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Brad & Angelina Press Conference

Brad & Angelina Press Conference

Swakopmund, Namibia :: Angelina and Brad Pitt confirmed Wednesday that their newly-born daughter Shiloh Nouvel will have a Namibian passport.

"Shiloh will receive a Nambian passport, so we shall return," Pitt said at the couple’s first public appearance since the May 27 birth.

The Hollywood glamour pair spoke to local journalists at a press briefing at the four-star Hansa Hotel in Swakopmund at the edge of the Namib desert where Jolie gave birth by Caesarian Section.

"We couldn’t have picked a better place to have our child," said Jolie, looking healthy and relaxed in a black dress. Pitt agreed: "We are very proud that our daughter was born here".

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Pitt said the couple had "done their homework" before deciding on Namibia as the birthplace of their first biological and third child.

"The health of our daughter and Angie‘s was imperative. We’ve had absolute top-notch medical assistance," Pitt said.

The couple reiterated their gratitude to the people of the sparsely populated country, which has come under intense media interest since their arrival two-and-a-half months ago.

"We are eternally grateful to the Namibian people," Pitt said. "Namibia is one of Africa’s best kept secrets – until we came of course."

The couple had been "afforded a lifestyle here we could not have anywhere else" and that Namibia has been "a wonderful place to be with our kids."

The couple said they planned to remain in the country for just a few more days before returning to the United States. "Just a few more days. My mother is dying to see the baby," Jolie said.

On the tight security around the couple, Jolie said they had wished this had not been necessary but felt "the birth should be done in a way that was peaceful."

Pitt explained that having "a child with a bounty on its head" before its birth, had brought about the need for bodyguards to shield the family.

On future career plans, Pitt said he would begin work on the latest in the Ocean movie series in August while Jolie planned to concentrate on the needs of her three children – the newborn and four-year-old Maddox and one-year-old Zahara.

The couple were accompanied by Namibian first lady Penehupifo Pohamba (pictured above) regional governor Samuel Nuujoma and Child Welfare Minister Marlene Mungunda as they spoke to journalists for about 30 minutes, posed for photographs and signed autographs.

A day after their daughter was born, the couple announced they would provide 300,000 dollars for the refurbishment of hospitals in Namibia. Jolie, a United Nations goodwill ambassador, discovered Namibia some years ago while filming a movie there. [AP]

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    First!!! (like you do)

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    Angie looks GREAT and her boobs are humongous! Yummy…roflmao…..I’m glad they are soo happy and that baby is just an angel! Beautiful like her mommy and big sis Zahara!

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    JJ You are better than the FBI or CIA for that matter. JJ only one word from us to you: LOVE.Thanks JJ.BAMZS rocks! eat your heart out who ever you are!

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    I am so proud of them for doing things on their terms and helping others in the process.Congratulations and all the blessings!!!

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    OMG – ((((SWOON)))) Ange, looks beautiful – she’s got her Mr. & Mrs Smith hairdo that I love on her, with the top pulled back, and the rest flowing down her back, and Brad looks amazing – what a wonderful couple, and what a great gesture – basically it was Brad & Angie’s ‘thank you,’ to Namibia, this press conference – how sweet!!

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    wow Jared! you always are in your toes for big news! i applaud you for the great work!Angie is blooming..look at her radiant face!!!

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    when were these pics made?? please someone write backangie 4 life!

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    If you go to google and search on images with Angelina Jolie as a baby and open the first image from http://www.china daily .com you can still see Angie s and Brads baby.She is gorgeous and does have Angies lips. She is just so beautiful. I wish them well and I would always love her for helping my African people. She has a good heart and in my opinion she is a true angel. The world is lucky to have her children are lucky to have her for a mum.

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    just love this family! by the by…..Angie’s boobs are huge!

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    yahoo jared…you got the goods again…congrats and million thanks for being always on top…mama mia…angie look so so so fabulous…with the two bountiful ladies…he! he!…braddy looks so happy and proud…love this familybamzs rocks and rules!!

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    More of the BAMZS, Thank JJ, You have made my day, Lots to read on Brad and Ang. Great Day this has turned out to be.

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    Yes Angie dressed in her signature sexy black dress displaying cleavage that just won’t quitsince the birth of baby Shiloh so you see guys, there is a very sexy side to becoming a mother and I love it, the glow, the beautiful features on her face, a little more junk in the trunk,the huge boobs wow……I love you ANGIE and BRAD is one lucky Hunk right now, poor man I think he is in baby land, too much has happened ,so much happiness in a little over a year it’s unbelievable, he deserve it, he is been through so much thank you ANGIE for making Brad’s dream come through you are our hero.BAMZS love ya.

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    JJ, you are on top of everything and anything BAMZS and we the fans can’t thank you enough!Brad and Angie are such a beautiful couple inside and out. Both are glowing with happiness and I’m proud that their presence in Namibia will help this country in more ways than one.

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    That is so very sad, this innocent baby was born with a bounty on its head, how can people be so crule, I had heard that there were death threats, but on a unborn Child??. God watch over this family and keep them safe.

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    the most beautiful couple

  • Alexanderina

    Jared, I kove you man, thanks for the new thread and the pictures, you are simply the best. Oh my gosh they look so beautiful, Angie is looking very healthy and gorgeous and Brad what can you say but HOT.

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    She has a good heart and in my opinion she is a true angel. The world is lucky to have her children are lucky to have her for a mum. # 11 | jolie |===================ITA, Angie and Brad look radient, just a Beautiful/handsome couple, Angelina Jolie has a heart of Gold, I hope she never changes, I hope Brad knows how lucky he is.

  • stardust

    Angie is all Boobs. She looks beautiful as always. It’s so cool to see the couple sitting together and smiling and looking relaxed. I guess Brad will have some more time with the kids since he doesn’t have to start work till August, I thought it would be earlier. I LOVE this couple and their kids. =)And oh yeah, Jared, you are the best! Thank you so much for being always the first one to report the news on this gorgeous couple. You rock!

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    angie and brad they look beautiful wish u uys the best angie and brad.does some one know when were these pic made ?’angie 4 life!

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    The WORLD’S FINEST FAMILY BAMZS FOREVER!!! Wow, they look great!

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    Thanks JJ – you rock! They look great and it’s wonderful of them to be so thankful and gracious to the Namibian people! Luv BAMZs

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    # 2 | D /# 6 | juliathanks for the article and pix..# 5 | Rica how are you? hope your sister phi is okay?? are you back to the us?? (pleading) when are you going to update your usual pic and i love the new fic…man…angie and braddy is very naughty moaning….lol .

  • The Real Hmmmmm

    Ya’all I’m so happy for my Brad. Thank you Ms. Jolie (Mrs. Pitt?) for making him happy. Thank you for giving him the family he craved, thank you for not caving under the pressure of the public disdain on you. Thank you for holding on strong and thank you for KNOWING he is worth it, thank you. Thank you, Thank you.Thank you Jared for these amazing pictures.Brad Fan FirstNow Fan of BAMZS.

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    # 8 | CLINIQUA | – ITA. They are so freaking beautiful, man I want Angie’s boobs lol. Totally love the whole family and wishing the them all the best.

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    OMG THank you J@red!!! you are quick! AJ’s so beautiful. gosh I’m salivating…jk.

  • The Truth Prevail

    More Happy News HereFresh from the oven..from your favourite hollywood gossipist…Bon apetit!Our premier Canadian celeb columnist and her clever but catty (meow, meow) take on the baby story. She was a #1 Brangelina booster but my she has changed her tune! Another Pitt tit for tat Yesterday. The day that Jennifer Aniston was supposed to be basking in the glory of finally owning a box office, Brad Pitt and his triple baby momma decide to dominate the headlines once again. Because what’s a $38 million dollar weekend take compared to the first photos of one of the most famous babies ever born??? I know some of you are sick of my mantra but seriously y’all…there really are NO coincidences in Hollywood. Please don’t tell me it was just a convenient accident that the news happened to leak over the weekend and break over Monday about the Pitts’ deal with Getty Images to distribute their exclusives – $4 million each by People (no surprise) and Hello to be redirected to charity. Please don’t tell me that Brad, a self professed ‘Zen Master’ of public relations, had nothing to do with it. Please don’t. Because if you do, I will have to laugh. Along with many, many other gossipmongers who have watched this tit for tat unfold over the better part of a year. Poor Jen indeed. No matter what she does, she really is no match for the reigning God, Goddess, and Godlings of Hollywood. So with that in mind, I’m taking out 30 bucks and I’m heading over to Silvercity this week. The Break Up it is. But first – Let’s take a look our Smut Saviour, shall we? As many others have remarked, I definitely see her mother’s lips. Other than that, I don’t see much else. Don’t forget my Celebrity Baby Theory though. Remember – it’s the Goddess’s way of evening things out. Reported On 06/06/2006 The link is: http://www.laineygossip.comBack to top Guest


    What a beautiful post #27 (aka ‘The Real Hmmmm) – I’ve always wondered how die-hard Brad fans were fealing – and I think you are representative of his true fans that ‘GET’ him and all that he is. ….man, I cannot stop looking at them both….wowsa. Yeah, Braddy must be thinking he died and woke up in baby & Angie heaven. LOL

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    Jared, U R THE BEST…. Thank you

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    OMG did someone say Rica made a new fanfic? Where can I find it?? ps LOVE BAMZS!

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    I’m not being kinky but surely some FREAK will think otherwise, but as one mother to another, I’d love to see a photo of Angie breast feeding Shiloh. There is nothing more precious than those (what I call) eye locks with your child when you are nursing. You mommies know what I mean. Thanks millions Jared for this BANNER day. There have been some difficult days for we BAMZS lovers when news on them trickled in. I love all the wonderful pictures and you are the MOST! ABOVE AND BEYOND ALL OTHERS!!

  • D

    About a wedding…SWAKOPMUND, Namibia -Angelina Jolie andBrad Pitt denied Wednesday that wedding bells are in the air, saying they want to concentrate for now on their newborn daughter and Jolie’s two adopted children."There is nothing in the air. The focus is the kids, and we are obviously extremely committed to the children and as parents together," Jolie told a news conference. "So that kind of says it for us, and to have a ceremony on top of it is nothing."

  • Alexanderina

    Do you guys know how hard it is for me to get back to work right now after looking and those pictures and reading what was said at the press conference lol. I can’t stop looking at these pictures "sigh"

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    Another pic:–Unidentified amibian journalists ask actress Angelina Jolie for autographs, following a press conference held exclusively for the Namibian press in a hotel in the Namibian city of Swakopmund.


    Her boobs are HUGE! You know Brad AND Shiloh are digging those! They look so happy! Good for them!KEEP ON ROCKIN BAMZS!

  • Claudia

    hey, long time lurker, first time poster here…Brad and Angelina both look so happy and contented and they look great! Angie is one HOT mama! Congratulations to the Jolie-Pitts! I wish them all the best and more babies to come. Can we get a family picture next time, with all 3 kids?and Jared, thank you for all the BAMZS updates. You always make my day.

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    #27 |the real hmmmmm|-I completly agree with you.I’m a Brad fan first.And of cource BAMZS now.

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    JJ-MANY THANKS. Your site is the best. This couple is just too beautiful for words. They look happy and in love. Oh Angie had me ready to cry-"my mother is dying to see the baby". Angie is just radiant and glowing, she is just meant to be a mother (she’s sporting a black nursing bra in the pix)! Brad will do all necessary to protect his family, good for him. This two plus however many children they end up with are in it for the long haul. Thanks to Namibia for providing them with a peaceful place to nest for a while.

  • ntt

    CNN. com has a poll on whether you would pay to see a picture of Shiloh or not. Go vote.

  • Estelle

    JJ YOU ARE THE BEST!!! sorry for shouting..but, yeah the FBI got nothing compare to you…she is so beautiful and my goodness, she got her shape back…ok people, I am sure most of us or all of us have seen the new version of MAMS already…now for my part, I saw the unrated version last night and I don’t know about everyone else, but I think DL still hold out on us regarding the steamy sex scene thing…the editing was minimal at best…especially on the scene where BP was running his hand over her body…so she was totally naked right? and the nex scene he was totally naked and she only topless, still has her black dress on at the waist…now what is up with that?…a blooper?…come one…I think IMHOP they should have another unratedunrated version…LOL…oh well..*sighed*…if AG was here she would agrees…Ok…regarding her beautiful enormous full of milk momma boobs…lucky Shiloh and Brad…LOL


    Okay, as REVENGE for the NOW TRAITOROUS *LAINEY GOSSIP* – I submit to you, this WONDERFUL MACLEANS REVIEW of Maniston and HER MANIPULATIONS. In case you didn’t know it – MACLEANS is Canada’s PREMIER news magazine – it’s like our TIME, read and enjoy BAMZS, fans, and try to forget the online HACK that is Lainey — she is a true turncoat:June 07, 2006Breaking up is hard to watchAs she strikes out, yet again, Jennifer Aniston proves she’s the victim of another Hollywood mismatchBRIAN D. JOHNSONAfter Cannes, it’s sobering to be back in the popcorn mills. Cannes is a parallel universe where art trumps commerce — and where we saw more powerful female performances in two weeks than in six months at the multiplex. One movie alone, Pedro Almodóvar’s Volver, boasted three generations of remarkable women, led by Penélope Cruz dividing and conquering with her cleavage like a latter-day Sophia Loren. What a grim awakening to come home to poor, sad Jennifer Aniston, an actress who seems diminished by her own celebrity. Aniston is a movie star everywhere except where it counts: onscreen.Her own story keeps eclipsing her work. By now, we know it all too well. After being ditched by Brad Pitt in the most famous Hollywood breakup since Liz and Dick, she received a massive sympathy card from the media. Jen was the decent girl next door, with fine bones and modest features. Angelina was the coarse, pillow-lipped vixen with a taste for knives and tattoos. The morality tale was set in motion, and Jen was cast as the survivor who would pull herself together with the whole world watching. We’re still waiting. After striking out with starring roles in three abysmal movies — Derailed, Rumor Has It, and now The Break-Up, she has pushed our sympathies to the limit. You might say she’s just the victim of bad scripts. But that only makes it worse, as her victim roles on- and off-screen converge.Miscast as a femme fatale in Derailed, Aniston struggled for credibility in a role Angelina Jolie could have played in her sleep. In Rumor Has It, a misbegotten sequel to The Graduate, she humiliated herself as a woman who cheats on the perfect guy (Mark Ruffalo) by falling for a rich cad who could be her father (Kevin Costner). An indie detour, Friends With Money, offered a smarter script, but Aniston sounded the one sour note in the ensemble — as a jilted lover slumming as a housemaid who surrenders to cheeseball men while mooning over her ex.In The Break-Up, art and life align with fearful symmetry. Aniston shot the movie in the aftermath of her own breakup. And, mimicking the way Brad and Angelina sparked their romance by playing warring spouses in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Aniston became linked to Vince Vaughn, her onscreen antagonist. But in their breakup movie, Pitt and Jolie were evenly matched. In this lopsided romantic comedy, Aniston lets Vaughn steamroll her into weepy submission. He also hogs all the wittiest dialogue, leaving her the sentimental dregs of a ridiculous script that sends sexual politics back to the Stone Age.But then, it’s his movie. Vaughn helped produce the film, and its screenwriters spent months skimming dialogue from his improvisations. One of them, Jay Lavender, says, "There isn’t a part of this movie that Vince hasn’t put his stamp on." No kidding. Vaughn is a funny guy, and an amiable actor. He was a riot in Wedding Crashers. But unchecked, his charm curdles from sheer vanity.Vaughn plays Gary, a blue-collar bozo with a heart of gold. After a hard day of performing schtick as a Chicago tour-bus guide, he just wants to crack a beer, watch sports and play video games. Aniston plays Brooke, his humourless spouse, who works at a posh art gallery. Losing her patience, she turns into a whining nag who begs him to do the dishes, take her to the ballet and know what she wants without asking. Worse still, she has a family of fruity in-laws who sing a cappella over dinner. The breakup is her idea: she hopes it will jolt him into loving her. She’s the Cosmo cliché of the pre-feminist wife.You watch this movie, shake your head and think unfair thoughts: if art is indeed imitating life, no wonder Brad ditched her. Aniston and Vaughn seem so completely mismatched you wonder how they could ever begin a relationship, never mind end one.Movie stars are born, not made. They’re larger-than-life creatures who light up under the lens. Pitt is one; so is Vaughn, on a lesser scale. They always play the same person. Aniston is a character actor miscast as a movie star. She found a comfort zone in Friends. But on the big screen, she has an extraordinary talent for acting like she’s not there. You try to find a way into those narrow eyes, and they seem to be off somewhere else. Perhaps dreaming of the day when she and Vince can retreat from the paparazzi fray and find a pocket of calm in some gated African country. A movie they can call their own. _________________________________________

  • That is all

    Angie looks GREAT she has the mommy glow. I bet she’s tired though. Her boobs…WOW!I guess they are coming home to California soon.

  • julia

    D I love this staement"There is nothing in the air. The focus is the kids, and we are obviously extremely committed to the children and as parents together," Jolie told a news conference. "So that kind of says it for us, and to have a ceremony on top of it is nothing."how lovely..Oh and Lainey … jesus what a bitch, what the hell? Jared clearly we love you! You are a star.cheers.

  • Zaiyana

    Wow, I wish I were there at this press conference. How rapid these pictures were posted! Am I the only one who thinks that Jared is on location? Either that or he has a friend on the front lines. What channel can I watch this press confrence? I am so relieved that Angie and Brad found a safe, wonderful nation like Namibia to settle into having their beautiful angel baby.

  • Conspiracy My Ass

    #30Do I have to hear Lainey’s tired ass again? She’s gonna harp about that damn conspiracy theory til she’s blue in the face. Who the hell cares? If anything it’s Aniston and Vaughn trying to hog Brad and Angie’s birth news. I don’t care what Lainey says, it’s much easier to change a movie premiere than it is a birth. I’m just glad they went ahead with the C-section on the 27th otherwise if the kid was born on June 2nd Lainey would be yapping her mouth once again. As for the pics, they had to negotiate soon, they can’t stay in Africa forever. The paps would have made them miserable trying to get the first photos if they hadn’t done the deal. I say the conspiracy is in the Aniston/Vaughn’s camp. They’re the ones riding B&A’s coattail.

  • Jubilee

    Brad and Angelina look so relax and happy. I’m so happy for both of them. Thanks JJ you made my day. LUV THE BAMZS FAMILY. Can’t wait the PEOPLE magazine with Shiloh on the cover.

  • Next

    Lainey needs to get over the fact that she lost her Jolie-Pitt source! I wonder if Lainey’s parents were both stunners and lainey got the ugly stick so she hopes for the worse with the jolie pitt kid.She is like In touch magazine. No matter what she says I will not feel sorry for you know who! Next…