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Shiloh Jolie Pitt Pictures

Shiloh Jolie Pitt Pictures

WEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!  Here are the first official photos of baby Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, born in Namibia on Saturday, May 27 to a "very excited and happy" Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. All together, there seem to be a total of seven different pictures of baby Shiloh.  The above was taken from an issue of Italy’s Vanity Fair but the June 19, 2006 issue of People magazine hits newsstands tomorrow.  Shiloh wears a Kingsley Pots and Pans Band Tee.

UPDATE :: People is being a big bully!  Sorry, images removed!

The First Official Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt Pictures
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  • viva brangelina

    oh my god! she absolutely has her dady’s look! but with mommy’s lips! sure, NE wrote craps! that media was run by idiots who cannot buy tha pics of this family becuz their money is not mich enough!!

  • Kate

    HELLO, just cause Brad and Angie are beautiful does NOT mean Shiloh will be. Lots of beautiful people give birth to ugly kids, lots of ugly people give birth to beautiful kids. And you can’t tell by a newborn pic. I say give miss Shiloh 18 years and we’ll see just how "beautiful" she turns out to be.

  • ladybugbelle

    Hello, Kate……….She already is beautiful! She is a beautiful newborn. I don’t need to wait 18 years to see that now.

  • j

    t- shirt that shilo is wearing here.. I have it for my daughter.

  • medulla

    HELLO JJHi BAMZS FANSAnother good week for us here again,Shiloh is beautiful nice size for a 10 day old baby.Look at that priceless look of love on ANGIE face to Brad what a beautiful couple.For those who call her dark, she is not wearing black so there!About her brad, she is not trashy she is nursingI have seen worst leave her alone!Shiloh is going to be the #1beautiful woman in the world in people’s 100 list just like her mother.Yes she is a Namibia Ambassador already and will exersice her titlle when ready, she will be an example for her generation as far as helping human kind just like her mother it’s her calling she is already helping mollions of children around the world just by being born. Imagine what more she will do 20 years from now, She truly is a new messiah born in the desert of Namibia……….Brad is a very lucky Papa with a good and giving heart and Angie is the queen of all suffering children around the world.Long live BAMZS family.


    Having got Hello Magazine, I can say the pictures are gorgeous. There are about 6. There is one of Brad and Angie with the girls but none of Maddox.

  • Marisleysis

    Do you ever notice that those who criticize Brad and Angie bring up things from eons ago? They’re still talking about Angie being with Billy Bob and Brad being with Juliette Lewis. How ridiculous is that? That’s why they can’t move on from Brad & Jen either; they’re stuck in the past. I guess if you took a toy from a kid way back in kindergarten that makes you a thief for life. Please, people. Move on! Don’t be afraid to comment on the present just because it hurts and it’s better to be in denial and live in the past.

  • wasalover

    Okay, I’ve had enough now. These two posers have lost me. I was okay with their relationship till they sold their baby to the highest bidder. Get real you two….guess they’re cashing in before people lose interst, just like they’ve lost interest in each other. People are making a fuss over the "way she’s lookin at Brad" because, um frankly this is one of the few and far between pics since they’ve gotten together where one is looking at the other with more than just a blank stare. I’ve tried and tried to see the "looooooooooove" everyone keeps saying they spew for each other but I’m giving up now. Her incesant wordsmithing of their relationship leads me to believe that, as some have said, it’s strictly business. Brad still look bored. I’ve no doubt he loves his daughter but he’s so outta there soon…if not by his own energy then because she’s done with him…he’s served his purpose. If that pic of her is not photo shopped I’ll kiss a frog. This obviously was taken before she had that upper lipped pumped back up. My point? She’s just as hollywood into her looks and JA has been accused of. Just because she’s pale and not tan doesn’t mean she ain’t worried about her looks. Can’t wait till they fade into the woodwork again, tired of their press conferences pretending to be so private about themselves but putting their kids out there for profit.

  • think positive!

    God morning guys!I see you had plenty jod to do with the previews thread.But today is another day.Can anybody please help me with the press comferance video?? I can not see it on TMZ.Does anyone know if there is in need some help here!!

  • ashley

    daddy, shilo, zahara are all in grey how sweet. Brad cradling Shilo breaks my heart.

  • Nadine

    If you want to see the people magazine pictures, go to has them posted

  • sarafina

    Have you guys seen this video? it’s really hot!

  • African Girl

    #255 / KateJeez, what the matter with you? Even Ms. Aniston who you are defending won’t be this spiteful to a child. You have your issue with the parents….leave it there. Come on, this is a baby….an innocent, cute baby. Look how her mouth forms an O. Look at her tiny arms and legs….come now say it me….you can do it…..yes Kate …….say it…..Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. See, that wasn’t so bad. Very good Kate. Baby steps but rest assured we’ll have you say "Oh Shiloh, what a cutey pie, I could jus eat her up….ehmm scratch that. But you know what I mean.Hey MedullaHow is going?

  • Antibamzs

    I have an idea, how bout Brad goes back to the US, has a baby with Jen and then all you obsessed freaks can compare the 2 kids while they grow up. PUUULLEEEZE people, get a life. And BTW, Shiloh is nothing but an average newborn, I’ve seen more beautiful newborns in my own family.

  • Nadine

    Another pic…700/ default.asp

  • SARA

    # 261 | wasalover | June 8, 2006 09:14 AMJen’s fan STFU!!!

  • Original jpf

    Zahara’s eyes are just beyond beautiful! I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat…..she isSUCH a diva, and so regal. The way she holds her head up, chin out just screams royalty. I would have loved for Maddox to be in the pic’s, but he’s not, and that’s their business. So SO pleased with the pic’s, and very excited that the purchase of these mag’s will assist others.Thanks so much Jared for being "Jared on the case." jpf

  • AJ weird broad

    I’m writing from our sorority house. 6 of us live here and feel the same way,and periodically post here. I never followed these weird people until a friend told me about these two-faced celebs who felt above the rest of the US population by hiding away in a luxury resort in a teeny country in Africa. Basically taking over this lame, push-over country. Then they call their kid the ‘new messiah’.SHit..who the hell is this freaky chic anyway. SHould we feel blessed that she is coming back now?? C’mon US Immigration…KEEP her and that wimp of a man OUT OF THE US. WE don’t want Mortisha Adams here anyway!

  • lookwhaticando

    Beautiful Baby, Proud Parents, Lovely Family. Thanks JJ

  • mykidsrprettier

    hey, check out Shiloh on this site. She’s gonna have Faith Hill ears, hehehe.

  • jizzy

    I can’t stand it anymore…Zahara…SMILE ALREADY, DAMMIT!!!!!!!!

  • Charlie

    Lord, you fanatics should stick to what you know best, getting ready for Rapture, protesting alongside Fred Phelps at the funerals of fallen soldiers/praising Pat Robertson, kissing Ann Coulter nut-bag ass, drinking the blood of puppies, attend your KKK meetings, watch hours of cartoons so you can find all the "gay" characters, copying her latest hair do and last but least NOT banding together and going to theater whenver your idol is a lead in a film. Where the hell were you guys when Derailed, Rumor Has It, and to a lesser extent, Friends with Money came out? Oh that’s right, you were either on here trash talking, or watching reruns of Friends instead making your beloved Jennifer the movie star that you all proclaim her to be. Like Along Came Polly and Bruce Almighty, she had to have a box office favorite by her side to finally get a hit movie. God, look at Adam Sandler, he’s in the $20 million club, most critics hate his films, he’s a box office heavy weight yet he’s not as "loved" as JA is. That’s just sad. At the end of day, it’s all talk.

  • SARA

    # 268 | Antibamzs | June 8, 2006 09:20 AM | HAHA…Here we go again!!! Dilusional Chin fan :D I have a better idea, how bout VV has a baby with Jen and then all you JA’s fan can compare the 2 kids while they grow up …. WAHAHA ;PPUUULLEEEZE Jen fans , get a life!!! : )

  • fake fake cockey

    How plastic. Do you realize that the ONLY pics that freaky woman has allowed to be taken of her in the past 2 months are all posed, polished and done by photo agencies? She’s blocked any chance of natural impromptu photos like any other celeb or normal person. Is she so fuckin full of herself that she has to pose all the time!!!??? We wouldn’t be surprised if she asks these agencies to touch up and beautify her photos before being published.

  • catherine

    The most BEAUTIFUL FAMILY IN THE WORLD and is not referring to only their physical attributes there is obviously so much more than that. No wonder there is so mucx jealousy from X fans please just ignore them dont blame them we all see why that is just by looking at Brad’s face when he is with his family and just adoring his NEW baby girl. So X fans I forgive you.

  • lookwhaticando

    I’m bummed that Maddox isn’t in any of the pictures! He probably HATES getting his picture taken. Who can blame him.Will be nice to See Brad and his "girls"!KEEP ON ROCKIN BAMZS! # 81 | COLD HARD MATH ==========================I don’t think Mad likes having his picture taken either. He was only in the one pic in the other Hello photo shot. Well at least they dont force him. I still cant wait to buy may copy today, Will miss Mad though

  • pp

    Thanks you so much again JJ & then BeeBee for posting the link to the rest. They are heart-melting photos (for those who have hearts!).I think Shiloh is going to look like her Grandpa Voight – dimple, lips, same rounded took to the head. Whaetever, she is the ultimate cuteness!

  • Malibumom2PassThr

    Did Brad say Shiloh would have a Namibian Passport or Namibian Citizenship?? If he said Passport! That seals the deal we are right-There is a HUGE differenceb/c Namibian law is Namibian law and US law is US law and California Law is California Law Whoopee-Got to go now-Thanks for seeing eye 2eye with me-Oh yeah-Cold hard math-I love your name-is it synonymouse with jellybean????-can’t come back for a few hours-too many clients-too little time-little money!

  • Rica

    THANK YOU JARED!!! YOU ARE ALWAYS ON TOP OF THINGS!!!My proposal still stands…LOL!To all who think that this baby isn’t beautiful…I say "To each his own." I believe that shiloh is gorgeaous but so are all babies to me. Because their innocenc shines and you can’t look at any baby and not say awwwww. They are all preious. As to astounding beauty. I believe Shiloh will be a breath taking teen and an absolutely gorgeous woman. Remeber Brad and Angie were ‘cute’ babies who grew into ‘amazingly beautiful’ adults. Time will tell.

  • think positive!

    #282 |Malibumom2PassThr|-He said Citizenship.

  • oh god

    the lips on that baby are totally gross…………and brad nose is gross with his big ol nostrils.poor baby

  • jl

    To alll BAMZS fans please remember to purchase a copy of People magazine for each member of your families because all of the proceeds will go to a deserving charity (this is for those of us that allways say I wish I could do more) and as a added bonus we get to support our favorite family and see heartwarming pictures. Please help me passs the word along.

  • Rica

    sorry for the typos…jet-lagged, dazed and all over confused.

  • Aaliyah

    got the Hello mag and pictures are lovely, wonder why Maddox is not in the pictures, 1st child and all that?? Bit strange

  • briseis

    Love all the pictures of Shiloh, Brad, Angie and Zee. Too bad Maddox didn’t want his pictures taken but just so glad they respected his wishes.To all naysayers, I am just wondering how you have the time to go through all 200+ posts (which BAMZS posts at Jared usually are) and then spew your hatred and your bile. I have the time because I love this family. What’s YOUR EXCUSE?

  • medulla

    Hi AFRICAN GIRL I am good.Speaking about Angie saying that to have a ceremony on top of the birth is nothing, has been interpreted another way that she is undermining the instuttition of marriage.But if she had said no comment to the question then they would say they hidding something.But now, I wish she said no comment , then again we don’t know if they are married already and they don’t need a big wedding to show it, look what happen to the million wedding of BP and X…….My take is that people wants to see them married once they are the media and the paparrazzi and all jealous people wants to see them divorce by making up rumors, fake stories and all, what a crazy society we live in.

  • Beebee

    The mind just boggles at the sickness of some people (pesumably adults) who would take time out to write nasty and hurtful remarks about an innocent baby!?! I suppose its because behind the safety of their computers no one can see what ugly gorgons they are!

  • ohowshelooksathim

    For any of you oooing and awwwing over the "Way she’slooking at him", check out ANY of her pics from anywhere….she looks at a freakin CAMERA with the same stare. POSED baby POSED!!!….nothin g oozing from her eyes except what she’s learned about how to "give the look."

  • Get Real

    As I live and breatheLook how cute!!!!! She is so ittybitty. Love this family. Wish Maddy was around although its nice to see Ziggy in a pic. BAMZS Rock!!!

  • African Girl

    Bamzs Fans, Have you all noticed that whenever the non fans come here, they always feel the need to point out that they are not alone in feeling or doing something…..examplesI went with THREE of my friends and we like the movie.My HUSBAND and I went to TBUMy husband and TEN of his friends say they will take JA over AJI live in a sorority house and there are SIX of us.I wear five ringbands to represent my FIVE friendsHmmm…..makes you wonder doesn’t it? Why the need to QUANTIFY….is it because they know there’s STRENGTH in numbers and it’s obvious they lack the numbers? I’ll live you ponder on that bit.Anyhoo, after reading some….all of the rants from the non fans (haters) on this thread and the previous, I’ve come to the following conclusions.Common Sense isn’t so CommonStupidity isn’ painful….unfortunately.Ignorant People can still leave a relatively normal albiet useless LifePeople or circumstances don’t turn people Evil, they are BORN evil.People will rather HATE than love because the get an immense pleasure from it.Buffoons comes in all shapes and sizes.I’m sure there is still more to discover…who know, we might get enough info to write a book, make mega millions and donate it to charity that’s looking into the cause of stupidity and how it can be eradicated…..hey, that’s AJ & BP will do. So look out for more interesting discoveries.Keep ‘em coming non-fans, you will be helping a worthy cause. Remember, just because it’s too late for youi, doesn’t mean your children, grandchildren, great grand children (I’m think it’s something passed from generation to generation) can still benefit from this.

  • sarafina

    wow, jared & co has put all the pics here so that we dont have to wander looking for the pics. thanks JJ! You the best!

  • Nona

    Anybody know how to interpret the geographic location of the tattoo on Angelina’s arm? There’s two of them. They might be in Cambodia and Ethiopia….

  • industrialbra

    Cute baby….hideous bra straps. Is that her way of letting us know she’s wearing an industrial nursing bra to prove she’s nursing… the pic of poor Katie Holmes with her nursing bra undone and sticking out? PUH LEASE can you say POSER!!! Why are these two always trying to prove something by acting like they’re not tryinhg to prove anything?

  • wow

    Im speechless, beautiful family! love them! may God Bless them! AWWWW

  • Zoe

    Jared you rock!

  • holly

    All the pics are so beautiful, I love them all! Especially the one of Brad holding Shiloh to his cheek, that’s just a stunning pic! You what impresses me about these two, it’s that they don’t spend every second trying to prove they’re happy together, how many times have we seen celebrity couples declaring their undying love for one another and making cow eyes at eachother in every photo only to split up weeks or months later (Sorry Jen!) I think the very fact that Brad & Angie don’t feel the need to do that shows how secure they are, and I don’t think for one second that Angie would have let Brad adopt Mad and Zahara or have Shiloh with him if she wasn’t 200% sure that he was the one and that he was there for the long haul. Just my two cents!


    Wow, it just occurred to me, even that 6 day old baby has larger lips than JA. Muahahahaha. That’s a good morning to all the haters out there. LOL Sweet lil’ Shi!! :-)

  • medulla

    Yes she looks like Brad with Angie’s lips, beautifulCase close for those sick people who question who the father is? Don’t even mention DNA it’s all Brad and Angie’s.

  • Get Real

    Look at those miniangie lips on Shi. Too cute! Next thing you know all the haters are gonna say Angie had Shi’s lips injected with collagen to give them that plump look. They need to grasp at something. Why not that idiotic thought. LOVE this family.BAMZS Rock!!!

  • briseis

    # 295 | industrialbra |Major difference between Katie and Angie — Katie was going out with Tom when she was snapped with her nursing bra showing and unsnapped — she wasn’t with Suri at all. These photos of Angie and Brad were supposed to be INTIMATE photos of the parents with the newborn in a CASUAL setting — so Angie was wearing her nursing bra. I don’t think they have to prove anything since they ARE posing with the newborn Shiloh, unlike Suri whom we haven’t seen at all.