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Jennifer Aniston & Vince Vaughn In Paris

Jennifer Aniston & Vince Vaughn In Paris

Paris, France ::  After spending months denying they were in a relationship, Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn were pictured all over Paris these last few days.Jen, 37, and Vince, 36, were out in the Open yesterday at Roland Garros, attending the men’s singles final between Switzerland’s Roger Federer of Switzerland and Spain’s Rafael Nadal during the French Open .  No. 2-ranked Nadal beat No. 1 Federer 1-6, 6-1, 6-4, 7-6 (7-4) to win his second straight French Open title.  Many more pictures in the gallery!

Jen and Vince visited Notre Dame church and dined at the famous Parisian brasserie la Coupole (102 Boulevard Montparnasse).  The pair ended the afternoon on a boat trip down the river "Seine".  Jen was also spotted dining at the restaurant chez l’Ami Louis (32, rue du Vertbois) with friends sans Vince.

Earlier last week, Jen and Vince stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel in Sydney, Australia.  One prying paparazzi snapped this photo of the happy couple at their hotel room window.
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jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris01
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris02
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jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris04
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris05
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jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris13
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris14
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris15
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris16
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris17
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris18
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jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris20
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris21
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris22
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris23
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris24
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris25
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris26
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris27
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris28
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris29
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris30
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris31
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris32
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris33
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris34
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris35
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris36
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris38
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris39
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris40
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris41
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris45
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris46
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris47
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris48
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris50
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris51
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris53
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris54
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris55
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris56
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris57
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris58
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris59
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris60
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris61
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris62
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris63
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris64
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris65
jennifer aniston vince vaughn paris66

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  • Spammy

    Still don’t like her – she never has a smile on her face….look at the pic of the fan getting an autograph v.false put on…..great legs though!

  • Becky

    SHE LOOKS PRETTY,I wish everyone the best in that tabloid frenzy.PEOPLE LET GO OF YOUR HATE!.HAVE A GR8 DAY!!


    Is she pregnant?

  • Raqchel

    Is she pregnant? # 3 | PREGERS |Nope she aint preggers. She was lighting up cigs the same day on a boat with VV.

  • The Real Hmmmm

    Okay y’all, She actually looks good. Man! Check out those legs. Vinny, my boy, You gotta start shaving.

  • smokin

    You can smoke and be pregnant………..i wouldnt put it past her

  • anon

    its funny she went to all the same places with Vince as she did with Brad a couple of years ago.

  • chloe922

    Yes but have you seen the pictures of her at the French Open walking around! She looks definitely pregnant to me…

  • She’s lame

    Can’t stand her – self-centered and shallow. With that kind of attitude you need way more than great legs. And MOST peope can’t stand her either!

  • chloe922

    Yes but have you seen the pictures of her at the French Open walking around! She looks definitely pregnant to me…

  • the tempest

    She has gained some weight, which is a good thing seeing how skinny she was for a while, but I don’t think she’s pregnant or will be any day soon.

  • jens preg

    look at pic with robe(coat) like angelina wore.look at the one with white top wide at the bottom.her hat is on her lap?,shes preg!!!!……haha

  • awww, so sweet

    she looks great–both of them seem very happy–whatever they nature of the relationship, I love these two together.

  • Jen-Hater Forever

    She DOESN’T have great legs. What she has are short frumpy legs. And short frumpy arms to match. What a sorry loser. Look at those pinched thin lips and narrow beady eyes. Cheap, cheap, cheap. Aniston is trailer park through and through.

  • to #7 – anon

    hey – you’re right, Brad and Jen went to a couple of the same places together. It’s always a good sign you’ve moved on when you are happy to revisit the same great places you’ve been with a past love. I love JA & VV together!!!!

  • two cruises

    its funny she went to all the same places with Vince as she did with Brad a couple of years ago.ramey pix noticed that too.tale of two cruises.

  • #7 Anon

    thanks for the pix. brad sure looked happy to be there with Jen in those photos. I’m glad Jen looks happy again with Vince.

  • #16 – 2 cruises

    hope nobody is suggesting that Brad ownes the Siene. I mean I know brangelina and bamz fans can be a bit arrogant. but really now. It totally rocks that Jen isn’t reluctant to go back to the same places. Probably means she wants to make new, happy memories with Vince.

  • angelina mmm

    I think she is copying Brad and Angelina. On the other hand she might be in Paris to congratulate B and A on their newborn.

  • Just trying maybe

    I dont think she’s pregnant because there are photos of her smoking and drinking. I don’t think she would do those things in public if she were pregnant. However, it may be she is trying to get pregnant and so needs to put on some weight. If a woman doesn’t have enough body fat, she may not ovulate (which is not the same as menstruate). Besides, its now or just about never for her if she wants to have a movie career and a family. Being pregnant will take 12 months out of her film career. Assuming she gets pregnant in the next few weeks, she’ll have to put her career on hold for 12 months then return to it when she’s 38+ which is still possible. Despite the success of TBU, I don’t actually think she will be around much more as a leading actress. No fans, don’t jump on me. Its just because of her age – many equally fine and attractive actresses have disappeared around this age. It’s actually sad and very sexist. But people are still programmed to be sexist.

  • to #19

    One of the things she appears to be doing in Paris was enjoying the French Open…which a lof of you BAMZ fans were enjoying in another thread yesterday. See, you have a little somethin’ in common with Jen A, so maybe you’re not as dreadful and you often seem.

  • to #19

    One of the things she appears to be doing in Paris was enjoying the French Open…which a lof of you BAMZ fans were enjoying in another thread yesterday. See, you have a little somethin’ in common with Jen A, so maybe you’re not as dreadful and you often seem.

  • d

    the brad and jen cruise looks a hell of alot more romatic than the vince and jen cruise…hmmmmm.

  • d

    First: The Pregnancy—Well she probably ate a full meal ..Also. not to be tacky but crossing time lines does mess up your body’s garbabe disposal system and it can get blocked for a couple of days …she probably will/has taken a laxative and back to normal. (Hey she can always refer to this when trying to find work …you know a laxative commercial?)Second , are you some of you smoking crack??? Her pregnant. Pleassse! She is to self -absorbed to want a child enough to sacrifice her body and her habits. She is notorious for her obssession to her appearance. I think it is somewhat sad and ironic that a few years ago when she and Brad were in Paris and of course it was about his movie and not hers things were different. Apparently she had a threadmill and free weights put in their hotel suite. While Brad was out to the museums and doing all the pr and tourist thing, Jennifer stayed in their suite exercising for hours. I thought of how different his visit to Paris was with Angie. It is so obvious that she and Jen are there to be seen… and "open boat" ride ….French Open? PLEASSSE … I always liked Vince but I am dissapointed to think that he is as artificial as she is… If she is pregnant , I pray to God that Brad and Angie will adopt the child eventually. For as emotionally stunted as Jen is …. there will be no happiness in the cards for her child…..Not until she starts taking ownership of her life and her choises.

  • Brad kissing Jen!

    thanks D. LMAO. You sure can tell who was leasing in for that kiss. And bamz fans who claim Brad never loved Jen–take note!

  • brad kissing jen

    I meaent "leaning" Brad appears to be leaning in for the kiss. They WERE cute together. But I’m one of the fans who is just as happy with the way things turned out.

  • brad kissing Jen

    I so canNOT type today. sorry. I "meant" Brad is obviously leaning into Jen for the kiss. Well look for yourselves. No denying this pair cared about each other at some point inn time.But hey sh** happens and as Jen’s dad said, brad will grow up someday (maybe it’s started already) and angelina was just doing what angelina does.Jen looks happy again. That’s wonderful.

  • d

    yes I have to agree Brad and Jen looked blissfully happy together at times, and there is no denying that. I hope Jen has moved on and is blissfully happy with Vince but so far the camera has not caught any bliss imo. But I like all four of them, I hope they are all happy.

  • Brad kissing Jen!

    thanks D. LMAO. You sure can tell who was leasing in for that kiss. And bamz fans who claim Brad never loved Jen–take note!

  • #1 Fan

    I don’t think they’ve spent the past months denying the relationship. They’ve spent the past few months, quoting Vince "not saying it is, and not saying it isn’t"VAUGNISTON 4-evah!!!!

  • bamzs fan

    If any one want to see Baby Zaraha walking and playing with brother Maddox and mom’s assistant go to: ….it’s great , some of the comments can’t great …but they are haters out there

  • VVJA

    wow, he looks good, very good. damn fine.curious to see where this couple is headed.thanks jared

  • to d

    yeah I know what you mean. haven’t really seen any of the 4 looking blissfully happy for a while in any totally candid shots.

  • to d

    although–when I examine this group of photos more closely, I do see a little bliss and a lot of peace in both Jen and Vince. I love them together and I hope it lasts.

  • Vince is Hot

    This couple has been good for each other. I have always loved Vince, but no doubt he’s looking better than ever lately. Jen is taking care of her man!!!

  • cart

    jenn is cute but vince…sorry he is fun guy but ugly very ugly.

  • The break up

    If you haven’t seen it, I recommend it. Take your husband or your BF. My husband loved it. He whined about going because he thought chick flick, but it is totally not.

  • carmella

    I am so happy to see them out and about. Jen has no reason to hide and Vince looks 100% supportive. I have always thought he was one of the funniest actors out there now, and his looks are even growing on me. Manly man.

  • Trish

    notice how much vince’s dressing has improved. he was alwways like ben affleck before jlo, tshirts and baseball hats. Now Vince has a dress shirt on at a game. Nice!. I always liked Jen/Brad/Angelina and Vince as actors. I still do. their personal relationship doesnt effect me at all. Vince is so funny. love him. I hope it works out for them.

  • to BAMZS Fan

    You don’t have to bring up BAMZS stuff hereJA /VV fans have not bashed BAMZS here on this thread so farThe only horrible comments have been by BAMZS fans about how unfit JA will be as a mother and so onIt’s so uneccessaryIf you’re a true BAMZS fan rejoice in their blessings, without having to bash JA/VV life together,what ever it isAnd for the record- I think Brad had been in love with JA for most of his marriage.I don’t see how you can deny that.Just as I think he is totally in love with AJ nowAnd I don’t think JA is pregnant, she was smoking and drinking in public on the same day as these pics. I think she may be a little self conscious and trying to hide her stomach because people saw a bit of weight gain on her at her premiere.I don’t think she’d smoke while pregnant

  • saly

    brad-angie or jenn-vince are OK couples, but really brad and jenn together were mega cute.

  • d

    Brad indeed still feels for Jen, the only comments I know that he has made about her after the divorce in W magazine and I quote." I know that if a marraige does not fit a certain idea, its looked upon as a failure. But I see mine as a total success. My god , man. Jen is such an inflluence on my life. We made it for seven years, that’s five more than I made it with anyone else. We’ve been able to keep the lovethat we have for each other in front of everything else."

  • Miss FuckFace

    Oh look, the AJ fans have come out to play. What a bunch of morons

  • JA & VV!!!

    to #42 – salyI hear you saly, but I think the jenn-vince couple is growing on me more and more. maybe it’s just seeing their movie, but the way they look at each other just seems so sweet sometimes. their chemistry in the film was rated by about 70& as "just right" with 2nd biggest percentage going to "hot and steamy". I didn’t see the hot and steamy in the film so much, but i did in that B&W "dancing" layout they did together for some mag. Sometimes you just get a feeling these two like each other and have fun together, and it’s more about love than need. So VV & JA, rock on.

  • good grief!

    would you look at that? Jennifer Aniston has turned Vince Vaughan into a hottie. I mean, seriously. He is looking so fine. Masculine.

  • aww, sweet

    I love happy endings.



  • The real lou

    Bamzs fan’s stay of this thread if you can’t say something nice.#41 To Bamzs fan,Good post!

  • bela

    would you look at that? Jennifer Aniston has turned Vince Vaughan into a hottie/// Vince is a great guy but no sexy and no hot.and sure!! jennifer and brad together were very cute and sweet i loved them together,but well…the life is the life.