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Nicole Richie on TRL

Nicole Richie on TRL
Nicole Richie and Christina Milian (both 24) looked picture perfect at San Diego’s Wave House in Mission Beach, where TRL was filming this past week.  Below is a video of Nicole Richie‘s appearance if you missed it. Yesterday, Nicole was spotted having lunch with friends wearing a TRUNK LTD The Doors "The Lizard King ’71" Ladies Special Edition Track Jacket (see right).  More pictures in the gallery!


Nicole Richie gets close with some friendly airport employees before flying out of San Diego this past Thursday. She’ll take off yet again when the fourth season of The Simple Life premieres this Sunday on E!

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  • aveeno1

    I love her. She’s so mature and poised now… I think her future is bright… I i’m glad she’s getting back to good health and weight.

  • aveeno1

    oh that means I was first! yeah! thanks JJ for the clip and pics..

  • natalie

    she looks like a starving ethopian

  • cheeseburger

    Would someone please feed that girl a cheeseurger or four?

  • dolcevita

    I love Nicole so much more than I love Paris. I’d listen to her new album…definitely NOT checking out Paris’s nasty crap. She can actually make coherent sentences, unlike her former counterpart, who can only say things like, "That’s hot" or whatever. I agree with aveeno, Nicole does look mature and poised!

  • Tatiana

    Nicole is a pathetic excuse of a human being; I’m surprised she hasn’t starved herself to death already.

  • Nicole

    only nicole richie can make christina milian look fat

  • Karin

    Oh my god, how beautiful she is.. -I love her hair!

  • movie fan

    #6 TatianaI only hope that someday when you have troubles you have more people with compassion around you than you are showing Nicole.At least she has acknowledged her problems and tried to do something about it and has publicly said that she is not to be emulated while she gets her weight issues under control.Maybe you are perfect and so feel that you are qualified to judge others. But I doubt it.

  • aveeno1

    Thanks #9 Movie Fan…. it amazes me the bitchy comments I see on Nicole. She has admitted to her issues and is clearly working on them, you’d think people would root for that but hey, if they can spew insults on her they do it… I wonder how perfect these people are in their own lives…

  • sarah

    they r not ….

  • sarah

    they r not perfect….that why they wrote this comments

  • eat.woman.plz?!?

    i luv her to death- i just hope she gets help with her weight issue…..♥

  • classy

    is that stephan from laguna?

  • j4r3d

    Yes, classy.

  • caligirl1201

    I generally like Nicole, but she is too thin. She’s become one of the girls that pro-ana puts up as their "thinspiration" to inspire girls to keep starving themselves. She is looking on the brink of death in these pics. Her neck bones are protruding and look how tiny she looks next to Christina Milian (who is also skinny). I’m afraid if Nicole doesn’t gain weight soon she’ll end up dying like Karen Carpenter and the host of other women in Hollywood who thought they were fat.

  • Duude

    Hate Paris, Hate her. Both are skinny overbaked talentless skanks who ride on the coatails of their parents/grandparents successes. Their show is simply PR exercise to try and make them look human, sadly it doesnt suceed.As for poor little Nicole being hard done by? Why shouldnt we judge? She puts herself out there to be judged! As for her weight problem fair enough shés admitted to it but she’s also made bimbo comments in the meantime about how its great tro be thin and ranting on about people making a fuss and she’s still the size of a popsicle stick! Then theres all the coke she sniffs and the way she treats people like crap. She’s vulgar, the producers of this show deserve to be jailed for making ‘celebs’ out of these two hollywood brats!

  • K

    I agree with #9. I empathise with her situation. It isn’t easy being in the limelight. I feel sorry for all the criticism she recieves & all she has been through. She has not had an easy life. It just so happens we live in a society obsessed with physical appearence, judging others, and going to absurd lengths to ‘cash in’ on other people’s misfortunes. Not to mention the media who have more wealth & power (over us) than we care to realize. It’s not their fault (the celebrities) the industry has become such a pinnacle of society. It’s just a microcosm of how collectively facile society has become. It’s amazing how many strong opinions are directed at celebrities, and then people just say it is their fault for being in the industry.. I think those that criticize need to take a good look at themselves. Maybe you are judging Nicole to avoid judging yourselves. Imagine if you were in the lime light. What would people say about you? Doesn’t judging originate from jealousy? What are your values?

  • Paris

    Christina and Nicole look good together. i think she looks BETTER skinny. But I do hope she is eating. To be honest, I’D REALLY LIKE TO KNOW HOW SHE DOES IT! Does she actually starve herself? or does she take something? What exercises does she do? She must be eating one meal (like a salad) every other day. I wonder how she can starve herself like that for so long and not have anything bad happen to her health. But I guess there are women out there who stay anorexic for their whole lives. And why is she always in the limelight? She doesn’t do anything exciting except shop. Do guys find her sexy? I mean what’s the reason?And #18, K, did you copy that from somewhere?

  • Eli

    Aveeno1, I do not think Nicole is working on her anorexia issues. She’s CLEARLY not. what’s she takin to stay so skinny? She must be takin some powerful drink.

  • joanna

    its funny people say she needs food and shes to skinny but either way you put it she still looks better than paris hilton any day. give paris a fake butt or something. nicole you go girl your about the average size anyway for a skinny girl.

  • littleleisa

    I love her in these photographs – the first time in a long time I’ve found her too look positively glowing & radiant. Her body is toned & healthy, skin is fresh & her hair is so shiny & gorgeous. She’s my favourite bronzed baby & I is making me miss summertime just looking at her.

  • craig stairs

    can you pick out which one is the crack who*re? :)