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Brad Pitt Riding Motorcycle

Brad Pitt Riding Motorcycle

Daddies of the Year
1. Brad Pitt
2. Heath Ledger
3. Ryan Phillippe
4. Ben Affleck
5. Will Smith
6. Matthew Broderick
7. Chris Martin
8. Guy Ritchie
9. David Arquette
10. Dean Cain

Brad Pitt is Dad Of The Year according to a Life & Style Father’s Day poll. "He even skipped the Cannes Film Festival in anticipation of Shiloh‘s birth," said L&S‘s editor in chief Debra Birnbaum. Above: Brad was spotted chatting on his cell phone this past Monday from the balcony of his Malibu mansion.  And then just yesterday, Brad whizzed down the streets of Los Angeles on his custom-made motorcycle with a pal of his.  More pictures in the gallery!

UPDATE 1 :: Brad Pitt outbids Leonardo DiCaprio for zombie film rights!  Full article after the jump.

UPDATE 2 :: Apologies, Brad Pitt motorcycle pictures have been removed!

Pitt Outbids DiCaprio

It was a battle between Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio, and Pitt emerged the winner.

The production labels of the two stars — Pitt‘s Plan B and DiCaprio‘s Appian Way — were engaged in a competitive bidding war through their respective studios, Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. Pictures, over an upcoming zombie horror book by Max Brooks titled "World War Z."

By Wednesday afternoon, the dust settled with Plan B/Paramount winning the movie rights.

In 2003, Brooks wrote "Zombie Survival Guide," which explained in great deadpan detail how to survive a supposedly impending zombie apocalypse. The book went on to become a surprise cult hit.

"World War Z" also tackles the zombie genre but is set 10 years after a great global zombie epidemic and is a serious oral history of the zombie future told from many perspectives around the world. Crown Publishing is putting the book out in the fall.

The galleys of the book went out around town late last week, but interest took awhile to ignite. By the time execs finally realized they had a potential "tentpole" franchise, the battle lines were drawn between Plan B and Appian Way.

The bidding went back and forth between the two into Tuesday night and carried over into Wednesday. Sources say the rights sold for six figures, with the deal going to seven figures if the film actually gets made.

Brooks was a writer on "Saturday Night Live" from 2001 to 2003 and did voice work on the "Justice League" cartoon series.

There are said to be no hard feelings between the companies, and DiCaprio is starring in "The Departed," the Martin Scorsese crime drama that Pitt and his Plan B are producing. [THR]

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  • jjoy

    He deserves the title….loving dad of mad, zee and shiloh….congrats Braddy…and of course angie babe…loland thanks jj for the new thread and pics…you’re the best!!

  • bee

    I’ve had it with Brad Pitt…we need some new celebs please!!!

  • jjoy

    # 2 | bee there’s other thread in here with other celebs…go there….

  • jenpo

    i know i am feeding this vicious cycle, and this lovely family is being hunted like animals…but i am guilty! i love seeing them! i’m torn between wanting people to leave them alone, and yet i scour the internet for the latest news…oh well…it’s all done in the name of love :) go Brad!

  • Agnieszka

    YEY! I am one of the first!If you want to see first HOT pictures, right off the hot camera, the Keystone press has them. I think that’s where Jared gets them from. I also think he has to pay for them too. I wonder what is the range for the pics. Anyone?

  • ((chanel))

    im happy for brad the pics are great! any one know what kinde of cell he had?

  • lorie p

    his so delicious yummy!

  • Leslie

    I dont think u people realize why people hate this woman and insult her children and Brad. Your attacks against people are making them actually hate her! People told you time and time again that they loved Jolie but they didnt approve of what she did with Brad. And what do you do? You go on the defensive against one of her own fans and attack them? Does this make any sense to you? You brag about being "educated" (cough, cough, cough) yet you spend 24 hours a day attacking other people on Jared’s blog.Bottom line, You have nothing better to do with your pathetic, sorry lives. You wanna attack people over a couple of celebrities. Go right ahead. You’re doing Brangelina’s fame more harm than good. When you call people "JA fans", you’re falling for your own bait! Because you are actually TURNING people into JA fans, which they werent before! When people see such dishonorable behavior on a board, they actually do what you accuse them of doing!If you think that people are going to stop attacking BAMZ, you’re dead wrong. Your insults against other bloggers are going to cost someone… most likely Brangelina.One more thing. The reason why people may be blogging under different names, is because you VERBALLY ABUSE & BULLY people. How do you know if you’re attacking a kid or a mother? For all you know, some of the bloggers you attack could be well reknown people who you’ve managed to piss off with your degrading insults. It’s CLASSLESS. You are the type of people that others get RESTRAINING ORDERS AGAINST!And the fact that you can’t read this whole "rant" as you’d like to call it, is because you’re an uneducated fool who doesn’t know how to read anything properly and misinterpret for your own mindless rants.

  • Down To Earth

    NOT MY VOTE!!! He cheated on his wife, got the mistress pregnant, left the wife with out telling her, and he is in Africa. He also had Zahara on a bike with out her having a helmet or shoes on. They stay behind close doors, you never know what has happened. Plus he has only been a father for maybe 1 year. This is just stupid.

  • lookwhaticando

    yippeeem our BAMZS are back, Brad deserves the title..

  • jenpo

    Was there any signs of attack until #8 Leslie and #9 down to earth rolled into town? hmmm

  • lookwhaticando

    # 2 | bee =================There are like over 25 pages of threads,,,, C YA

  • jjoy

    # 8 | Leslie are you done ranting??? if we are so pathetic then include yourself coz you are here doing the same thing…blogging and writing an essay…wow…you have such a good and productive life unlike us uneducated pathetic fans….as far as haters…no one can change their mind and bamzs do not need them coz their fans/admirers will always defend, love and admire this family….we are bamzs fans…so if you don’t like to be so called "bullied"….there’s the word EXIT or GO AWAY…..bamooze….

  • okay

    # 4 |I agree with you. It sucks to have the paparazzi all over them, but I want to see the pics. LoL

  • ana

    # 8 | LeslieGet a f**ken life and go away with your stupid rant.

  • jjoy

    # 9 | Down To Earth it’s a good thing your father is not included on the list….coz he will not be counted…producing you…a judgmental moral hypocrites….

  • lookwhaticando

    # 8 | Leslie |==================YAWN

  • interesting

    #8When you call people "JA fans", you’re falling for your own bait! Because you are actually TURNING people into JA fans, which they werent before! When people see such dishonorable behavior on a board, they actually do what you accuse them of doing!Those people you speak of are not strong. That words from people they don’t know could change their minds on who they like. Sad Sad Sad. Brad is sweet caring person. I don’t like L&S so I could care less about the poll. But Brad is great.

  • KMC

    Leslie dear, I’m a lawyer and I do not follow your arguement. Oh my dear "lawn".

  • TENA


  • bdj

    #8Wow!. New thread. New nonsense. It seems that JA fans are constantly trying to make a point against B/A fans. Please believe when I say that Brad and Angie will do fine without your support or moral approval. Your rant is meaningless because from what I have read BAMZS supporters have been insightful and full of support for not only B/A as well as the children. Sometimes post are mis-read and feelings get hurt but for the most part BAMZS supporters have been fun, intelligent and creative writers. I have been a lurker and occassional poster and I can tell the difference between vile and hurtful posts and postive posts.

  • okay

    Well, the same can be said about Jennifer fans. I didn’t mind her before but her fans completely turned me against her. Now I can’t stand JA or her fans.


    What’s that old saying? It’s not the quanity but the QUALITY? So what he’s only been a dad for less than a year. He’s done a LOT more in that time than a lot of men.YOU GO BRAD!!! He’s such a DILF!HAPPY EARLY FATHER’S DAY! It will be a day you will never forget!KEEP ON ROCKIN BAMZS!

  • Agnieszka

    Leslie, if you are not a fan of BAMZS- what are you doing here? You must be JA fan then undercover or an impartial party.I am a fan and I have two college degrees from two different universities, from two different majors, from two different continents- one in the US and the other one from Europe. I am an educated independant young woman of Angelina’s age and I love this family. As far as us going off at JA fans. Is a self defense. There are so many hateful people who just cant stand somebody else’s happiness that they come here and attack those who love the family. A lot of them arent actually JA fans at all. I would say Jennifer fans are meek teen girls. Most of them quite harmless. Now a person like you is one of those haters who are not fans of either. People like you dont belong here!

  • Estelle

    # 23 | COLD HARD MATH what is DILF?

  • jenpo

    it’s sad that something so celebratory like #1 dad for Brad can give discontent people a platform to hurl derogatory remarks against him and his family…i know it’s all subjective and personal, but c’mon! with everything they have done to better this unforgiving world, i would prefer to focus on the good they’ve done together, rather than the speculations of what happened in the past

  • Ciev

    "I dont think u people realize why people hate this woman and insult her children and Brad."# 8 | Lesliei don’t think there should be any excuse made for so-called people who have the nerve to insult children. most people with a good mind of their own, like myself, will not let others persuade how we feel about anyone or anything. we can make our own good judgements.

  • Agnieszka

    #22- okay- I didn’t mind her before but her fans completely turned me against her. Now I can’t stand JA or her fans.Lol- same here! Before I knew about JJ, I was indifferent to JA. But BAMZS fans turned me against her and I do NOT like her one bit!Even better, they made me love BAMZS even more. For the most part I wasn’t interested in celebrities at all but now I am but only in BAMZS. I don’t give a damn about others.

  • Maniston

    Brad makes me think sinful thoughts and I like it.

  • cj


  • The real lou

    I hate Life&Style magazine,but I do think Brad is a wonderful father.This Father’s day should be unforgetable for Brad.Bless him and his beautiful family!

  • Ivy

    wonder who the other bike rider is?

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks JJ for the Pictures and the new Thread, Congratulations to the very Hot & Sexy Daddy Brad, father to Madd, Z and Shiloh; nice bike

  • Alexanderina

    # 32 | Ivy |- Hey Ivy, the other biker is me…lol

  • Ivy

    # 34 | Alexanderina lol you wish!

  • lookwhaticando

    # 23 | COLD HARD MATH ====================ITA, Every one and their Grandmother, knew Brad has been wanting to be a father forever. Now he is, and I am for one very happy for him. he deserve it, and then some.

  • Alexanderina

    # 35 | Ivy | – lol, a girl can only dream :)

  • fan

    I vote to have #8 and #9 deleted. We have the option to do that as they do.

  • Debo

    Brad is daddy of the year. Brad and Angelina are great parents.Brad looks great on his bike.

  • Milo

    He’s born to be a father. He is a HOT PAPA

  • Pol

    # 25 | Estelle Dad I would like to fuck… ;)

  • ((chanel))

    angie is a amazing women and a great mother and brad is a great father angie and brad wish u the best angie is the best!!angie 4 life!


    | #25 estelle |The last time someone asked me that, I think I offended them.

  • ((chanel))

    angelina is a amazing women and a great mother and brad is a great father angie and brad wish u the best! angie the best!!angie 4 life!

  • NaNa

    It is nice to see new Brad’ picture.I watched unrated DVD for 6 hours and I so so much loved it. Someone said that it is like watching their new movie and ITA.

  • alero

    Did you see the new cover of US Weekly. Brad and Angie look great . Not a big Us Weekly fan but love the cover.

  • Estelle

    # 41 | Pol -thanks…now I know not to use it…LOL.# 43 | COLD HARD MATH -Ok….but someone already response…I don’t have any problem with the term…:)

  • stardust

    Four letters: DILF!!!. lol. =)

  • guli

    Leslie- you must me so desperate to get attention, my kids used to do that sometimes when they were under the age of 5. They didn’t care if it was good or bad attention as long as they were noticed. Now I can’t help you out since you need your meds .This is the part I loved "Bottom line, You have nothing better to do with your pathetic, sorry lives. " Okey dokey, so what the f— have I been doing raising 3 kids and working for 25 years, ehhh?Please let us all know what you have done in your life that is so grand, we need tips. BTW- why the crap are you here since you have such a fulfilling life, how could you possibly stoop so low and waste your very precious moments in your busy life on this thread :) Don’t bother I won’t respond.God, they get funnier by the day!!!

  • Ivy

    Was there any signs of attack until #8 Leslie and #9 down to earth rolled into town? hmmm|hmm no, I dont believe there were.. thanks for pointing that out. : ) # 11 | jenpo