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John Wayne DVD Movie Collection Giveaway

John Wayne DVD Movie Collection Giveaway

Seven Sinners (1940) — Wayne shines as a handsome naval officer who sacrifices everything for the love of a cabaret singer (Marlene Dietrich) with a mysterious past.

The Shepherd of the Hills (1941) — As part of a family of Ozark moonshiners, Wayne is a simple man sworn to protect the land he loves and a secret that threatens to tear the community apart.

Pittsburgh (1942) — Wayne stars with Marlene Dietrich and Randolph Scott in this patriotic rags to riches adventure of two coal miners who risk it all to take on the ruthless steel industry.

The Conqueror (1955) — In one of his most memorable roles, Wayne conquers ferocious armies and the heart of a princess (Susan Hayward) to become the legendary fighter Genghis Khan.

Jet Pilot (1957) — As heroic Air Force Colonel Jim Shannon, Wayne takes to the skies to save a beautiful Russian lady pilot (Janet Leigh) accused of being a spy.

John Wayne remains, without a doubt, a legend of the silver screen and one of Hollywood’s most talented and versatile leading men of all time. See ‘The Duke,’ with his rugged good looks and undeniable charm, take command of the screen in the amazing collection of five unique films from his long and illustrious film career. This John Wayne 5 Movie Collection DVD (all films listed above) is a must-own set, confirming John Wayne‘s status as a true American icon!   Below is a classic beer commercial feauring John Wayne for Coors-Light.

HOW TO WIN A FREE COPY ::  To win The John Wayne 5 Movie Collection DVD, leave a comment in this entry with your favorite John Wayne film and the reason why it’s your favorite. Be sure to include a valid email address (not published).  Entries must be made before Thursday, June 22 @ 7PM EST.  Good luck!

UPDATE :: Congratulations, Agnieszka!  Her favorite John Wayne film was "The Searchers."  Your DVD collection is on the way!  A big thanks to everyone else who entered!

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  • Woody Carlile

    I would have to say that my favorite John Wayne Moves is "In Harms Way". John Wayne played a ships captian that was caught up in the blame game of pearl harbor and eventually became an admrial to command a task force and the way he didnt play suck up to those who outranked him. they way he went around his commanders who were in it just for the glory and not for the mission or the men. Also the attempt of patching up a relationship with a son he barely knew.

  • Barbara

    I have to say my favorite John Wayne movie is "The Three Godfathers" It shows a soft side to John ‘s tough man persona.

  • Pamela Fox

    The Quiet Man…..I love the chemistry between John and Maureen O’hara…totally sexy without showing a thing.

  • Agnieszka

    I think "The Searchers" is the most iconic film of John Wayne’s career. For me, it is like Homer’s Odyssey, or Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass. It depics an American Odyssey to find the last Frontier. A search of something forever elusive. And John Wayne portrays an American Odyseus.

  • Agnieszka

    And of course Stagecoach. From the cinematography point of view and film development, it contributed a lot.

  • anon

    # 5 | Agnieszka | This is just for you…. I want Now we have something substantial in common. lol I hope you know that you are welcome in the BAMZS threads and will be welcomed. Please do not give up on the Bamz threads. I shot from the hip so to speak but only because I was tired of going over and over the same subject. Jared is my first and only gossip thread …I have learned not to take anything personally to the extent of responding in like manner. After all two wrongs do not equal one right. We all come from different roads in life, experience and education so we all interpret our environment differently. As I tell the parents of my clients… choose your battles and save your energy for the ones that count. So please do not let what has transpired discourage you from participating. I promise I will watch your back just as I promise that the majority of the BAMZS are good people with the emotional intelligence to move on . Take care——Elena

  • Jake

    The Searchers. I loved Ethan’s (John Wayne) internal conflict throughout the film as well as how he builds up his relationship with his nephew, who he previously shunned due to the boy being half Indian. Also, the change in Ford’s cinematography was leaps and bounds over his previous efforts, which helped to make the story that much more engrossing. Just an excellent film all around.

  • guli

    # 6 | anon | and # 4 | Agnieszka |! How are you guys. You know as we are cyber-friends speaking different languages and try to communicate only in English ain’t fun :) Sometimes we minderstand each other. But that is OK, we just move on since what bonds us together is this gorgeous loving family, right??? Hey Angiez(that is what I am going to call you from now on, since there is no way I can type your name on the fly) We know you love this family ie BAMZS so just ignore what bothers you on the thread, cause I also know most of the JJ fans and they are GREAT people, sometimes we have to disagree.. Just rejoice for this family.. Goodnight Elena and Angiez….

  • jmt

    The final scene in "Red River" is very satisfying.

  • eric

    the ultimate marine war movie "the sands of iwo jima" never forget that movie the first time i saw it when i was little. it has a special place in my dvd collection. wayne’s acting in this one showed many sides of his acting ability. a great movie.

  • Kelly

    I would have to say that my favorite movie is the Quiet Man. I love how John and Maureen interact with each other and the scenery is beautiful.

  • Katie

    I’d probably have to say Seven Sinners. I love Marlene Dietrich!

  • 207guy

    I also vote for "The Quiet Man." Funny, Scenic, Passionate, a true classic if there ever was one.

  • Michelle

    I’ve always loved John in Rooster Cogburn as the marshall who goes after some bad men that rape and kill people in a small village. He makes me feel secure in this movie to wish we had a real Rooster Cogburn in our crazy world right now. Bring him on!

  • Agnieszka

    Anon, guli, if you get this. It is today that I went back to see my winning name on this giveaway and I read your posts. I wish you let me know you posted here.JJ- thank you so very much! I am very excited about this. It is a great gift!