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So You Think You Can Dance 2 :: Top 20

So You Think You Can Dance 2 :: Top 20

ROW 1 :: Travis Wall, 18, Stanislav Savich, 21, Musa Cooper, 28, Jaymz Tuaileva, 20, Jason Williams, 19.

ROW 2 :: Ryan Rankine, 20, Dmitry Chaplin, 23, Ben Susak, 18, Ivan Koumaev, 18, Benji Schwimmer, 22.

ROW 3 :: Erin Ellis, 19, Martha Nichols, 18, Ashlee Nino, 21, Natalie Fotopoulos, 22, Jessica Fernandez, 18.

ROW 4 :: Joy Spears, 18, Heidi Groskreutz, 24, Donyelle Jones, 26, Allison Holker, 18, Aleksandra Wojda, 22.

Anyone catch So You Think You Can Dance 2 last night?  The Top 20 dancers were revealed and it’s exciting stuff! My two early favorites are Travis Wall (his comparison to last season’s Blake McGrath might really hurt or really help) and Donyelle Jones (her size might be her ultimate demise). Bigger pictures in the gallery!A detailed biography for each of the dancers can be found after the jump.  Who are your favorites so far?

So You Think You Can Dance 2‘s Top 20 Dancers


Erin Ellis, 19, jazz/lyrical specialist from Nashville, TN; she is currently training in Tennessee and preparing to further her dance career.

Jessica Fernandez, 18, ballet/multiple dance specialist, from Pembroke Pines, FL; she was a finalist in the New York international ballet competition.

Natalie Fotopoulos, 22, lyrical/jazz specialist from Tampa, FL; in addition to teaching dance, she is pursuing a career as an actress.

Heidi Groskreutz, 24, Latin/ballroom/swing specialist from Cliffside Park, NJ; she was a national Latin dance finalist and a six-time U.S. Open swing dance champion.

Allison Holker, 18, modern lyrical specialist from Orem, UT; she recently graduated from high school.

Martha Nichols, 18, contemporary/hip-hop specialist from Raleigh, NC.

Ashlee Nino
, 21, popping specialist from Dallas, TX; using the stage name Lady Shiva, she is currently training in Los Angeles to pursue a dance career.

Donyelle Jones, 26, jazz and hip-hop specialist from Studio City, CA; she is currently a teacher and choreographer.

Joy Spears, 18, jazz/lyrical/hip-hop specialist from Killen, AL; she recently graduated high school and plans to move to Los Angeles to pursue a dance career.

Aleksandra Wojda, 22, contemporary/lyrical/jazz specialist from Willow Springs, IL; has taught for the past two years at the Inspire School of Dance in Plainfield, IL. Wojda recently graduated from Northwestern University in Evanston, IL, with a double major.


Dmitry Chaplin, 23, ballroom and Latin specialist from Brooklyn, NY. He has trained with some of the top dancers in England for the last four years. Originally from Russia, Chaplin is a national finalist in ballroom dancing.

Musa Cooper, 28, hip-hop/street funk specialist from Camden, NJ; he is also a fitness model and actor.

Ivan Koumaev, 18, hip-hop specialist from Aliso Viejo, CA; Koumaev recently graduated from high school.

Ryan Rankine, 20, contemporary specialist,from Brooklyn, NY; Rankine graduated from LaGuardia High School of Music, Art and Performing Art (also known as the "Fame" school).

Stanislav Savich, 21, ballroom dancer from Brooklyn, NY.

Benji Schwimmer
, 22, West Coast swing specialist from Redlands, CA. He started a charitable non-profit organization, Dancers Everywhere Making a Noticeable Difference, for orphans in southern Mexico. He hopes to pursue a professional dance career.

Ben Susak, 18, contemporary specialist from Phoenix, AZ; has trained in ballet, tap, lyrical and hip-hop. Susak recently graduated from high school.

Jaymz Tuaileva, 20, jazz/hop-hop/ballroom specialist from Orem, UT; has trained at Center Stage Performing Arts Studio since he was 11 years old.

Travis Wall, 18, lyrical/jazz specialist from Virginia Beach, VA; he designs many of his own costumes and clothing.

Jason Williams, 19, lyrical/hip-hop/jazz funk specialist from Wilmington, NC; currently living in North Hollywood, CA.

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jason williams so you think you can dance
jay mztuaileva so you think you can dance
jessica fernandez so you think you can dance
joy spears so you think you can dance
martha nichols so you think you can dance
musa cooper so you think you can dance
natalie fotopoulos so you think you can dance
ryan rankine so you think you can dance
stanislav savich so you think you can dance
travis wall so you think you can dance

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  • Sarah

    My fav is Travis Wall!!! He’s soooo good!! Love him since the auditions!!! :D

  • joliepittme

    My fave is also Travis!! to bad nobody cares about that show.

  • bellaluna

    I’m lovin Stanislav. Did you see those dance moves??? Yowza!

  • dance

    hey guy in the last pic, David Beckham called….he wants his look back.

  • Patrick

    THANK YOU for putting up all these pics. Fox’s website totally blows. And "joliepittme," plenty of people care! I’ve never watched American Idol but I’ve seen every episode of STYCYD.

  • joliepittme

    THANK YOU for putting up all these pics. Fox’s website totally blows. And "joliepittme," plenty of people care! I’ve never watched American Idol but I’ve seen every episode of STYCYD. # 5 | Patrick | June 9, 2006 06:19 PM | Report Abusewell im very proud of you!! you keep it at it!!

  • mary

    amazing dancers, but what horrible person calls their son Jaymz??

  • black

    Puh…………I don´t know who looks worse ?

  • Tristin Ferguson

    Travis u are sooooooooo freakin awesome!!!! Martha girl u kno u got what it takes!! and Allison man u are awesome as well thoses three have my vote!! Ya’ll are great keep up the good work i wish u all the best!! :)

  • design_officer


  • DJ Alik

    Dmitry is the best. I have seen him dance multiple times in National championships. Last year he was one of the finalists!

  • Marleeta

    My favoirites are Ben, Benji, Travis Slanislav and Ivan.

  • cortney

    went to high school with ashlee, you go girl!shes amazing.

  • stoner

    i loooove jason williams… aaahhh hes an amazing dancer with an absolutely incredible spirit about him. his attitude is very uplifting… love him! hes a keeper!

  • Christie

    BEN is the best! he is such an amazing dancer!

  • itsmelee

    Freakin NATALIE… OMG.. She’s amaaaaazing and beautiful. Definitely my early favorite– although we’ve got to see like 2 minutes total of each person.

  • da real judge

    america is so sleep on ryan. wake up and vote 4 da underdog RYAN!!!!!

  • Jeanne

    Natalie is by far the best…..nothing short of spectacular and I think Musa was lucky to be paired up with her—it may save him this week.

  • Tegan

    Ben is #1. I hope ben gose all the way to the top. Ben is also very very cute. Go Ben!!!

  • Morgan

    My favorite is totally Travis and Heidi.I meet travis when i went to new york city dance alliance competition and he was such an amazing dancer and i will be voting for him everytime.Now Heidi WOW everytime i see her dance i remind my self that she dances just like me it amazing. I love this show and i watch it everytime its on.BEN AND ASHLEE SHOULD BE GONE NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!love ya lots morgan

  • im2cool4love

    I love Benji and Heidi!!! They’re my favorite dancers in the show!!!

  • Leoconie

    I danced with Aleksandra! Go ALEKS!!!! Show them whatchu got!!!

  • Stasia

    ya lyublyou Stanislav

  • Lisa

    My fav is Travis! Hes so hot n sexy. He needs a new partner though! Benji, Donyelle, Heidi, n Allison also kicks ass!

  • kelly

    whoohoo benji and donyalle’s waltz made me cry lst night! they were sooooo good. i heart travis but he needs a new partner! and im in luv with natalie and musa!

  • Danielle

    I love benji he is the best!! his and donyalle’s dance to, too much booty was amazing they have to much energy.

  • lindsay

    im in love with IVAN !!!

  • Sarah<3

    Travis is AMAZING! i can’t get enough of his dancing and him! I LOVE YOU AND GOOD LUCK!

  • Aleksa

    Travis is soo cute and sexy!! He’s such a brilliant dancer and I’m really in love with him!

  • katylin

    ok so like allison was definately my favorite girl from the beginning and i was so sad that she got off but did you thing that her and travis has something going on becasue like you could kinda tell when they were dancing together at the end of the show and if so theyd be the cutest couple ever!

  • Bob

    I am still depressed from Allison getting kicked off. I almost cried when she waas eliminated. She was the only reason that I watched the show and she will be missed. I love you Allison!

  • Meredith

    Allison & Travis know each other from before the show….Allison won a title, and got to go teach for something(don’t remember the name of it) and Travis had won a few years before, so they became friends then, and Travis is gay, so there’s nothing but friendship between them…lol…I totally cried when Allison got kicked off..i cried hysterically for like 2 hrs… maybe 3….She was the BEST dancer EVER!!! and her hip-hop dance to "Sexy Love" with Ivan was the BEST dance i’ve ever seen…i cry everytime i see it…’s just AMAZING!!! i love it!!! they are so cute together, but they are both dating someone else, so there’s no chance, at least for now……jk….but i cried when Allison left, and i cried when Ivan left too…….not as much as when Allison left, but i did cry…….it’s so sad that America can’t recognize TALENT when they see it…..i know i sure did, but i guess some people just aren’t smart enough to see her TALENT!!!

  • sifjisjfgirj

    OMG Ashlee is my best Friend i train with her and she s HECKA GOOD to bad she got voted off. i am so glad that she made it that far

  • kiasha

    i loove travis he is so good me and my bff are doeing resurch right now

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  • http://hey celeste

    my fave is travis wall….he is hotty

  • celeste

    that my fave boy is travis wall….he is so hotty!!!!

  • Tim

    I like Benji,Heidi and Travis Wall

  • katharine

    i loved natalie and allison they were the best dancers ever!!Musa s great too and hott:)

  • Adriana Siqueira

    I love Benji!!! kiss from Brazil.

  • shammi faria

    i luv dmitryyyyyyyyyyyy.not only he’s fab.dancer but also very cute.