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Brad Pitt Wearing Fedora

Brad Pitt Wearing Fedora

Double whammy today!!  To compensate for the removal of the first baby Shiloh pictures, here are some new dad Brad pics!!  Taken just last night, Brad Pitt was spotted at an airport in Namibia.  Brad was reportedly picking up his brother Doug Pitt and escorting him back to visit baby Shiloh. More pictures in the gallery!


Inset picture of Brad Pitt‘s parents – Bill Pitt and Jane Pitt — arriving at Walvis Bay Airport this past weekend on their way to meet their new granddaughter, Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt. And as an added bonus, more Brad bicycling pictures!  (Here’s a link to the first set of pictures — Brad Pitt on a bike ride with Maddox and Zahara.)  Brad Pitt was out with his son Maddox for another bike ride in Namibia over Memorial Day Weekend. Brad rocked his new fedora hat.  Yay or nay?

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brad pitt fedora01
brad pitt fedora02
brad pitt fedora03
brad pitt fedora04
brad pitt fedora05
brad pitt fedora06
brad pitt fedora07
brad pitt fedora08
brad pitt fedora09
brad pitt fedora10
brad pitt fedora11

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  • you

    Brad and Angie have a press conference in Namibia tomorrow.

  • Passing Through

    I can’t believe thre are more photos already. I haven’t even read most of the last 2 threads yet! And poor JJ’s server is on overload!

  • Passing Through

    Regarding the plane – I wonder if he’s just taking more flying lessons?

  • that is all

    The Brad /plane pics were taken yesterday. I saw them on the insider and ET previews last night.

  • stardust

    this is all too much to handle. I’m still catching up from the last two threads. But thanks Jared for the new pics. I don’t know if I can take anymore. First this, tomorrow the press conference, then Thurday the baby pics (hopefully), and then God knows what else. *Breathing slowly*.

  • angelah

    thanks for the pics j@red!! never seen them, missed some of the shows last night =( but thank u!!



  • Estelle

    Thank You JJ…you are so good to us. I think he should skip the hat…can not wait for the interview, hopefully, we will have video…Q&A alone are not enough…LOL

  • j4r3d

    Thanks # 4 | that is all. ET’s preview was deceiving.

  • Oh MY

    Brad and his parents were picking up his brother Doug from the airport. He didn’t go anywhere.


    Passing Through: I think they are married too!HEAT IN 5!KEEP ON ROCKIN BAMZS!

  • QQQQ

    # 10 | j4r3d | Jared, is that the only bicycle pic?

  • julia

    Thank you Jared, I love you, you take such great care of us, cheers! and YAY on the hat for me…

  • creativegirl

    Does anyone know if their press conference will be carried by any of the major news outlets like CNN, MSNBC or Fox? Does anyone know what time it will be here in the US when it is held? I don’t want to miss it if they are on TV.Thanks Jared – As I said before you rock!

  • jjoy

    hey guys, this is weird…is something wrong with my connection or what?? it’s hard to login and i missed seeing the pics…but ta ta…i got a link of the pic that is not on any blog sites….see this link:…shiloh is cute and look at the faces of the parents especially braddy….man…this guy is in heaven…lol

  • Agnieszka

    I know its hard to access JJ right now.In case someone missed the baby Shiloh photo, I host it on my private webspace:http://i-person.netHope I bolded the link, if not sorry!

  • MMS

    did the MMS DVD come out in the US already? if anyone plans on buying it, could you please put the extras in you tube? thanx…

  • Umm

    I am starting to notice discrepancies on this website. I am fairly certain Jared had a prior posting showing Angelina’s picture supposedly the day before she gave birth with Brad’s brother. So he left Africa & came back in one week? There are other things too. I think Brad & Angelina own this site since it completely cow tows to their every move or they are blowing somebody for good press. The power of press is interesting and very manipulative.

  • Ivy

    so if brad was picking up his brother doug, does that mean the other pic we saw with angie before the birth is NOT of doug?

  • Estelle

    # 17 | Agnieszka -Thank You, that is very nice of you to do that…I can stare at that pic. all day.

  • Lynn

    I’ve posted an astrological profile of Shiloh Nouvel if interested:

  • bdj

    #19Your name is Conspiracy Theory. Don’t think so hard about it. Let it go. Enjoy the pictures, enjoy the site. Now weapons of mass destruction, that’s something to worry about, not a loving family enjoying some time together. Peace.

  • Ivy

    # 17 | Agnieszka Thanks for doing that for us! Cant wait for the other pics. I hope they are posted somewhere on the internet as soon as the mags come out, especially since I dont get my people mag until the tues after it comes out. Just got the latest today!!!

  • you

    #19 First I’m trying to understand the point you are raising. Do you know how long it takes for someone to travel to and fro from here to Africa? If you do you’ll be able to answer to your own question. As for Brad and Angie owning this site, I’m sure you’ve notice they are not the only celebs featured on the site, so I don’t really understand your point.

  • alero

    #20Star magazine said it was Doug Pitt in those other pics. But many who post of these threads felt that was not Doug because he was too big.


    Regarding the PRESS CONF tomorrow, I ‘m curious to see what Angie looks like, post birth. I bet she is skinny again and all boobs. I hope JJ can those pics, hopefully they will be on the net somewhere.KEEP ON ROCIKN BAMZS!

  • ((chanel))

    angie and brad own this site???? i dont think they own this site but is it true that they own this site?angie 4 life!

  • Alexanderina

    Oh wow double whammy is right JJ, thanks for the new pictures

  • Ivy

    well i was one of those who didnt think it was doug before although i would have liked to have been wrong. Never seen a pick of Doug that heavy before although as people pointed out.. people can gain weight!

  • Original Curious

    My WORD! Jared, you are so good to us. It is no wonder your server is being swamped. Your reputation is getting out there. I’m going to click on at least one ad a day for you, in the hopes that it helps pay your bills. THANK YOU! :-x

  • Moi Jade

    JJ YOU ARE THE BEST !! CONGRATS FOR MAKING TV NEWS!!!Thank You to everyone who said positive words for Rica, AG and Moi. We are all different people but ONE in our admiration for this special family!I Just got back home from picking up my DVD! All the kids are gone, papa went to the studio and I am Home alone to indulge in MAMS II on the BIG SCREEN!! :)I just love seeing the family all together and living like normal familes do. Riding bikes and picking Grams and Gramps and Uncle Doug up at the airport for more celebration.The kids must be having a blast! Angelina is so lucky to have this huge family to be a part of. Brad’s sisiter and brother in law have twins, also adopted a baby from Ethiopia. So happy for them all.!ANGELINA JOLIE LIVES ON!!!! Shiloh looks so much like her mama.Lucky girl. Brad’s looks like he is in heaven with his new little ANGEL!!!P.S. Don’t forget about the MTV awards Thursday night!

  • Alexanderina

    # 27 | COLD HARD MATH | – I know, I can’t wait to see what she looks like as well

  • vanessa

    too bad i missed the shiloh pic.. but i congrats!! the site was mentioned in entertainment tonight.. :)

  • Ivy

    Hey JJ, ARE there any more bike pics? Havent seen them anywhere else. You are so great to us, and now you are famous too! Heard your site mentioned on ET. Justjared ROCKS!!!

  • Ivy

    # 34 | vanessascroll up to post # 17 | Agnieszka |she has a link to the pic for you us.

  • lylian

    # 23 | bdj ((((clapping)))) (((( bravo)))) :)

  • What?

    # 32 | – you’re wrong, Brad’s sister has never adopted a child. She has one biological son, and biological twin girls.

  • kk

    Brad’s hat in this bike pix looks like the one in the W photo shoot. He most definitely does like hats. LOL. He is such a good daddy to carve out alone time with Mad. So happy to see all the family visiting the Jolie-Pitts. Just wonder what spin (LIES) the tabs and others will come up with now as to the relationship between the Pitts and the Jolie-Pitts. It is great for Mad and Z to have more family around at this time as Mommy and Daddy have to devote some time to Shiloh now. The press conference tomorrow seems like a "coming out as a couple" event. Good for them.

  • Estelle

    # 34 | vanessa-click on # 17 | Agnieszka’s site, she has the photo for you to see.

  • ell

    here new picsBrad and Zahara

  • Alexanderina

    Hey JJ, you being on TV how totally awesome is that. You are the BEST and we all APPRECIATE you a whole lot, for eveything you do for us and continue to do. Thank you for JJ

  • Ivy

    # 38 | What| im pretty sure you are right about that i think the boy is about 11 now and the girls are 8. I do recall reading somewhere(maybe a tab) that after meeting angie , that Julie was thinking of adopting but I dont know if that actually was true.

  • ??

    umm – kk – coming out as a couple? I hardly think that’s necessary seeing as how, you know, they have a baby together. They’ve also been to several humanitarian events, and the Muhammad Ali gala. If anything, those were their "coming out" events. I love Brangelina, but I am unsure as to why the hell they need to hold a press conference… they’re not promoting anything, they just need to go on living their lives.

  • arpeach

    Congrats to the new family……. It was hard seeing Brad and Jen break up, but I knew in my heart of hearts that this baby would be georgus as both Mom and Dad have to die for looks…… Cant wait to see the mag!!!!!

  • Alexanderina

    oops, I forget to delete the "for" lol

  • Alexanderina

    # 41 | ell – Thanks Ell, Brad and Z are so cute together, now he have two little girls to wrapped him around their little fingers :)

  • Ivy

    # 44 | ?? | it would seem to me that they are having the press conference to thank the country of Namibia for their kindness during their stay. I dont know what else they will say but.. Im frankly elated that they are doing this. Not just because I am dying to see pics of the new parents but also to silence some of the critics. I heard several times on news shows, including showbiz tonight on cnn, that Brad and Angie should make some kind of an appearance. and this was just a few days after the birth! I mean, Angie had major surgery!! wtf.. The anchors would go on and on about how it didnt make any sense.., that it was thoughtless of the couple for not letting these journalists who had been in namibia for soo long, not get some kind of interview or pics of them. I couldnt believe how judgemental they were being. Now they will be getting what they wanted. Of course that wont silence ALL the critics. But then, what would?

  • angelah

    # 41 | ell thanks for the link Ell. Z’s getting big =D

  • ms liberia

    ok admittedly bad at prognosticating but i think the press conference is about outlining which charities will get the money from shiloh’s pics. i still think they need to go bill and melinda/bono and start their own foundation. i ike all the kids but zahara slays me. thanks for the link #41

  • Alexanderina

    # 48 | Ivy | – ITA with you