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Paris Hilton's Thong Tan

Paris Hilton's Thong Tan

Beverly Hills, CA :: Mmm, Paris Hilton‘s thong tan is so SEXY. I guess we all can’t tan in the buff…  Above is Paris leaving the Portofino Sun Center tanning salon located at 9431 Little Santa Monica Boulevard.  Check out Paris Hilton‘s first-ever music video "Stars Are Blind" below.  Admittedly, I’ve been listening to the track all day long for the past couple of days.  Shame on me. Shame, shame, shame. The song is better than the video… More pictures in the gallery!  WILL YOU BUY PARIS HILTON‘S ALBUM?

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paris hilton thong tan01
paris hilton thong tan02
paris hilton thong tan03
paris hilton thong tan04
paris hilton thong tan05
paris hilton thong tan06
paris hilton thong tan07
paris hilton thong tan08
paris hilton thong tan09
paris hilton thong tan10
paris hilton thong tan11
paris hilton thong tan12
paris hilton thong tan13
paris hilton thong tan14
paris hilton thong tan15
paris hilton thong tan16
paris hilton thong tan17
paris hilton thong tan18
paris hilton thong tan19
paris hilton thong tan20
paris hilton thong tan21
paris hilton thong tan22
paris hilton thong tan23

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  • s

    ok it is official, studios can make anyone sound good, especially with the right amount of money

  • ZPariz zuckz

    Her voice sounds fake just like her hair her eyes her tan her personality her herpes.did you know you can get herpes by listening to her song?

  • cb

    I can’t believe I am even posting on a Hilton thread – I feel sick – anyway, give this chick more $$ and attention? I don’t think so.

  • pmo

    i personal donot hate or like the song but i detaste the video it looks like her sex tape only with lights and at the beach the girl cannot do sexy without looking like a cheap whore

  • rufus

    i felt as tho i was watching a musical porno. everything about this is terrible.

  • Pug

    Buy her album? Hell to the no. If that video is the finished product they need to do a do-over. She can’t even lipsync. Ridiculous!

  • neenee


  • san

    her music video seems like her sex tape to me. She has no talent and just knows how to show her flat body.

  • gatesofeden

    My assumption that Paris Hilton couldn’t sing was confirmed when I watched her sleazy video. The song, which she claims is "reqqae," is really just pop (as anyone who has ever listened to reggae can attest). Her voice is obviously greatly enhanced in the studio, and still manages to be less than mediocre. Good job, Paris – you made a fool of yourself once again.

  • flo

    oh god !kick me, I must be hallucinating !even I… sing better than that, and that’s not a reference to take !one moment of silence please, apocalypse is getting closer…

  • David

    I will buy the cd. I actually liked the song Screwed and I like this song-it is a perfect summer song. It is a shame that even if the album was excellent, which I know it won’t be but I love pop music, since it is from her people are going to hate.

  • Em

    How can anyone take this girl serious? She is a disgrace to all women. The song is crap, it sounds like it escaped the 80′s and got thrown into the 21st century and the video well, since the song is crap they had to come up with some lame ass video to score at least a few points I guess.

  • Maude

    one word crap!

  • paris eats dogs

    well 1st, she can’t sing or at least try to and 2ndshe totally has no style and lastly she’s has no brain for talent any reggae music lover knows that song sounds like UB40′s "Kingston Town" I mean everything is so the same except for her digusting lyrics. So sad So sad….she needs to quit life and bother people in hell or something…

  • paris eats dogs

    well 1st, she can’t sing or at least try to and 2ndshe totally has no style and lastly she’s has no brain for talent any reggae music lover knows that song sounds like UB40′s "Kingston Town" I mean everything is so the same except for her digusting lyrics. So sad So sad….she needs to quit life and bother people in hell or something…

  • Pache

    It’s obvious her only talent is making sex videos and she’s trying to do that in this one. She is such a low life. You’d think her parents would have tried to raise her better but guess even money doesn’t mean you can be taught class.

  • andii

    what a pathetic attempt at singing! the lyrics are terrible, it sounds as though she wrote them her self (which is never a good sign) and whats with the raggae music?! this is shocking, even by paris’ standards!!!

  • marina

    she looks and sounds like total shit …anyone wanna buy her c.d and give her the money she doesnt deserve? WHYYYY?????

  • Glamour puss

    I do not hate Paris. I think she markets herself well and she has gotten very far on absolutley no talent whatsoever. It’s just sad to see that people WILL buy this and consider it music. Her vocals are non-existant. They are so layerd with backing vocals that you can barely make out what her voice REALLY sounds like, I’m guessing it can be good, (the proof is in a video where she "sings" Happy Birthday) but with the right studio effects you can make just about ANYONE sound decent. I mean they did it for Ashlee Simpson, It just makes me wonder where is the value in this type of "star"?Give HER My hard earned money? I think not.

  • grey

    i just threw up in my mouth a little bit

  • Fae

    HATE the song.

  • emkel

    someone get us a bucket! we’ve all seen her sex videos and know she doesn’t move that much and as for Miss Paris Hilton singing about love!! yea right she is tooo tacky for words. her somg is lame with a Peter Andre (mysterious girl) backing. if my dog had a face like hers i’d shave its arse and teach it to walk backwards! stop being such a bad role model for young girls ya skank…

  • en0ra

    uh oh… I think I’m gonna have morning sickness… Great promotional object: Paris Hilton Barf Bags

  • anelanaeole

    I usually wait to form an opinion on whether or not a "starlebrity" can sing, but when I heard that she was coming out with an album, I automatically formed the opinion that she can’t, due to the fact that she intentionally alters the pitch of her voice to sound more feminine, and…ditzy. Listening to this piece of work, I have to praise the sound technicians for their creative editing, because she still sounds like the crap I knew she would, but it’s pleasantly wrapped in a gel-coating. That means, people, that you can turn it off and blast some Carmen Electra rap to cleanse yourself of this vileness.She doesn’t sing. She "husks". This isn’t reggae. This is raggat. This isn’t music. This is muzak. This is the crap that will be played on your mother’s favorite radio station, in the elevator on the way to your colonoscopy, and in the funeral parlor’s coffin room. She’ll make a few dollars because, afterall, people ARE stupid, and then her music career will go the way of her morals.

  • Patrick

    she has a very ugly nose and weird left eye.

  • +greenpeace+

    i think her auto-tuned voice sounds like gwen stefani’s so instead of buying her album my money would be better off with Mrs. Rossdale.

  • Samantha Jones

    Jared, don’t worry, I’ve listened to it too these days!!! People are too judgemental and close-minded. They still judge her for the porno tape, which I don’t think it’s a big deal, IT WAS JUST SEX! Maybe u should all have more… =)

  • I bet…

    I bet all these people hating on paris hilton are fat ugly and damn jealous! don’t hate b/c she’s rich and hot!

  • jaylee

    uh, no. no one’s jealous of that conceited whorebag. she doesn’t have any noteable singing talent. END OF STORY.

  • bing

    A whore is a whore and nothing more. No amount of vocal enhancements, copycat songs or videos will change that Miss Hilton!

  • Erich

    It’s not the best or worst video I’ve seen. The song seems better than the video. I think the video should have been shot entirely in color. Plus what’s with all the constantly changing camera angles with Paris rolling around with some guy? Paris may be out of sync but so is the whole timing of the video. It’s paced way too fast and her personality, which could have added to the video- wasn’t there.

  • Hmmm..

    Okay I like Paris Hilton for some reason.. But this video.. Hmmm.. She sounds like any other person singing in their car: less-than. And I think she can be way hot sometimes but she just looks alright in this video. The song is alright but man, Am I the only person who noticed she looks like a chihuahua on crack. She has too much nervous energy that guy in the video was all still and sexy and she was like bumping around everywhere clumsily, trying to be sexy. She should take singing lessons, and dancing lessons and then take some lessons from Britney Spears on how to make a nice sexy video!!

  • Paris, Paris..

    She looks self-conscious to me, and clumsy with a way mediocre voice. The guy is hot though.

  • Samantha Jones

    I totally agree with you Hmmm.., she can’t dance or move at all! She just falls everywhere!

  • George

    i actually think the song is really goood, its perfect for the summer and the video, what did you expect, but i mean the song is really good and i found another song Bye Bye Boy which is even better. That is her real voice, but when she talks in interviews she makes her voice sound childish, so this is really her singing. and all of you who say shes a whore and shit, its only cause your jealous to be like her. and if i was that rich I would put that kinda of an act on 2

  • lira

    She’s a whore and her music sound like a fart! People that will buy her music is stupid!!! and I’m not fat to be jealous of her . Paris is the ugliest slut of the century,she dont have nothing beauty or nothing at all, except she’s rich and a spoiled brat and a ultimate slut! She’s getting old anyhow so I dont think guys will still want her, they are just using her for sex!She’s old, dummy, slut , ugly and no talent at all! Maybe she is good for porno videos only!

  • WOW

    hey i actually think the beat of the song is reallly nice but i think that the music video was horrible and random but kudos 2 paris 4 trying:)

  • boycottmerche

    LOL every part of her looks fake but the song sounds alright actually,, wonder how much they paid for the computerisedd musiccc