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Kingston Rossdale Pictures

Kingston Rossdale Pictures

He’s barely two weeks old, but already Kingston James McGregor Rossdale is one of the coolest babies in the world -and certainly the most fashionable! But then with superstar singer and fashion icon Gwen Stefani, 36, as his mum and rock star Gavin Rossdale, 40, for a dad, there was no mistaking the little tot would be anything else. And as he poses for his exclusive first photo-shoot, it’s pretty obvious he’s going to be the best-dressed tot in the nursery. Before the birth, his mum was seen trawling the racks at some of London’s most trendy baby boutiques and even managed to find the time to create her own uniquely designed baby clothes to add to her Harajuku Lovers clothing line.

The youngster proved he will be following in his mum’s trendy footsteps as he modelled some of his new togs for the shoot. While he was snuggled in a cute blue cloth for some of the pictures, he also showed off a T-shirt with a picture of Jamaican reggae legend Bob Marley and an oh-so-cute pair of stripy black and orange trousers in what we can only imagine is just a tiny selection of his ever-expanding wardrobe. Gwen, who put fellow celeb mums to shame during her pregnancy in an array of ultra-fashionable outfits, also proved she was back to her glamorous best as she boasted her trademark shocking red lipstick and dark eye make-up and scraped her famous platinum blonde locks into a long ponytail for the pictures.

The photo-shoot took place in Gwen and Gavin‘s Los Angeles home, but Kingston was already showing his loyalties lay across the pond as, despite having an American mother, a ‘Come On England’ mu resting on the back of his high chair showed his English dad is already encouraging his son to cheer on his national team at this year’s World Cup.

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UPDATE :: Apologies, images replaced with Gwen and Gavin taking Kingston out for a walk yesterday.

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Kingston entered the world on May 26 in LA’s famous Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, weighing a healthy 7lb 5oz. Gwen gave birth by Caesarean section after the baby was found to be in the breech position. Immediately after his first son’s arrival into the world, an elated Gavin gushed: ‘Gwen‘s doing great. She looks amazing and she’s doing real good.’ Asked how it felt to be a father to tiny tot Kingston, the former Bush frontman added: ‘It’s great. I love it." His name – while not quite as unusual as the likes of Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, born a day later, or Suri Cruise, who entered the world in April — is of Scottish origin in tribute to Gavin‘s Celtic heritage. Kingston arrived a week late, which meant his mum and dad had extra time to prepare the nursery and, from the pictures, they had clearly gone all out to make the youngster feel at home as his cot had been decked out with tons of toys, including cuddly lambs in honour of Gwen‘s successful LAMB clothing line.

While his mum may love to be the centre of attention, famously announcing her pregnancy at a gig last December with the words: ‘I want you to say it loud enough the baby hears it,’ Kingston showed no sign of taking after his celebrity parents as he sat quietly in their loving arms. Doting dad Gavin even admitted he has noticed his son has a chilled-out personality, which could stand him in good stead for the attention he will receive as the offspring of such high-profile stars.

Since the birth Gwen, who managed to keep at the forefront of fashion throughout her pregnancy, has not let motherhood stand in the way of getting back into shape. Looking forward to motherhood, she said: ‘I’m hoping my children will save me from my vanity.’ But the owner of one of the most famously toned turns in the business has already started training again and was even spotted out jogging just a week after the birth. Speaking before the birth, Gwen admitted: ‘I’m looking forward to my post-pregnancy diet and I’m going to train.’

Famous for bearing her midriff, there are rumours Gwen is now planning to cover up her Caesarean scar with a tattoo of roses and angels.

Gwen and Gavin‘s completed family comes almost 11 years after they first met and four years after they tied the knot in wedding ceremonies in LA and London. Speaking about their relationship, Gavin said: ‘She’s a top girl. We’re made for each other.’

The couple currently split their time between their homes in Los Feliz, California and the Primrose Hill area of north London. The American home in which they are posing with their tot was first bought by Gwen in 1998, before she married Gavin, and although they have made renovations, the couple think it may be too small for their growing family. ‘We’re probably going to have to move,’ Gwen admitted. ‘My husband wants to write songs and there’s no more room. He can’t have a studio next to the baby’s room!’ And it seems as though Kingston is set to become as famous as his mum and dad after they registered his Internet domain name just days after his birth. Whether he’ll follow his parents into the music world, though, is anyone’s guess. We’re certainly keeping our eye on this little star…

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    He is a cutie, he seems to have Gwen nose. Gwen isn’t going to let ANYONE see her without her makeup and Bright hair. I hope she uses a color stick on her roots, instead of constant dye. Gavin is 40, and Gwen is about 38…they waited later to have kids, course Gavin has a daughter.

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