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Jennifer Aniston in a SILVER (?!) Dress

Jennifer Aniston in a SILVER (?!) Dress

Hamburg, Germany :: Jennifer Aniston, 37, and Vince Vaughn, 36, walked the red carpet yesterday afternoon, arriving for a special screening of The Break-Up at the CineMaxx Cinema.  Interesting choice of dress for Aniston since she usually stays classic in black.  This is the ugliest but the funniest picture of the happy couple ever.  Yes, the photographed moved and it’s all distorted but they look hilariously disfiguired! More pictures in the gallery!

Jen and Vince visited the gardens and statues by French sculptor
Auguste Rodin at the Rodin Museum this past weekend.
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jennifer aniston silver dress01
jennifer aniston silver dress02
jennifer aniston silver dress03
jennifer aniston silver dress04
jennifer aniston silver dress06
jennifer aniston silver dress07
jennifer aniston silver dress08
jennifer aniston silver dress09
jennifer aniston silver dress10
jennifer aniston silver dress11
jennifer aniston silver dress12
jennifer aniston silver dress13
jennifer aniston silver dress14
jennifer aniston silver dress15
jennifer aniston silver dress16
jennifer aniston silver dress18
jennifer aniston silver dress20
jennifer aniston silver dress22
jennifer aniston silver dress23
jennifer aniston silver dress28
jennifer aniston silver dress32
jennifer aniston silver dress33
jennifer aniston silver dress34
jennifer aniston silver dress35
jennifer aniston silver dress37
jennifer aniston silver dress43
jennifer aniston silver dress46
jennifer aniston silver dress47
jennifer aniston silver dress48
jennifer aniston silver dress49
jennifer aniston silver dress50
jennifer aniston silver dress51

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  • Dont Like Chinny

    Bla Bla Bla Dont like her one bit

  • Nana

    Thanks for this post!:)

  • carolina a.m.

    bla bla bla I LOOOVEEEE THEM. Everytime I see promo shots from this film I smile. I saw the Break Up and loved it.

  • kmd

    If you don’t like Jen, then why are you checking out her pictures?

  • say what you will

    Jen looks truly peaceful and truly happy in photos these past months. The eyes are the always the mirror to the soul. Keep on rockin’ Vince & Jen.

  • oops, typos

    the eyes are always the mirror to the soul. I’m sure you can see what I mean even if I can’t type it, though.

  • Smozan

    Wow! Vince looks amazingly hot. I never thought I would say that. And I love that Jen is branching out (NO BLACK!), but she should really do something different with her hair.

  • JA is beautiful

    I know what you mean – with her latest photos in Bazaar you can almost hear the happy laughter bubbling off the pages. She has such a great smile.

  • her hair?

    do something different with it? Uh, I say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

  • her hair?

    smozan – just kidding you. I like her hair but a more drastic change might be nice. She’s made some subtle changes over the past few years but made a little hair drama would be in order.I do like her hair though.

  • anonymous

    She totally looks pregnant. She usually has rock hard abs and a flat tummy… maybe it’s the dress, but she has a pooch!

  • her hair?

    smozan – just kidding you. I like her hair but a more drastic change might be nice. She’s made some subtle changes over the past few years but made a little hair drama would be in order.I do like her hair though.

  • MIMI

    #7 you rock.She is a bore ,she needs to reinvent herself, same old hairstyle has become a bit of a bore since Rachel my God she needs to fire her stylist same old hair everyday, everywhewe, every picture, evey event, every movie=boring………

  • Question.

    Will this ever come to end?Both couples seem to be happy, why the endless feud?

  • to #11 anon

    LOL. Maybe Vince is introducting Jen to food and Jen is introducing Vince to art? I noticed that slight bulge too but maybe it’s just carbs.While I ltotally LOVE this couple, I’m kind of hoping they’ll wait a bit before babies.

  • carmella

    One way or another, they ARE having fun. No denying that.

  • to #14

    so true–both couples seem to have ended up with somebody more suited to them. What’s the problem?I love seeing Jen and Vince out having fun. I hope she spends some time in Greece with or withut Vince.

  • The Break UP

    I am one of those people who participated in the poll, yes I saw the movie and yes I think their chemistry is just right, and YES that movie makes me happy that Jen and Vince may be a couple in real live. LMAO (I’m such a celebrity addict.)

  • barbara

    tanks ofr them, they are great toguether , I don’t like the dress …

  • pshaw

    there have been pix of paris with a bigger bump that that, a year ago.Jen looks great. Hope she’s as happy as she looks. Vince, he’s growing on me.

  • geniass

    Not classic in black, more like piles of yawn in black.

  • Violette

    aww, they’re a great couple. Brad pitt eat your heart out. And they’ve even colour coordinated their outfits :)

  • Renee

    When wil JENNIFER and her fans going to WAKE UP and say WTF am I doing with VV? He looks hideous. My god, what a fall from grace. I hope for her sake they aren’t dating let alone having unprotected sex. They both reek of desperation. Will she date any man that comes along? Most likely since she will do ANY movie -regardless of the content – low self-esteem – really, really low self-esteem. I hope they all wake up soon – perhaps next Tuesday.

  • Jen Fan

    Love her 1000 watt smile. No matter what we disagree about, I’m pretty sure we can all say she’s ‘moved on’.

  • Whoa #23

    Renee. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT talk trash about my man Vince. He may not be the perfect pretty boy, but neither is my other man, Joaquin Phoenex. Lay off Vince. Love him. Glad Jen could see the good.

  • Whoa #23

    gotta apologize now for mispelling Joaq’s last name. Sorry dear you know how I feel about you.Vince is edging past you though. Jennifer must be good for his look.

  • velvett1

    Yes I am sure Brad is eating his heart out since he now has pretty much everything he wanted. Oh and if I color coordinate my outfit with my squeeze I must be truly happy. Like Barbie and Ken. Get over the BS all parties have moved on.

  • Renee


  • piper, with a low

    # 23 | Renee |I beg to differ. Vince isn’t a downgrade. He is yummy, just in a different way from Brad. I love it when he has that scruffy 5 o’clock shadow!

  • Why oh why

    I read somewhere that Vince puts a pillow case over Chinny’s head before he can bare to make love to her. Why is Chinny soooo Ugly

  • Joy

    Never like Jennifer, she plays the victim when she wants it and then turn around copy the Brangelina style.

  • nice

    she lookes relaxed, happy and sexy. love the dress! she should go with bold choices like that instead of black.

  • Jen=Frog

    I am happy the BU is doing good for Vinces sake, He is a good person. That lack luster (SKANK) prefromance by chinny was terrible. I don’t think she will be in any more movies. She can not act. And she looks like a monster. I read somewhere, that she walks in her sleep. I think she looked in the mirror and scared herself to death. he he he

  • angelina mmm

    well that’s funnyshe was in France the same day that Brad and Angelina anounnced that they are going back to USAhmmmshe is running away from them

  • justasking

    why is it that when celebrities get some bump in their tummy and looks a bit flabby, they would always assume they are pregnant, and not just that they have gain weight. It is safe toassume that Jennifer actually has gain some weight since she has been travelling and partying because of various premiere parties and dinners as well as long flights, she has been eating and drinking a lot and no exercise. In fact she has been photographed boozing and smoking on a cruise along the seine river. So how could she be pregnant, i think she is getting fat and looks haggard. And Vince looks smelly. Yuck!

  • Jen the user

    . Glad Jen could see the good. # 25 | Whoa #23 | ==========================The only thing Chinny sees is yet another coat tail to ride. Sick sick chinny chin. What a total user

  • roja

    I never liked JA but Vince Vaughn is really cute.

  • Derek Hail

    Jennifer Aniston does look good lately, but she needs to move on already from Vince

  • to #35

    I never said she was flabby (please the woman is a stick! Frankly she could use a little flab- and a donut), and when a skinny woman (in this case a swizzle stick) gets pregnant the first thing you notice is the belly. She does not look "flabby" really anywhere else.

  • what a shame

    looks like all the bad press brangelina is getting is bringing out the haters in full force. do you think they’ll be able to buy a "free pass" for mickey on that assault charge he has to go back to Namibia to face?Go back to brangelina-ville haters. You idols need your support. Vince and Jen are doing just find with you.

  • what a shame

    I meant : Vince and Jen are DOING JUST FINE WITHOUT YOU, haters.

  • what a shame

    looks like all the bad press brangelina is getting is bringing out the haters in full force. do you think they’ll be able to buy a "free pass" for mickey on that assault charge he has to go back to Namibia to face?Go back to brangelina-ville haters. You idols need your support. Vince and Jen are doing just fine without you.

  • Ria

    When she was photographed with Coco Arquette she looked like she wouold be a great mother. She look pregnant and they look simply tired.Vince has so much charm and sex appeal and above all his humor and talent. I hope they have this baby.

  • sweet pix

    thanks Jared. I think they were probably doing a cute comedy routine in that one picture. I heard they brought the house down in Sydney. Actually, that’s a direct quote.Great couple. the friendship between them shows! And Jen glows.

  • jammyjo

    You go Jen. Living well is always the best revenge. lol

  • to ria

    You can always tell the not-so-shallow women from the shallow women. You rock. I love Vince too. Great package and I thin Jen and Vince are lucky to found each other–and obviously be having some fun together.


    Wake up peeps.VV and Aniston are not ‘having fun’ and ‘moving on,’ they are doing business. Plain and simple. Vince’s production company’s first movie is ‘The Break Up,’ it lives or dies on how ‘The Break Up,’ does — the publicity is good for the film, and since Aniston is not known that well overseas — or let us say, no one cares – they are making the rounds to try and pull in box office there. All of it helps, being THOUGHT OF as a couple, the ‘Brangelina,’ connection & Aniston’s real ‘BREAK UP’ with ‘BRAD PITT,’ and most especially Vince Vaughn’s new star power. She can’t do it on her own, sadly. I think a spin-off would work best for her. People are too through, they won’t abide another film where she is the main attraction but perhaps, much like her previous films that did okay, she can be in a Will Farrell movie, or Ben Stiller movie, or Vince Vaughn movie, or Jim Carey movie…you know…movies where it doesn’t really matter WHO is acting opposite these guys as the girl, because they’ll do good business either way.Her hair looks terrble by the way.

  • oh well

    you think Jen’s hair looks terrible, and I think you sound like a bitter person who is concerned that Brad may be having a second though or two. Guess that makes us even. LOL

  • oh well

    oops, I meant Brad is probably having a second thoguht or two. Sorry my bad. Hard to grasp the concept of Brad even having a THOUGHT now, but anything is possible.

  • notice one thing

    No prob oh well.Jen’s fans seem to make more typos. Probably means that is not what they do for a living :-)I noticed that a lot of typing and reading & writing of harlequin romances seems to happen a lot on on the brange threads though.