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Wentworth Miller in Sunglasses

Wentworth Miller in Sunglasses

"Overall, the season’s going to be a mix between The Great Escape and American Idol,"  Prison Break creator and executive producer, Paul Scheuring revealed. "People are going to slowly fall by the wayside. We’re going to pare away one escapee after another after another until only one’s left standing. It’s going to be fun, and we’re playing for keeps. The audience is going to understand that from the very first episode – that no characters are sacred."

Last season, loyal fans stuck with the show despite a lengthy mid-season break, one they’ll have to endure again in the coming season if FOX’s recently announced 2006/07 schedule remains unchanged. This year, however, the producers are anticipating the hiatus. Said Scheuring, "Last year we were apprised of it after starting to shoot the 13th episode, which made this false cliffhanger. This year we’re anticipating it."

Prison Break lead Wentworth Miller, 34, strolled down Sunset Blvd. in his favorite shades and slides after having lunch at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood earlier this weekend. Wentworth on his favorite Adidas slides: "I live in these Adidas Slides.  I even wear them out for dinner.  They’ve got special gel in the soles that make them really comfortable." Indeed, Wentworth, indeed.   Prison Break begins filming in the Dallas area in t-minus ten days and counting.  More pictures in the gallery!

UPDATE :: Added another maichan-crated fan video set to "Laid" by James.  Features Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller), Sucre (Amaury Nolasco), T-bag (Robert Knepper), and Haywire (Silas Weir Mitchell) in a bunch of intentionally (and unintentionally) hilarious Prison Break moments.  Enjoy!

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  • ErinMarie79

    Went = sex. I love the whole outfit, including the sandals. ;)

  • Betsy

    I wanna know who he is always talking to!

  • SAEllie

    Love the shirt. Any colour is Went’s colour. Can’t wait for Season 2!

  • Madi

    He is so Hot..can’t wait for the next installment of the show.

  • misslucy

    wonder no more betsy.. he is talking to me. ha!love the pics jared.

  • annea

    I don’t think he can do any wrong, at least not from where I’m standing. It’s gonna be misery waiting for the new season…I’ll have to try and somehow clear my Monday nights

  • Lauren

    Do you think he ate alone?

  • apple

    I have the exact same Adidas and I love it.

  • geniass

    Great pics Jared! Gotta love a man that can rock that color!

  • ilovewent

    he is too hot for words. i love everything about this man!!!!

  • wentfan

    Wentworth is such a classy, out of this world gorgeous, intelligent man. I can’t wait to see more projects from him. I love everything about his outfit too, the man is just cool. :)

  • +greenpeace+

    i am just wondering. why does his picture always him taking to the phone? why can’t we have picture of him in a pool, or just in his towel only, sweating in the gym, or ________(insert your own fantasy here)?Not that i’m complaining. I don’t mind what he’s doing as long as it is Mr. Wentworth Miller and him alone.Thanks for this hotties Jared *drooling*

  • ErinMarie79

    #12, I have heard of a few celebs who go on their cell phone so the paps don’t try to talk to them etc. This may be the case in these photos.

  • Veronica

    Good point. I’ve heard that, too. He’s so gorgeous, and I love his whole outfit! He rocks it like nobody else.

  • Rifhat

    how could an human being be so beautiful……..?

  • Blue

    Jared, why are you so good to us? I don’t know what we did to deserve these pics, but keep them coming.

  • lawyer

    He’s too hot!!!I love wenty than everything!!!TOO BAD, HE IS GAY!!

  • ilwm

    He looks hot in those sunglasses…he is the epitome of perfection.

  • Tpup

    maichan & jared, that was the most entertaining moment I’ve had in weeks!! Thanks! RRRRRRRRRRufff!

  • louveciennes

    "I live in these Adidas Slides. I even wear them out for dinner. They’ve got special gel in the soles that make them really comfortable."And yet there are still people who insist he’s gay. (Okay, I know the whole "all gay men are walking fashionplates" thing is a stereotype–but stereotypes don’t exist in a vacuum, people!)

  • L

    hot hot hot hot!!

  • snow

    Jared you always make me happy with Wentworth posts. Keep it up!

  • Veronica

    Let’s just stop with the gay comments, okay? Enough already! Focus on the pictures. Jeez…it’s like that comment comes up every time. There’s no need to always be repeating it.I so agree with you completely, louveciennes!

  • Veronica

    On a last note about the ever present gay comment regarding this picture, I would like to mention that my brother has a shirt that color and is NOT gay- the furthest thing from it. If you knew him, you’d know how much he is intolerant of them.Anyway, Went is gorgeous! Let’s just focus on that, and stop making the gay comments left and right. It’s annoying, after a while.

  • robin

    Brilliant vid, maichan. Just brilliant.

  • thirty

    God wenty is sooo handsome!! I love this pretty man sooo much!!

  • sally

    Sorry But went is DEFINETLY GAY! Seriously, what 34 yr old man that good looking doesnt have realtionships? I have been following his career ever since the Human Stain and he hasnt had ANY relationships with women. sorry ladies but he doesnt play for our team lol. I still drool over him tho

  • Angelina mmm

    I don’t like those sandals and the shirt.. gay. He might be bisexual.

  • Mink

    Hang on! Shouldn’t these pics come with some kind of warning due to their extreme hotness? LOVING the shirt and shades. The slides, not so much. Still, ummmm…incandescent hotness, this boy!

  • dazzling_britt

    hehe…. HOT! yeh i agree stop wiv the gay comments he HAS had a relationship with a woman havnt u read interviews n articles n such

  • stelvill

    Went you look good in peach.

  • Went Love!

    God he looks HOT in those Sunny’s!Went does = SEX

  • prisonEFF

    I live in these Adidas Slides. I even wear them out for dinner. They’ve got special gel in the soles that make them really comfortable." yeah sure.. next time he’ll say that HIGH HEELS are good for his posture!what a fag!

  • Laura

    Who cares if he’s gay? The comments are unnecessary, but this:yeah sure.. next time he’ll say that HIGH HEELS are good for his posture! what a fag!Is hilarious LMFAO

  • Suelen

    I know that he lives inthat adidas, but please change this….its ugly, wear a havaianas its more fashion….but he is handsome with adiadas or withou adidas……

  • Suelen

    I know that he lives inthat adidas, but please change this….its ugly, wear a havaianas its more fashion….but he is handsome with adiadas or withou adidas……

  • Veronica

    That doesn’t mean he’s gay. A lot of guys in the business just don’t have time. He actually brought his GIRLFRIEND at the time to the NY Human Stain premiere. Stop stereotyping and making assumptions. The gay comments are getting to be too much, and it’s unnecessary to mention them every time there are candids of him. Can’t we just focus on the pictures? Jeez…people are obsessed with thinking he’s gay. It’s ridiculous.


    Yeah, what is up with all the negative gay comments? Brandon Routh has his picture taken with his girlfriend, but there are still some people who are still posting comments on this site about Brandon being gay. There’s really no pleasing all you sad haters out there, huh? I’m just tired of reading that crap! To all you fans of the beautiful Wentworth, let’s just spend our time and energy supporting him. p/s: For the record, there are pictures on Wentworth’s fan websites of him going to the premiere of Human Stain with his then-girlfriend, happy now? Oh yeah, thanks for the Went pics Jared…

  • Veronica

    That’s all I’m trying to say. I didn’t know people were saying that about Brandon. It doesn’t surprise me, though. I’m tired of reading it every time I come on here to look at pictures of Went. That’s what I come on here for- not to read gay comments. I can go to Went’s board at imdb for that. I agree- let’s just support him, and drop the gay comments.Yeah, I mentioned that before. They’ve been floating around everywhere since the Human Stain came out in 2003. Her name was Kelly, I believe. Even though I had already seen these pictures, thanks Jared!

  • Wentfan

    For those who haven’t read this article from Australian Magazine, whoever gets a date with him is so lucky because he sounds like a great date.DESPERATE AND DATELESS May 20, 2006 Women swoon over Wentworth Miller, but the sexy Prison Break star says he still can’t find love. Prison Break star Wentworth Miller is the hottest new hunk on TV today, and millions of women tune in every week just hoping to get a glimpse of him shirtless. But despite his sex symbol image, he may as well be behind bars for real because he’s gone without conjugal visits for months on end while locked away filming at a disused penitentiary in chilly Illinois in the US. And although the hunky 33-year-old isn’t saying how long he’s been climbing the prison walls, he admits it’s been a long, frustrating year. The British-born star recently had first kiss in months, but even then it was on the set with his co-star Sarah Wayne Callies. The 28-year-old actress plays the beautiful prison doctor Sara Tancredit on the show, and for weeks they had been building up to the tender smooch in the prison hospital, which was just shown in the US. But off-screen Wentworth’s love-life has hit a dry patch as he went from relative obscurity to worldwide star overnight with the hit show. Still, he’s more concerned about cashing in while his career is red hot. "Right now my work comes before meeting girl,"he confesses. "I’m a workaholic, which is the sad truth of it. I did manage to go on a couple of dates in the past year, but I’m happiest when I’m on the set. So I can really need to get all of that out of my system before I can really turn my attention to more personal matters." Insiders say that Wentworth is a true romantic. In fact, he himself admits that he favours a slow seduction technique. "When I’m with a woman my focus is totally on her, and I hope her focus is on me," he says. "If it’s winter, little bit of ice-skating or something like that, if it doesn’t sound too cheesy. A fireplace, a little food, a little wine, a little music. It really depends, of course, on who you’re with. You can have a sandwich on the beach and that can be just as powerful as a night out in Paris." But after working 16-hour days for eight months while filming in a damp cell and windy prison yard surrounded by men, Wentworth is ready for a woman’s touch. He’s just returned to his plush LA bachleor pad from his rental home outside of Chicago, and he’s told his pals to start fixing him up with some ‘hot women’. An insider says:"Eventually he wants to meet a nice girl and settle down with a family. But right now he’s got a lot of pent up frustration over his long, lonely months and he’s ready to have some fun. "Wentworth said that he especially wanted to make sure he had a date for his 34th birthday on June 2. And although he’d prefer to fix up his own companion for the big night, he’s put his pals on alert to match him up with a beautiful lady just in case."

  • EG

    The Adidas are OK. At least he isn’t wearing socks with them. The peach shirt is hot.

  • caligirl1201

    Thanks for these pics, Jared, they have made my day. Went looks so hot and Cali casual in these clothes and I love the color on him. I’m currently obsessed with him at the moment, so I need to see daily pics until season 2 begins.

  • wentwhore

    don’t you just love the color of his shirts? baby blue, yellow and now peach!very MANLY! hahahahait will definitely stop the gay rumors!maybe next time he can wear something with rainbow colors with matching HIGH HEELS hahahaha!

  • Zoe

    Gay? He’s not gay. Even if he is I don’t care, I still love him and I still want him. Gay guys usually turn me off but he is sooooo HOT

  • Michelle

    *Sigh* He’s hot! And I don’t think he’s gay, I mean, How many gay guys are there who DON’T care what they are wearing? Went is again, and I reapeat AGAIN, wearing his slides. I think that gay gauys don’t even wanna be found death in these things! hahaHe’s hot!

  • Me

    well if you really wanna know here you go no he did not eat alone we had lunch togehter for his birthday and he is talking to me on the phone as i am waiting for him to return to the car. :)

  • gossipgirl

    Love the shirt! Wow!!! He looks soooo hot… And that vid was funny!

  • marleen

    Wentworth is not gay. He said in an interview that he wants to have a wife and kids, but know he is too busy with his cariere So he is not gay, so stop with the gay rumours.

  • ana maria

    es un lord ingles, como decimos en la argentina, es buenmocisimo

  • izznit

    hotness.. and also, my dad has those slippers!