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Mr. & Mrs. Smith Unrated DVD Screen Caps

Mr. & Mrs. Smith Unrated DVD Screen Caps

The Mr. & Mrs. Smith DVD :: Unrated Edition featuring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie was released yesterday.   Below you can watch a video of some MAMS behind-the-scenes footage and commentary on Brad and Angelina‘s hot and spicy chemistry.One commentator on the DVD said, "Brad and Angie are, in all fairness, the reason this movie works.  Their chemistry is spectacular.  When I say chemistry, I mean sort of that old Gable and Lombard thing…  When we all sat down for the first script meeting, you don’t expect to see anything.  You don’t know if you will or you won’t.  You just hope they don’t hate each other.  You could tell instantly that they each thought the other was funny.  And sort of odd. And they’re very different people."  And then Brad goes, "Angie, I’m asking you to be subsurvient."  Hahaha.  Many more screen caps in the gallery! (FYI :: Clark Gable and Carole Lombard were a powerhouse couple from the early sound film era.)

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mr mrs smith unrated dvd00
mr mrs smith unrated dvd01
mr mrs smith unrated dvd02
mr mrs smith unrated dvd03
mr mrs smith unrated dvd04
mr mrs smith unrated dvd05
mr mrs smith unrated dvd06
mr mrs smith unrated dvd07
mr mrs smith unrated dvd08
mr mrs smith unrated dvd09
mr mrs smith unrated dvd10
mr mrs smith unrated dvd11
mr mrs smith unrated dvd12
mr mrs smith unrated dvd13
mr mrs smith unrated dvd14
mr mrs smith unrated dvd15
mr mrs smith unrated dvd16
mr mrs smith unrated dvd17
mr mrs smith unrated dvd18
mr mrs smith unrated dvd19
mr mrs smith unrated dvd20
mr mrs smith unrated dvd21
mr mrs smith unrated dvd22
mr mrs smith unrated dvd23
mr mrs smith unrated dvd24
mr mrs smith unrated dvd25
mr mrs smith unrated dvd26
mr mrs smith unrated dvd27
mr mrs smith unrated dvd28
mr mrs smith unrated dvd29
mr mrs smith unrated dvd30
mr mrs smith unrated dvd31
mr mrs smith unrated dvd32
mr mrs smith unrated dvd33
mr mrs smith unrated dvd34
mr mrs smith unrated dvd35
mr mrs smith unrated dvd36
mr mrs smith unrated dvd37

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  • kylaa

    they do have amazing chemistry

  • Steph

    Thanks Jared for all the updates :)Hope you didn’t get much trouble over the pictures…

  • kornie

    i have already brought.i love disc 2 most.

  • kornie

    i have already brought it.i love disc 2 most.

  • medulla

    Thanks JJ keep on spoiling us we love for that and you know it. You have worked so hard through out the pregnancy till baby shiloh’s arrival and you delivered us the picture as wellthanks JJ maybe we will buy a you christmas present.By the way JJ who won the Mother’s day poem contest?And don’t forget Proud Papa sexy BP ,father’s day is coming JJ.

  • lookwhaticando

    Picked it up yesterday at Blockbusters,, Loved it. Go BAMZS,, Now It’s a wait for the baby pic’s tomorrow.

  • halliday

    Lombard not Lumbar……sorry to be picky!

  • tandem

    I’m confused. Can anyone tell me why Angella Bassett is in these pictures? She wasn’t in the movie as far as I remember. The black female sidekick to Angie was Kerry Washington…I’m lost…maybe I need to watch that movie again, look closer at the pics or holla at JJ…

  • lookwhaticando

    have already brought.i love disc 2 most. # 3 | kornie =============I watched disc one last night, and will watch 2 tonight. I know I will love it

  • anon

    Brad’s bare ass is worth the price of the dvd alone! its beautiful


    LUU-UUV, the pic of them walking away from the camera (underwear/freeway scene) — check out the walk, once again – they are totally in sinc with the other in their stride. How do they do that? In every pic of them walking that’s how they are (even in the airport, even little Mad was in sinc with Mommy & Daddy…so cool, lol) LOL Just one more sign that they are meant to be! :-D…and Jared – you ROCK — I think they should make you the Godafther. LOL Much love and thanks! The site rawks, and things are running quick and schmoooooove. ;-) LOL

  • me

    After looking at all these pictures, all I can say is thank you Nicole Kidman for not being able to do MAMS. I am so happy Brad and Angie are together and that they now have three kids of their own, all in the course of 1 and 1/2 year. It boggles my mind everytime I think about it. I’m so happy for them.

  • Clara

    Ok, I don’t have the unrated DVD but I think the reason Angelia Basset is shown in the stills is because she’s the head of the agency that Brad’s John Smith character works for. We never see her, only hear her voice.

  • Frenchy

    ******YAY*************I’m gonna get mine at lunch time.This will be a great collector’s item along with my W Magazine.Great work Jared.

  • plantain

    I love that you have to tell your readers who Clark Gable and Carol Lombard are…. jees.

  • ali

    u rock jared!congrats. I am so glad u wer recognized!!!!

  • Tandem

    #13 Clara, thanks for that. I thought i was losing my mind there for a moment or thought that we were exchanging one black beautiful chiquita for another!!

  • sarafina

    i don’t know when will I ever get the unrated DVD in malaysia. i’m sooooo jealous of u guys. Jared, I’m really addicted to your site! (and to BAMZS of course!) Help me!

  • kidi

    #18 sarafine –Can you order it online?

  • piyutra


  • Rica

    Jared I know you have a significant but will you consider polygamy and marry me? I’m loving you more and more each day.

  • shop girl

    How can we watch the press conference of Brad and Angie? It is today right? I don’t wanna miss it! Anyone know?

  • Passing Through

    I just got this story off the Yahoo! AP News site….please not the last sentence folks…THEIR LAST NAMES HAVE LEGALLY BEEN CHANGED TO JOLIE-PITT.++++++++++++++++++++Celeb mags go to court over baby photoLONDON – People and Hello! magazines launched legal action Wednesday against two Web sites that published a picture of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt with their newborn daughter. Pitt and Jolie sold rights to the images of Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, born May 27 in Namibia, through Getty Images photo agency. The couple said all proceeds would be donated to a charity, not yet named.People magazine paid a reported $4 million for the right to release the pictures in North America, while Hello! obtained British rights.The embargo on the images was broken when two gossip Web sites posted an apparent image of the front cover of Hello!Hello! denies leaking the photo, saying its cover was kept strictly under wraps. The magazine said it and People "have taken immediate legal action to prevent publication of its cover prior to it going on sale" Thursday in Britain.On Wednesday, Pitt and Jolie made their first public appearance since the birth of their daughter, thanking Namibia for the privacy and peace they enjoyed."We have been able to have a very special, peaceful time for our family here, exploring your country and more importantly helping with the delivery of our daughter Shiloh," Pitt told a news conference for local journalists at a hotel in the coastal town of Swakopmund. "So for that we are eternally grateful."Jolie, 30, gave birth to Shiloh Nouvel at a private clinic in Walvis Bay. Delivered by Caesarean section, the baby weighed 7 pounds and was said to be in good health.Pitt, 42, and Jolie retreated to the southwest African country with their children for government-assisted privacy in the weeks leading up to the birth. They plan to leave in the coming days.Jolie has two adopted children: 16-month-old Zahara, from Ethiopia, and 4-year-old Maddox, from Cambodia. Both had their surnames legally changed to Jolie-Pitt after Pitt announced his intention to adopt the children as well.

  • dam

    i heard in cnn that angie and brad did not allow any cameras.

  • the tempest

    OMG, Angelina is so freaking cool in that video and the pictures are awesome. Thanks, Jared.

  • dam

    well video cameras

  • Passing Through
  • em

    I got my copy yesterday and I enjoyed watching the movie and ad ons. This will be another DVD bestseller!

  • That is all

    I love the behind the scenes stuff. Thanks for posting some of it.

  • angelah

    wow another thread..we are spoiled eh? lol. I utterly love the unrated version.

  • GetOverIt

    Yay, i love the pics. I just got my copy of the DVD today and i cant wait to see it.

  • cj

    thid dvd is TOTALLY A MUST BUY!…just seeing the unrated love scene….gosh!every cent of your money is worth it!….it’s the HOTTEST SEX SCENE I HAVE EVER SEEN!

  • Original Curious

    *doing a happy dance* I came home from work today, and my Amazon order was HERE! I’m SOO excited! After the gossip shows, it’s MMS time! YAY!Jared: Again, thank you so much for all you do for us. I’m thinking Christmas present is a must.

  • Jess

    God, she’s beautiful (Angie)! I’m so jealous of Shiloh, drop dead gorgeous parents, what great genes to have!!! I love this couple. They’ve got a chemistry that is beyond this world, one that I hope someday I’ll have with someone.BAMZS, I wish you all only the best.

  • the real tita

    Brad and Angie are going to become this era’s Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. Even though those two aren’t married, everytime Kurt is interviewed, he still professes his love and lust of Goldie and vice-versa. Maybe they’ll even be the next Newman and Woodward. Still together and in love after all these years.This is a match that no one had envisioned until it had already happened but I think it was truly meant to be. I’m so happy for them and wish them a long life of happiness together.I got my copy of the DVD today too. Can’t wait to see it when I get home tonight. Can’t wait for Friday’s People too.

  • crybabyAniston

    Jared thanks for the heads up but i’ve already got my 2.

  • crybabyAniston
  • Pam

    Thank you JJ. You are so incredible! I ordered the DVD and it shipped today. Cannot wait. I have always loved Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. When they got together they have become my obsession! I check JJ every day. I really enjoy the posts. You guys are so cool. BA are so Barbie and Ken – in a positive way – they are so perfect. My bad self wants them to get married so much like that would really make it more perfect. I hope they do get married and show the world and themselves that they can be happily married. Love all you guys!

  • Lori

    I thought they sizzled in the rated movie! I can’t wait to see this unrated version!!

  • angelah

    # 37 | crybabyAnistonthanks! that segment and Ell’s vid are hot!!

  • Lori

    I thought they sizzled in the rated movie but now I can’t wait to see more of their chemistry in the unrated version!!

  • Alex

    Angie looks sooooo sexy in her black dress! And the pic 15 is very surreal to me, i don’t know why :)


    OMG!!!jared, you are a god to there a nipplegate on pic 28?hopefully the dvd will be available in germany soon…BAMZS rock!!!

  • viva brangelina

    what nipple gate, trinity? ooooh… i’m so jealous of you guys!! i hop the dvd will hit the indonesian stores real soon! i can’t wait to see what you’ve guys already seen!! love this couple and their family so much!! BAMZS rock!!

  • Beyondperfection

    I love the pic with brad joking around in the playpen. I wonder if that was Mad’s? He was on set. Anyhow, love the pics, love them.

  • Rachel

    ooh. wonder how ms aniston feels abt all this.

  • Renee

    No one cares what Ms. Aniston thinks AND please don’t ask her. GET OVER IT Or GET OUT. Better yet, don’t purchase the DVD. I prefer the unrated than the original one in the movies. Yes, unrated is longer but I thought the the last fighting scene against their firms and VV scenes should have been cut down. JMO

  • Laura

    I’m from Peru and I saw the movie and it was fantastic, but I have never seen the hottest scenes….I saw that by internet….Brad and Angelina have a goog quemistry and It is so incredible.Now I love this couple.

  • Cheryl

    Jared "YOU ROCK"! Just got to this today. BTW, Angela Bassett was "John Smith’s" boss and David Keith was "Mrs Smith’s" boss. The movie was rewritten and reshot. For the better I think.