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Shiloh Nouvel Jolie Pitt Pictures

Shiloh Nouvel Jolie Pitt Pictures

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got top dollar for the first pictures of baby Shiloh - but they made the weekly celeb glossies work for it. All the weekly magazine editors were summoned to the offices of the Getty photo agency at Canal and Varick late Saturday night. "We were sequestered into separate and un-air-conditioned offices," said one. "The photos were shown to us around 10 p.m. to midnight, and then we had to submit bids by 6 a.m. Sunday morning. No one got any sleep at all, as it was a manic game of phone-tag to top each other’s bids. I’m convinced it was Brangie‘s revenge on the weekly magazines." The pictures went to People for $4.1 million.

12 hours later…  I present to you baby Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt.  She definitely has mommy’s luscious lips! Shiloh turns a whopping 10-days-old today. Worldwide fees for Shiloh‘s baby pictures are reportedly going to bring in a total of $20 million to Brad and Angelina‘s charity of choice.  Thanks, April!

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684 Responses to “Shiloh Nouvel Jolie Pitt Pictures”

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  1. 1
    Rica Says:


  2. 2
    Dancer Says:

    Is this for real? I thought People just bought the rights Sunday for 4.1 million? I don’t think Hello would have had time to get the magazine on the stands?

  3. 3
    Mediterranean Says:

    I can’t believe that I’m looking at the photo I have been waiting to see since January.It’s gorgeus, beautiful and breathtaking!Long live Brangelina and all of your kids!

  4. 4
    KAS Says:

    Congratulations! Shiloh is 10 DAYS old! She looks beautiful and has Angie’s lips!

  5. 5
    angelina mmm Says:

    Oh, my god!wowThank you Jared :))))their baby is beautiful

  6. 6
    suspicious_package Says:

    Wow, Jared! Well done!!! I was just reading about (and dreaming about) the possibility of seeing these pics on Thursday, hit "refresh" and THERE SHE WAS! I love you, Jared! Long live BAMZS!!!!

  7. 7
    Xan Says:

    Thank you Jared…They look so happy. Brad is looking at Shiloh lik "WOW" we did this!Soooo beautiful.

  8. 8
    shirls Says:

    lol ten years old, love the pics very cute.

  9. 9
    suspicious_package Says:

    Lookit those lips! And Ange is wearing a nursing bra! Right on!!!!

  10. 10
    april Says:

    I am buying this issue for sure. I heard on the radio today, that worldwide fees for the pics, will bring in $20 million to charities around the world.That is why I will always support Brad and Angelina.

  11. 11
    Krystal Says:

    Wow she is amazing such a beutiful child!!Now people are going to be haters and say that she is ugly. How immature, She is such a beutiful soul wow looks just like her mommmy!! WOW AND THAT IS A GOOD THING!!

  12. 12
    sultrydame Says:

    OMG! I am SOOOO happy that the pictures of Shiloh is finally out. Shiloh’s just a beautiful baby! They’re lucky! Who would have thought that it would come out today not tomorrow!

  13. 13
    OMG!!!!!! Says:

    OMG!!!! JARED YOU’RE AWESOME…AMAZING THEY’RE ALL BEAUTIFUL!!! WOW…Hello moved like lightning on this…LOL…people is for sure getting them!*me*

  14. 14
    Dancer Says:

    Is that like a wedding ring on Brad’s Finger?

  15. 15
    merca Says:

    are you sure this photo is authentic? I mean this baby seems to have teeth already!

  16. 16
    81 Says:

    Absolutely unbelievable!! Lovely pix!! Thanks Jared!

  17. 17
    virgo Says:

    She is beautiful, a good mixture of Angie and Brad. Angie’s lips, the shape of the head looks like Brad, the nose can’t tell, the eyes looks big even closed, and she’s got long arms it seems. Cant wait to see the rest of the pics!!!

  18. 18
    sarai Says:

    wow! i can only imagine how much happynes they feel right now!what a sweet photo!

  19. 19
    MarieMJS Says:

    OMG she has Angelina’s lips :D She looks adorable!! I cant wait to see more pictures of the family :D And Im glad they decided to take their revenge on the magazines with the charity idea, well done Brangelina… And at least, it goes fast!We are still waiting for some Suri Cruise proof…

  20. 20
    J Says:

    Hello and People are owned by the same company…it’s real. She looks like a little Angelina for sure.

  21. 21
    Xan Says:

    # 16 | merca Not teeth, just impressions a lot of babies have them.You know just because we were not told and the tabs keep shouting lies about angie not wanting it. That doesn’t mean these two are married alrady. They very well could be and we not know it. very quietly slip away or have an official come to their say….Malibu or Springfield. You just never know guys. We’ll know when they want us to know, but I’d bet a few bucks that these two just may have already tied the knot. But that’s just me…what do I know. ;-)

  22. 22
    ann Says:

    The only word I can use is Beautiful. The parents are beautiful and happy. And the baby is so beautiful. And Look at Angie, she’s an amazingly beautiful mom!

  23. 23
    carolina Says:

    Actually Hello and People both paid 4million for the pics. Cute kid!!!

  24. 24
    skyla Says:

    That just made my day. So cute and she does have Angie’s lips. That child is going to be gorgeous. Good luck to both of them.

  25. 25
    gitane Says:

    jared, you rock! on my way to wal-mart i was thinking…i’ll bet jared’s getting that pic up right now!

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