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Jennifer Aniston Tries to Quit Smoking

Jennifer Aniston Tries to Quit Smoking

The former Friends star is desperate to kick her nicotine habit but is constantly tempted to reach for the cigarette pack when she sees Vaughn continue to smoke. A source tells British tabloid the Daily Express, "Jen‘s been in trouble with her doctor because she went to him for help in giving up and hasn’t. "Every time she tried, there would be Vince puffing away. "He’s not helping in the least and when she tells him off about it, he just laughs."

Quit smoking Jen and Vince, it’s healthy for you! Above, Jennifer Aniston throws up the peace sign  during her stop at ‘Le Grand Journal’, a television show in France hosted by Michel Denisot.  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • joliepittme

    whats one or 6 cigarrates a day? nothing…

  • neenee

    What’s with Jennifer with her sagging claeavage in every pictures I’ve seen of her?Still the same hair, the same safe clothing color.

  • LoL

    She actually looks decent in these pics. better than her germany premiere. must be the lighting.

  • irina

    omg, she’s gorgeous. she’s glowing

  • Original jpf

    Quitting can be a _itch. It took me like 4yrs to kick it, and I’ve been smokefree 5, but every once in awhile, man, what I wouldn’t do for one puff….but I know I can’t. When she’s truly ready, she’ll let them go. No such thing as willpower, it’s all about committment.jpf

  • justpassing

    She is wearing identical dress with angelina in their press con. I guess she really wants to be pregnant, she is wearing a pregnant look dress. Maybe she is obssessed with her X current GF, now she is trying to copy her.

  • ricknnikki

    The pictues here and the ones of her in Germany looks like there is a little bump happening. Might she be in the baby way?

  • Original jpf

    # 6 | justpassing I think the only similarity is that it is a black dress. Nothing more, nothing less.All this baiting from both sides is getting damn silly. Let it go people, it’s overjpf

  • good lord!

    Jen is smoking all right. Smoking Hot that is.

  • maybe…

    o.k. the empire waist has caught my attention…I’ve been saying Jen should wait a year for babies, but hey iife and I think she’ll be a wonderful mother if it’s true.

  • chloe04

    I think she’s pregnant…she’s glowing, I don’t remember seeing her in many empire waist dresses before either. Hmmm.

  • Yikes

    She sure can put it on for the camera when she needs too. Loves that attention. Of course she is glowing all eyes are on her at the moment. Who wouldn’t?

  • Mike

    It’s quite sad that Jennifer couldn’t quit smoking. It’s a pain to do that. Hope she can win this. Looking at these pictures, she’s very cute and pretty. Love her smile, very bright and sweet.

  • little jen’s???

    could be, but she was definitely glowing in these earlier photos too. (link below) favorite celeb hook-ups and break-ups: "Vince Vaughn & Jennifer Aniston: Together, for now. Is it a publicity stunt or the real thing? Doesn’t matter. Our Sweet Jen deserves happiness — or the appearance of it — and Vaughn, her "The Break-Up" co-star, has been attentive, generous and a perfect gentleman. Unlike some Sexiest Men Alive in Namibia we could name."

  • Original jpf

    You know what? I do hope she’s pregnant. Yesterday I posed the question on another thread about who could take the pap’s pressure off of Jolie-Pitt, and after thinking about it, Jennifer being pregnant would do it. jpf

  • em922

    I bet this smoking story is a plant to distract people from the possibility she is pregnant.

  • tabloid source

    plase note that this is a tabloid source quoting the never-ending unidentified "source". LOLThe last picture posted that said Jen was smoking didn’t even look like a cig to me. It was a paps shot and could have been a tootsie pop for crying out loud!!!Also, who knows when it’s champagne and when it’s apple juice in the glass if YOU aren’t the one who poured in. Just saying….I hope JA is pregnant. IF that’s what SHE wants.

  • little jen’s???

    could be, but she was definitely glowing in these earlier photos too. (link below) favorite celeb hook-ups and break-ups: "Vince Vaughn & Jennifer Aniston: Together, for now. Is it a publicity stunt or the real thing? Doesn’t matter. Our Sweet Jen deserves happiness — or the appearance of it — and Vaughn, her "The Break-Up" co-star, has been attentive, generous and a perfect gentleman. Unlike some Sexiest Men Alive in Namibia we could name."

  • HA

    If she IS pregnant then I will laugh my a** off. This will prove she does not have an original thought or action in her teeny head. Getting preg to maintain attention is absolutely the lowest of the low.

  • if you look good

    in black–then by all means wear it.And Jen looks really really good in black.

  • Catherine

    Her eyes are so pretty….and that skin. Sure wish mine was as flawless…Saw the break up…liked it alot. When she breaks down and cries in one scene…man, it really got to me. She’s a very natural actress and pretty darn good in the movie. My friends and I kept saying, "Jeez, hope we look as good when we get to be pushing 40!" Glad to see her looking so cute and happy.

  • Sparkle

    She looks gorgeous…and I LOVE THE NECKLACE…anyone know where it’s from?

  • velvett1

    Why is it that every time someone has a bump she is pregnant, She could be bloated from her period……….Wouldn’t you want her to get past her stuff before she brings a child into the picture. Considering she won’t even babysit her BF baby Coco why would all her crazy fans think that the answer is for her to have a baby now.Kids take time lots of effort and the attitude that baby comes first. I don’t think that’s in her calling at least right now.So let’s wish her sucess on her career since that seems to be her priority and what ever happens down the road may it be a well thought out and commited decision.

  • No Baby for Chiny

    The pictues here and the ones of her in Germany looks like there is a little bump happening. Might she be in the baby way? # 7 | ricknnikki =================I sure hope she is not pregrant. she would be the worlds worse mother. She is only wanting a baby to continue to copy Angelina. EARTH TO JEN, you are not Angie, and you never will be. Any baby Jen brings into the world is doomed, with her as the Mother.. uggh

  • Catherine

    If she is pregnant, why does it have to be that she’s copy catting Angelina? Why not say she’s also copying Katie Holmes, Brooke Shields, Gwen Stefani, Rachel Weizz….get the point nimrod? LOTS of actresses have had babies this year, not just that freak of nature (Jolie). Besides, I doubt she’s pregnant as she was photographed drinking wine with a cigarette in hand in France. And so what if she has a pooch? Christ, I bet she looks better than you Jen haters. Dorks that you are…

  • Kimmy

    I hope she stands her ground and gets married first. Marriage is a great institution to bring up kids. I believe she is strong. After all she walked out of a marriage that wasn’t complete for her and choose not to have kids with Brad for what ever reason. She must have had her concerns over his commitment.

  • Saint Jennifer


  • CC

    I wouldn’t put it past brain-dead Aniston to smoke and drink while pregnant – you Jen lovers -dorks that you are.

  • The well

    # 21 | Catherine |Sure it was good. Like she said " I had a bit of a well to dip into".

  • ricknnikki

    You can believe that if she is pregnant then it wasn’t an "accident". And if it wasn’t an accident than evidently she is happy where she is at in her life and is ready for a little one. And if she isn’t pg and she has a little tummy then doesn’t that just make her oh lets say a woman!!! Either way I’m happy for her and wish her and Vinny all the best. (personally I do hope she is pg so everyone will say she’s only having a baby because AJ had one – thats priceless!!!)


    Sorry folks, this is not a beautiful woman, no matter what kind of lighting she’s using. Her coloring is great there (gold body bling, gold hair, touch of turquoise, so kudos for that – but face is still Dustin Hoffman’s) – I find the lighting very similar to her Oprah appearance. She’d do better to only make these kinds of appearances because those pics from the other thread, outdoors where the humidity had gotten to her hair, and she hadn’t put her extensions in, and w/ that middle part – damn if she didn’t look like Barry Manilow. Whoo chile’ ..and a ciggy, is a cifggy, is a ciggy…and the empire dress is less Angie’s from last week, and more like Angie’s from show west except in black and shorter…no doubt she is copying. Belive me, b*tch takes notes. She cannot let it go. If she were any kind of woman, she would have wished Brad and his new family congrats on the baby. Then I really wouldn’t have a problem with her – I’d leae her alone — but by carrying on what to me appears to be a public grudge match, I feel that is her way of saying, Brad is a louse, feel sorry for me, and hate them. This is what perpetuates the triangle she says she loathes – but in actuality NEEDS for her sad career as a film actress (on her own, NOT with the latest comedy king) She’s not saying it publicly, but her actions or lack thereof, to ‘make nice.’ Continues the whole publicity fest she knows is keeping her career alive. Who is she, if she isn’t the poor sad thing that cad Brad left behind – please pity me, please see my Vince Vaughn movie, please want me. Enough already.

  • the tempest

    # 27 | Kimmy—————Marriage is kind of 1950s. There is no guarantee whatsoever that a child with married parents will be happier than a child born and raised out of wedlock.

  • Mike

    One thing to say and I’m done: if she’s with Vince, he’s a lucky dog.

  • Catherine

    CC: Why is she brain dead, dork?

  • to cliniqua

    Uh, from the sounds of things… I think clinqua wants Jen. But knows she can’t have her. Deny it? Then how to explain this strong and constant interest in her every move. Just askin…

  • HA

    If you don’t already know she’s brain-dead – I doubt any explanation would help you see the light, brain-dead—->also.


    My strong interest in her, is a direct result of her having stabbed Brad in the back. I am a fan of his and happy that he has what he wants for the first time at 42, and it’s too bad she had to lay this mess at his & Angie’s feet by giving interviews that implied he cheated, and wasn’t a good man. What’s more, it’s tainted Jolie as well, when the reality is no cheating occurred. Man wants her cake, to eat it too, and to save some for later – she’ll say Brad is a wonderful man who she will love for the rest of her life, all the while playing the pitiful scorned woman, and crying, ‘but look what he did to me with HER,’ — please hate both of them for me – and oh by the way, give me a movie career because you feel sorry for me.In short, that is why I loathe her – because I think Brad & Angelina are great people who deserve happiness, and I think she thinks the ONLY way SHE can get ahead is to sh*t all over them. This is a woman who left her own mother out in the cold and homeless, so I’m sure she’ll have it in for Brad for some time, the b*. If she does that to Moms, heaven help anyone else who she feels has humiliated her.The hate will continue, until I hear some type of recalcitrant words, or at the very least, her best wishes on the new baby – that would make me leave off.Until then, the dog faced b* can kiss me arse.

  • Ria

    What is funny is that Tom cruise sent a card to Pitt and Angie about walking into his footsteps.Lets look back, there is articles about Aniston in 2004 being pregnant from Pitt ( how can she copy Angelina in 2004 ?) it seems the otherway around. Plus funny enough, Tomcat are in Paris and get engaged there (while the two other were not even a couple) Katie is pregnant…Angelina get preggers too ! and finally Katie give a jewish name to daughter so did Angie well who is the copycat here? and by the way in Vaughn wedding c. there is a mention of Shiloh. Mia Farrow adopted 14 kids before she did and Bono was in Africa before she was even born (AJ). So get lost with your stupid comments.

  • oh come on!

    DREAM ON JA FANS, YOU JUST WANT TO BE ON THE CELEBRITY BABY BANDWAGON. VV is gay; she’s about as maternal as a lizard- both have the parched dried-out skin.

  • ah, clinqua

    you are so busted. I always thought you were the poster who sometimes used the handle: jensmomishomeless ( you know, syntax and all that jazz!). Busted, busted, busted.Jen looks absolutely great y’all. And if stop right there before you believe a word of the crap about Jen and her mom and go read the article in Bazaar where she talks about improving the relationship with her mom.

  • joliedadhomeless

    Jolie’s dad is left out in the cold, in spite of the fact that new baby looks a lot like him according to a whole bunch of posters on E.

  • Tealeaf

    I have seen recent pics of her smoking and drinking, I doubt she is pregnant.

  • Tealeaf

    Jon Voight uses his daughter for press, so he deserves to be left in the cold. She give him a chance and he blow it.

  • Smozan

    Some of you people are crazy freaky with the JenHate. If you find her that annoying stop clicking on her links! Oh, and aren’t those just the cutest shoes? That girl really knows how to dress her feet!

  • fessupnow

    #19 If she IS pregnant then I will laugh my a** off. This will prove she does not have an original thought or action in her teeny head. Getting preg to maintain attention is absolutely the lowest of the low.RIGHT and people are laughing at AJ because she followed Tom Cruise on the adopting children now all of a sudden I’m having a "natural" child. Give it a rest will ya. You say the same thing over. Talk about COPYING…you just COPY and past your tired e-mail. Angelina Jolie did NOT invent black, black dresses, childbirth, or any other thing you worship about her. She didn’t invent Tomb Raider, not are her boos home grown, her nose original and her upper lip is pumped to match the bottom whether or not you believe it. Point is, she’s just as hollywood and shallow as any other hollywood starlet.OH and Cliniqua your idol left her mother and father out of the birth of her child to be a self important princess in Africa so she could "quietly" birth while attracting attention. you wil NEVER "leave off" because you are more obsessed with JA than you are with your idol AJ. You will not rest..but rest assured, AJ and BP WILL fall, just like every other hollywood raggedy, self-important couple. Brad is back in the material world he loves and missed when he was forced "on duty" in Africa. Wait and see all the pics of him out and about without her. And one last thing…why do you believe all the bad tabls about JA and NONE of the horrific tabs about your worshiped couple. Now either the tabs get it right or they don’t you can’t have it both ways.

  • jossygirl

    I have seen recent pics of her smoking and drinking, I doubt she is pregnant. # 43 | Tealeaf—————————–That did not look like a ciggy and there was NO SMOKE. Could have been a candy stick. Also how do you tell the difference in a photograph between booze and juice. I work in an ad agency….only the person who puts the beverage in the glass every knows for sure what is is.


    You idiot #41, no ones ‘busted’ you fool, LMAO -everyone knows I am ‘JensMOMisHomeless,’ – I am also ‘JensMOMlivesinACar,’ LOLOLOL!! I left them behind when I started posting here full-time.As for Voight — no comparison, Jon left his young family when Ange was a baby, since then she’s tried her best with him, including giving him roles worth millions in her blockbuster #1 films, he put his foot in it – so she stopped talking to him, but Brad being the wonderful guy he is, will surely get them back together – namely because Ange has a soft heart….already I hear that he’s been over Marcheline’s house to see pics, and Ange told a reporter in Namibia that both her Mom & Dad were anxious to see the baby. They are on their way to reconciling….unlike Maniston, who despite her comments about her mother, has NOT mended fences, she’s been talking about these supposed ‘baby steps,’ with her Mom for the last 2 years, but many just suspect that’s just to make her look better in all her crybaby interviews that she does — I mean, it’s REAL HARD to feel sorry for a woman who’s kicked her own Mother to the curb, and left her in the gutter — the same woman who raised her, fed her and housed her to adulthood. Talk about a cheap mean spirited b*. That certainly isn’t the behavior of a kind giving person. According to her ex roommate she isa shallow superficial b* who got her fired, and didn’t even help her out when she cam to LA from NY, even after SHE had let Man live in her apt. She’s nasty evil.Man and her Mom are no more reconciled now, than they’ve been for the last 10 years. Brad Pitt never even MET Aniston’s Mom — meanwhile Brad already loves Marcheline (Ange’s Mom, and she him) to death – and knows Jon as well.

  • To Tealeaf

    Jen’s mom used her for PR not once, but twice and STILL, our sweet Jen is willing to give her yet another chance.

  • CC

    I would NEVER put it past Aniston to want the public to believe she is pregnant and mis-lead them so she can get a heads up on what the reaction would be if she actually decided to do just that. Like a lot of people say about her , she does not have anything original or significant to contribute.

  • obsession

    those who allways spot that she is imitating angelina, i think they are really obsessed about the whole bamzs thing cause it really makes no sense . i dont get the fuss about wearing black. what a surprise, she wears black, angelina wears black. well i wear black and u wear black too. this was allways like that before the bermuda triangle thing came up. their styles have similarities. its not a surprise when you consider that both were loved by brad, well he should be loving that simple style in women. so lets forget about the style, thats why these to women were loved by him. it would be an imitation only if jennifer used to have a style like posh for instance and then turned into this after the divorce. and about smoking and drinking thing, well it is really so human after all!!!