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Katharine McPhee Boyfriend: Nick Cokas

Katharine McPhee Boyfriend: Nick Cokas

New York, NY :: American Idol season five runner-up Katharine McPhee, 22, has been spotted around SoHo the last few days walking hand in hand with her 41-year-old boyfriend Nick Cokas, who also has a stage career. Nick is originally from San Francisco but currently lives in Los Angeles (like Katharine). He graduated from UCLA and his Broadway credits include Blood Brothers, Guys & Dolls, Mamma Mia and Once Upon a Mattress.   More pictures in the gallery!

(Right) Nick Covas accompanied Idol girlfriend Katharine McPhee
 for a walk through the rain this weekend.  Destination?
  The nail salon! Katharine received a mani-pedi at
Grand Soho Nails Too Inc (68 Greene Street).
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  • sprinkleslulu

    whoa, she’s sweet, young and pretty. But like hello? he’s so old!

  • michelle

    and how many "Pretty Thing" t-shirts does that chick own? Has to be a size XL to get it over her big head..

  • Beth

    Hey, if she is happy, I don’t think there is room to criticize. They are in love or whatever, good on them! I see every relationship an experience that we grow with and learn from.

  • Betsy

    Sorry but I disagree…she is 22 he is 41!. At 22 that is a HUGE difference. It would be different if she were 30 or 32 but life experience is just drastically different where they are at now. Are all the women in his age bracket busy?

  • Lauren

    He’s icky and way to old for her.


    Remind you of anyone……? Tom and Katie should hang out with these two.

  • J

    She’s quite a natural beauty…and already has paparazzi following her! I don’t think this relationship will last much longer, she doesn’t even like to acknowledge him in interviews….

  • Maxine

    She certainly has issues!

  • skyla

    She does remind of Katie Holmes now that someone mentioned it. She is also a $cientologist but that has nothing to do with her having an older boyfriend. He doesn’t look 42 though which is a good thing. She strikes as the type who would go for an older man anyway.

  • mari

    She is gorgeus

  • Amy

    Skyla…she is not a scientologist. I saw her interviewed and she said that was false..she had a boyfriend that was.

  • Tina

    I actually know Nick and he is gorgeous in person and these photos don’t do justice. But, what is even better is his heart. He is a GREAT guy.

  • brashgirl

    If she’s happy, why should it matter??

  • mo pobies

    he’s the guy in the jessica alba commercials where she’s a japanese chef. anyone else notice??

  • Rain

    Yeah I’m sure he is a great guy and I’m not judging him….but what is he doing with a 22 year old? That’s just not right. He’s too old for her. He was in Invasion too….he was that one guy that died..He was hardly in it.Again, I’m sure he’s a really sweet nice guy, but he’s too old for Kat. She’s only 22!!

  • Crystal

    He’d better treat her right. If that’s what makes Kat happy, I’m fine with it. BTW,Kat still looked pretty in those candids.

  • Marie

    No disrespect to Katharine, but WTF?! I mean he’s 41 years old – doesn’t he want to have a conversation with a fully mature woman in possession of equal intellect or life experience? I’m sure she’s a smart. decent almost-woman, but it’s not the same. I loathe guys like this and there are a lot of them. Lust and love are two different things, dude.

  • skyla

    Thanks Amy, I just read that she had a boyfriend who was a $cientologist and she just dabbled in it. I find her a bit ‘stage school’ though.

  • gib

    If she is really singing at tom and katie’s wedding, as reported, then she is most certainly on her way to becoming a full on $cientologist… Besides, she probably thinks it’ll further her career.

  • courtney

    He is very cute and sexy and what a turn on that she likes someone older. I hardly think 41 is old except to the very superficial.

  • Dev

    He looks like another flaming guy with a pretty young beard to me! =X Maybe they’re using each other for the publicity like 1/3 of celebrity couples today. I love Hollywood. haha

  • Lou

    His name is Nick COKAS – get it right. He IS a great guy. By the way, he’s the one that begged Kat to go on American Idol. Without him, she wouldn’t be where she is.

  • Rachel

    he looks like ralph fiennes!

  • Sherry

    Katharine is soooo cute!!!But her boyfriend is too old for her!!!By the way if she love him, it’s ok…

  • robin

    yes he is to old for her. and she is a very pretty girl and he is not that cute. what dose she see in him?

  • Donna

    He is nasty looking. He looks like if he also has an eating disorder. He needs a nose job.

  • Liza

    I’m sure people mistake him for her Dad- I can’t imagine finding such an old guy appealing when I was 22. I almost passed my Husb by when I first saw him because of his prematurely gray hair at 29!

  • Aaron

    Brad Pitt is 41, don’t think all you haters would be all over her if she was with him…….let them be happy together and go get your own lives!

  • Anthony

    The bottome line is hollywood forgets the age gaps. If they were not "stars" everyone would frown upon a 41 year old who dates a 22 years old. No matter who it is and how you look at it it’s wrong. It is nothing a 22 year old can do for a 41 year old except bare his children and look good on his old azz arm. Amy if he was such a GREAT guy, his great azz who be happily married with a child close to Kat’s age……..

  • Lesley

    I think all you people should stop worrying about who she’s with and how old he is. If she chooses to be with a 41 yr old so be it! She is an adult… and love has nothing to do with looks or age. Apparently none of you have love in your own lives, so you have to pick apart other peoples love lives…..

  • Vincent

    I don’t’ care what you read or hear, Nick Cokas is one of the most genuine, passionate and smartest guys there is. He drove Katharine to San Francisco and made her audition for “American Idol”. He believed in her talent and she would still be working in a clothing store in LA if it weren’t for Nick’s commitment, dedication and belief in her talent. It is because of him that she had the courage to audition and move forward through the competition.I personally know Nick and all these negative comments are incredibly mean-spirited and hurtful. Who cares about the age difference? Nick has helped Katharine in so many ways, spiritually (and he is NOT a Scientologist as some comments suggest), personally and creatively.The entertainment business is full of parasites and people that want to exploit and lead young, innocent people to slaughter. Nick is one of the few men that actually is honest, has integrity and is passionate about the art and not about the money. It’s easy to judge from afar, but if you knew this man’s heart, you’d find him to be one of the greatest people you’ve ever met.

  • Crazy Cajun

    I don’t care how well you know him, how intelligent, honest, nice or whatever else he may be! The dude is only fours years (not subtracting the time they’ve already been dating) away from being a pedophile! I hope they haven’t been dating for over four years. I’m his age and I get sick of even "thinking" of dating someone that could be my daughter. That just isn’t right! I don’t see them two being together all that much longer. He did bring her into the spotlight and because of that she’ll have thousands of guys after her. So, I think she’ll soon leave his talentless unattractive azz behind.

  • Becka

    I am not a huge fan of Katherine’s but I think it is wrong that so many people are so concerned about who she is dating and how old he is. The age gap should not be that big of a deal. I am 22 myself and dating a guy who is 41. We are together because of the connection we have together and the love we truly share for one another. I think the two of them together is a great thing!!!

  • Justine

    They look gr8 together….but come on she’s 22 and he’s 41….whn she’ll be 60 he’ll be 79!!! Not gonna happen!

  • Rob

    Kat has most likely had some relationship problems with guys her age. Usaully when this happens girls tend to look for older men, without thinking about the problems it creates. Not to mention the wasted time in a relationship that everyone knows is not going to last. The only positive thing about this is the fact that they are not married yet. If they ever get married then I will negativly critique their relationship. The way I see it: he was at the right place at the right time and so happened to say the right thing and the only reason he "begged" her to go to American Idol was to boost his career which has been lackluster at best. Lets see how many gigs he gets now. And, I would love to know when their relationship got started. Was she under 18? Her father was crying like a baby the whole damn time she was singing on T.V., yet he apparently is ok with a guy his own age banging his daughter. Makes no sense…anyway, thats my take.

  • Tita

    Green old man. Stupid naive girl. Same old story. Why is SO right when an old man dates a girl, and SO wrong when a woman does the same? What IF Paula dated Kevin chicken little? The world would be stunned and angry!! What a society !!

  • Sidney

    Kat is yummy!! I dated someone ‘older’ when I was younger and it ended very badly. Now, I feel I wasted my youth with … I hope the same does not happen to Katharine. I would not listen to people telling me it was not-a-good-thing, live and learn – I guess. She is a sweet, talented, and beautiful girl (almost women), I hope she finds the happiness she deserves!

  • Sue

    Katherine seems lovely, elegant. If I had a daughter, I would hope she would find a kind, mature man, no matter his age. How long it takes for some men to reach a certain level of maturity is debatable, and from what I’ve experienced, there aren’t many men who’ve achieved that, period, let alone at age 22. My grandfather was 19 yrs older than my g’mother–it’s really a very oldworld type of custom, so I don’t know why anyone would make such a fuss over it, except perhaps for the fact that it’s become a modern stereotype/trophywife thing–which is unfair, really. I wish them continued happiness.

  • sick of shit

    get over it! you don’t have to fuck him!

  • jackson

    Even though this girl is beautiful and talented, she obviously has many issues. Her relationship with a man old enough to be her father is just one of them. She needs to get herself some professional help. There’s no way a 41 year old man should be dating a 22 year old girl.

  • Becca

    Most of these comments are really negative. I’m gonna be positive about Kat but negative about her boyfriend. WHAT IS SHE THINKING!!!!!!!!!! he is so butt ugly!!!! She could have anyone she wants, even celebrities, but no, she chooses this weirdo. I understand he must be nice enough for Kat to like him, but EWWWW!!!!

  • sarah

    there happy together so leave them alone. we have no room to critisize them. its not our business. they look happy together and i see them staying togethe. she even said he stayed with me through the toughest time of her life. he helped her alot. i think they’ll stay together. Go Katharine McPhee!

  • Stacy

    YOU ALL are SOOOOO superficial and SHALLOW!! Oh gosh……those of you who say she has an issue? Who doesn’t have an issue? If you think SHE has issues, obviously you live a very mundane life. 20yrs older? I think that is decent. All guys below 30 are immature, inexperienced, and self absorbed. They don’t have financial stability OR emotional stability. How can Kat receive support from a guy her age? And by the way, Nick is such a sweet guy. He was always in the audience in the AI shows and he looks great! You have only seen him in the pic above and they are relaxing on their day off. Also, who says that a 41 yr old man shouldn’t date a 20 yr old? Give me a break. Tom Cruise, Michael Douglas, and Donald Trump should be sued then. How much older do you think they are than their wives???? Anyone who says older men cannot date or marry younger woman are obviously women who have had their husbands dump them for a younger woman.

  • Stacy

    Well here is his company!!'s not only an actor but also a producer.And here is his bio:NICHOLAS COKAS (PRODUCER)Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, he currently holds the position of A&R Manager for the independnt record label Rescue Records ( His resume includes: Producer of Le Chase with Tori Spelling, Producer of the staged reading of Turning Night In The Dying House with Richard Easton (Tony Award) and Logan Marshall-Green (The Traveler – ABC, The Great Raid – Miramax), Assistant Post-Production Coordinator on Wild Orchid starring Mickey Rourke and Jacqueline Bisset (LA), Production Manager/Coordinator-Additional Photography and Post-Production on the independent feature Follow Me Outside (NY), Assistant Director of the 5th Avenue Theatre’s production of Guys and Dolls starring Gregory Harrison and Matthew Arkin (Seattle), Once In A Blue Moon (short) with Marty Cohen (Dreamworks) and worked with Crossroads Films (LA). Nicholas also served as Creative Director of the not-for-profit children’s charity Colors of Love founded by international Maybelline model Tomiko Fraser and was a special education teacher in San Mateo County (CA). While in constant collaboration with business partner and writer Michael Albanese, he has also been instrumental in the development of Albanese’s original screenplays What Do You Want From Me?, La Strada del Vino (Nicholl Fellowship Semi-Finalist), the play Turning Night In the Dying House, Zenith Pimp (Sundance Lab Semi-Finalist) and The Paper Wall, a project he conceived for legendary Greek actor Lakis Lazopoulos. He also conceived the original documentary on the life of New York City Ballet dancer Jock Soto. As an actor, he has performed on Broadway in Blood Brothers starring David and Shaun Cassidy, Petula Clark and the legendary Carol King, Once Upon a Mattress with Sara Jessica Parker and Jane Krakowski, Guys and Dolls directed by Jerry Zaks and starred in the international musical sensation Mamma Mia! at the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas. Nicholas collaborated on The Reunion for The Factory and Missing Daniel for Madonna’s Maverick Entertainment. He graduated cum laude from UCLA with a B.A. in theatre and an emphasis in Economics and Accounting.

  • RUN

    Hey guys… Love is Love!

  • ncdude

    this is for stacy…..i am 23 and make over 100,000 a year. i have 2 kids and a great wife. how can you say all guys under 30 are not financially and emotionally stable? obviously you are living in a different world. most of the people i know that are my age are very mature and probably make more money in a year than you can in 5. i dont care how you look at it is is sick to know that this fine azz girl is laying down with someone older than her dad. Where i come from that is statutory rape and f-ing sick. imagine being 22 and f-ing a guy with a hairy azz back and going bald. ooooohhhhhhh!!!!!


    Katharine is so gorgeous!!!! If people are just going to criticize everysingle thang about her than i’m guessin’ u guys r jst jealous! if she’s happy than it’s fine… i mean it’s like her own life… we shouldn’t really criticize on her relationship choices… what if she accidentally bumped into this website and in jst one second several people have already hurt her feelings…

  • Kayla

    if kat is happy with this guy then thats that theres nothing you can do about it ..shes a beautiful young lady..and i love her smile …She got a wonderful voice…who wouldnt fall for her

  • Kayla

    if kat is happy with this guy then thats that theres nothing you can do about it ..shes a beautiful young lady..and i love her smile …She got a wonderful voice…who wouldnt fall for her

  • Kayla

    if kat is happy with this guy then thats that theres nothing you can do about it ..shes a beautiful young lady..and i love her smile …She got a wonderful voice…who wouldnt fall for her