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Shiloh Jolie Pitt Pictures

Shiloh Jolie Pitt Pictures

WEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!  Here are the first official photos of baby Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, born in Namibia on Saturday, May 27 to a "very excited and happy" Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. All together, there seem to be a total of seven different pictures of baby Shiloh.  The above was taken from an issue of Italy’s Vanity Fair but the June 19, 2006 issue of People magazine hits newsstands tomorrow.  Shiloh wears a Kingsley Pots and Pans Band Tee.

UPDATE :: People is being a big bully!  Sorry, images removed!

The First Official Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt Pictures
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  1. 151
    kaseladang Says:

    # 150 | cb |oh! that’s why that other cb was ignoring cindy2 and moi, hehe..i was waiting for you matey, i thought you’re givin me a cold shoulder already! LOL!i can’t wait for the mag too but since i’m stuck here in the middle east, that issue might take weeks to get here.. :(

  2. 152
    cindy2 Says:

    # 147 | malaya You make me want to go to Traders Joes to pick up a package of dried mangoes. I have to go shopping tomorrow anyway. Pick up that unrated MAMS DVD, People magazine…anything else out about BAMZS? I’m going to post that reply now, if I can remember what thread we last left off at. Oh, dear!

  3. 153
    ell Says:

    Just ignore they need some chili pills.

  4. 154
    cindy2 Says:

    # 150 | cbSorry, cb, for the mistaken identity. With so much information overload, I can’t focus too much on the details. You’re an original that can’t be imitated.

  5. 155
    Alicia Says:

    one of the pics of Shiloh released will feature her laying feet facing the camera

  6. 156
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Back again – have insomnia and can’t sleep y’all. LOL Awwwwww – I just zone out when I see this pic. …and I called Brad eyebrows on baby Shi when I saw the first pic, they’re really evident here though – going down at the corners – and I see the dimple in the chin too – I just bought Midnight Cowboy, and say what you will about JV, he was a beeyootiful young man back in the day – and that cleft chin is very prominent…so whoa — Mommy’s lips, Granpa’s chin, Daddy’s eyes – she’s going to be sooo sweet..and that hair will turn blonde I’m guessing…because rght now it’s chestnut. newborns always start out with darker hair that lightens up as an infant & toddler, and then will darken as the child grows older. Sweet lil’ Shi’ (swoon)

  7. 157
    cb Says:

    # 153 | kaseladang |Cold shoulder & ignoring ya? Nahhhhhh no way Matey. I know yer a BAMZS luvver and I would never intentionally ignore you. Sorry it will take so long for you to get a Magazine there…but fear not, the rest of the pics will be all over the net again tomorrow. hmmmmmmm I am thinking I am going to have to come up with a new name now? or perhaps take a leaf out of Cold Hard Math’s book and always sign off the same way? lolWhatever….anyways….Cheers to you Matey. ":)Hope yer having a nice day in Dubai.

  8. 158
    Alicia Says:

    maybe Jon Voight is going to be estranged forever, because according to Freddy Philander (the legitimate reporter from the New Era press, Namibia, feattured on acess hollywood) Angie said that both the grandmother AND grandfather look forward to seeing Shiloh

  9. 159
    Alicia Says:


  10. 160
    malaya Says:

    # 141 | DuudeDude, you really need to do fact checking before you open your mouth. ”Since when did she become the typical doting fawning woman?” Ahhh…A classic example of selective amnesia. If you cared enough to post, it would have been a better reflection of you if you cared enough to know more about Angie. But since I’m still in the state of euphoria over the photos of SNJP I’ll do my humanitarian duty and extend kindness to an uninformed and misinformed. Weren’t you the same people who keeps raking up her past, being all over BBT and being open about her affections. But it takes billions of your brain cells to process that Angie is not as revealing of her life as she was 5 or 6 yrs ago. Not bad looking for a baby at all though pity when it grows up, the pressure will be enormous.Pity? Shiloh will grow up knowing the world and embracing the world in all its messiness including understanding pitiful individuals like you. Most of all she’ll grow up in a loving environment, be aware of issues and be a socially responsible & sensitive young lady like her parents.

  11. 161
    cindys amie Says:

    yes im still here, thinkingthis is just between you and me…you could email me…but i don’t have one (a nice surprise to all)well, they gave me one from that org, you know, but i cant access it from here, for some reason…and its full of spam anyway :Dlater.

  12. 162
    cindy2 Says:

    # 158 | CLINIQUAMidnight Cowboy is one of my favorite movies. Jon Voight was wonderful in it. I’m glad to hear that Angie will be visiting him with the new baby. Personally, I never met either side of my grandparents for one reason or another (and not because of any family alienation). "newborns always start out with darker hair that lightens up as an infant & toddler, and then will darken as the child grows older."It’s my understanding that the light hair darkens as the child gets older. But what do I know? My people’s natural hair color is black. Births out black, stays black until the gray hairs creep up on us. Actually, I’ve had relatives when they were babies and toddlers having brownish hair (surprised the hell out of me). But lucky for the father, the kids’ hair became darker and black as they got older. Otherwise the mother has some ‘splaining to do!!Oh, malaya, done!Beach

  13. 163
    kaseladang Says:

    # 159 | cb |yep doing well. having lunch right now, boss’ out so cat can play with fellow bamzs fans LOL..change of name? what do you have in mind?

  14. 164
    cb Says:

    # 156 | cindy2 |"You’re an original that can’t be imitated". Yes Matey!!! ":)They may try…but I am sure they would forget something crucial! Like some of the "insanity factor" perhaps? lmao Mistaken identity? hmmmmmmm This is now a bother to me because I would hate anyone to think I was ignoring them? I guess I may have to start typing out me name in full. hmmmmmmWell? Cheers to you too Matey! ":)Oh. That reminds me, did you ever post that "mysterious message" of yours to that other thread?

  15. 165
    CLINIQUA Says:

    Also…Also…thaks to the poster pointing out the very obvious and weird photoshopping of Brad’s hand w/ the silver hole ring — that earlier statement I made about something fishy being up because of Brad wearing a gold band in the hand resting on Shiloh in the first leaked pic, to where now in these pics he’s wearing the silver ring w/ the hole in it. I’m convinced, someone requested the photoshopping so the jig would not be up, and so that we wouldn’t notice or ask questions about the gold rings. I maintain my previous assessment, they photoshopped this because they are married y’all! LOL

  16. 166
    malaya Says:

    # 154 | cindy2Yeah. LOL. We need to focus on our priorities…..

  17. 167
    cindy2 Says:

    # 162 | malaya "But since I’m still in the state of euphoria over the photos of SNJP I’ll do my humanitarian duty and extend kindness to an uninformed and misinformed."I just sent him irritable-bowel-syndrome-strength Pepto Bismol. That was my charitable act. I challenge you to step up. heheWell, hello, amie! I hope you got my message about the email thing. I promise you that google email, you’ll be spared of spam, which isn’t what I can say about Yahoo (read: let the spam floodgates in Yahoo!).

  18. 168
    cindys amie Says:

    and what was that? is there an echo in here? i hate coputers (and they know it)

  19. 169
    Alicia Says:

    that is an optimistic theory CLINIQUA, but in the HELLO photo it was Brad’s right hand, while this one is his left

  20. 170
    cindy2 Says:

    # 166 | cb"That reminds me, did you ever post that "mysterious message" of yours to that other thread?"You mean the message in reply to Malaya? If that’s the one you’re referring to, yup. And I linked it for your and malaya’s convenience. (Hey, I might do that for OC in the future to help direct her to my posts.)

  21. 171
    cindy2 Says:

    # 170 | cindys amie"and what was that? is there an echo in here? i hate coputers (and they know it)"You don’t say. You should have seen the puzzled look on my face seeing your message twice, thinking: "Is there a hidden message there?" It’s all that dropping of your laptop, I’m telling ya!! A laptop can take only so much physical abuse. And now, you’re paying for it!!

  22. 172
    cindy2 Says:

    # 167 | CLINIQUA"I maintain my previous assessment, they photoshopped this because they are married y’all!"Okay, then, you need to work on that wedding gift for the newlyweds. ;)

  23. 173
    kaseladang Says:

    # 162 | malaya |do you happen to be a columnist for your college paper before? or probably just someone with the same name as yours hehe..

  24. 174
    Beebee Says:

    Hi everyone, I’m from the UK and I’ve got my copy of Hello magazine in front of me!! Wooo hooo! The cover is exactly the same as the leaked one and on the inside there are six double spreads and two single page shots. They are beautiful – I particularly love the one with Angie, Brad, Zahara and Shiloh. Brad is holding Zahara and Angie is holding Shiloh who has her eyes open and seems to be sucking on Angies shoulder while Angie is looking at her with a big smile on her face. Then there are two of Brad holding Shiloh facing him and cupping her head in his hand. They are stunning!

  25. 175
    cindys amie Says:

    no,no MY post….# 143 and # 163—-anyway, im using hlys email address for my daily correspondenceok, see you in here then. let them figure it out, i dont care!shes waiting— bye for now!

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