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Danity Kane: Making the Band 3

Danity Kane: Making the Band 3

Danity Kane?  Are you serious?  The members of Making the Band :: Season 3 revealed the name of their band on TRL earlier this afternoon.  The backstory is that Dawn was drawing a female anime character and when Diddy saw it, he just knew that it had be the group’s name.  Has anyone even heard of this anime character before?  It could also be spelled Danity Cain or Danity Cane or some other ridiculous spelling.  Andrea Fimbres, Dawn Richard, Wanita "D’Woods" Woodgett, Aubrey O’Day, and Shannon Bex of the group Danity Kane were interviewed by MTV VJ Damien Fahey, 25, and performed a their upcoming single "Showstoppers" a cappella.  Watch the video below, more pictures in the gallery!

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  • Jennifer

    Is this a joke? You can’t be serious.

  • t

    what i don’t get is, no one even cares about p diddy anymore who is he to make a "super group"? when was the last time he had his own success?

  • Jus

    Does anybody have a clip of their appearance?

  • lurkingwriter

    t – every single day, really. with his clothing line. his best-selling men’s fragrance. his record label. his movie/theatre production. music production is where he started. there was a HUGE fan base for these girls. i agree the name sucks but they have a good shot at doing well.

  • Genevaz Hilton

    Yeah, I’m going out to buy the latest Sean John gear. Haven’t heard that since … NEVER! His fragance smells like shit. He hasn’t had a hit since Mase left the label to find God. A Raisin in the Sun? More like leftover shit in the shade. Wht music production? He ran out of old hits to steal, oops I mean sample. P Diddy is should be Passe Shitty. Buh-bye.

  • joliepittme

    Season 3? Uh…. what the hell happened to the the groups from the first two seasons? did they even have a hit? those poor girls are just being exploited for television, I hope they’re at least getting paid well.

  • caligirl1201

    The second girl looks like a tranny and the others are all weave and fake tans. P.Diddy should stop trying to make the next Destiny’s Child and try to salvage his career because he’s become a joke. No one is paying to wear his name anymore and the fragrance costs more to market than it makes. He is so cocky that I, who used to be a fan, can’t stand him anymore.

  • lurkingwriter

    hahaha. and you certainly are all self-confident, happy individuals, yes? good, good.

  • Ed

    I watched TRL today and saw them. Did you see how Aubrey and Shannon were holding hands? Possible dykes? They would make such a hot couple. I hate the name, but hopefully the single is good. I really liked last season, but I wish diddy picked dominic instead of shannon.

  • Iolee

    I’ve been waiting for this group to come up already but man am I disappointed w/ the name choice!!! Awful!!! Is it too late to change? Please change it, I beg of you!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rachel

    omg. losers!!! skanky.

  • Candice

    wow, I was wondering what happened with this group, I LOVED Aubrey! The name isn’t horrible, but everyone is right about Diddy. He’s a douchebag. Maybe he should spend more time focusing on creating ORIGINAL music, instead of launching more groups, creating more products, and loving himself too much.

  • CAV

    Aubrey-go solo! Leave Danity-Cain’t-Make-a-Hit behind!

  • Nic

    Isn’t the stripy dress the same one that Paris Hilton wore in Cannes? Only a bit less low cut than Paris’.

  • Nic

    Maybe a cheaper version?

  • Royce
  • Jay

    i like the show and the group

  • Ciara

    DId you guys see that aubrey. She is a big slut and the biggest alcoholic i every saw on TV!! everytime you saw her she had a drink in her hand. I feel sorry for her boyfriend she is freakin loose.

  • Krystal

    Ok why u guys hatin on Danity Kane they went through hell to be in da band & cas sing ya ears off & there single showstoppers ROCKS its a hot club song i agree that diddy is an asshole + more lol but Danity Kane is awesome & hello my home girl Dawn looks hot (so do da rest) but grrrrr dawn dosnt look like a tranny u stupid fucking asshole who said up dere she looks as sexy as eva dontl isten to these crazy haters & remember buy Danity kanes album

  • Krystal

    & no dont hate on aubs ether shes not an alcoholic so fuck you

  • Cindy

    Wow, some people are just haters. These girls have got something. They are hot, their new single is HOT and all of them can sing. The name of the group came from Dawn’s anime that she named. I can’t wait for their album. I think they really are the next big thing!

  • jennifer

    yes that aubrey i saw her talk about drunky. Did you see her grindin all on that guy? no respect for her man at home at all. TRAMP!

  • Karla

    you haters need to cool it. Danity Kane is a great band. and Aubrey is not a slut or an alcoholic. it’s called going to a club and having a good time. you would know if people actually invited your dumb ass to a party. a lot of people drink and they’re not alcoholics so you need to get your facts straight and stop hating you fag.

  • Marisa

    wow all of u haters are nuts and im sure know nuthin about the band. DK is awesome! Aubrey is not a drunk.. shes 22 for cryen outloud.. and she likes to have fan. Its normal for someone in their 20′s to enjoy going out and partien. If you have the body.. flaunt it. I know some of the things aubs wheres can be a lil reveiling at times.. but shes hot. Shes go the body, so power to her. Those girls have some of the most amazing voices I ever heard. You haters are just jelous.

  • Mark

    Haha, This group is a joke. And Aubrey is a bigger joke. Boyfriend? Ouch. Ive seen her around with a couple of different guys in the city. And whats with her trying to act black? This group needs to disappear…FAST!

  • Mark

    Haha, This group is a joke. And Aubrey is a bigger joke. Boyfriend? Ouch. Ive seen her around with a couple of different guys in the city. And whats with her trying to act black? This group needs to disappear…FAST!

  • Jessie

    Wow, this is a really negative place yo be… even the people sticking up for the group are name calling at the same time…. Ok let me see how do I say this… I find it funny that people would take the time to actually write something about a group that they do not like… Why would you waste your time? I personally don’t like Diddy, but these 5 girls have shown tremendous talent and drive to succeed. How about you lay off their private lives… If you like their music go out and buy the record when it drops if you don’t why bother going to a blog or anything to do with them…. live and let live

  • Kelsey

    ok guys, stop hatin!these girls have soo much talent, and u must be blind to not see it!i like the group name…tho i never would have guessed it would be sumthing like that, its very unique!i like that fact that there going in a diff. direction as the pcd, cuse…i dont like the pcd to much/

  • Dana

    What is Danity?

  • Liz

    Omg, WOW don’t hate because you can’t imitate. If you don’t like them, then so be it, but you don’t have to post something if it’s just going to be something negtive. Why would you even come here to post if you didn’t like them?! Everyone needs to lay off of them. They’re a good goup and they’ve really got something going for the,

  • Rachel

    I love these girls. I’m not fond of the name (or Diddy) but I don’t really care about that. They are so talented and beautiful (I LOVE Aundrea). And Aubrey is not an alcoholic. Alcoholics can’t control themselves. She goes out to party and have a good time when she has free time. But she is extremely professional when it comes to her work. And as far as the "Aubrey and Shannon must be lesbos because they were holding hands" comment…. are you serious??? I don’t even know how to reply to that. A lot of you are extremely immature with your comments. Anyway, I will buy there album to show my support. Good luck girls!

  • jamie

    why is everybody hatin? my guess is, you dont know the girls personally and you dont understand editing plays a huge part. just b/c you see them on tv doesnt give you the right to judge them. "showstoppers" is hot and the group is amazing. as far as the name, as a fan, i like it if they like it.

  • cobbie

    U guys hating on the girls are sooo VICIOUS! u bitches need to grow up , even me ALL THE WAY FROM LONDON ENGLAND , (BIG UP DA UK BTW,"SOUF 4 LIFE")CAN SEE THE POTENTIAL . they are humble , talented , and on there way to a bundle of sucess , (sorry made it) keep it up girls , luv u guys , but get the uk overdrive sorted! :( X Cobz from DEPTFORD!!!

  • jacey

    aubrey is a big slut whore. She was the biggest tramp at highschool.

  • Walter Ford

    Wow. You guys are pathetic. Why the fuck would you comment on something you dont like? That dosent make any sense. You claim you dislike them and you hate them but yet, you still watch them every chance you get? Are you serious? Your in denial. Just admit you like them and move on from it. Youll feel better. And Shannon and Aubrey dikes{thats how you spell it lurkingwriter}. Not possible. Shannon is married, and Aubs has a boyfriend{not saying that people that are married and in relationships dont do that}, but thats what female best friends do genius. They hold hands. Wow. Looks to me like their arent many bright stars on this board so Im going to get off. Remember people. Dont hate on someone else whether its jealousy, or envy. while your sittin there critiqing and hatin, and talking about people, their living life and having fun while your on the sidelines hatin.

  • anonymous

    I love the girls and their voices. Unfortunately, the direction of the music they are taking is not for me. I wish them the best.

  • Cara

    i think all of the girls are great and very talented but what they are going to sing doesnt reflect that and their name is stupid they need something that will make them sound better!

  • kiara

    yall need to quit hatin on dem day new song show stopper is to raw and all of dem can sing yall just mad cause it aint you

  • Crystal

    stop hitin on dem i dont underdstand y u even botha writin it ! obviously aint got lives !!! well i fink da band was great da show was addictive and aundrea is such a little sweetie love her !!! lol shame they avent cum ova to da uk thou dere great!cant wait to c more of dem and i fink da name is realli orgiginal not sum usual pop crap!! lol

  • kerbie

    yo people stop hatin, and if your one of the haters wasting your time coming here and bashing this talented group of girls then your obviously fans or watched the show before. cause if you havent then that means your saying things about the girls that arent true. stop hatin and get your lying ass’ outta here. DANITY KANE will be successful. there fans are amazing

  • YourMom

    Haha.. its funny how these people hate on this group Danity Kane who accualy made it on tv, is now in a group and with a new single out. I dont see any of u people who are talking trash with any record deal, been on tv, or is even that much famous. so therefore, if i were u, i would stfu, because this group will be great.

  • shilooo

    i think they’re great…love the single but not feeling on the name. but i kno they’ll hit it big time b/c this time around, diddy actually picked real talented artist!!

  • bighomey

    they are cool but tiffany affair is better the hottest girl group around who can say that tiffany affair single start a fire is not better than show stopper

  • T.Reyes

    I LOVE DK! I hope that their album reaches #1 on the billboards charts! Stop Hatin’ These girls are hot and they deserve the respect as new ARTISTS…… Can’t wait for their album it’s going to be hot! CONGRATULATION GIRLS Hope to see yall in more years to come!!!! How Can aubrey be a les. They hold hands cause their experiencing something new !! DUH! STOP HATIN’ , APPRECIATE!

  • mag

    So did anyone see the previews??? Do you think Aubrey is sent home????

  • jenna

    omg. wow. you guys act like you know these girls from the tv show. well guess what. you need to stop judging them by what you saw on tv. these girls worked so hard to get where they are rite now. i mean you guys are basically crushing their dreams. i cannot beleive you would do that. i love the group. they can sing & dance. which must of the bands out there cannot do right now. & for the people calling them sluts.. look at the Pussycat Dolls. they are much more of sluts than Danity Kane.

  • rachel

    does anyone know if Aubrey really goes home?!

  • papacito_619

    yeah da name is kinda weird and korny but yall gurls got it goin on all yall my fanorite singers ever yall regular people with talent keepin it real if yall ever read this hit me up at least to say thanks.xxAlWAYS #1 FANxxpapacito_619

  • Alyssa

    I absolutely love this band! All 5 of the girls are very talented! My favorite girl would have to be Aubrey…she is gorgeous! I would give anything to look like her and have her body! I also think that Aundrea and Dawn have very good voices and that Shannon, Aubrey, and D Woods are amazing dancers! I’ve been watching the new season every thursday since it started and i cant’ wait until the video and the album actually comes out….and i really hope that they go on tour and i can see them! I love Danity Cane!!!!!

  • Candice

    hi dis iz ya gurl candice 4rm mil_town and i just wanted u all 2 know dat im a huge fan of u all & wanted 2 know when will ur CD "B" comin’ out cuz i want 2 ”B” 1 of the 1st 2 have it so please announce when it’ll ”B” comin’ out (on TV) please & thank u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!