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Angelina Jolie United Nations Commercial

Angelina Jolie United Nations Commercial

The UN Refugee Agency continues to garner support for the millions of refugees under its care with World Refugee Day (June 20).  Below is the World Refugee Day 2006 TV Spot on "Hope" featuring UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie.  Thanks, Janet! TMZ is also reporting that Brad, Angelina and their three children — Maddox, Zahara, and Shiloh — will be moving back to Malibu this weekend. Included in this entry are more pitures of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie speaking to a reporter in Swakopmund, Namibia, from this past Wednesday. (You can watch the full interview here.) In the interview, conducted by the Namibian Broadcasting Corp., Pitt and Jolie sat side by side, reflecting on their experience in the African country where their daughter Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt was born.   More pictures in the gallery!

UPDATE :: Brad, Angelina and their kids may already be back in L.A. and could return to Pitt‘s Malibu estate as early as tonight.

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  • me


  • me

    they are so gorgeous together!!!

  • TR

    They look so in love!! BAMZS FOREVER!!!

  • ((chanel))

    they are so beautiful angie is a amazing women!angie 4 life!

  • black

    Puh….cool pics.Look at the way Angie looks at Brad….like he´s a god.they do look good together…(third post?…….how cool is that?)

  • TR

    They are the World’s Finest!!! They are insanely HOTTTT together!!!

  • angelah

    Love the pics, thanks j@red!! Hmm now the haters are going to join the bandwagon :knocks wood:


    Check out the way they look at each other when one is talking…HOT! HOT! HOT!

  • Alicia

    yay! we needed a new thread. they are such a fine couple!!

  • Alexanderina

    Thank you JJ for the new pictures and the Thread. They are so adorable together, love them, great pictures

  • angelah

    :knocks on wood: I meant–#8I love her, love him, love this family. Ok i think i’m starting to sound like Bai Ling from one of those E shows..lmao

  • ole

    If nothing else, Angie sure is getting her much needed attention, holding one pressconference after another…

  • stef

    you have got to love them, always thinking of others! world refugee day, is going to be done properly in my house! im i might do something to raise some money for it! maybe walk around town with a bucket wearing my lara croft outfit! wahoo, should be fun!hope your all good.i have had an amazing day, sort of anyway, the only bad bit is my car is in for repair! and its going to cost me about £300 which is $600! for a crappy old runabout but i gotta have it! otherwise its a scorching day and i am burnt! but not too bad, good enough for people to stop saying, "you look ill" i was a bit pasty, now im browning off!you have to laugh at the brits, any sight of sun and we cant help ourselves! i think its cos we are so used to grey rainy days! wahoo!

  • Ralph in Vegas

    I don’t think they should come back to Beverly Hills. I can’t stand them and Brad has no eyebrows.

  • Alicia

    #13, 15, 17: wage conversations with your multiple personalities elsewhere

  • ole

    STEF… I think you should email your cyberfriends with whatever boring stuff you feel you have to share with them… and not post it here

  • sarafina

    if you despised them, let it be…reading this thread and taking your time to throw your thrash here actually show that you care about the BAMZS!

  • Alicia

    whoa, haters’ posts are disappearing left and right!

  • Frenchy

    ************AY YA YA**********I saw this on The Today Show this morning. Brad was sooo laid back. Angelina had this wide eyed look of innocence. So cute. Loved when she talked about "we", "our" and "us".

  • Alexanderina

    # 15 | Ralph in Vegas | – Did not know you own BH, why don’t you stay in Vegas Ralph, and am sure that Brad don’t give a shit about you either

  • NYC

    #17- You are an ignorant fool.

  • Alexanderina

    God will punish her. # 17 | Aj is despicable | ————————————————–I think God will more punish you for being a judgmental fool. And don’t you know that God do not like people using his name is vain.

  • BAMZS #1

    They are gorgeous together. Wow! The 2 most beautiful people in the world so are their 3 lovely kids! What good people.

  • Breanne

    its so cute that they keep glancing at each other here and there

  • Meggie

    SOOOO much love in their eyes for each other. They have found true love. Love it!

  • ((chanel))

    # 27 | Jen is Pretty ————————–jennifer anistons face looks like shit take that hater ur just jealous angie is a amazing women and a great mother

  • msguidedmama

    Don’t worry, the Goddess doesn’t mind AJ using her fame and family to help the other families of the world. Its ok, but that is so great that you are worried for her soul!

  • Meggie

    SOOOO much love in their eyes for each other. They have found true love. Love it!

  • light

    # 19 | sarafinaITA# 17 | Aj is despicable He will do the same to u for having such a judgment.

  • Alexanderina

    # 21 | Alicia | – I know, so it make no sense to respond to them lol

  • guli

    Ole- see how dumb you are, we are truelly cyber-friends and sharing our lives makes it so, and build relatiosnhips and get to know each other. OK, so why are you here to spew hatred on a thread that loves this couple so much?? Advice, find your own cyber-friends. You guys can hold a candle vigilance waiting for the leather faced chinny-chin and balding (but funny) frog eyed guy to get her preggy :). Ohhh can’t wait for the baby pics for that one, bet Suri will look a heck of alot better…I won’t be in line to buy that mag :)

  • medulla

    HI LADY STEFThanks JJ BRAD& ANGIE look greatoh…what a beautiful couple blessed with such beatiful children.God bless them, long live BAMZS family

  • Jen is Pretty

    TO Chanel: Jen looks better than Shiloh! Break-Up #1 movie last week :) I bet Brad is thinking of Jen when he is holding SHiloh…HAHAHA!

  • ole

    GULI… burasi herkez icin… yanliz angelina hayranlari icin degil….

  • angelah

    such absurdities…

  • Estelle

    # 14 | stef -our English Princess, aka LCA…love your post, sorry to hear about your car…when I was in London, the tube and my legs were my best friend…LOL…I can never get over the weather over there…one side of the street can be nice and sunny and the other side was raining…amazing…

  • sara

    is there the full video interview of brad and angie with the first lady of namibia?

  • ForkInTheRoad

    # 35 | Jen is Pretty | – that is pretty close to the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read on this blog. And there are completely ridiculous things posted here every single hour of the day.


    I read on Bradforum, that the paps are already camped out at the Malibu House. It’s going to be a fuckin circus when they get home.It’s so cute that AFTER all they have been through, they’re still shy around each other. Say what you want to say, Angie is in love!You know they can’t wait to start fuckin like rabbits again!KEEP ON ROCKIN BAMZS!HAPPY EARLY WORLD REFUGEE DAY!

  • Luvsmesomebrange

    This is Brangie overload. I love it!

  • beanni

    AJ is despicable: Celebrities who have kids always publish photos of their new babies. Where have you been? At least they didn’t pocket the cash.Jen is Pretty: I think most babies look very similar at first, so saying JA’s baby would be cuter–eh, who knows. But Shiloh definitely inherited her mom’s lips–lucky girl! And yes, JA finally has a hit film. Good for her. About time. But I’m sorry–she doesn’t have the international pull to equal the success of MMS. I also must say, motherhood agrees with AJ–she looks beautiful.

  • guli

    Cok ozur dilerim hanimefendi burasi is an Brangelina thread, sakin benimle boklasmaya kalma seni cigner ezerim.. Sen hayatinda ne yaptin sapsal. Ben kimyagerim, uc cocugum var ikisi universitede hadi bakalim soyle sen ne bok yedin, tabii yalan soylersin ama I can prove with my publications.

  • Taco OLE!

    # 36 | oleole, taco and beans are coming out of your mouth.Dude! can’t you close your mouth when you chew?! Jeesh, disgusting!

  • ole

    #44 Beanni…Another stupid Bamzs fan… Angie’s been a mom for years!!

  • piyutra


  • Mediterranean

    to ole,anlamsiz nefretinizi gidip, baska kimseyi rahatsiz etmeyecek yerde kusun! Yaptiginiz sacma yorumlar sadece gereksiz yere yer kapliyor.

  • ole

    GULIBen sana ne yaptim ki?? Ne soyledim ki??Utanmaz seni, pis orosbu cocugu. Turklere Olum!!!!!!!!!

  • piyutra

    # 35 | Jen is Pretty |WAHAHA…Dilusional X fan… AGAIN !!!

  • gitane

    AJ is despicablesweetie, let me explain something about God that you obviously haven’t experienced. it’s a little thing called MERCY. see, as often as we screw up, God keeps looking the other way, hoping that we get it right. i’m not perfect. the people in the pictures on this thread, they’re not perfect. and, NEWSFLASH, you ain’t either.and, in case you haven’t noticed, Angelina must be doing something right. she’s got a gorgeous man who’s besotted with her and vice versa. she’s got 3 sweet children, an amazing career, loads of money, looks to kill for, and she’s well respected in the international/diplomatic community. she may not cut it for the dr. phil/oprah bon bon eating couch potato set, but she’s pretty damn awesome in my book. if her life is proof of how God judges “sinners” I say, please judge me!now, leave my God out of your bitter, narrow-minded judgments and leave BAMZS in peace.

  • guli

    # 49 | Mediterranean | Many thanks. I have been not posting alot lately since I am so excited re this childs birth and getting ready to leave for Turkey. But, when these hatred comes from bizimkiler, I lose it. Sorry, and I missed you girl how are things going :)