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Shiloh Jolie Pitt Pictures

Shiloh Jolie Pitt Pictures

WEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!  Here are the first official photos of baby Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, born in Namibia on Saturday, May 27 to a "very excited and happy" Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. All together, there seem to be a total of seven different pictures of baby Shiloh.  The above was taken from an issue of Italy’s Vanity Fair but the June 19, 2006 issue of People magazine hits newsstands tomorrow.  Shiloh wears a Kingsley Pots and Pans Band Tee.

UPDATE :: People is being a big bully!  Sorry, images removed!

The First Official Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt Pictures
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  • Beebee

    Hi guys!I’m sorry I posted and ran – I had an errand to do and forgot the time. I’m glad you have now all seen the pictures. I was trying to get back so quick to scan them for you all. They are wonderful aren’t they? ((SWOON)) Peace and love to all BAMZS fans :)

  • cycloneblondie

    # 202 | kaseladang |Seeeeeeeeeee Matey!!! I told ya to wait awhile hey. Now I have no sympathy for you and you shall have to pick yourself up this time!Hey Beebee! Yeah….Thank God we got to see the pictures after the great TEASER ya left us with! dohhhhhhhDamn they are a mighty fine looking family hey Matey! ":)Cheers to all the BAMZSER’S! What a night here! ":)I won’t have to rip myself out of bed at 5 in the morning to go get me mag now. Mind you…I still plan on buying a copy! I love the fact the money is going to Charities and can’t wait to hear "who" actually gets the money. That is just sooooo cool.

  • kaseladang

    # 204 | cycloneblondie |that’s why i love hanging out here, i get too see the pics even before they release the exclusive here in dubai! yey!you’re right cb, they look damn fine. would have been better if mad was there.. i think z and shi looks alike…

  • essa

    wow! Shiloh got daddy Brads eyebrows and mommy angies lips and chin. Such a Beautiful combination… I am so happy for them and I am more obssessed now… hehehehe


    A NEW PIC NOT IN THE HELLO SCANS: Angie & Shi…breathtaking:

  • sarafina

    Guys, are you all still here? Where can i see the video of the conference? Essa, I am obsessed with BAMZS too! Shiloh really breaks my heart! Awww….

  • kaseladang

    # 207 | CLINIQUA |wow! thanks! i am amazed at how fast we get everything here! you guys are the best!# 208 | sarafina |she breaks my heart too, now i want one of my own, lol!

  • sarafina

    WOW you guys are fantastic! even faster than the CSI team!kaseladang, I’m from malaysia….What about you?

  • kaseladang

    # 210 | sarafina |i live/work in dubai though i am asian too (philippines)..yep if you want the latest bamzs news, it’s all here lol!ey? where did everybody go? sleepin? not when the pics are here! damn timezone!

  • Miss Realistic

    Look how Angie is looking at Brad, while he doesn’t look at her. Yes, the chemistry is electric!

  • apple

    # 208 | sarafina can’t stop looking at the pictures. I love BAMZS.

  • apple

    # 211 | kaseladangyeah, everybody is sleeping right now because of the time zone. I should be too..

  • sarafina

    apple, thanks….the video is too short but yep, it is significant how ange keeps looking at brad while answering the questions….Can’t wait to see stef’s video on shiloh. Gosh I think I want to add another girl to my own family! LOL!

  • kaseladang

    # 212 | Miss Realistic |he is not looking at her because once they started staring at each other’s eyes, they will have to cut short the pictorial and you know, lol..# 214 | apple |i know, just a while ago everybody’s here.. now it’s too quiet.. but i will be stayin for a few hours until someone else take my shift, haha.. any takers?

  • Angie

    awww,beautiful!!! thanks JJ! but I still don’t understand that she has tooth, but she’s only 12 days?!Love BAMZS

  • ((chanel))

    they all look great wish them the best !!angie4 life

  • kaseladang

    # 217 | Angie |had the same question a while ago when it’s just the covers that we’ve seen, but now that i’ve seen all the pics, i think it’s not her teeth.. it’s her gums just appearing to be white because of the lighting’s reflection..

  • Ivy

    Nice bra, Angie…seriously, if Britney was in a photo wearing that bra people would be ripping her to shreds for being trashy.."oh…but Angie’s soooo pretty…#82 KyleWhat are you talking about? Angie is wearing a NURSING BRA. She is obviously breast feeding! No one would be critical of ANYONE wearing such in an intimate pic such as this.. with them lying on a bed, with their newborn.

  • Original Curious

    Ya know, I’ve thought since the desert photo shoot that Maddox is sick of being photographed – he’s at the age where so much is "good OR bad". I think he’s decided phototaking is bad. Mega kudos to Brad and Angie for letting him decide to be left out. For those who say they use their kids – take a lesson out of this please.JJ and Stef THANK YOU for the pictures!! She is indeed beautiful, a combo of her parents, and Zahara is just GORGEOUS!! I can see her bossing Shiloh around real soon [whether Shiloh listens to her is another story!]It will be interesting to see how her hair turns out. My daughter had hair about Brad’s color when born, now [when it's not dyed] it’s Angies!

  • xx
  • creativegirl

    Oh my gosh I’m dying. Can’t believe what I’ve woken up to here at JJ!That one picture of Brad holding Shiloh is priceless….just killer.I can’t get the video to work. It keeps stopping me at a screen that asks me to select what type of connection I have, Broadband or Dial Up and then I can never get past that screen. @(#(%*!JJ I hope you are not getting in trouble because last night on Access Hollywood they were showing your website blurred with the pic of Shiloh from the Hello cover when they were talking about all the lawsuits. They mentioned Defamer and Gawker I think, but were showing your site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks to everyone from the UK with the links to the photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • apple

    # 217 | Angie Info from celebrity baby blog’Those aren’t teeth. Those are the little calluses/chapped areas newborns get from nursing so much…kind of like when anyone gets chapped lips and the skin peels. It seems to happen more in babies who nurse. I know all three of my little ones got them from sucking so much!’

  • twinkle

    Baby Shiloh looks like brad n her lips like her mom, beautiful baby :Xcan’t wait for the others picslove BAMZS, thanks JJ

  • destiny24

    I dont neccessarily agree with how their relationship came about but their child is beautiful for sure. Maybe after the mag comes out tomorrow hopefully people can leave them alone to raise their kids in peace. Unlikely though….

  • Holy

    Shiloh’s upper lip is the cutest, it arches up like Mt Everest, just like Angie’s when she was a baby. And the picture says is all, Angie has given Brad everything he wanted in life!

  • gitane

    # 190 | CLINIQUAthanks for sharing. i just looooove that picture of brad holding shiloh’s head to his chin. God that’s beautiful. i want to put that up as my wallpaper!

  • piyutra

    I love the way Angie is looking at Brad!She so in love with him, Sigh : )BAMZS ROX!!!

  • phoenix

    opened my paper today and BOOM! A whole page of Dad Brad craddling baby Shiloh!!! Cant wait to see the rest!

  • erica

    love this family.beautiful pictures.please can Ihave a link to see a photo with brad and zahara please.thank you;

  • suridoesntexisit

    where the hell is suri cruise? and don’t tell me that tom wants privacy for his kid – if that was true he wouldn’t make his son’s baseball games media events – suri is either horribly deformed or doesn’t exisit

  • D
  • nylaw121

    Beautiful baby… eat your heart out Jennifer!!!GoD Bless the family…

  • Sharon

    Congrats to Brad & Angie on their beautiful baby healthy & happy and of course as beautiful as we thought she would be. God bless BAMZS!!!!!!!!!!

  • rita

    Beautiful pictures of Bamzs. got more thumb nails which include Z. WAY TO GO JOLIE-PITT CLAN.



  • kaseladang

    # 237 | RYAN STAR |really? well, i think they were able to get more or less $20M wordwide for it.. all going to that lucky charity!God bless this family!


    # 233 | D Thank you for the picture. Picture of Brad cuddling Shiloh melt my heart. sob, sob. sob. Thats what he want kid and real family.

  • 2gd2btru

    What a lovely picture. The world couldnt WAIT to see baby Shiloh and now we have and what a lovely baby. Some of the comments above are so childish. Of course you had a choice NOT to look at the photos if you didnt chose to….but someone held a gun to your head – RIGHT? right? geez…some people’s children. It must suck to be you.

  • creativegirl

    Seems like Corbis is trying to capitalize on the fact that the world is searching for pics of Angie and the baby. Take a look at what they have going on their homepage.

  • true artist

    # 60 | cindy2 – do you really think that is a truly candid tender moment on the cover of People of all places?? ROTHFLMAO AT YOU AGAIN.I work in an ad agency. Wonder who the creative director and the art director on the shoot were?

  • Madison

    These pics are gorgeous! Even though they’re all great, I like the one where they’re holding their girls. So lovely!

  • The real lou

    Thanks Jared for the pictures.Shiloh is beautiful,she has Angelina’s lip’s but from the nose up that is all Brad Pitt!

  • kaseladang

    # 242 | true artist |yes the pictures are posed but you can’t deny that they are overwhelming with happiness and love..or you just chose to belive otherwise huh? oh well!

  • here we go again

    Come on Jared…say you’ll be mine!!!Thank you Jared!!!I think they are a beautiful family. Brad is over the moon and I love the look on angie’s face. She seems to be just as happy watching Brad’s wonder and excitement as she is enjoying her new little one. I think that Shiloh favors both parents but Angelina’s genes are a bit stronger than Brad’s and in the end, I think baby Shiloh will end up as a young lady favoring mommy a bit more than daddy. Her hair will definitely darken up. I really don’t think it will stay that color. Angie’s hair was reddish like that when she was a baby too and Brad’s was more sandy blonde, but who knows. when genetics start mixing…anything’s possible.# 35 | COLD HARD MATH I believe the photo layout is of the famuly. so the kids will be in some of the photos as well.

  • African Girl

    THIS PICTURE IS NOT WORTH 4.1 MILLIION DOLLAR BUT BABY IS CUTE. # 237 | RYAN STAR Someone Paid that money AFTER seeing the pictures so they must BELIEVE it was worth that amount. Personally, I thinkthese pictures are priceless.Afternoon (Morning) AllAren’t those pictures just precious? I’m sure they said "Hey Maddox, come buddy let’s take a picture" and he was like "For the Razzi’s? No way…been there done that. Let the girls have their fun…they’ll soon tire of it." Picked up his basket ball and he goes outside where is friends are waiting for him (yes haters hehas friends and they get along even though they don’t understand what he is saying and he them. Friendship is a universal language)I’m glad today is relatively calmer…My God, what was that this earlier on the other thread? Jeez, you’d think people will the pictures of a baby and their hearts will melt…but no. There’s this African saying which I’ll roughly translates… A Baby can settle all fight…now the strenght of those words are lost in stranslation but the point is Africans believe no matter how hard your heart is, a baby can melt it. There’s something about their innocence and helplessness that tugs at you and no matter what ill will you hold against one another (the adults)it should take a backseat but I guess the whole thing has to be re-thought because it sure isn’t working here.IT"S HOT, HOT, HOT HERE. DRANK ABOUT TEN GALLONS OF WATER. OH MAN!Thought I was used to the heat because Chicago Heat can be really bad but no….no not like this and Tommorow….Tommorow is going to be BRUTAL. BRUTAL I tells Ya….someone help!

  • BG

    Shiloh is gorgeous. Brad and Angelina look so happy together.

  • piper, with a low

    All this talk about AJ’s bra straps… I seem to recall on this very site that JA’s red bra straps was glaringly exposed underneath her black sun dress.

  • Athena

    Damn don’t u people sleep.JK. Thanks Jared, beautiful picture. Beautiful baby & beautiful family. I just bought the magazine & everyone who said she looks like angie is wrong. The pictures inside the magazine when her eyes are open clearly show that she has her Dad’s eyes & mommy’s lips. She has a mix of both parents. You can already tell that she’s going to be beautiful just like her parents. Zahara looks really cute inside too. There’s a picture of Zahara inside with Brad holding her & Angie holding Shiloh, they look so happy & I’m happy for them. They deserve to be left alone & just be a family. Angie’s brother was interviewed in the magazine. The pictures are just normal pictures, so anti-hollywood. THey all look so normal just hanging out with their new daughter. Its just so cute to see them all look like regular people at home. There’s a picture of Brad & Shiloh that looks so touching cause you can tell that Brad is just so happy & just bonding with the baby he’s been dreaming about. You can see what he’s feeling by just looking at the pic. I wish them all the best and I hope they all stay happy.

  • here we go again

    # 246 | Sux2BShilo YOU WSH YOU COULD BE SHILOH.

  • Becky

    Wow, the baby is a cutie. AJ looks gorgeous with hot Brad Pitt. This family is beautiful.