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Shiloh Jolie Pitt Pictures

Shiloh Jolie Pitt Pictures

WEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!  Here are the first official photos of baby Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, born in Namibia on Saturday, May 27 to a "very excited and happy" Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. All together, there seem to be a total of seven different pictures of baby Shiloh.  The above was taken from an issue of Italy’s Vanity Fair but the June 19, 2006 issue of People magazine hits newsstands tomorrow.  Shiloh wears a Kingsley Pots and Pans Band Tee.

UPDATE :: People is being a big bully!  Sorry, images removed!

The First Official Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt Pictures
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  1. 126
    Alicia Says:

    i don’t know if there is a "full" video, i forget where i heard it (Access Hollywood maybe?) but they said that no outside (non-Namibian) media was allowed at the press conference, but that somehow a paparazzi got in. IMO the video is very crude, like perhaps it was taken with a camera phone or something on the sly, so i don’t think its more than few seconds long. If there was a full video, i don’t know why extra, access hollywood, and other sites would only choose to play the same selection. But who knows, maybe a longer bersion will show up and i’ll eat my words.

  2. 127
    lullaby Says:

    Shiloh is so cute, she look like Dad Brad even her hair , it’s more of a dirty blonde than Angie ‘s dark brunette. beautiful baby ! that’s why the jealous, frustrated haters are freaking OUT !!! good revenge ! hahahahahahahahahahahah.

  3. 128
    cindy2 Says:

    # 127 | AliciaAlicia, I just saw that played on Inside Edition just a few moments ago. The angle of the image looks like someone took it from near their lap. It was crude and dark. Don’t know where the so-called marriage discussion is, but Inside Edition reported that Angie said that they didn’t need a ceremony. They have their kids and that’s enough. Sure ’nuff, Angie!!

  4. 129
    kaseladang Says:

    # 127 | Alicia |you’re probably right about the video. it probably was a short one because either: a. the camera phone’s video recording capacity is only 20sec or the person was caught by angie’s bodyguard hihi..

  5. 130
    kiwi Says:

    This pic is adorable. BAMZS forever!!

  6. 131
    g121 Says:

    thanks jared!!!!!!!!!!! love this family!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. 132
    Anipston Says:

    94 | angie Are you speaking of Aniston and Vince , yes , I heard they are flawed. They cheat on their spouses and significant others, they lie, they use people to get what they want. They do drugs. They can be rude, selfish and insensitive. yes, thatswhat I heard from the industry.

  8. 133
    Alicia Says:

    cindy2, access hollywood had audio from a source who was at the press conference (some foreign reporter?) and he apparently had a chance to talk to Angie first hand. And he was relaying to the anchors what she apparently said; bascially that they didn’t plan on getting married any time soon because they were going to focus on family and work. Also (during the conference i guess) Brad revealed that he would be filming O13 in august, and lemme think if there was anything else

  9. 134
    Mediterranean Says:

    She looks so beautiful! She looks like her dad and mom! God bless all of them!Anybody will tell me how the media conference was in Namibia??? Because haters are saying in their comments that the body language of Brad and Angelina was not "love". I was not able to watch it, how were they together?

  10. 135
    malaya Says:

    # 124 | cindy2Now I’m intrigued on what he said and in what context. IIRR, on the commentaries Simon & Doug mentioned that VV improvised/adlibbed his lines except for that scene where BP went to VV’s place (after that desert scene and Jane & John learned the truth about each other) that he followed the script. So if he did say something offensive on that diner scene its completely his words and his concept.

  11. 136
    cindy2 Says:

    # 135 | AliciaAlicia, as far as I’m concerned, they need not marry. And of course, they need my approval, huh? ;)A growing family is probably all they need to satisfy themselves. And that is lovely.

  12. 137
    cindy2 Says:

    # 137 | malayamalaya, I promise I’ll post my reply before I call it the night. I’ll do that over catching up with the threads. Hey, have you considered that Angie and Brad will be having more children in the future and our Malaya-naming isn’t finished yet? Yup, you got that right, I have a vise grip on that name campaign! ;)Amie, if you’re still around and planning kids of your own. Forget about my first name, think MALAYA!

  13. 138
    Alicia Says:

    of course, everything should be sanctioned before they proceed ;)- make baby (check)- get married (meh…)

  14. 139
    Duude Says:

    # 94 | angie |ITA. Dont get the fuss either. Both actors are rather flawed yet worship like they’re gods gifts to humanity. Wtf?—————————————But this is all about the baby (though first official baby pictures, since when JJ? I’m pretty sure the same damn pic has circulated the whole net for 2 days now?) Massive lips, takes after it’s mom. Not bad looking for a baby at all though pity when it grows up, the pressure will be enormous.As for Angie looking at Brad so. Not liking that pose (though I’m sure the Brangelina fans will lap it up). Since when did she become the typical doting fawning woman? I prefered when she was her own independant self. The way that photo is set up is sorta nauseating.

  15. 140
    malaya Says:

    # 136 | MediterraneanDon’t worry about those haters mediterranean. They all have selective amnesia not to mention and rather fond of their blinders. They’ll believe what they want believe and see what they want to see. Somebody posted this AOL video link earlier. Although its too small for me. But even that short vid, you can see they are both lookin’ good, happy and relaxed.

  16. 141
    cindys amie Says:

    yes im still here, thinkingthis is just between you and me…you could email me…but i don’t have one (a nice surprise to all)well, they gave me one from that org, you know, but i cant access it from here, for some reason…and its full of spam anyway :Dlater.

  17. 142
    Alicia Says:

    hardy-har-har! access hollywood said People and HELLO might take legal action against Perez Hilton and Defamer for posting the Shiloh pic! I hope Jared is in the clear; he’s so awesome.

  18. 143
    Dexter Says:

    wow – i think she comes after angelina’s dad, cuz she has got his cleft chin (the dimpel in the chin)…it’s a pritty strong genetic trait actually which becomes more prominent as the child gets older, perhaps that will help to bring some peace between angelina and her father. However, looks like she’s got her mommy’s lips and her daddy’s eyes. Intersting!

  19. 144
    cindy2 Says:

    # 141 | Duude |"The way that photo is set up is sorta nauseating."That’s all that takes to make you nauseated. Sweet. Shall I send for the industrial strength Pepto-Bismol? Or would you rather check out a thread more to your liking? Actually, in the bootleg tape of Brad and Angie in the press conference, you can see Angie looking lovingly at Brad several times. Yes, he reciprocates. Nope, I have a strong constitution and stomach. It went down well for me.

  20. 145
    malaya Says:

    # 139 | cindy2No rush on that one.On my moniker, Angie said there’s no plan of stopping as of yet. So yeah, that might happen. LOL. Hopefully, 7D mangoes are still around. Its simply the best in dried mangoes…

  21. 146
    alice Says:

    WHERE IS THAT VIDEO? I WANNA SEE IT!Actually, in the bootleg tape of Brad and Angie in the press conference, you can see Angie looking lovingly at Brad several times. Yes, he reciprocates. Nope, I have a strong constitution and stomach. It went down well for me.

  22. 147
    Wow Says:

    OMG she had Brad forehead, hair, eyebrow, eye,nose, totally daddy Brad clone. who ever said she should have a DNA check ? (which I think is really ridiculous).

  23. 148
    cb Says:

    WOW!!! Finally, the official photos. Lil Shiloh is absolutely georgeous.Hey Cindy2 Matey. ":)It appears that there is another "cb" on this thread. Why? I am surprised you didn’t realise it twas not I that you weren’t ignoring!!! hahaha ":)That made a lot of sense now didn’t it.anyways…back to the lil cutie. I can’t wait for the mags to come out tomorrow…I am actually going to buy one for the first time in always,Cheers BAMZSERS! ":)

  24. 149
    kaseladang Says:

    # 146 | cindy2 |lol! go get them! not as eloquent you guys so i’ll leave them to you!just realized that bamzs are safe here at jj’s as long we fans are here.. spread the love!

  25. 150
    cindy2 Says:

    # 143 | cindys amieI could give you my email address that you can email with (and then you can ask away…well, I have my limits, too). A temporary one that redirects you to my personal, permanent one. Why don’t you set up a temporary email account with hushmail? To register, all you need is a user name and password. Simple. No divulging of any personal information. Bad thing is it expires when the account is inactive for 3 weeks. But it’s good for temporary usage. I can then direct you to register a google email account. Again, simple registration. I’ll make it easy for you, go to this link and it’ll be on the page for creating your email account with Hushmail. Hushmail Just let me know. Or we could continue to have these conversations with on-lookers. Tell me about spam, I have over 600 of spam emails begging me to confirm my email address just for some free $500 gift card. Yeah, right, do they think I fell off the turnip truck? Caution is my middle name! See you next time then.

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