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Jessica Simpson: Maxim July 2006

Jessica Simpson: Maxim July 2006

Jessica Simpson on who she thinks has a hot bod in 2006: "My sister has the most perfect boobs and skinniest legs."

On cleansing herself while filming Employee of the Month: "I didn’t drink for, like, three months or something.  We worked out all the time." 

On what type of guy she likes:• "A guy with a great imagination sends me through the rafters.  I love it!"

On kissing: "I love to kiss with my eyes open, because I can take in the entire situation and know if I’m enjoying it or not."

On participating in another reality show in the future: "I will never do another reality TV show.  Been there, done that."

Actress and multi-platinum recording superstar, Jessica Simpson, graces the cover of Maxim Magazine for the second time.  Simpson, sporting a fresh red-hot do says “"It feels great (To be back on Maxim‘s cover) I always buy Maxim when I’’m in the airport to see who’’s hot now!"”  Simpson, who just wrapped up filming Employee of the Month, gives readers tips on pickup lines, what she wants in a man, and how she likes to be kissed.  The July 2006 issue of Maxim will hit stands on Thursday, June 15th.  Bigger picture in the gallery!

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  • s

    her hair or wig, whatever it is, looks stupid

  • SAEllie

    I’d go for a wig. It looks so fake and doesn’t suit her at all.

  • velvett1

    If this is a way to show the world how together she is after her split with Nick, it’s a flop!She looks like a hooker.I hope this what she truly wanted 10 years down the road. People know some lucky girl is going to end up with Nick and Jess will end up with some old dude like her daddy or a vibrator.Loser!

  • D

    ok she said that her sister has the best body?? Um, OK. I think someone is trying to build up her little sisters self esteem. I guess ashlee needs it since she just had a nose job. I can’t stand that whole family. They should all go away.

  • s

    lol, i just noticed that next to her picture it says "most horrifying pets" how approriate, (yes, i know it wasn’t meant to be for her) funny, nevertheless

  • +greenpeace+

    thanks God she at least could answer the question correctly if not brilliantly. but ashlee the hottest bods? either she’s trying too hard to promote her sister or she’s trying to make her sister needs the help for her to promote herself(ashlee). do you understand what i’m saying? hehehe….

  • halee

    Not flattering at all Daddy would not be proud! Diddy’s probably diggin it

  • squid

    what insightful answers she has..

  • Damien

    BTW, it’s her third gracing Maxim. first at 2002, then 2004, and now.

  • TR

    I loved Newlyweds..but I do not like the way she looks on this cover. BTW, TEAM LACHEY

  • anon

    So she has to keep her eyes open when kissing so that she can see if she is enjoying it or not? She needs to enjoy this for with someone of her "intelligence " I see a cover on Hustler someday!

  • Fernanda

    I Love it!! She looks hot!! Team Simpson!!

  • B

    Nick Lachey deserves someone who is much much much better than an ambitious preacher’s daughter, OVER ACTING SINGER who thinks that she’s hot, but ABSOLUTELY NOT!

  • CG

    Kudos to whoever did the extensive airbrushing of her boobs. And that’s probably one of those stupid wigs that she and her hairstylist are coming out with. TEAM LACHEY!



  • Lakesweetjane

    Can anyone say AIRBRUSH? This picture is so touched up it’s ridiculous! I’ve seen her pics of late, she doesn’t look like that. The hair looks herendous. She looks like a drag queen. She’s a blow up doll filled with air. She should stop doing interviews, they don’t help her!

  • kivja

    She looks like Cindy Crawford right there… she’s just missing the mole.

  • whatevs

    um… when did she morph into cindy crawford?

  • jesus mary and jo

    After 40 years of fighting for equal rights for women along comes this bimbo and now she’s what teenage girls are aspiring to be. She can’t act, she can’t sing. my skin crawls everytime i see her. she’s pretty cute but her whole persona is so fake. i loved how her mom tried to convince the world in the Vanity Fair Article that Jessica’s IQ was like 160. PUHLEEZE!!! If her IQ is 160, then mine must be like 18756479 or something. and as for the dad, does anyone else get the perv vibe from him? I remember him saying once that Jessica had nice boobs. GROSS…go back to the trailer park you barefoot, tooth missing, banjo playing, in-breeding fool! Beware of any one whose family tree only has one branch.

  • Pierre-Yves.

    Kissing someone with yours eyes wide open ? motherfuck ! Is there anything as gross and freaky as that ?Well, second thought, there is. Screwing a corpse that died from a seizure.

  • ck

    yeah I thought it was Cindy Crawford for a minute but Cindy is a natural beauty.

  • alcorr

    seems like some of you need to chill out. she’s a beautiful woman. and her hair looks fabulous. its different from the blonde-obviously but if anyone can pull it off, with those cheek bones and her skin coloring. would you rather see a magazine with your sorry ass hair cut-ahhhhhhhhh no!

  • Boxer

    WOW, WHAT A HOT MAMA! She’s looks great for once! Something different. Did they change her nose in that photo though? I think she looks hot in this photo. She needs to change up her look once in a while. Or else she starts getting boring and annoying to watch and listen to. Change it up, girl! I like this mature, sexy look on ya.BUT I DON’T AGREE WITH HER SCREWING OVER NICK LACHEY WITH HER MONEY! That’s f***ed up! If he didn’t go through the burden of marrying her, she wouldn’t have a show! He deserves half of any royalties she gets. Because he helped her make it! I can’t believe she’s only giving him a very small portion of the money she’s received. And her family is nothing but GREEDY! Her father needs to shut the hell up and NOT get involved so much in his daughter’s married or love life! What a bunch of greedy people. I don’t care how nice they are, or how sweet they act towards Nick, they do it for publicity. But what they really want is all that money. Greedy Christian. Why don’t you be a "christian" and give half that money to Nick who deserves it!

  • Boxer

    And stop spending all that money Jessica! You’ll go broke! Donate your money to charity. You don’t need every single Louis Vuitton bag in the world! For Christ’s sake!

  • angelina mmm

    since this is Maxim cover I have to say it – nice boobs

  • Boxer

    Pierre, you’re funny. But I think it’s a good idea to kiss with your eyes open sometimes. I mean not all the way open. Just a squint or a blink open. Ya know, so you can see which way he/she’s moving. And you can control it a little more. I dunno! To be honest with you, I get a little more sexual and lead the way better when I keep ‘em open a little. Haven’t you noticed some of those overly sexual women keeping their eyes open a little when they kiss, and they start takin off their clothes and just get on top of the guy and take control! Ah well, forget it.

  • Lara

    Yawn.So glad Nick is moving on. He seems to be a good guy.

  • Jackie

    I absoulutely LOVE jessica simpson! i dont understand why people waste their time writing men things ablut her! GET A LIFE! seriously, she looks GREAT no matter what she’s wearing or if she has makeup on or not! Jessica simpson is my role model, and i think she’s great!and she does give her money to charity dont u people ever pay attention! i hope nick lachey grows up soon, so they can end up back together! i love them, they’re the cutsest hollywood couple BY FAR!!! i really love her new wigs i think theyre really cute! and i will definately be buying one!

  • Tiffany

    Is Jessica just commenting on the traits that Ashlee plans on making fake next? Maybe she is trying to warn the rest of us, because the last thing I saw Ashlee didn’t really have boobs….

  • LG

    Jessica Simpson looks amazing on the cover. I am sending my boyfriend to buy it now! I’m sure he will not complain. Confidence is sexier than anything else in the world. You Rock!

  • LC


  • Sam

    Nice hair! That is brutal! I use to like Jessica, but Hollywood has gotten to her. Hopefully when she’s washed up and forgotten about she won’t regret anything. TEAM LACHEY

  • harriet friedman

    Jessica looks fantastic! she is my idol, i love her, and she always looks beautiful, even without make-up. she’s a natural beauty! go girl

  • harriet friedman

    Jessica looks fantastic! she is my idol, i love her, and she always looks beautiful, even without make-up. she’s a natural beauty! go girl

  • Kristen

    Jessica looks hot!! She always does make-up or no make-up …. shes more beautiful then christina and brittany …. and one day will met someone way better then nick.

  • Kristen

    Jessica looks hot!! She always does make-up or no make-up …. shes more beautiful then christina and brittany …. and one day will met someone way better then nick.

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