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Wentworth Miller: TV Guide Sexiest Men

Wentworth Miller: TV Guide Sexiest Men

"The word I’d use to describe Wentworth is egoless.  When you’re the star of a hit show, nominated for Golden Globe, it would be easy to think it was all about you.  But Wentworth refuses to be like that.  I have seen girls go crazy for him — they say they want to have his children.  He handles it with profound grace.  It’s the same with his acting.  He doesn’t have to do a lot to convey a lot.  For example, in one scene [my character] Sara lets it slip that it’s her birthday, and Michael says ‘Happy birthday.’  When we shot it, Wentworth chose to say it at a moment when I wasn’t looking at him.  I didn’t realize what he’d done until I watched it.  He conveyed so much tenderness, it was so poignant, because she missed it all.  We were watching the episode together, and when I saw that I turned to him and said, ‘Awww.  I might have a crush on you." — costar Sarah Wayne Callies, TV Guide June 19-25, 2006

UPDATE :: Added one more picture!  Enjoy!

The aforementioned ‘Happy Birthday’ clip from Prison Break.
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  • j4r3d

    Sorry for the shoddy stitching job!

  • angelina mmm

    sexxxxyyyy :)

  • geniass

    Hehe, thanks Jared!

  • ErinMarie79

    I love this pic. He smoulders. What a sweet quote from SWC. Thanks Jared!

  • amy

    pure perfection…

  • Becca

    That is one of my favorite scenes! On my B-day this year I played that scene (on my DVR) over and over as if he were saying it to me! I think I need help!

  • Wot a hottie!

  • su

    totaly hot…….wowowowowo….went you drive me crazy……….

  • su

    totaly hot…….wowowowowo….went you drive me crazy……….

  • Betsy

    no I want to have his children…..LOL Thx JJ.

  • SexyStinky


  • robin

    So pretty… I’m just upset that this is the *US* TV Guide.

  • Mink

    Oh My!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Raqs

    *sigh* Oh Jared…… what more can I say

  • Blue

    He is gorgeous. Thanks for posting it Jared. I hoped you would!

  • Nancy

    Wentworth is so cute! Yummy! By the way, SWC’s comment, so cute, and loved that episode the whole flowers thing was adorable. She better ocme back next season. I love these two. Anyone else agree with me?

  • thirty

    WOW AWSOME. went looks sooooooooo hot. thanks justjared for posting. =)

  • Sheridan

    Becca–you’re hilarious. Who made this guy? Does anyone have pics of his parents? He is so beautiful. God really was paying attention that day, huh?

  • Lauren

    I knew SWC had a crush on Wentworth just like the rest of us. How could she not?

  • lexie

    This man was cooked in some lab somewhere that year of ’72. They picked the best of everything. There is no other explanation for such dazzling perfection.


    Went is definitely on his way!!! He has made it for himself. And the casual way he is towards stardom is extremely attractive.

  • Moondropz

    Holy thud! Can this man get any sexier? Just when I think it can’t be done he pulls an article/photo op out like this! Thanks Jared whoot!

  • meemee

    Went truly deserves all of the attention! From what I have seen so far, I love the way he is handling his fame. It must be overwhelming for him! He’s got to be the most sexiest guy I have ever laid eyes on. He’s just so mesmerizing! He seems to be humble, which is even more attractive!

  • Glamour Diva

    Yay Jared! Just two more days until WM Day but how will I sleep knowing The Pretty is somewhere in my state…all alone…praying for the love and female companionship only Ms. GD can provide? Oh lovely, lovely Wentworth; you won’t have to wait long! LOL

  • m8

    Nice crotch shot Jared! LOL!!Love this man! GD, you better hunt him down (and then send me pictures):)

  • Adrianna

    Why is he always squinting his eyes like that. Can’t he come up with another look? He’s starting to look BORING. I mean, if he would show off his light eyes more, I think that would do the trick.

  • Glamour Diva

    M8! ;-) Girl you know the pics done already been sentten! LMAO!

  • geniass

    Word m8! WM knows that the crotch shot is the money shot ;)

  • needsmoresleep

    Word Geniass! Wenty may be shy, but he knows how hot he is.

  • chris

    Damn he looks fine. I’m so happy that tvguide put him on the cover. I’m definately buying this issue.

  • lurkingwriter

    Adrianna, you’re right. Maybe next time they should be put some toothpicks in his eyesocket so we can REALLY see how green/hazel his eyes are. that surely will be sexier than that ‘boring’ blue steel, penetrating gaze.

  • much_mischief

    …DAMN…again, i say thanks to God and Went’s parents for producing the most good-looking man on the planet.i missed him when he was in toronto…

  • Fanofthepretty

    Can’t stand sara, but went is a hottie. And i think its SICK for some people to actually say that she should divorce her husband to be with went. Don’t hate ppl i,m disgusted by the thought hopefully went would be man enough not to steal another mans lady. I think that is the new trend in hollywood someone stealing another persons significant other. Anyways i,m no teenbopper nor do i have any crush on went just saying my 2 cent.

  • fanofthepretty

    Oh yeah i absolutely love her quote, makes me even bigger fan of his.

  • Sara’s Annoying

    Yea, I can’t stand Sara either. Why couldn’t they put someone else in her spot?

  • Amber

    Can’t wait to add that TV Guide to my collection! Sara and Michael share great chemistry on screen. It seems so real, it makes me a bit jealous!

  • Prisonluv

    Beautiful…plain beautiful!

  • B2

    He is yummy!!

  • loyalty8

    very attractive educated sexy man, wohoo!!!

  • Duude

    # 33 | FanoftheprettySadly that’s the rage ifor hollywood these days, just look at Brangelina. If the actors are hot and have chemistry onscreen, all of a sudden they should hook up in RL? Pfft celebrity idealism!Love the pics, not shoddy looking to me! Though for the heading, he is not the sexiest MAN. He’s damn sexy I give you that, but he’s ONE of many MEN on the list, kudos has to be given to the fine Jesse Spencer, Jensen Ackles and Michael Weatherly too!

  • lawyer

    GLAMOUR DIVA!!! you said "I don’t think he is gay!!"(check your comment on this site; wentworth miller the mail boy, 30 may 2006)!!but you’re saying now he is gay!am i wrong? how do you know his dating choices??i’m sorry, i don’t believe you and believe he is gay!if he is gay, prove!!give me details! p.s. i am a very pretty girl from Turkey!!sorry for my poor english but i can understand very well!!

  • Went Love!

    He is so damn HOT!

  • amber_eyes

    *drOools*… :)))))

  • stelvill

    Humility and being such down to earth as a "star" and a human being makes WENTWORTH MILLER III far more sexy and attractive.

  • Sandra

    That is one tasty dish…

  • Nikki

    Now I have a reason to buy TV Guide again. I have all the other issues he was on the cover of. Wentworth is way too sexy/gorgeous to be real and I can’t wait for "Prison Break" to come back. I would definitely marry him and have his kids, but hey 85% of the female population would.

  • marleen

    Went looks so hot ans sexy! Too bad I don’t live in the States, so I can’t buy this TV Guide.

  • maddy

    oh wenty, you & me we belong together oh baby ;)

  • Jas

    These pics are hot. Is there a chance to provide the pics of the other men who are on that list? Like Michael Weatherly, Jensen Ackles, Carmine Giovinazzo. Would be great though cause i don’t have the chance to buy that magazine.

  • dsljordan

    I would be his baby factory!!!