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New Wentworth Miller Pictures

New Wentworth Miller Pictures

Toronto, Canada :: Prison Break‘s Wentworth Miller was spotted yesterday morning at the CanWest Global Upfronts at Massey Hall in two outfits: snazzy in a suit and casual in a tee (John Deere Kelly Green T-shirt by A&E Designs) .  Wentworth, who plays Michael Scofield, had a bit to say about the upcoming PB season: “What we’ve got (in the) second season is a real reinvention of the show which is, I think, bold and ambitious and something quite new… The show now takes a hard right turn and everything that made us a success to begin with, the prison specifically, we leave behind and the question becomes do you care enough about these characters to follow them outside the walls to continue on their separate and communal journey? …Mostly I hope that what we see is a continuation of the relationships we really worked hard to develop. It would be a shame to leave those by the side of the road just because we’ve now escaped from prison… I think we’ll be flipping back and forth between the cons on the road and the scene back at the prison, at least for the first few episodes.”  Bigger pictures in the gallery!

Prison Break Robert Knepper and Wentworth Miller joined
ET Canada host Cheryl Hickey in Toronto yesterday to
announce Global’s lineup for next season.
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  • WentDear

    Awww, beautiful, this man is truly beautiful… Loving the t-shirt :o) Thanks Jared!

  • dilly

    WOWOWOWOWOW!! Thanks Jared! Those are great!

  • lurkingwriter

    back that ass up! Look at the pic in which he’s walking away from the camera. The boy has some junk in the trunk and I like it.

  • g121

    few posters as of sure the comments would rise as soon as they see the new pics!!love this family!!BAMZS ROCKS!!! angelina is very beautiful inside and out

  • geniass

    Bald and beautiful indeed!!!!!!!!!!!

  • halliday

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! This has taken the edge off a vile day. Lurkingwriter I agree with you’s a beautiful thing. And I also think Rob Knepper deserves some respect for looking just a bit spiffy in a suit.

  • Sun

    He is SO PRETTY!! Thanks for the pics jared. You made my day ;)

  • gina

    honestly best man ever…he’S exceptional and yup beautiful…ıt’S been always great to see his pictures… thanks to jared:) and prison break is the best show and the cast is very good at acting…

  • Mink

    Keep that defibrillator handy! Seriously, I might need it any minute. This boy can rock a suit like no one else on earth! Just gorgeous!

  • LJ

    These pics have once again made my day!!! Thanks Jared, for always posting Wentworth stuff – the man is amazing.

  • Betsy

    Oh made my afternoon. Just when I thought you might put up another Brangelina post, you put a picture of the best looking man on television up instead. I’m with Mink, I need the defibrillator too.

  • ErinMarie79

    He looks amazing in both the suit and green shirt. Mink, don’t stray to far with that defibrillator, kthnkx.

  • Lauren


  • thirty

    OMG went in green tshirt looks so sweet so hot. thanks for posting these pics.

  • Blue

    Thank you Jared!! Everytime you post pics of Went you make my day!!

  • Glamour Diva

    I can’t wait until June 15th! I get to stalk him all I want in Dallas! He! He! Okay I’m just kiddin’! Okay no I’m not! LOL

  • L

    Love the pics Jared!! Thank you for posting them.

  • Gal

    Lauren, Wentgasm is right! He is the perfect specimen of man.

  • Suelen

    Oh my god……you drive me crazy……wowowowowo….hes is so hot, always that i see some pictures i dont have words to say …what i feeling……..Looking he walking….he has a handsome back, the girls know what about a talking………I LOVE THIS GUY…..THE DAYS OF SINGER MAN OF HIM ARE SHORT…..HE IS GOINGTO MARRY WITH ME……I THINK, MYBE IN MY DREANS………UAUAUAUAUAUU

  • Halla

    Thanks for the pics Jared — have been going thru Went-withdrawl since the finale. SO BEAUTIFUL!

  • angelina mmm


  • amy

    He is so stunningly gorgeous that he is perfect in my eyes…

  • Jenn

    baby got back.

  • chris

    Wow he looks forgeous. Look at his fine ass…lmao.

  • marcia

    fudge…i’m IN toronto…i can’t believe i missed him! argh…he looks good tho…le sigh

  • Meemee

    I live in Toronto. There were initial rumours about him coming. Nothing was confirmed until he showed up. Glonal TV did not promote this event too much. I believe they didn’t want to generate large crowds. I walked by that area that same day where those pics were taken (went in the green shirt). It’s the back entrance behind Massey Hall. I didn’t see anyone at the time I went, so I obviously missed him when he arrived!

  • Meemee

    I live in Toronto. There were initial rumours about him coming. Nothing was confirmed until he showed up. Global TV did not promote this event too much. I believe they didn’t want to generate large crowds. I walked by that area that same day where those pics were taken (went in the green shirt). It’s the back entrance behind Massey Hall. I didn’t see anyone at the time I went, so I obviously missed him when he arrived!

  • snow

    Jared…u never disappoint me. You’ve just made my morning.

  • stelvill

    WM….You take my breath away!!!!

  • jane

    what???????!!! He is just in front of my school and I didn’t spotted him.. I am so mad really ?? and sad too now I wanna cry .. hhaha I wish I see him tomorrow haha !!he is incredible actor

  • caligirl1201

    Thanks Jared for these pics. What good deed did we do to get so much Went in a week? First the pics of him in peach and now these. I am now having a blissfully happy Friday! Went is too insanely gorgeous.

  • b/w miller


  • Beauty

    Always nice to see him. Beautiful Man!

  • Serena

    I met him there, he was so nice and much hotter in person. If anyone wants to see my pics, go here:

  • j4r3d

    Those are fantastic shots of Wentworth, Serena! Thanks so much for sharing.

  • angelah

    # 34 | Serena So lucky!!

  • Blue

    Thanks for sharing Serena!! You are so kind.

  • suelen

    oh my god….i saw the pictures…Serena you are so nice…thanks…………how was?please tell for us….how was that precios moment?

  • jasmine

    ohhhhhhh he’s so damn PRETTY LOL lurkingwriter me luvin the ass 2

  • lily

    omg serena, i’m so jealous of you, u lucky girl!!!!!!! He’s so gorgeous!

  • rita

    he’s Gay!!!!! Don;t you get it?

  • Taffaroni

    Oh here we go again….who bloody cares?!! If he is, and he’s happy, who are we to judge? He’s still yummy-licious. It’s not like any of us have any flippin’ chance anyway, straight or not!!

  • lawyer

    I care, cause i’m a very pretty girl and i don’t love him if he is gay!!I’m not sure he is gay but i wonder his dating choices!!I read everywhere he is gay but i can’t believe or i don’t want to believe these rumors!plz Went confirm or deny!if you know about his dating choices plz answer me!I’m obsessed with him!I love you went if you’re straight man!

  • marleen

    I don’t believe that Went is gay. He said in an interview that one day he wants to have a wife and kids. I hope I willl be his wife and taht I get his childeren.

  • Amy Ritchie

    wentworth miller you are soOoOoO sexy…. if you say what you ae gonna do you said your ghonna start getting on the roads…. go to texas okay.. LoL you are gorgeous i think your the most wonderful guy jesus has probably ever made and i hope people who dont like you start relizing that you are a wonderful person and i would give anything to meet,see,or actually speak to you.. i love you wentworth miller

  • ana

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow ur hott i so looooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lark

    Wentworrh Miller is so sexy and hot!!!!!!!!!! I hope some day we get to meet eachother in person and become really good best friends forever!!!!

  • ANA

    please write me.I love you very very very much

  • ANA

    I love you very very very vry very very much.your beautiful girl as you are ANN

  • anka

    wentworth miller!!! i love you very very very very very much!