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Nicole Kidman: Pregnant!

Nicole Kidman: Pregnant!
  • Wentworth Miller is, in fact, featured in People‘s Sexiest Men issue but they use an old picture from GQ (the one with the yellow argyle sweater) and only give him a half-page spread.

    Wentworth Miller: Age: 34,  Height: 6’1"
    See him on: Fox’s hit Prison Break
    What makes women weak: "His height," says costar Sarah Wayne Callies, who plays his love interest on Prison Break. And his brains– he’s a graduate of Princeton.
    Mystery man: "He’s somebody who has few close friends. He looks for peace with himself before turning to others," says Callies. "When you look into his hazel eyes, they can look green or blue, depending on the lighting."
    Dateability: Tall, smart, and sexy, but a bit of a loner.

Another preview of tonight’s edition of Dateline with Britney Spears.
Matt Lauer asks how she felt that Kevin‘s ex-gf Shar Jackson
 was pregnant while she was hooking up with Kevin.  OUCH!
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17 Responses to “Nicole Kidman: Pregnant!”

  1. 1
    joliepittme Says:

    Nicole Kidman… dun dun dun. I dont get celebrities, they were married for so long and they never got pregnant, now theyre barely a few months together and they get pregnant…. something fishy going on in hollywood

  2. 2
    ck Says:

    Nicole Kidman pregnant whats in the water these days.

  3. 3
    Rica Says:

    My God! I hope she is! that would be wonderful news. If she is I wish her the best.

  4. 4
    movie fan Says:

    Oh my GAAWWDD!!!That is SOOOO a baby bump!! No wonder she is rushing this marriage to Keith Urban. Rumors have said he’s been reluctant but they are going ahead with it. I hope they are both happy and it’s just the tabs speculating because they are both so private.She wanted a baby, so I’m happy if she is!

  5. 5
    wonderif Says:

    It sure looks legit to me…..a lot more believable tham Katie’s first bump picture with her fake belly button already poppexd at 3 months. Wonder if, like me, this is more proof that Suri is NOT Tom’s in that she can obviously get pregnant…it was him.

  6. 6
    wonderif Says:

    Sorry, meant wonder if, like me, other people think…..

  7. 7
    geniass Says:

    I’m still upset that Taylor Hicks gets 8 pages but Went can’t even get 1?!?!?1

  8. 8
    geniass Says:

    Checklist: Good guy, degree, can singis also included above Dateability (couldn’t figure out what the pictures meant until I looked at the key)And it’s the Bachelor’s issue not Sexiest Man!

  9. 9
    Agnieszka Says:

    WOW- if its true, I am really happy for her. Nicole Kidman is the only actress in Hollywood I actually respect. Her movies are top of the list, always. The baby will be a beautiful baby, just like Shiloh. I hope its a boy and … you know what I mean..:)This is BIG news!

  10. 10
    angelina mmm Says:

    wowim so glad for Nicole :)

  11. 11
    Doreen Says:

    I betcha she’s preggy!! She’s never had a bump before so YES, I bet she is! :)) Where the heck is Suri??!! She 2 mos old already and no outings of the babe, nothing….hmmm

  12. 12
    lala Says:

    she’s too old for being pregnant

  13. 13
    Da Says:

    lala, shut the **** up…there are many older women having babies way into their late forties. Nicole isn’t 40 yet. And Jolie is in her she too old?!?!?Anyway I doubt shes preggers but I hope she is. The baby will be a looker.

  14. 14
    elizabeth w Says:

    no ofens but nicole should stop wearing something that exposes that she a old woman. .i can’t say to much but doesn’t her stomach look computer generated.imageion up close.looking pretty bad.go! nicole show the world your ready for youyr faux baby and belly prostectiecs.and ,i’m sure we are going to see you fight the truth from coming out about your conknieving behavior and acting like you can have a child.keep doing all theses things.the trith coming.nice job on your old woman pyspheek.this woman has it all togethr.with her conknieving disposition and organize how long is it going to take for her to show.well,with the belly prostetic we have alot going aleast for a couple of months.who ‘s doing her to interview .i’m sure she going get someone to lie about preggy.

  15. 15
    TIM HOWRD Says:

    **** U NICOLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. 16
    TIM HOWRD Says:


  17. 17
    vibrator Says:

    Is it possible she has had Botox all over her body? – as I swear coma patients have more animation than that woman…
    And I have no idea why we should pay attention or even acknowledge any more celebrity births. There can be only ONE chosen one!

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