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Baby Zahara Walking!

Baby Zahara Walking!

Malibu, California :: Brad and Angelina‘s eldest daughter Zahara, 17 months, was spotted walking on her own two feet this past weekend on the balcony of Brad‘s Malibu mansion.  Maddox was also spotted driving circles around his baby sister in his spiffy toy car, a battery operated BMW Z4 Roadster (Z3?). Angelina‘s personal assistant, Holly Goline, was babysitting for the afternoon but Brad and Angelina have enlisted the help of a top nanny agency in Los Angeles to hire a French-speaking nanny  (Jolie means "pretty" in French). Did you know that having a nanny degree can earn you more than $100,000 a year?  $$$$$$!  More pictures in the gallery!

UPDATE :: Apologies, images removed!

Where My Dogs At? is a new satirical cartoon on Saturdays @ 12:30 PM EST on MTV2.  In this week’s premiere episode, Angelina Jolie, a.k.a. "big lip lady," has a room in her mansion filled with computers that allow her to control the world. Her boyfriend, Brad Pitt, arrives with a golden glow shining around his body, only to pronounce, "My God! I’m beautiful."
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  • Mediterranean

    She is soooo cute!

  • Mediterranean

    Noone can be sure 100% by looking at the photos but she doesn’t look sick at all as the magazines kept saying! She just looked great with her sister Shiloh and her parents also.I wonder now what the haters will come up with these photos, maybe where the parents are will be first STUPID question asked by these STUPID HATERS.

  • ariel

    She’s so adorable. I can see her to be another looker. Maddox is always as playful, full of energy & cute.

  • sarafina

    Ange is probably resting or breastfeeding baby shiloh with brad waiting eagerly for his burping duty! Awww…that’s so sweet!

  • Alona

    Good for you Z! You go girl & spot those pesky paparazzi!

  • +++

    Oh good, she ‘s walking and active. this can stop all those rumor that she’s severely sick with wierd disease..

  • fan of Jen

    Being a Vaugniston fan does not prevent me from saying I think both Maddox and Zahara are adorable. I believe I am the rule and not the exception.

  • Nana

    I’m a Jen/Vince fan too, but I wish all the best to jolie-pitts and the children are so cute.

  • Malibumom-fan

    #7Fan of Jen-Thank you-As an African-American I have been so very offended by some of the things Zahara has been called. I have a daughter who looked very similar to her and she has grown up the be absolutely beautiful inside and out-

  • Carolyn

    As a fellow African American myself, I have been offended by other blogs that have been judging this child strictly on the color of her skin. When you think we have advanced, you find out just how backwards some people still are. I hope people on this site may be a little more sensitive to certain issues. She’s just a young child who hasn’t done anything to anyone.

  • medulla

    #2 MediteraneenThose jealous people, National Ledger said that Zahara couldn’t lay on her back due to some weird genetic disease and blame ANGIE for sticking in Africa while Z was sick, well nice move little Z for climbing without help and laying on your back next to HOLLY while the Paparazzi clicked on and on , now we know who is really sick in the head that is.

  • Elena

    I love how both girls mouths look like Mom’s. I predict great things for these children. Their exposure to the world’s realities as well as their parents involvement in trying to make a difference will have them grow with a sense of purpose.I am glad that VV and Jen’s movie is doing well. I wish her to be happy. Maybe then all the fans will realize that Brad and Jen were not meant for each other and all move on. We are all different so why should all of us have the same needs. Splitting hairs about when and why is a waste of time as it is really none of our business and so in the past. If Jen and Brad have moved on so should we.

  • kempeke

    Hey, look! We’re starting this thread on the right foot.Don’t you just want to squeeze those little ones?! Soooo precious!

  • #2 mederaraninan

    #2 is just asking for someone to say something wrong or bad . Some of you here like the hate. I have got to say if I do not like Angies shirt or lips or etc…….it does not mean I hate them all. Hate is such a strong word that most of you like to use….I do not HATE anyone. LET IT GO #2.MEDITRANIEN…OR WHTEVER YOUR NAME IS!

  • hate


  • maggie

    When does Holly have time to spend with her own family? I guess this is the lifestyle you live when you’re someone’s assistant.Great pics of Z wish they were clearer. Can’t see her expression but seems to be having fun doing much of nothing.In a way I feel sorry for these kids, the will never have the freedom they had while overseas. They won’t be able to go to the park, zoo, fair, etc. like talking about it because of the paps. I truly hope these people leave them alone and let them live a normal or as normal life as possible.The Gov. should come up with some strick laws to protect them like they had in Berlin and France. Don’t you think?

  • nikka

    Z looks so cute! and Mad is great in his role as a big brother.

  • kempeke

    I think Holly seems to enjoy what she does. She’s always smiling, and you can tell she adores those kids. I’m sure she gets time off to be with her own family, but it seems like the Jolie-Pitts are like a second family to her. I’d like to think they’d be great people to work for.

  • crybabyAniston

    How gorgeous is this?

  • kempeke

    Like people were saying yesterday, I do feel guilty viewing these pics. I wouldn’t wish such paparazzi intrusion on anyone, especially a family that so deserves some peace.

  • Rica

    Zahara is beautiful now, always has been and always will be. she is absolutely gorgeous. To anyone who says otherwise out of spiteful ugliness, you are simply pathetic to attack a baby. I am an African American woman and though my mother is half Cuban her skin tone is a dark reddish brown -very beautifu- My father who is extremely fair thinks that darker toned skin is absolutely beautiful. There is beauty in all things people should remeber that. Brad and Angelina don’t make a difference, they love ALL of THEIR children equally and passionately. How dare haters say otherwise.That offends me the most.

  • ken

    I’m happy to see BAMZ+S made it back to the states in one peice and good health. The baby is beautiful, and the whole family, also. I heard the paps were out in full force, in the air, on the water and out in front of the house. I hope BP and AJ have a plan.

  • ashley

    I can’t believe with the paps surrounding the house this is the only picture they have gotten.. I wonder if they have just stayed in the house since returning?

  • Renee

    Awww. Baby Z is surely a cutie pie. I LOVE the fact that she is walking and climbing. She is a calm spirit and for some reason, I think she is going to be tall when she gets older. She favors her left hand as well. (3 lefties, AMZ). Mad’s ride is better than mine and I have job. LOLHolly looks great and her role as assistant/friend to Angie and the family is awesome. However, if she needs a break or wants to take an extended vacation or decides to have her own family, I AM MOS DEFINITELY AVAILABLE.

  • kidi

    What a cutie.

  • sarafina

    does anybody have Holly’s wedding photos? I hear Angie was one of the bridesmaid. She must be gorgeous on that day. I hope Holly’s hubby is also working with Ange….so they won’t be apart that much!

  • julia

    Maybe while the kids are playing outside with Holly, Brad and Angie are having playtime inside: )

  • maggie

    #27 JuliaNow that’s just NASTY!!! Ange just had a baby two weeks ago. Playtime is off limits for a couple of weeks and not just two weeks.They are probably reading a book.

  • Sheila

    i love Baby Zahara and her family! she´s so cute!

  • Princess Z

    I love Z and her diaper butt. Soo cute and Maddox is a badass. Just check out his ride.

  • mamabella

    I am so pround of that lil’girl!!

  • kempeke

    Oooo, I can’t wait until we can see pics of Shiloh walking around with her little "diaper butt." By that time, Z might be potty trained and walking S around by the hand. What a sweet mental picture!

  • julia

    Nasty? Hmmm….But In reality they are probably sleeping with Baby Shiloh

  • kidi

    I don’t know…….after seeing the pictures of Britney Spears dressed like a pregnant Daisy Mae, trying to defend her "awesome" marriage; and boring conceited Gwyneth Paltrow extolling her "extreme" diet and "extreme" lifestyle (huh?); and X and VV looking so bored together they might as well be watching paint dry—-Brad and Angie are the only celebrities I seem to be able to stomach lately.

  • lynaya

    ANgelina is not half french…

  • anonny

    I really do hate to make this observation, but it really stuck out to me. Why does Holly look so detached? Hands in pockets, and when reclining, hands hidden. Her body language does not seem as though she wants to be doing what she is doing (watching cute Zee).Zee just started walking, any mom can tell you that toddlers need a hand with balance, walking, etc. Holly keeps her hands in her pockets? I found it strange. Perhaps these photos are misleading, but it stands out to me,

  • pp

    She’s just so cute! Climbing up there & lying down just like Holly. Look at me! I’m a big girl too!Well, mags with baby Shiloh’s photos were FINALLY on sale today in Australia! I have felt so envious because some of you had them at least 5 days ago!! New Idea published them & interestingly, the mag was the same price as normal.Beatiful beautiful photos!

  • Renee

    kempeke, that is a beautiful mental picture. Thanks. Z is going to be great big sis.

  • Maniston

    # 34 | Miss Realistic You’re so ugly when you were born the doctor hit your mother.

  • kidi

    I would bet that Z has been walking for longer than we think, and that’s why Holly isn’t hovering over her. Just because Brad or Angie carried her didn’t mean she couldn’t walk. When you’re trying to get from Point A to Point B efficently with a toddler, you carry them–they are notoriously uncontrollable when they are first walking.

  • kempeke

    #37, Perhaps everyone (including Holly) is just really "on edge" from all the paps hovering around. Her body language could possibly indicate tension or insecurity.

  • Mediterranean

    #14 If you do really NOT hate, why do you feel that my comment pointed you out? If you are not one of the haters, why are you so defensive? If you only writing your comments without hatred, why are you acting like someone stepped on your toes?And if you can’t read my name, do not even try to write down!

  • Maniston

    Holly’s body language is fine. She’s smiling in some of the pictures. Don’t make something out of nothing. All three look to be having a good time.

  • msguidedmama

    I wonder what Holly seems to be looking at and laughing at? It looks like a deck they are on , so I wonder if she was laughing at the photog who was hanging from a tree or something?LOL

  • Alexanderina

    Thank you JJ for the new pictures. It s good to see them home. Z is walking and she is adorable as always, love Madd’s car. Holly is one super friend.

  • lookwhaticando

    She is so adorable, and growing so fast.

  • maggie

    # 36 | anonny You’re not alone with your observation, I thought the same thing. I noticed her facial expression when they did the People spread of the family on the beach or whatever it was. She was looking like "why in the hell am i here, cuz I don’t want to be here" kind of look. The only photo I’ve seen her smiling with Z was the one when they were in the park in France and Mad was climbing on the monkey bars and Z was in the stroller and brad the dad in NYC.I think she needs a vacation away from the family. I know they go great places in all but she really needs to get away just her and her husband so they can spend son quality time together.Now don’t go off on us, we well I can only speak for myself, I love BAMZS just as much as the others here. So I’m just speaking my mind and opinion like the rest of you. The woman, at times, does look like she doesn’t want to be bothered.

  • Renee

    anonny – the “observation” is NOT valid. Perhaps you don’t know the meaning of the word. Detached – standing by itself, not sharing any wall with another building and exhibiting an aloof objectivity. Holly is not in 2 of 15 frames OR she is in 92.5% of the pictures taken. The two frames are concentrated on Mad and his ride. She is alert and watching with her hands in pocket and behind her head. Z looks like she has walking ‘down pat’ unlike in the ‘most beautiful pictures” when she had to be steadied by her daddy Brad. JMO

  • jesse

    your kinda late with the pictures jared.but Z is cute and Mad s cool!!