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Just Jared on "Entertainment Tonight"

Just Jared on "Entertainment Tonight"

WOOT! was on last night’s edition of Entertainment Tonight! Thanks to everyone who let me know! Host Mark Steines made the quick mention; you can watch the video below compliments of the almighty maichan.  There were also specific mentions on The Insider (also below) and the Channel 9 News in Sydney, Australia. Apologies to everybody who couldn’t get on the site last night.  A new, faster (and much more expensive) server is on the way! Much love to Brad, Angelina, Maddox, Zahara and baby Shiloh… and a special shout-out to all the BAMZS fans out there. You guys rock! on The Insider on Entertainment Tonight

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  • ariel

    FIRST! BAMZS ROCKS. Love them

  • jerseygirl

    CONGRATULATIONS JARED!!!thanks for all your support for BAMZS fanswe love yah

  • Jacqui

    Now that’s cool :P I love Just Jared. Its one of my daily reads, hell I check it every hour. And I am a huge BAMZS fan :PKeep up the great work and Congrats Jared :D

  • ((chanel))

    CONGRATULATIONS JARED!!!guys do u think that angie and brad knows about this site??

  • Indie

    BAMZS fans have always known you rock, and now the rest of the entertainment world is finding out.I am especially happy for your success because you achieved it without being vile and resorting to name calling :D

  • Raquel

    that’s awesome

  • medulla

    HEY JJ what’s up? You are the man JJ.Thanks for the spoiler, I am going to watch ET right now at 9 AM on channel 2 in NYC.We love you JJ, please put back baby Shiloh pic the other blogs still have it on.JJ are in touch with BP and AJ if so send them our regards , we love them very much and wish them much happiness and prosperity for their beautiful family and good luck with new baby SHILOH NOUVEL.Happy feedings baby Shiloh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • anon48

    Congrat ! You are now more famous than any other celebrity blog ! keep up the good work.

  • Enemy

    Well, I’m not so sure JustJared should be so happy about these mentions, since Hello! is already stepping up it’s legal fight.

  • Rica

    Jared you are "the man!" Congratulations! Your name has now gone down in infamy!

  • exactly

    Great job, Jared!Keep it up!

  • exactly

    Brad and Angie must know about this site? Didn’t we say originally (months ago) to send them a transcript of this rockinrollin blog to show how much BAMZ fans loved them?was it estelle or rica who mailed…? can’t remember, seems so long ago, LOL

  • medulla

    JJ speaking of Australia ,The Insider TV show said that one Australian Tv host ask X the "B word" as in Brad which American journalists try to not utter to X during interviews.So the Australian journalist ask X if doing the TBU movie was painful since she was breaking up with Brad at the same time , she quickly reply oh God no, everything happen for a reason and this movie was a blessing! It came just in time even I find it funny,the timing was just great!And if that’s so then let’s all just move on.

  • QQQQ

    # 13 | medulla | She says that because she knows that she was not upset or pained about the end of her marriage, what she was upset about was the way it looked to the public, that Brad left her for Angie, so manufactured the Triangle with her PR guy.

  • geniass

    Go you Jared!! Your famous!!!!!!!

  • Luv

    I saw the show and was so excited for you! This can only mean bigger and better things!

  • piyutra



    THE JOLIE PITT ROCKS BAMZS FANS ROCKAND JARED ROCKS, ROCKS AND ROCKS!Thanks Jared for everything and Congratulations but dude you gotta hurry up with that fast server. This slow slow log ons are killing us. We love you anyway

  • stephanie

    haha, that’s awesome. congrats, jared.

  • stardust

    Go Jared! You’re famous now. And if by any chance you happen to be in touch with bamzs like medulla said, then give them our best wishes. I’m conspiracy theorists so I can’t help believe such things. =)I am never going to catch up. There’s like five different threads about BAMZS in the last two days or so. Keep up the good work. I love this site. :D

  • creativegirl

    Thanks Jared -I can still remember when I stumbled onto your blog last summer before the new version we have today – not sure how long you’ve been around. But I’ve become totally hooked on you! Being a huge BAMZS fan – this is the place to be. I just love it!!!!!!!!!Congrats!

  • lookwhaticando

    You Go JJ, You deserve the fame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lookwhaticando

    guys do u think that angie and brad knows about this site?? # 4 | ((chanel)) |=======================It would be nice if they did, Would love them to know how much they are loved and respected.

  • sarafina

    WOW! JJ I was elated to see your site on ET! Good job dude!

  • Lohan Roberto

    That is just so cool Jared… So So cool…

  • Zaiyana

    Jared seems to have an insider scoop here. Congrats! Let the mags know that we still intend on buying their precious pictures! The beautiful first image was enough to get us motivated to find those magazines–even people like me who NEVER buy celebrity products are intensely interested in this family and how they are getting along. If anything, our chat brings more revenue to the project. Also, there are so many threads I can’t reach them, even though I’ve never had trouble loading this site before. Must be a major upgrade coming. Wishing everyone the best, esp. the Jolie-Pitts and baby Shi!

  • ML

    UGH, why the hell did they have to put the ugly simpson in the clip? I hate her annoying voice!Who’s the best in the media of blog? Haha too bad for perez hilton. Queen of the media my ass!

  • D

    I read you for months, this is my first message here.Congrats JJ, and THANK YOU.Your work is truly appreciated and God knows how many like me read you too.Take care. Hope there won’t be any legal problems.

  • gerri

    Great work Jared. I used to go to, but on a recent trip to Hollywood, I showed up at his office , and he has absolutely no interest in fans…just stars. Plus…he is very dirty, physically…sits beside the bathroom door in this little coffee shop, and finally, all he is now is Paris Hilton’s mouthpeice.

  • Dan

    CONGRATULATIONS JJ! You have the best blog and it’s great that you got this publicity.

  • Sonia

    Jared, you’re the boss !Je suis française et j’adore ton site, j’y viens tous les jours, merci beaucoup pour ce rayon de soleil quotidien!I wish all the best to BAMZS.

  • ((chanel))

    angie wish u the best and for bamzs too angie ur a amazing women!!angie 4 life!!

  • D

    Found this On Y! News:;_ylt=AmtONLM7jHjs7GFq_lCOWSBxFb8C;_ylu=X3oDMTA2Z2szazkxBHNlYwN0bQ–LONDON – British celebrity magazine Hello! and U.S. weekly People launched legal action Wednesday against two Web sites that published a picture ofAngelina Jolie andBrad Pitt with their newborn baby.ADVERTISEMENTPitt and Jolie sold rights to the images of baby Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, born May 27 in Namibia, through the agency Getty Images. The couple said all proceeds from the pictures would be donated to an as-yet unnamed charity.People magazine paid a reported $4 million for the right to release the pictures in North America, while Hello! obtained British rights.The embargo on the images was broken when two gossip sites posted an apparent image of Hello!’s front cover.Hello! denies leaking the photo, saying its cover was kept strictly under wraps."Stories have appeared suggesting that Hello! Magazine may have leaked an image of the cover to its forthcoming issue containing the photographs of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie with their new baby," the magazine said in a statement. "This allegation is false."The magazine said it and People "have taken immediate legal action to prevent publication of its cover prior to it going on sale in the U.K." on Thursday.

  • D

    "two Web sites"… now really, yesterday the picture was on xyz Web sites… I even searched on Google news and it was there… Today is still on a few places, I’ve just check it…The picture is real and they know it. To me, no web site is guilty except Hello!… after all, it’s their magazine.Gosh, 3 messages after all :-)I return to my privacy :-)

  • D

    CNN:"We were very shocked and horrified to see that this embargo has been breached," Juliet Herd feature editor for Hello! Magazine, which sells in Britain, Spain, Turkey, Russia, Dubai, Thailand and Greece, told Reuters."Hello! is taking legal action around the world to stop Internet sites and everyone else who may seek to publish," she said. "We are sending out legal ‘Cease and Desist’ letters to each of these sites.""It is very difficult to control the Web and this proves how rampantly out of control it is. We have absolutely no idea how the picture was leaked," she said.

  • medulla

    QQQQ, her PR Guy Huvane he is something else!Hi STARDUST I am still looking that priceless look on Agie face pic , I will buzz you as soon as I find it.What a wonderful week we are having Guys, we feel so spoil by all this media frenzy so much to our benefit and the BAMZS beautiful family.I heard that ANGIE loves to go on the internet and with JUST on the list of sources for Shiloh’s pic leak on the internet, I am sure she took a few minutes for her busy happy breastfeeding Shiloh schedule to check it out herself.We love you BAMZS keep the beautiful babies coming, this is the new Hollywood, cute babies are in the air and we love it!

  • em

    Jared, more power to your awesome site! I hope that Brad and Angie will check this site and read all the wonderful posts of their supporters 24/7 from all parts of the world! If you ask me, this supposedly Hello photo leak is good advertisement and will propel more magazine sales for Hello, People and WHO!

  • angelah

    congratulated u on AIM but I’ll say it again: CONGRATULATIONS!! Your site is totally ROCKIN’ it! Gosh, thank you once again for supplying us w/ countless threads! bamzs rocks!!

  • angelina mmm

    Cool Jared"Call me Dude, el duderino…" Keep up the good work.

  • angelina mmm

    Keep up the good work.

  • Estelle

    CONGRATULATIONS JARED!!!you are awesome!!!!!!!! and now you are famous as well….well, can we have autograph picture please!!!…lots of love to our BAMZS MASTER….

  • roja


  • joliepittme

    yay!! congrats justjared, you all rock!!! (eww why did they have to show jessica, it ruined it).

  • Original Curious

    Jared: I hope you get even more hits with the mention, but I also hope you aren’t in any legal trouble with Time Warner. I have this long list of celeb-sites, but, you are the only one I come to any more. I just keep the others around so no one knows where I spend all my time!!Thank you so much for all you do for us. You really ARE the BEST!

  • apple

    Congrats Jared! I was excited for you swhen they mentioned your site.You are the man.

  • nina kerina

    Congrats JJ!!!…..You’re famous and your site rocks….

  • Poison_Cherry

    Congrats to you JustJared, you made it. You’re in the big league now!!!

  • jjoy

    Yeah…fist on the air….you rock jj…you’re the best blog site ever….and thanks for spoiling us with bamzs’ happiness…lolyou rock jared!!

  • jjoy

    # 4 | ((chanel)) i hope so…but nah…i don’t think so…maybe their people are reading the comments…lol

  • robin

    You *are* famous, Jared! :) Woot!