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Henry Chance Aronofsky: Rachel Weisz's Son

Henry Chance Aronofsky: Rachel Weisz's Son

The first official pictures of Rachel Weisz‘s baby boy have started to surface, taken in Battery Park in New York City. The 35-year-old Oscar winner gave birth to her son Henry Chance Aronofsky on May 31st, according to CBB. Rachel is engaged to director Darren Aronofsky, 37. This is the first child for the couple, who are based in New York.  More pictures in the gallery!

UPDATE :: Apologies, images removed!

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  • Nana

    Aaaaawwww! Cute baby boy!Congratulations to Rachel and Darren!

  • caligirl1201

    Finally I’m first. I love Rachel and "The Constant Gardner" was one of the best movies I saw last year so I’m very happy she got an Oscar and a beautiful baby boy. She looks super happy and should make a great mom.

  • the tempest

    Aww, he’s adorable.

  • Yes I said It

    Sorry but Shiloh is kinda homely compared to Henry and Kingston. What a cutie.

  • Zosia

    Absolutelly beautiful baby! I wish the Aronofsky family all the best! :)

  • jasmine

    Angie haters are always around. Newborns are always so precious.

  • congrats!!

    one of the most credible actresses out there in hollywood. i enjoyed her performances in every film i so far saw of her. i wish her and her family all the best and a very happy, healthy life!!!

  • Miss Realistic

    THAT is how you work your family into the media. Very admirable that Darren and Rachel didn’t feel the need to put a price on Henry’s head. Well done you two. The more overrated ‘stars’ and their flock of kids should take a leaf out of your book

  • MRealisticblows

    # 8 | Miss Realistic I hope you wrote the same thing in Gwen Stefan’s thread. She was paid $500,000 for pictures of Kingston. Anyone know what she and Gavin did with the money? How about Brooke Shields?

  • Suri

    So just to summarize, the ONLY celebrity baby "born" recently that nobody has yet to see is Suri Cruise, right? Hmmm

  • Binger

    # 9 | MRealisticblows Don’t forget the money Gwyneth got for pictures of Moses?

  • fra

    what a happy family!!! and the baby is gorgeous!!! :-)

  • Me

    i personally dont give a damn about suri, im sure she might be ugly and cruise is waiting for her to look better or finding a cuter baby than shiloh to present her as, Eff surii saw this pics before jared posted them here, and OMG!!! he is so pretty!! i hope he hooks up with shiloh!! kudos to darren who is one of the most amazing directors of our time..and i loved rachel in about a boyBTW Jared, you are missing the post about prison break shooting today!!!i need my wnetworth fix!

  • cav

    What a cute family! They looks so happy and normal!!! How refreshing. Rachel, keep doing whatever you’re doing because you look great!

  • Rica

    # 4 | Yes I said It Just had to get one in huh?Henry is a cuti pie. ALL OF THESE BABIES are simply adorable.

  • maggie

    Another playmate for Shi

  • here we go again

    # 8 | Miss Realistic And you think that all of these people showing off their offspring did it for FREE?Before you go off spouting crap you know nothing about. Do a little research and find out just how much these people were paid. AND THEY WERE PAID!!!! Just because the PUBLIC demand (tabloid sales) edged BP and AJ to the top of the fold with a 4+ million dollar offer doesn’t imply that those same ‘over rated’ stars as you call them sought that. If the public demanded that Rachel and her little family be on every tab of the week than guess what? they too would have been offered a large amount. Did you talk this much trash when Britney posed with her child, Gwyneth with hers, Brooke with hers, or Malonia Trump? Did you spout crap when Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones were paid 1 million for their wedding picks? Why do you feel the need to turn something good into a battle against BP/AJ or any other celeb who shines in the lime light? Most of these celebs gave the money to CHARITY! DO YOU GIVE A DIME TO CHARITY? Or do you just sit behind a monitor and pass judgment?Can you answer that?

  • sara

    Maybe Rachel and Darren didn’t feel the need to put a price on their baby’s head because they didn’t need to? They are not much in demand in terms of media coverage or attention. Besides they are still posing for official photos with the baby. I don’t see how it can be considered more or less different than other celebrity couples who release baby photos to the public regardless of how much it was sold for.

  • Hey, Brad! Love you!

    #8, Miss Realistic…The issue isn’t about feeling the need to put a price on their child’s head, it is about supply and demand. This couple is still able to enjoy a peaceful and civilized life, no adoration-driven hysteria putting a price on Henry’s head. Brad and Angelina are a different story, yet they did not accept money for any reason other than to benefit children through a charitable contribution. Come on. You know that. As for Gwen and others, I doubt they aren’t following that lead. I am sure they, too, are contributing. This baby, the Trump baby, and all others are equally adorable. I think the photographers got more flattering angles and poses for the other babies than those published of Shiloh. I felt they selected the least flattering shots of her. Either her gums were showing, her little lip was curled up, her tiny face was cut in half (when looking over Jolie’s shoulder ) to emphasize her ears and give her a Yoda-like appearance, or her tongue was pushed forward! But there were several, especially the shot with Brad looking down at her and cradling her head, where she looks gorgeous. Congratulations to all these lucky parents!~

  • Kyah

    I think they just sit behind a monitor and pass judgement…it’s easier to pass judgement on other people’s lives than it is to look at your own and see where you f**ked up

  • Kyah

    and I agree with Sara…plus, many celebs donate to charities and don’t ask for recognition…maybe that’s what happened with some of these other people who sold their baby pics…you don’t know the whole story, so shut up unless you do…and did anyone notice how Brad and Angelina told everyone that would listen what they were doing with the money, instead of just quietly passing it along…why did they feel the need to make such a huge spectacle out of it? Why do they need the publicity…so they can continue making us believe that they care so deeply for others while they sit in their huge mansion with their nannies and butlers and housekeepers and chefs, etc?

  • Original jpf

    All these beautiful baby’s being born into the world. I love it……now where’s Suri?jpf

  • Original jpf

    # 4 | Yes I said It Why must all these children be compared? Why can’t we just welcome them into the world, and pray they have a blessed life filled with love, and caring? I doubt very seriously all these parents are now or were ever concerned with what the media decided the public she be concerned with.There *I* said it.jpf

  • Yes I said It

    Oh lighten up people…don’t worry you can still worship the ground (and apparently water) that Brad and Angelina walk on…It’s called an opinion, we all have them.

  • anonimo

    this is most beautiful baby in the world, more Shiloh "Messiah" Jolie- Pitt, more kingston, more sean preston ecc ecc. Good luck at the family and the baby. Rachel is the best actress, her oscar is deserved.

  • ntt

    Mrs realistic, As talented as RW is, she is not sought after by the pap. Just look at the cover of People for this year’s Oscar. They had Jen Aniston, Reese, Jen Lo, and George Clooney on. The following week, in their readers’ mail, someone wrote: "Excuse me, but what did JA and JL win, for you to put them on the cover, instead of Rachel Weiz and PS hoffman?". So, no demand, no money, very sad. So don’t blame Brad and Angelina, blame the tabs.

  • chanelconspiracy

    Oh Christ. Another flame war.Can’t we all just say ‘cute baby, Rachel looks great, Aaron looks happy’ and leave it at that?Big fat word to ‘Yes I Said It’.

  • ntt

    Congratulations Rachel and Darren. Your baby is adorable.

  • angelah

    Congrats to Darren & Rachel..their baby is cute!

  • OldHag

    That is a beautiful baby. Mum and dad look deliriously happy. Was it a cold day in NYC when the pics were taken? RW is a GREAT actress.

  • mat

    the more these celeb’ babies show up on magazine covers (all of them are lovely to my eyes & congrats to the respective proud parents), the less i believe that suri cruise actually exists…

  • mat

    the more these celeb’ babies show up on magazine covers (all of them are lovely to my eyes & congrats to the respective proud parents), the less i believe that suri cruise actually exists…

  • Dancer

    Mz. Realistic (who is not realistic)Would you rather see some scumbag paparazzi get the 5 million? That five million dollars given to a third world children’s charity will do a lot of good. Brad and Angelina are being hounded unceasingly. They cannot turn around with out paps staking them out. Reports have stated that there are at least five boats out in the pacific ocean with lenses trained on their house. Why shouldn’t a third world country benefit from the pictures? Why should they let them go for free or even worse let a scumsucking pap get them?

  • moonbeams

    What a sweetie is teensy Henry! The pic with Rachel kissing his tiny head, he looks so content! Adore Rachel Weisz! What a classy, talented lady. He hubby looks like a very kind sweet man, too.

  • Proof

    # 21 | Kyah Please stop blathering on about mansions and bragging to the press about the donation and where the donations went….The press has been following Angelina for quite some time now this didn’t just start. Whenever she makes a donation either the recepients announce it or the media. You know why they tell people about the donantions? BECAUSE THEY ARE PROMOTING AWARENESS!!!! Had you even heard of Namibia before AJ /BP decided to move their family there for 2 months? Probably not, but as one person was quoted as saying "Thank you Angelina and Brad, because of you geographically challenged teenagers everywhere NOW KNOW WHERE NAMIBIA IS." That is why they speak out. How aware were you about the number of displaced Refugees that inhabit this planet? Did you care? Do you care? THAT’S WHY THEY SPEAK OUT! It amazes me that all while they were there, all people seem to care about were what they were wearing, what Brad did with HIS children, or how skinny Angelina was. You complained about their bodyguards. WHICH WOULDN’T have been neccessary if the paparxzzi hadn’t been hounding them in full force. You attacked them when their security took action against he media, AS IF the paparazzi has a right to intefere in their lives. You whined about the money they spent to stay at the lodge…not realizing that the money was paid to NAMIBIANS who needed the boost to their economy. The money that BP/ AJ sunk into the economy allowed some of those Namibians to feed their families. Or do you care about that? Of course not..hunger doesn’t seem to be a problem for you. As you have time to use a computer in order to criticize those who are trying to help the less fortunate. You took the time to pass judgement on these two, YET YOU COMPLETELY IGNORED THE MESSAGE THAT THEY WERE SENDING OUT ABOUT NAMIBIA AND ITS PEOPLE. HOW DIM WITTED, UNCARING AND COLD ARE YOU? OR DOESN’T THE REAL ISSUE HERE MATTER TO YOU?

  • Hmmm… the 2nd

    # 35 | Andy How dare you!Rachel and angelina are both well respected and Oscar winners. Angelina has proved herself time and again to be a versatile actress. Rachel is just as talented, but sweetie don’t kid yourself in thinking Rachel is a bigger, better or more respected draw than Angelina. You wanna take poll…why not ask:Colin PowellCondoleezza RiceSenator ClintonFormer President ClintonKoffee Anon President: Hamid Karzai (Afghanistan)President: Pervez Musharraf (Pakistan)Queen Nor (of Jordan)Sam Nujoma (Pesident of Namibia)President Bush (I hope you at least know who he is)Let’s poll these people and see how respected Angelina is.

  • Jennifer


  • ck

    Congratulation Rachel and Darren your son Henry Chance Aronofsky is beautiful.

  • Dave

    Jesus, can’t anyone talk about a celebrity baby without mentioning Angelina? What is with this obsession?Henry is cute. :)

  • Erin

    How old is Henry?? All I have to say is WOW, Rachel looks FANTASTIC!

  • squid

    thank you #36 & #37!!

  • squid

    erg got caught up in the pic-price deal.. forgot to say congrats to Rachel & Darren!! What a beautiful family :)

  • Nana

    Erin:Henry was born May 31.

  • Tealeaf

    1. People magazine Editor said on the TODAY show that they didn’t pay even 3 millions for the pictures.2.ALL celebs get money for putting their baby in magazines3. Rachel will get paid if her baby is in a magazine, also she isn’t in High Demand like other celebs4. Every baby looks better then Shiloh to the Angie and Brad haters. also how can you compare babies when they basically look the sameThat Said, Rachel son is cute, but he looks like Blueball, Kingston, Moses, Shiloh, Grier..small, pale, and like a newborn.

  • Yeah I said it

    The baby is cute like the rest of Celeb babies. Why Do people feel the need to personally attack Shiloh because the media makes a big deal out of her parents. I think it’s gutter level to do that, also how you accurately compare newborns, when they basically look the same and haven’t even grown into their looks. Let me guess.. next Jack Black son is going to be cuter then Shiloh, and we haven’t even seen him, but it doesn’t matter because WE HATE BRANGELINA….

  • Miss Realistic

    Rachel acts circles round Angelina. Angelina plays the same role hardly worth raving about

  • Hey Brad! Love You!

    Andy, What is the meaning of "whore" as you have used it? Other than a truly crude and derogatory reference to a woman? Both actresses are unmarried to the father of their babies at this time, if that is the situation you are intending to comment on, although there is actually some speculation that Miss Jolie and Mr. Pitt are married, while we know Rachel is still a fiance’. You’re a jerk, by the way, and it felt good to say so. Yuck.

  • Tealeaf

    MissRealistic…drop the Angelina vs. Rachel … a Rachel and her family thread. Iam sure ANY actress is better then Angelina simply because you don’t like her. So you rants go into a circle of " This person is better then Angelina" or " This baby is cuter then Angelina’s". Why are you obess with Angelina.

  • To Hey Brad

    It’s the same people who come into every thread to spread hate about Angelina…so maybe we should just ignore them.Jennifer fanatics is what I call them. I think Andy is Miss Realistic.


    Rachel acts circles round Angelina. Angelina plays the same role hardly worth raving about # 47 | Miss Realistic ***********************Re, Angelina and Rachel — not to compare, but I could definitely see Angie doing a good job in the role that Rachel played, but no way could Rachel have played ‘Lisa’ in GI. But they’re both wonderful women, and congrats to all. By the way – last time I looked, they BOTH have Oscars, and both have newborn babies…something that Chin doesn’t.So it’s all GOOOOOD.heh. ;-)