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Break-Up Box Office Sales

Break-Up Box Office Sales

"Unconventional romantic comedy" The Break-Up debuted at No. 1 this weekend with $38.1 million toppling over X-Men: The Last Stand, which slipped to second place with $34.35 million.  Not surprising since X3 was a load of donkey doo!!!! An editor from People said, "It’s hard to transfrom from small screen stardom to the big screen but [Jennifer Aniston] is a really, really good actress. There’s no question she’s got the chops." Looks like Aniston is here to stay! Pictures include Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn at Shutters at the Beach for The Break-Up Press Conference in Santa Monica, California.

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  • go

    Congratulation jen & VV. but I´ve grown tired of VV. i dont like a schemer.

  • curious

    How old is she? How many more years are left if there are more beautiful and talented women in Hollywood…….

  • piper, with a low

    It saw TBU and it was bad. While it doesn’t deserve to be #1, I’m glad that VV wasn’t derailed by this turd of a movie. All in all, it still wasn’t as bad as Bewitched.

  • 81

    I hope and pray X and her fans are finally happy and get round to leaving the Jolie-Pitts in peace at last!

  • *me*

    FINALLY something else she can talk about…I’m actually happy for them….I can’t believe Xmen did so poor!!!OH WELL…

  • Agnieszka

    I am a BAMZS fan all the way but it doesnt mean that I hate JA. I wish her well and I am going to see the TBU.There is no hate in a real BAMZS fan.I am sure all my BAMZS friends agree.

  • angelah

    Congrats to their opening movie sales. I wish them the best, w/ relationship or not.

  • Naomi

    TBU was a very bad movie. It’s only #1 b/c nothing else new opened this weekend. Most people already saw X3 over the holiday weekend.JA needs to start being selective with her films and stop making everything they give her. VV has played variations of the same character in about 5 movies. Both of them are really lame at this point.

  • Esse

    I’m not sure about the Aniston’s here to stay. Just like Bruce Almighty and Along Came Polly, she got lucky by co-starring in a comedy with a huge male movie star. Jennifer’s character could’ve been played by any other actress but replace Vince with someone else like say Josh Lucas or Dermot Mulroney, it wouldn’t have done as well. Jennifer still can’t open a movie by herself if her life depended on it. She’s nearing 40, she won’t be able to play the cute girlfriend in romantic comedies for long. I’m only happy for Vince but dear lord, the movie sucked. Not funny at all. Just painful.

  • Alexanderina

    Sorry that was supposed to be to Angelah, Post #7, Sorry AG# 7 | angelah | – I ditto that, hopefully she can move on now and so can everybody elseHey JJ, can you delete post #8, thanks

  • ck

    EWWW…TBU is a waste of time and money. Janeane Garofalo should have played that character instead of JA. yeah it does seem like VV is a schemer, why don’t JA and VV say yeah to the media yup, we are f**kbuddies. What does JA have to prove running around nakeee, she is not sexy. With better movies soon to open this summer I rather see Lake House with Sandra Bullock and Keenue Reeves and The Devil wears Prada with Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway.

  • jbl

    I am so glad this movie has done better for Aniston now I pray that it will help her to stop obsessing about her ex-husband and focus on a brighter future with Vince V. who seems to be more her type they seem to have the same goals.

  • go

    i think it is the triumph of gossip.

  • the tempest

    The actual numbers for the weekend aren’t in yet (only estimates), but yeah, it’s looking very good for Jennifer & Vince so yay!

  • aquame

    I checked this film out, only because of VV. The movie was so-so on the verge of being bad. VV can do a lot better. JA was dispensable. But she did hold her on with what she had. I’m not trying to be a smart a** but it was yet another Rachel role. Whatevs…


    Good for her! Let’s hope both "camps" can now move on now!!!!

  • Brad and Angie

    Good for Vince… as for JA, I was hoping this will bomb too so she will go away for good.

  • Alexanderina

    # 16 | COLD HARD MATH | – Hey CHM, I think one camp has moved on since the divorce was filed, so maybe the other camp(X) can now moved on

  • Patty

    To the people who say she talks too much about Brad. When? I have never heard her say one unkind thing about them. It’s the press that obsesses over it. She has said less than most women would have if faced with the same situation. She’s been very calm. I’d have not been so kind.

  • women power

    Women fueled the business for Break-Up. Studio research showed that a whopping 67% of the audience was female while the crowd was evenly split between those over and under the age of 30. Vaughn and Aniston play a couple that breaks up, but still decides to live in the same condo together.The Break-Up sparked lots of media attention over the past year because of Aniston’s split from ex-husband Brad Pitt and her new relationship with Vaughn. Curiosity seemed to attract the former Friends star’s core audience of young women while men were far less interested.

  • bup.

    I &herats; this movie!!! it was so effin hysterical. It was a great movie-id actully see it again. dont believe the reviews- most of the movies they bash are actully pretty good.I think even Bamzs fans will likey this!!!!!

  • hahahaha

    PS, Jen n vince look awesome!!! gosh, just screw these cold hearted bitches and see the movie- theyre just jealous that theyre fat and arent pretty enough to even be in a movie.~

  • x

    xmen had a shity ending..I cant believe they killed off…, i can see y it did bad- ppl said hey dude, it had a crappy endin’ wait till its on DVD-go see sumtin else.

  • haterz

    ck- Bp+Aj, never said they were together till they were prego- effin basher- g et over it punta

  • just wondering

    I was looking at another site about TBU and found some interesting gossip about X."There’s someone over at Princess blog who says her friend worked on Derailed in costuming and said Aniston cheated on Pitt with Clive Owen. I believe it. She’s a lying sack of shit!"and another poster added…"I wouldn’t put it past Aniston to be whoring it up in London. I remember there were A LOT of stories back then that she wasn’t acting like a married women while on that shoot. Now…I remember Ted C making some comment about Aniston and Clive and Aniston sitting on his face. It’s probably true. Why Clive?"any truth to this rumor? maybe that’s why BP left London unhappy.

  • liv

    meh, I’m still not sold out on seeing this.They tricked people into seeing this promising a comedy and a lot of feedback I read was negative.That a lot of people hated it. I like Vaughn and just for him I’ll wait for the DVD.

  • april

    There are quite a few movies out next week. The Break Up needed these numbers, because next week it may fall to #3. The drop might be in the 60% range.The final domestic boxoffice, apprx 95mil – 110mil. Boxofficemojo says production budget was 52mil, I don’t know if that includes marketing. With that being said this movie maybe in the moderate hit range.


    | #18 Alexanderina |YES! ONE CAMP HAS MOVED ON! MY BAD!!!

  • mira

    This was an excellent movie and I am actually going to see it again before it leaves the theatres. The audience laughed out loud at the funny parts. I think many of the people saying it was bad haven’t seen it or their hatred for Jennifer is so strong that they can’t see past it. IMO

  • Jen’sTheTops

    Va vaVoom!!! U go gal!!!

  • Lisa

    LMAO at the HATERS who keep trying to make up bullshit about Jennifer to justify their own whorish idol Angelina. this movie was AWESOME! I loved it!! Jen was terrific and Vince was great as usual! Congratulations to both of them!! I LOVE THAT THIS FILM KICKED ASS because it’s only going to piss off the sad haters. Get a life. BTW, Jolie takes the cake for post-divorce bitching. Jennifer did ONE interview, Jolie did Barbara Walters, larry King, Cosomo, People, Us, etc etc complaining about how lousy Billy Bob was. So not only are Jolie’s fans ugly haters, they are also stupid hypocrites. And Vince a schemer? Give me a break. He’s always been private about his private life. Meanwhile Brad Pitt has his publicist giving Perez Hilton passes to events to kiss Brangelina’s ass and orchestrated using children to manipulate his public image. Congrats to Vaughniston!

  • The Good Girl

    Atta girl, Jen!!! U did it!!! Havent seen it yet as its not released over here. Cant wait to feast my eyes on it…baby baby light my fire!!!

  • justpassing

    You are right April # 27, they needed to get thoe numbers this week, coz after people get the word of mouth taht movie is not good, then few will watch it afterwards, noticed that it already slipped to number on sunday after xmen. Im sure with Omen and CArs opening this weekend, and other movies the week after, im not sure whethet they can top US$ 80m in total, and VV and JA are not that popular in the foreign market.

  • January

    Cheers.. Champagne to Camp Aniston!!!!

  • Gigg

    LOVED THIS MOVIE!! It’s comedy and drama. Jennifer was sooooo good in her crying scene! Ebert and Roeper said that her performance was good and that she is talented as well. Vince is awesome too. Whoever called Vince is a schemer is delusional because Brad Pitt is the true media manipulator. Vince and Jen are just living their lives. So giddy that this did well because the sad pathetic haters have to try and make up excuses as to why it is now the 3rd BIGGEST COMEDY OPENER EVER. LOL at the haters also! pretty pathetic that some of you jolie losers actually wanted Aniston to fail. Speaks volumes to your own sad lives. Congratulations Vince and Jen

  • Lisa sucks

    Lisa = Gigg .. same person posting different user name just to add numers of fnas. So childish these stupid moronic fans of the Aniston. HATE THEM ALL. I HOPE THEY LL PERISH!

  • Faniston Fans

    Hey JA fans, why are you guys so concern with Brad and Angelina and calling them names instead of enjoying your girl success at the movies, you guys are still focus on Brad and Angelina, what a shame, and you guys say that BAMZS fans can’t let it go, GET A LIFE

  • March

    Brangelina fans pea sized brains have migrated to their assh0les.

  • Kerry

    ILOVEVINCEWhoever called him a schemer needs to check themselves. Brad Pitt is having his publicist give bloggers and writers passes and goodies to write favorably on Brangelina and negatively on his ex-wife. Using children to bolster his own public image is just sick. Vince has always been private and he’s a real guy, not a pussy wimp like Pitt. Pitt makes me sick. Congrats Vince!! another box office winner to your resume.

  • The real lou

    #31 Lisa,Orchestrated using childern?No I am not a JA fan but I am sick of her lame ass fan’s picking on the childern.Angelina and Brad love their childern and do not need to orchestrate them for public image.I take it post #27 set you off but there was no need to bring the kids into it,that was plain low.Congrats to JA she should thank VV he was the reason the movie did as well as it did.Since you enjoyed it so much I would suggest you see it everyday for the next 2 weeks because by next sat this movie will be history money wise.

  • move on

    Good for Vince! They all have what they want! Jennifer and vince have a number 1 movie and Brad and Angelina have their family. Time to put an end to the pity party and move on!The next big news will be Vince and his new boyfriend…er i mean girlfriend.

  • The Real Hmmmm

    Jennifer was sooooo good in her crying scene!# 35 | GiggPlease, Anyone would be sooooooooooo good in the crying scene is they had a year and half to practice it. LMAO….ya’all crack me up. I’m not going to reign on your parade. Musta been hell wallowing in self pity all this time. While you’re at it, get down on your knees and Thank my Vinny Boy, It was HIS fans that gave that crappy movie high number. Snap! I hope ya’all weren’t thinking your $30 did something?

  • April Fool

    #38Hey Mangy trolls, why are you guys so concern with performance of TBU and cursing her and wishing her ill instead of chanting and singing about the glorious beatiful rainbow family. ASK YOURSELF THE SAME QUESTION..WHY ARE YOU HERE IDIOT!!!!!


    Hey "Lisa" – you silly beeeyotch — I am ROLLING…do you honestly think Oscar winner Angelina, with her sweet little baby girl, and baby Daddy BRAD PITT – give a PHLUCK, about what coattail that sitcom hack of an actres Maniston, is riding NOW??!! Do you think The Break Up would have been a hit with Jen, and oh..MARK RUFFALO?? Bwahahahahaha!! You Maniston fans would be so funny, if you weren’t so pathetic.Vince is the one who’s "money" in this instance, you know it, he knows it, she knows it – and more importantly THE ENTIRE INDUSTRY KNOWS IT — in a weekend where NO OTHER ‘NEW" RELEASES came out – with a film where she WHORED out her own personal business to SELL TICKETS, and PIMPED her own DIVORCE w/ ‘Brad Pitt’ — the sad part is the movie would have made the same amount of dough had Vaughn been opposite Jennifer GARNER. Ahahahaha!! You Fanistons are such dumb sad beechies.

  • Kerry

    Um, actually, it was NOT a jennifer fan who brought up Angelina and Brad first. Someone posted some bullshit rumor that Jennifer cheated on Brad. Love how BAMZ fans have to rewrite history to make another woman look bad. so pathetic. And maybe when you delusional tards stop writing about Jennifer and her so-called ugly (yeah right) looks, people can move on.

  • Crazy Fanistons

    # 40 | Kerry | # 39 | March | Oh you people are sad sad human beings lmao

  • May

    Damn holie trolls are banding up again to fight against Lisa. Hey Lisa..congrats…keep on needling their asses…its a joy to watch the foo fools shitting and frothing.

  • Kerry

    Just wondering CLINIQUA, how many BOMBS did Angelina have? Beyond Borders, Life or Something Like It (she cannot do comedy), Original Sin, etc have all tanked. Her only hit that she led was the first lara croft, based on a popular video game. No one said that Angelina cares about box office (she shouldn’t since her movies always seem to perform poorly). People are just relishing in that sick, sad Aniston haters are soooooo pissed about this. still LMAO at the haters!! lovesit!

  • Marlenne

    The film is awesome and brilliant. The cinemas were packed and people wre laughing like crazy.I’m very happy for Jen and Vince.I really hope they are together cause they make a wonderful couple

  • guest

    Its a Vince movie please. If Aniston was that good ,why do her previous movie fail ?