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Turistas Movie

Turistas Movie

Fox Filmed Entertainment will launch its new young-adult genre division, Fox Atomic, with its first acquisition, John Stockwell‘s horror feature "Turistas," produced by 2929 Prods. Josh Duhamel, Melissa George and Olivia Wilde star in the tale of college-age backpackers who embark on a dream vacation along the Brazilian coast (it really was filmed in Brazil). After an accident leaves them stranded, they discover a beachside bar filled with revelers, only to end up drugged by the locals and two of them kidnapped. Josh Duhamel (Las Vegas) plays Alex, Melissa George (Alias) plays Pru, and Olivia Wilde (Alpha Dog) plays Bea. Fox Atomic reportedly expects Turistas to open in early 2007. More Turistas stills in the gallery!

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josh duhamel melissa george turisatas01
josh duhamel melissa george turisatas02
josh duhamel melissa george turisatas03
josh duhamel melissa george turisatas04
josh duhamel melissa george turisatas05
josh duhamel melissa george turisatas07
josh duhamel melissa george turisatas08
josh duhamel melissa george turisatas09
josh duhamel melissa george turisatas10

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  • Pierre-Yves.

    The pics are funnier for the French I am, for " Turistas " here can be translated by " diarrheas ". " After an accident leaves them stranded ", I hope we don’t talk about the same kind of accident… We agree on one thing, though, it is in deed a horror feature.

  • babs

    I’m brazilian and I ddin’t know about it …. shit lol

  • yeah right

    Josh Duhamel? college age? and what planet is this movie supposed to be set in??

  • Reba

    Sounds like a stupid movie that’s unintentionally funny with bad acting. The critics will have a field day with this movie.

  • brazilgrl

    My cousin was an extra, it’s a really creepy movie, very scary. She told me the whole plot, it’s something different than you think it is. And Josh is hot hot.

  • jennss

    Obviously those are pics of the cast and not the actual movie. Josh is totally totally hot! Yummy!

  • jessie

    Josh Duhamel is not nearly as hot as he thinks he is.

  • vegasslvr

    OMG Josh whoa! What a hotttie! I can’t wait to see his hotness in the hot sun shirtless on a big screen. What a hunk!

  • jessie

    Oh, and that girl with buck teeth (1st picture) is ugly too.

  • brazilgrl

    Oh my jessie I have never met Josh but cousin was on the set with him a lot, and he is not thinking he is hotter than he is, in fact he is way hotter than he acts she said.It’s a good creepy thriller. It was supposed to just be a small indy movie, but now it’s going to be released wide I guess.Fox loved it, it’s so so creey when you hear about how it plays out! Fun scary movie with a hot guy!

  • Janice

    Ahh this is hot! I heard he made this gritty movie! Melissa George is hot too. She was in Derailed.

  • BlackJack

    Love to see what the people ripping Melissa look like. She is super hot. I don’t know about Josh, but my wife loves the guy and wants to see this and Transformers just to see him.A thriller with a hot woman. Sounds good. For all of you women complimenting Maniston and putting down Melisssa, shows you don’t know what guys like ;and shows you are way jealous!

  • jessie

    I read Josh likes to stare at himself in the mirror a lot. He THINKS he is hot.

  • kania

    Melissas should have been the women who was the "other women" in Derailed, not that fugly Aniston! Melissa is pretty and can act. Josh is hot and so so good to watch! lol. Jessie you need to give it up, you sound about 10- years old with your silly posts. LOL

  • canadiansunrise

    So so hot ! Josh is just to darn good looking for words. Can not wait for this movie.

  • jessie

    Talk about someone who is 10-years old! You sound like a second grader with a crush on someone who is on television. "Wow, man, he is HOTT! But Jennifer Maniston is FUGLY!"

  • kania

    Yeah Jessie, I can comment on someone being hot or fugly, but I don’t know if she looks at herself in the mirror and make middle school posts about them when I don’t know their personalities. Unlike you, I am just commenting on looks, don’t have a crush, don’t know the guy, neither do you. So yes, grow up.

  • lisalisa

    Thank yor for posting these. A little shritless Josh is always a good thing!

  • jessie

    I only posted what I read.No, I don’t know these people. But unless you are their mother, you shouldn’t take it persoanlly. Get back to reality. I wouldn’t be surprised if you wrote to Josh with your crayons asking "Do you love me Joshie? Circle Yes or No."

  • mandii

    Joshie can love me anytime! LOL Thanks for those pics on a boring saturday!

  • randyair

    Josh was just down here filming Transformers in New Mexico at the airforce base with Jon Voigt. they all hung out on Fridays with people who were extras. Josh is way way way cool! Hung out at Chilis and Shooters, and drank with us! He is down to earth, regular guy, cool as can be with everyone. Don’t know if he is hot, I am a guy but girls chased him when he left his hotel near the air force base to get to his car! Melissa George is hot though. Josh is a good guy. Glad I got to hang with him. All of the female extras drooled over him!

  • sandibee

    Hot pics, Sounds like a fun movie. Good to see it going from IndY to wide release. Don’t feed the trolls here, some just love to hate on people and rile things up with what they supposedly know about people. Probably some leftover angry soap trolls who didn’t get Josh’s autograph when he was on the soap, Josh is hot hot. Melissa is good. Should be creepy and fun!

  • R.C.

    The actors will regret making this movie. It will ruin their careers.

  • makkie

    LOL the movie went from being indy to a wide release after Fox saw it. All of the actors already have many other projects. Sounds like some sour grapes here.BTW saw Josh and Jon Voigt in the Palms last night, they had been filming Josh’s OTHER movie at Hoover Dam. they were at N9NE with what must have been the cast celebrating and eating dinner.Fox likes the movie, they didn’t have to pick it up. Picked it up before anyone else saw so they could have it from what I heard.

  • kaniid

    2929 productions who did Good Night and Good Luck and Akeela and the Bee produced this movie, so they may now more than people who just saw pics from a set! lolThe trolls sure are bitter and nasty today aren’t they? LOL

  • J L

    If a bad movie could ruin a career, then Maniston would never have made any more after her non stop flops at the box office. She only makes money if she has a funny lead guy brining in the money. Josh is in transformers? Didn’t know that!

  • randyair

    Yep, Josh was down here but they went to Nevada this week to film. We are at the Holloman Air force Base. He is way cool. Did a good job too, very serious when acting, but so so cool when out. Didn’t seem worried about his looks to me. Way casual. Shooters was a blast!

  • jessie

    LOL it’s funny you would say YOU spotted Josh AFTER it was published online in "celeberity sightings." You are out of reality. Why defend a bad picture just because someone you have a crush on is in it? It’s a bad rip-off of "Hostel."LAS VEGAS JOURNAL/NORM CLARKE…–Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil is opening a tattoo shop at theFlamingo in the area where O’Shea’s Irish pub is being replaced. The2,200-square-foot shop will front the Strip and be part of "a rock androll vibe" in the space, Neil said by telephone on Friday.Advertisement Construction begins in 10 days, he said, with alate-summer opening planned. Neil said he had planned a tattoo joint atHarrah’s in Lake Tahoe, but plans changed when Harrah’s exec DonMarrandino moved to Las Vegas as president of Harrah’s and theFlamingo.–Third Eye Blind and REO Speedwagon are performing atArenaBowl-related events this weekend. Third Eye Blind will perform athalftime and at a 75-minute post-game concert at the Thomas & Mack. REOSpeedwagon will play the ArenaBowl Beach Bash at the Mandalay Bay Beachat 9 p.m. today, as part of Mandalay Bay’s "Concerts on the Beach"series.–"Sopranos” star Steven Schirripa, who plays Tony Soprano’sbrother-in-law, hosts the opening tonight of Harrah’s new Italianrestaurant, Penazzi, from 6-8 p.m. Schirripa, whose third book, "TheGoomba Diet — Living Large and Loving It," is out, is taping a "CasinoCinema" for Spike TV on Sunday at 10 a.m. at the Riviera.–New grandfather Jon Voight and Josh Duhamel of NBC’s "Las Vegas,"dining at N9ne Steakhouse (Palms) on Thursday. They were part of agroup celebrating the upcoming sci-fi film, "Transformers." Voight’sdaughter, Angelina Jolie, had her first child May 27 in Namibia and isreportedly returning to California with Brad Pitt this weekend.

  • Makkie

    I am in LV on business this week and saw them. It’s about 2:45 here and I am just leaving to have lunch with a client. I was at N9NE with a client last night. You obviously stalk Josh quite a bit for someone who hates him.Too bad you seem to believe everything you read. Step outside, you may find out that the National Enquirer where you "read" about what celebrities are right isn’t always true. In summary, you need some help honey.

  • randyair

    Jessie why are you talking crap about Josh when you never met the guy. I hung with him and he is not what you say. You got major issues girl. Posting about him and what he does and hating on him too. He is going to be needing a body guard for psychos who are doing that. I was with the guy after the shoot and shooters and he is way cool. Your crappy post about him sucks, since you just want to start trouble. Why are you so darn bitter?

  • jessie

    When you said you spotted Josh at the N9NE I knew it had to be published. So I looked for it, and sure enough, it was written up. You really do live in a dream world. lol.

  • JL

    Don’t feed the troll, she is obviously a scary troll! lol

  • Makkie

    Yeah Jessie, and guess what ? I read the review journal I am in vegas a lot for work. So I know it was probably in there like ALL celeb sightings. Guess what, more than one person can see a celeb at a time. And I know somehow you are very bitter about Josh for some reason, but just to let you know. Many people visit Vegas and visit N9NE it’s very popular. So, spending your day looking up like that proves nothing. It’s too sunny out here to keep trying to reason with you. In short, you are a sad girl.

  • jessie

    Dream on girl. lol.

  • J L

    Hey Jessie, how funny you can find that but your other insults about Josh are too hard to find on any legit website or from any person who really knows him. You are the dreamer and the bitter dreamer at that.

  • randyair

    I know one thing Jessie, you posted crap about Josh and don’t have any proof of what you said about him and insults. He is anything but what you posted about him. Your slanderous post just sucked. Josh is nothing like that. Seen him 2 weeks in hot sun all day working hard and under pressure and in his personal time too. Good guy for sure. You on the other hand are mean and just out to put someone down. Posting stuff just to put someone down is pretty lame, when you never knew the guy.The Globe is looking for people like you.

  • sandibee

    Psycho soap fans strike again. Poor Josh followed by some weird women who are mad because his soap guy probably did something years ago that pissed them off! Wack jobs are so prevelant! lol Hating him and stalking him at the same time. Psycho for sure.

  • jessie

    I read that tidbit in a magazine article by some insider. You know darn well I didn’t make it up.

  • carolee

    Good! Finally a movie I can drag my guy to that he will find fun because it is gory and I can star at Josh.

  • Rachel NYC

    #1, that was funny. You funny frenchman you…And other people who have this nasty habit of fighting with other bloggers, what’s your problem? Talk about JOsh Dumbell. Not yourselves. You people go insane on these blogs and it’s annoying. Who cares what a poster says? Whether it’s about you or a celeb. I hate when people give into such childish waste of energy and thought.Thirdly, i think Josh should give up on Fergie and get together with this Melissa George. They’d make a hot couple! Another brangelina? Well, not on such a high famous level, but similar.

  • R NYC

    And yes I know, Melissa is married i think. But who cares. Dump him.

  • danmarr

    Josh and Melissa are both hotties. I think Josh and Molly Sims or Josh and Melissa would be totally a hot Hollywood couple! I like Fergie, but Josh is hotter with Melissa!

  • makkie

    BTW besides seeing Josh at N9NE, I also saw Josh at TAO that night. His hair does not look too short for someone playing a military commander – no brush cut. I was expecting them to give him the same haircut that he had when Danny went to war. He was clean shaven, and his hair was short, but not shaven.It was very packed. He was in the main room. Tao is located at the Venetian.

  • Makkie

    In case a gossip columnist saw Josh at Tao and I get accused of lying again, I will say he had on a gray t shirt with the word "sport" on it. LOL He also had on jeans.

  • david

    Please tell me Melissa George and Josh are the PARENTS of college kids.

  • aquame

    This movie sounds an awful lot like a remake of the Australian film "Wolf Creek." Hmmmm…

  • brazilgrl

    It’s actually really cool. Like I said my cousin was an extra and it’s got an interesting twist, not typical.

  • guieac

    OMG..I was so disappointed. The month they were shooting turistas in ‘Ubatuba’, which is only 4hrs away from where I live, I was in some play else camping. God, how I wish I was there to get some autographs from Melissa, maybe even appear as a stand-in. She rocks!

  • guieac

    Correction: some place* else