded pacifier worth $17,000.  The binky is made of European
 white gold and 3 carats of white diamonds.  I’ve never wanted
to suck on a pacifer before, but this one I’ll try.

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  • mac66


  • Tina


  • who cares



    wheres the stalkers at,this is so nice and quiet!

  • me

    regis and kelly said baby had brads nose and huge nostrils and angies huge lips.they used mr potato had to was funny as hell..big lips big cute.NOT

  • BABY

    Well Brad will be 62 when his kid is 20…….hot lips will be 50…….they are nobody’s..there are people in the world with just as much love and kindness…theses to are so overrated and ugly

  • Piper

    wow never been so high up on the count before!!i wonder what grandparents are bringing as gifts….as if she needs any more :)

  • black?

    They must have worn black because angie said so… sad…sooo sad

  • Brad’s Auntie

    Yay! Mommy and Daddy have arrived. It’s so cute they’re all dressed up to meet their little granddaughter. They remind me of my parents. Does anyone know if this is their first grandchild? Kudos to them for making the trek out to Namibia to meet little Shiloh. I’m sure they’ve been dying to see her!

  • Piper

    # 9 | Brad’s Auntie | June 3, 2006 09:25 AM | No I don’t think it’s their first grandchild. They have a couple already I believe…or more from their other childrend (Doug and Julie?). Plus, Maddox and little Zahara. They’re super-grandparents :)

  • Alicia

    Aaaaaahhhhhhhh! *snaps* no they di’in’t! This is too much!! It’s so great that they’re visiting ^_^

  • Go BAMZS Go


  • Alica

    curious that the first people to post on this site are haters who namecall, and profess not to care, yet they got here so early….

  • remember da truth

    This is great — they said they would meet up in Paris, but they came to Namibia instead! I’m glad Doug is there, too. I wonder if Julie can make it? It’s great the whole family is there. I hope they can stay a while, and Jane Pitt can help Angie with the kids.

  • gitane

    time for the pitt family portrait! wonder how long they’ll stay in namibia…

  • Piper

    it is cute that they’re there but can you imagine the elder Pitts saying to their travel agent in midwest "um…two tickets to Namibia, Africa please" lol. don’t know why but that image makes me laugh. it’d be funnier if they brought grandma Pitt along.

  • remember da truth

    Piper, can you imagine the commotion if they did that? lolllI’ll bet they were on a chartered plane. Yeah, wish Grandma was there for a four-generation photo for Shiloh!This is great, now they can enjoy some time in Africa too and see why Brad and Angie love it so much.

  • Lil Shi

    Hi All, Look you’ll its the Rogaine-Pitts. They are my grandparents. Silver Spoons….HA! I laugh in the face of Silver Spoons. This is the 21st Century. Its White Gold Binkies with shiny sparkly things that make me sleepy when you move……sorry I digress. Maddy calls me a PIMP. Thats my PIMP Bling. PIMP=PrettyInMyPampers! : ) Isnt Maddy the best. Hes soooo smart. Whoops! Uhoh. Just did a doodie in those pampers. Gotta get changed. Life is so hard on a PIMP!LYLAS – BBLXOXShiXOX

  • gitane

    okay. pictures of the happy grandparents will ALL of their grandchildren. that should be the next cover of PEOPLE.oops! i never did finish reading the new issue!

  • IVY

    Doug has 3 kids and I think Julie has 3 as well, including twins. I think the twins are 8 now so, it has been a while since a new grandbaby joined the family. Great for them!!

  • annea

    This is fantastic but I hope marcheline gets to see the baby soon. Angie must be dying to have her mom see the new baby. James must still be there. It’s full house and its great. I hope that isn’t true about the baby having big nostrils.

  • annea

    This is fantastic but I hope Marcheline gets to see the baby soon. Angie must be dying to have her mom see the new baby. James must still be there. It’s a full house and its great!I hope that isn’t true about the baby having big nostrils.

  • African Girl

    Baby Shiloh Jolie Pitt is barely a week old and she is making waves. The first baby with a TV showShe is offered a custom made pacifierworth $17, 000. Oh, the people at National Ledger must be really pissed because they made no bones about hiding it. Tried to spin it in a way that it looked like AJ & BP called for it. Thank goodness for other media outlets the said like it really is. The company had the pacifier made with the hopes that it will be donated to charity. They had a breakdown of what $17, 000 can do. After reading that, I had to wonder…..what does TC think. I mean apart from a crib that was left at his doorstep, I haven’t read/heard anything else being offered to his baby. This also brought me to the conclusion that as much a the stupid tabs with their stupid polls carry on about BP and AJ not being popular….these two are phenomenally popular. I’m not naive enough to believe these companies offering Shil free stuff are doing it out of the goodness of their hearts. They want the free publicity….the baby born to stars…but so also is Suri and THAT in itself tells me where things really stand. The tides are turning for the Jolie Pitts my friends and after 19 months, I say IT’S ABOUT FREAKING TIME!!! I saw the funniest thing on TV (hmmm, I’ve been coming across a lot of funny things lately….which is good, it’s better to laugh than to cry…..well except you are a Faniston then cry me a freaking river). Anyway, I was watching The Soup and they showed a clip of News Anchors in some city talking about TBU and as soon as the preview came on, one of the Anchors picked up a newspaper and pretended to read, the woman pretended akward silence and with her eyes darting around the room… if to say "someone get me outta here". When it was over, the newspaper guy drops his paper and says "is it over?" the entertainment guy then tells it was so boring even one of the producers fell asleep during the screening. The producer….who has a stake in this….fell asleep! Oh in that case, I’ll be the first in line to go see the movie now. Also on The Soup, they have this segment called "Did you know?" well, on last nights ep, they had "Did you know Jennifer Aniston is also an actress not just Brad Pitt’s ex-wife? Well now you know". My poor sister, bless her heart, is really hoping this movie does well….not because she like JA (she’s not really into TV, so she’s one of those people who knew that BP’ wife is in aTV sitcom)…anyway, she wants the movie to do well so JA will also have something good too. I had no qualms dashing her hopes…I showed her the preview on MSN and when it got to the "I want you to want to do the dishes/why would I want to want to do the dishes bit, she wince. At the end of the preview, she says "it’s not funny…there is no humor in something you see everyday" but still, she persists on hoping that something good comes out of this, so I start showing her reviews….now I want you to understand that I’m not trying to be mean, I love my sister and I don’t want her building false hope when she’s only gonna be disappointed…am I a good sister or what? Well, last night, I went on MSN movie review and the critic took no prisoners….this was nothing new or interesting. What I found interesting were the audience review…..oh those Fanistons, they sure know how to spin things. They had things like….it was so real, I almost cried (maybe it’s just me but aren’t movies meant for escapism. If I want to see real life I’ll stay at home). Another said, it was so real, anyone who hates to be uncomfortable will not like it (well now that just proves my belief that those Fanistons enjoy pain and suffering….I mean why else will they keep coming were they continously cyber smacked). My fav was when one of them got riled up about another post…..of course it was negative, why else will she be riled up? She started correcting the poster’s grammer (hmm, now that sounds very familiar…Typical Faniston move. Well I guess it’s a universal thing among the fanistons.) The best review for me was the guy/girl who came up there and simply stated "I’m going to slap the person who made me see this movie" simple yet conveys a lot. This tells me where things really stand….The tides are turning , the Fanistons are desperate and after 19 months I say IT’S ABOUT FREAKING TIME.And a Very Good Morning to everyone and Thanks Jared!

  • Ivy

    Morning, African Girl. I enjoyed your post.

  • Piper

    # 18 | remember da truth you’re right they were probably on some ultra-secret plane but it’s fun to imagine them buying their own tickets. i wish i was a fortune teller and meet the Pitts in the 50′s and say to them "one day, you will go to a land called ‘Namibia’ visiting your oldest boy’s daughter". can you picture their reaction to that? lol. whatever they may think of Angelina, she sure has a way of bringing strange excitments to their lives. i wonder where they will go to see the next baby. it’s like playing "where in the world is our grandchild" :)

  • remember da truth

    #24 African GirlThat was so funny! "Anyone who hates to be uncomfortable will not like it" as a review from an audience member! That’s hilarious — and like you said, proof positive that Aniston and her fans love to wallow in negativity and self-pity and whining. They like being uncomfortable. I guess that person who posted the long review on the other thread about how much she liked it is why she was on a BAMZS thread in the first place — oh hey, HERE’S where I can be uncomfortable! yay!! I’m so glad that can be something Jen is proud of. Racist, bitter, scorned women as her fans, the kind who get pissy when grandparents fly to visit their grandkids, and who can’t stand a baby they have never met, who think being in uncomfortable awkward situations are really fun and cool because then they can talk about it ad nauseum with their girlfriends and whoever else will listen — oh yeah, these people are who she attracts. And they are all lazy — too lazy to go to the theater and even support her.

  • African Girl

    Sorry my post was long, I had it for the other thread but when I saw this….I thought……eh….same thing. I see the Fanistons are out early today. You’d think they’ll be tired from celebrating the tremendous success of TBU. The Pitts are in Namibia….wow, no wonder Fanistons have a bee in their bonnets. They were rejoicing when they thought the Pitts had nothing to do with AJ & BP.#19 / Lil Shil,You must be very happy grandmama and grandpapa are there to see you. Kisses to your brother and sister.#23 / AnneaITA.And Jared I agree, I’ll also suck on that binky like my life depended on it.

  • kidi

    From a review of TBU:(She’s) identified almost entirely by her haircut at the end–just as the actress who plays her has been for much of her career. Aniston’s greatest skill is apparently being the tabula rasa upon which dim bulbs project their thoughts.The dim bulbs are out in force this morning. Must have seen the movie.

  • gitane

    finally finished reading the article in People. it is tooo cool that brad and angie bought his & hers baby bags.good morning to everyone! speaking of pain & suffering–as AG was, ocean’s 12 is on right now. i can’t wait until tuesday when i can buy mams unrated and have some quality bp to watch.

  • Jiminy

    This will be Jane and Bill’s 9th grandchild (incl M & Z).

  • African Girl

    Ivy & Remember the truthHey guys,That was even the worst of it, one person actually said anyone who has been though a break up will want to see this. Now do you see the type of people we are dealing with….? Why, oh why will I want to see a movie that reminds me of a break up….I mean any way you spin it, a break is not the most memorable of life experiences. No wonder it always seem like we are banging our heads on the wall when we may MOVE ON and they’re going "Huh….whatchu say? Move On? What are you talking about?" They revel in their misery and that’s why they make movies about and enjoy movies about BREAK UP.#30 / GitaneOh, you have it easy, let me tell about misery. My DVD arrives the same day I leave for Dubai. Right now, I’m having a difficult time typing coz I have all the fingers on both hands crossed, hoping it come very early in the day. I have this nightmare that on the flight over, they’ll show Rumor Has it…..thanks a lot Be Sane. I don’t know what I’m gonna do if that happenes….well just in case you all hear the news that on the 6th of June, someone jumped out of a plane heading to Dubai…..that would be me….just a heads up.

  • aveeno1

    Doug Pitt is there too, so is Angie’s brother…Her mum can’t travel I don’t think because of the cancer but maybe she will. Its nice that the family members are going there to see them, they have a little bit of peace there than they would in the US right about now… I can imagine the day the Jolie-Pitts land back in the US they’ll be mobbed by the paps right at the airport…and that will be their life for the following months until they live again…I Love BAMZS!

  • freidaflo

    Nice to see the older Pitts travel halfway around the world to see the joliepitt baby. They must be excited to see their grand daughter and the whole family as well.What a great family picture.If there’s any truth to the gossip about the X and ma jane pitts phone calls, X must be giving her all the negatives about Namibia, in the dark continent called Africa.Trying to scare her. The pic. says a thousand words.I say =blood is thicker than water.

  • Original Curious

    Jared – without a doubt, you are the BEST! Thank you! Kudos to DP for flying in under the "radar" – same for Jamie, as no one knew he was there til the dinner shots.AG – you are such a sweet sister! Your sister sounds like a very kind and gentle person. Lil Shi – I can’t thank you enough for sharing your first week with us. Are you REALLY a week old already? Time sure flies for Cyper Aunties and Uncles.

  • African Girl

    #29 /KidiLmao…’s sad isn’t it?#31 / JiminySo….are we cool?GitaneI saw your post on the last thread but didn’t get a chance to respond. Please take your time with the stories. I can imagine how draining it must be to write with such emotional depth. We’ll be here waiting patiently.

  • gitane

    # 32 | African Girlsounds like you’ll have to bring reinforcements. bring "notes from my travels" for a read and take two dvds with you. one by brad you haven’t seen and one by mother wants to see rumor has it. i’m so ashamed! i must have raised her wrong!

  • anon48

    Hmmmm. That enlarge picture really look like Dough. I’m confuse, one tab. reported Brad call him in Missouri after the birth of Shiloh. and this picture taken a day before birth of Shloh, so he was in Africa with them ?

  • freidaflo

    Should have said new granddaughter. SORRY!!Never intended to exclude Z. She is part of my loving BAMZS.

  • Joseph

    Nice to hear that African Girl…. The haters are out so early. Or maybe 1 person signing in different names. They all seemed to leave comments 1 after the other. As if they come in pack & scavenge. Just my thoughts but very suspicious

  • gitane

    okay. ocean’s twelve sucks, but brad looks yummyl. i have to say that czj is one of the prettiest women in the world. too bad she’s got no character. # 36 | African Girlthere are a couple of posts on the last thread i haven’t replied to either. i got caught up in this movie i rented and then went to bed. i’ll take my time with the stories. i know it’s "only fanfic" but i don’t want to rush and post crap. in the unlikely possibility that my subjects may actually read this, i want them to at least be able to say, "it’s such bullshit, but at least she writes well."

  • gitane

    # 40 | Joseph"They all seemed to leave comments 1 after the other. As if they come in pack & scavenge."they are the equivalent of hyenas.

  • Leonie

    if it is Doug, then i think that it is really nice for Brad, as his parents have arrived as well. But i do feel sorry for Angie as she only has her brother. not her mom. it must be tough for her as she knows that her mom is so ill. Then again she has just delivered Shiloh!!!!!!!!

  • sara

    tomorrow is angie´s birthday!!

  • ashley

    I bet Brad has something very special planned for Angelina’s birthday. What an exciting time for them right now. I’m so happy Brad’s parents are there.

  • *me*

    SO, me and a couple of gfs, went to see THAT movie that everybody is talking about because people feel sorry for THAT lady and we got into gossip…and let me tell you….THAT girl, Halle Berry did not needed the extra lines…LOL…X-MEN WAS GREAT!!!now to…My conspiracy theory…Jamie is in Namibia…The Old Pitts are in Namibia…Is Dough really in France???Where exactly is Julie???Does anybody have tabs on Matt Damon??Wasn’t he in Africa somewhere??Where is George Clooney???Now think about it. Wouldn’t the birth of Shiloh and Angies b-day be the PERFECT cover up for a wedding???Nobody will doubt that the reason the older Pitts are there is to meet Shiloh but THEY COULD HAVE waited…no need to make the 20 hr. flight. (tho that only shows they’re great grandparents)Jamie, of course, was there even since before the birth so no one will pay attention as to why he’s there, after all, he’s the only family Angie has. (If you can totally ignore JV).If Dough and Julie wanted to…they could totally avoid the paps by leaving at 3am..just like BAMZS did when they first went to N. at least it wouldn’t be too hard for Dough if he’s already in France on a "family vacation".If on Sunday there is trucks coming in and out of the resort, maybe even catering….it wouldn’t be suspicious either…IT IS Angies b-day and they’re probably celebrating it!!!And finally…all the Angie "non-fans" or doubters would NOT BELIEVE, not even to save their life..that Angie would walk down the isle just a week after the birth…After all she’s so "self-absorbed" that she could only do it if she weighted 100lbs and the wedding was worth 10 million right?…riiiightt???I SMELL WEDDING!!!LOL, and that’s my wishful thinking for today…I SO HOPE I’M RIGHT!!! One can only dream…

  • remember da truth

    #26 PiperOh, and what they tell their friends! Yes, my son and daughter-in-law are in Paris for a few months before going to Africa to have our grandchild! lolll I can see Jane getting her hair done and talking about having to make calls to Brad just before Leno to make sure the time zones were appropriate and what the name of the baby is, and Bill telling his buddies he’s going to go ATV riding with his son on the famous Namib Dunes!! Yeah, I’m sure they are having some fun with it!

  • Mrs Realistic

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAYou people need to stop having romantic thoughts about Brand-Gelina. Their relationship will not last. Their track record should have told you that. JANE PITT doesn’t even like Angelina Jolie, let alone want to play happy families with Miss Marriage Wrecker. As for the pictures of her on the beach with Brad’s brother, I would be surprised if she latched on to him next. You all must be deluded to think Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are each other’s great loves. So, so deluded.

  • Richard Nixon


  • ariel

    Glad to hear Brad’s parents are ther. I am hoping that Ange Mom can make it.

  • QQQQ

    # 30 | gitane | I just watch O12 on HBO for the upteenth (sp) time…..