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Stop Loss Movie

Stop Loss Movie

Ryan Phillippe, 31, is in negotiations to star in the Iraq war drama Stop-Loss, directed by Kimberly Peirce (Boys Don’t Cry).   Ryan Phillippe will play a soldier who returns home to Texas and is called to duty again in Iraq through the military’s "stop-loss" procedure. The soldier then refuses to return to battle. Like how Boys Don’t Cry won Hilary Swank an Oscar for best actress, this could be the big break Ryan Phillippe needs for his movie career.  According to IMDb, model/actor Channing Tatum has also been cast in Stop-Loss.  Above is 30-year-old wife Reese Witherspoon (wearing a Marissa Semi Precious Stone Dress by Velvet made of 100% lyocell) leaving Italian boutique Marni in Beverly Hills this past Wednesday.   More pictures in the gallery!

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  • urdadur

    She is just too cute for words! And I hope she’s pregnant :)

  • bunni

    I would never pay money to see either one of them in a movie.

  • LL

    Ryan must be getting good at the soldier thing. I can’t wait to see Flags of our Fathers and this sounds good too.

  • emily

    bunni-youre loss. reese has made some great movies.and this outfit will intensify pregnancy rumous more. but last week out with deacon wearing a tight top she didnt look pregnant. either she likes this style of clothes or phillippe 3 might be in he very early stages. have to wait and seeand she looks cute.if she is with baby. girl or boy?id like them to have anothe gir

  • hint

    You may want to run spellcheck on your title… Soldier has an "i"!

  • d. c.

    And sounds like a boring, annoying preachy movie.. He volunteers then tells his boss what he will do? It doesn’t work in real life.. you quit or do the job.. ho hum.

  • j4r3d

    Thanks, Hint!

  • micci

    I’m very excited about this movie! It sounds really good and I love Ryan so I’m looking forward to it.

  • abril

    Ryan as a soldier sounds good to me – love men in uniform. Reese does look pregnant in these pics.

  • Iolee

    I like Ryan P. good actor but well, no surprise here, another liberal crap movie to turn all of us into softie and incourage more Americans to not serve their country. Way to go Hollywood!!! Why don’t you for once make a movie about America just plain loving and patriotic. I’m really sick of these whole, "Whaaa, we Americans are the bad people". I just wish that everyone would reunite to fight this terrorism. The media is crap, Holloywood is the same. I’m worried for the future of this country. That is why I will raise my kids to appreciate this country and not feel self pity to be Americans. Anyways, sorry to get all dramatic on you all. I’m just really sick and tired of the portrayal of Americans to be weak and the bad people meanwhile the real enemies are coward and won’t even put on a uniform to fight fair w/ us. Okay, I’m done. Sorry if I upset anyone. Go BAMZS!!!!

  • Iolee

    Jared, that sucks you removed my post. I thought we have a freedom of expression here. I’ve read stuff that are beyond out of line and I’m just sticking out for the military. I’m disappointed.

  • Iolee

    Okay, I take that back. I wonder why my computer did that. Now it showed what I posted. Weird. Sorry about that and thanks for not taking off my post! Love this site!

  • movie fan

    Iolee, loving America does not mean blindly following whatever the leader does — that’s dictatorship and what we have always fought AGAINST. It’s the most American thing you can do to question your leaders and stand up to them and let your views be known. So, this could be a very patriotic movie, where the individual voice is heard and respected. I love America, so I know that I’m not going to make sure the leaders are doing their job representing me and not just doing what they want. Fighting terrorism would have meant staying in Afghanistan and getting rid of Osama bin Laden and the Taliban, not running over to Iraq for the leader’s own personal reasons and CAUSING terrorists to rise up against us when they weren’t even in that country before. Being a good American is also not thinking we are always perfect, so that we learn nothing and don’t grow, but always looking to improve so we can be the best. Right now, America is NOT the best in so many ways — medicine, technology, education, economy, manufacturing — because too many people just don’t want to hear how to keep up with the times and always improve, and just want to be told that America is always right and always the best, and so the rest of the world is passing us by why we pound our chests and don’t pay attention and just SAY we’re always the best.I don’t know about this movie, but if it’s about being sent to Iraq on double tours, then Ryan is portraying an old-style American, who does fight for his country, and won’t follow his leaders blindly, and stands up for principles. I like how Ryan and Reese takes turns with the movies so that family comes first.

  • movie fan

    #5 EmilyI agree — this dress really makes her look like she is pregnant, but in the early stages, it’s best to look at the boobs first, then the bump, because the bump can be just flab and can go away if in tighter clothes. Her boobs do look fuller, so I think she could be preggers.

  • Iolee

    Movie Fan, thanks for responding. Yes I agree w/ you that Bush has not done that of a great job. I am disappointed at our pace on terrorism. Although we have not left Afghanista, we still have many of our brave soldiers fighting and still looking for Osama Bin Laden. I would have to admit that it would have been better if we had focused our attention on Osama first then Saddam after. Don’t forget that Saddam had plenty of time to get rid of any WMD. Syria is right next door and Iran is also. I still can’t forget that painting he had in one of his houses with teh twin towers and plains going through it. That to me was enough of an evidence to go after. If it was for personal reason, I really don’t buy it. Bush senior’s job was to drive Saddam out of Kuwait and they did just that. He finished that job. But the damage is done. We are there now and we can’t just turn our backs now. We have to finish the job. Also remember that soldiers volunteer themselves to serve their country if they are asked to go back, they should, that is what they signed for. Our education system has not been all that great either. Many high school graduates and can’t even pass the asfab test to pass qualifying marks to join the military. If we have more who are dedicated and want to volunteer and serve their country, there wouldn’t be any shortage and would mean not serving twice or longer than 6 months of tour duty. We see it differently but I am glad that you do care about this country. We are fighting an enemy who will not care about your freedom and will cut your head off just because you don’t believe the same God they do.

  • Katie

    Iolee, US Forces left Afghanistan earlier this year, leaving the job to Canadian troops, who have suffered numerous casualties defending civilians, searching for terrorists and trying to restore order.And, yes soldiers volunteer, but what they volunteer for is defending their country and others who may need it. When they find that the war is being fought on false pretenses, or that there are inhumane and horrible things being done, why shouldn’t they be able to voice their opinions. Standing idly by and blindly following orders would be worse, in my opinion.

  • Iolee

    Katie, just curious to know what you do to know exactly that US is no longer involved in Afghanistan. And if your facts are straight then it’s about time that other countries pitch in to help. Funny how easily others like you can just take sides at what the biased media is reporting. Self inflecting Americans like you are what will be the downfall of this country. Do you think we would have won against the Nazi’s if we have the same type of media that we have now? I don’t think so. It would be one ruler and one type of race. I support our soldiers 100% because they are in the front lines, not us. Don’t forget that the enemy we are fighting do not fight fair and it makes it even more difficult for all our men and women. And if you are talking about inhumane acts, how about the time when Saddam gassed his own people? Do you know that terrorist use children and women as human shields? Do you think that makes it easy for us to do the job properly? Look, I know the enemy and the enemy are these terrorist, not the Administration who are only doing their best under these circumstances. I know that they can do better like providing the full armor for all military personnel on the ground or use full force but they always have to be very careful at what they do because God knows there will be an out cry. Sure it would have saved more of our soldiers lives if we would just bomb them to the oblivion but they are doing their best to save as much lives as possible. And no, I do not sit idly by. I am proud to be a part of a military family and we are the reason why you live freely. It’s sad to think that there are people like you who think that our men and women out there risking their lives are just fighting for nothing. I sure hope that we can prove you wrong. We know this will take some time and it will take much longer when there are people like you and a media who would rather underdmined what we are doing instead of blaming the real enemy.

  • pagebetty

    ——-Reese! Your husband is hot! And I can’t wait until his movie opens! What a sexy daddy!