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Chris Klein Has Hickeys

Chris Klein Has Hickeys

Los Angeles, CA :: Chris Klien, 27, has finally moved on from ex-girlfriend Katie Holmes. (Chris Klein and Katie Holmes ended their five-year relationship and called off their engagement back in March 2005.)  Chris proudly showed off a pair of hickeys on his neck as he went grocery shopping with his new girlfriend in the Valley yesterday afternoon.  Last year, Chris gave an interview to Elle boasting, "I don’t need food to impress, man. It’s a flash of a smile and a nice conversation. And at the end of the day, she’s cooking the food." He also described himself as an "alpha heterosexual who only dates 8 to 10′s."  Well, you be the judge.  Is Chris Klein dating an 8 to 10?

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  • mark

    Chris Klein is over compensating. He’s gayer than a pink tutu.When he shot Rollerball in Montreal he got caught numerous times with guys.

  • spitty

    Alpha sexual dating only 8s-10s? If this bitch is what he calls an 8, he’s completely delusional. Bitch is fug. Katie was a hottie though…

  • Lauren

    An alpha heterosexual that only dates 8-10′s? What an ass!

  • huog

    actually it was the llcoolj who used to romp with the guys.from what i have heard ck was pretty much under katies thump and had a really hard time (dui etc.) afterwards.i think he is just plain stupid, but kinda hot.

  • KimmiAnn

    Let’s see, her nose might be 8-10 inches LONG, maybe he got confused….roflmao!

  • SoTru

    Obviously Katie has an thing for assholes…and so do the men she dates.

  • brashgirl

    I just got completely turned off by him…

  • ErinMarie79

    After I read that Elle interview I find him completely laughable and pathetic. He’s not that great looking, and his personality sucks horse ass.

  • Kiwi

    I think with a team working on her hair, and makeup and some serious airbrushing that there is definite potential for her to be an 8.

  • vicky

    #6 SoTru, that’s hilarious:DYup, that alpha hete comment robbed the last appeal this guy had.

  • heavenlydivine

    I never thought he was cute ! not in american pie,election what else was this alpha homo(hetero oops) in?is it really true about LL COOL J? with guys?

  • Cristina

    Wow can you say anorexic anyone. She probably hasn’t eaten since him and katie split!

  • Sneezer

    Did he mean 8 to 10 pounds. Beyotch is too skinny. She would hurt. Ouch.

  • Gary Coleman

    I’d tongue-punch her dirt-star!

  • Ridwah

    "Tongue-punch her dirt-star"? THAT is the funniest thing I’ve heard all day.

  • sexilexi

    CK’s lady has an awful body…mosquito-bite boobs, ghostly pale, skeleton legs….ew.He’s sooooo gay, by the way.

  • whoano

    What!!!! If that’s what he’s hittin’ I truly question his ALOHMALENESS….gay..he needs to give it up

  • Ashbery

    She has the body of a 8 to 10 year old girl.

  • FatFugPerez

    I USED to like this guy and felt sorry when Katie DUMPED his dumb ass for a 39 year old Gay Male…I hate him after that comment that girl is a LA 2

  • BG

    katie homely is no 8-10. she’s about a 6 on a good day, and a 4 regularly.

  • Sophia

    She’s disgustingly thin, and he’s just plain disgusting. Ew.

  • Beemer

    8-10? That’s a joke – and an even BIGGER joke when he was dating Katie Holmes!!!!!

  • Me-aholic

    8-10 on the paleness scale

  • Jiggy

    I’m just wondering if anyone gives 2 shits about this dude other than he’s Tom Cruise’s fiancee’s ex boyfriend. Where is your career Chris? Apparantly, you are just hoping to still get 8 – 10s while you live in your shit hole home in the valley. What a retard.

  • smartypants

    I have a q. what is a ‘dirt-star’? I know stupid q- but I need to know-

  • Kari

    Sorry, Katie was no 8. She’s homely as they come. She’s a 4 on a good day. This anorexic, witch-nose broom stick has knife slits for lips. That’s funny. I never heard he was gay! No wonder he has to describe himself as an alpha hetero!!

  • Boom Boom

    He meant 8-10 inches.

  • Boom Boom

    The new gf looks like a lady boy!

  • missb

    Oh my god, is she seriously trying to rock that LV bag from 3 seasons ago? For shame, Tonya Harding look-alike, for shame.

  • roge

    ok this girl is gross.shes way too skinny and pointy looking thats not an 8 to a 10 more like a 2 or 3.


    holy shit, anorexic much? yeah, that’s definitely a ten if you ask me. what the hell is wrong with people? this girl is not even REMOTELY attractive because she looks like she’s dying…

  • EvaSchlongWhoria

    I saw CK at Albertson’s in SM on Labor day last year, buying 2 bottles of wine and wearing a t-shirt and jeans, and a fugly leather cuff and some other fug trend rings. He was with what looks like the same girl (skinny, same hair). She was not bad looking, although she looked a bit older than him. But DAMN! Bitch had the skinniest legs I’ve ever seen!

  • Genevieve

    SKINNY!!!! Do guys really like girls that skinny? I prefer curves, like Salma Hayek. P.s. that girls boobs are wonky.

  • des

    Yes, I’d say for a crack whore she’s definitely an 8.

  • AwwwChildNow

    Can’t CK afford to buy her a real Louie? Last time I checked the Jessica Simpson bag did not come with handles long enough to go over the shoulder. At least get a decent fake honey!

  • jim

    YOU FOOLS!!!! I’ve seen this chick with him in person at a premiere party and she is phenomenally hot and a definite 10!!!! She puts katie no brain holmes to shame! Besides, they’re obviously grocery shopping! how the f#$k do yo people look when you go grocery shopping?

  • yohoney

    I think Katie has a thing for the gays!

  • footzy

    I also saw CK and this girl. The girl is not bad at all. i find her prettier than katie in person.. anyway, CK is still hot as hell!

  • just thinkin

    Mark got it right at the 1st post :-) I think Chris is a closeted gay boy too…

  • Kadie

    I always thought he came off a little gay. And now I’m convinced he is GAY. His answers couldn’t be anymore obvious of a dude that wants to make sure no one doubts his sexuality as much as he does.

    GAY, GAY, GAY. btw, I’m gay myself, and I used to find him hot. Now his mug is trying to catch up to his inner ugliness. It’s def doing a fine job so far.

    Hate that dude.

  • RON

    you women are dumb as f!!! you sound like fat jealous cum dumpsters.