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Aishwarya Ray: New Pictures!

Aishwarya Ray: New Pictures!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates :: 32-year-old Indian film superstar Aishwarya Rai attended the International Indian Film Academy Awards yesterday afternoon.  Aishwarya took part in a handprint ceremony (left) at the Grand Hyatt Hotel as Jamal Sharief of Dubai Studio City looked on. Winners of the IFAA event receive a trophy depicting the sun, with two rays coming together to symbolize the coming together of Indian and World cinema. Aishwarya‘s film Provoked premiered at the festival.  More pictures in the gallery!

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aishwarya rai pictures01
aishwarya rai pictures02
aishwarya rai pictures03
aishwarya rai pictures04
aishwarya rai pictures05
aishwarya rai pictures06
aishwarya rai pictures07
aishwarya rai pictures08
aishwarya rai pictures09
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  • Frenchy

    She looks great! She just gave me an idea of what to wear for a wedding I’m attending soon.

  • piyutra

    I think she looks a lot like Angie lately.Anyway, she is beautiful in those pics.

  • malibmom

    Ladies I give you Shiloh Nouvel-in 19-20 years!This woman is beautiful and oh what a smile

  • Brad and Angie

    she is beautiful but not as beautiful as Angie

  • indian

    i’m not a fan of hers but she looks beautiful here. nice that she brought her mom with her.Jared- are you going to show the IFFA award show pics on here. I would love to see them. Please.

  • D

    #3: Come on: Shiloh won’t have hair that dark and Shiloh has her dad’s nose and mom’s lips, this woman has a pecker nose and normal lips… I think Shiloh will look like Angie but with lighter hair and a wider nose, not bad at all;)

  • movie fan

    What a stunning woman! Wish more of her work was shown outside of big cities here.

  • meena

    anyone know if she is still dating abishiek. i can’t keep with all the stories. first they are getting married, then they are supposedly breaking up because the horoscopes don’t match and since abisheik’s family believes in that, the relationship is done. then i read they are avoding going to bombay to avoid the media and then I hear they are getting married. What is the real story?

  • mmm

    oh my oh my, wht an angel, so pretty, so beautiful, drop dead gorgeous looks, luv u ash

  • gia

    she looks super-plastic; beautiful features, no sexiness whatsoever

  • indian

    gia – you said what i didn’t want to say. last time there was a thread about her here, people started bitching at one another. So I reserved my opinions to myself on this thread but thanks for saying it for me. ;)But I do like her sari.

  • Ippink

    she’s so beautifful

  • angelina mmm

    why are people comparing her to Angelina Jolie?I don’t get it. She is like a bad copy of her. Try hard.

  • Shiloh Girl

    I think she and Angelina Jolie look a lot alike although I think Angie is more exotic funny enough eventhough Angie is the "white girl".I’d day she and Angie are two of the most beautiful women in the world along with Halle Berry and Thandie Newton.Shiloh will be beyond beautiful.


    She is gorgeous in these pictures. She defintely looks better slim and in traditional clothing style.

  • Mira

    OH MY GOSH, MY AISHWARYA IS HERE TODAY…! She looks so beautiful in that dress. LOVE that dress! She doesn’t look like Ang-…um, well I won’t say her name cause I know everyone doesn’t want us to bring her up in EVERY thread… but Ash does carry herself like, uh, um, you know who. Ash has ALWAYS carried herself that way though. There are certain Indian women… well MANY, both young and adult that were raised to walk a certain way… with grace and elegance. Basically, you walk slow sometimes, keep your head up high, look straight ahead and smile or giggle sometimes when appropriate, like with your friends or boys or something. You can come off looking like a snob because you’re basically ignoring everyone in your path, but that actually attracts more attention. Wow, wait, doesn’t… uuh, you know who, do that?? S**t! I did it again. Oh, well, sorry. I know, I should stop making dumb comparisons.Ash, I can’t wait to see your movie!! EVERYONE should see it. "Provoked"… sounds like an interesting title. Something I see alot here on this blog, by the way…

  • Posh Fan

    I love the fact she is getting more notice outside India. She sure deserves it. I’ve been a fan of her since her Miss India days back in 93 and stuff and I dont think she looks like Angelina. Saying that, I do think both Angelina and Aishwarya are beyond gorgeous in their own way. I love it when she wears indian cloths….she looks so gorgeous. All the power to her! meena, last I heard, she’s still dating Abhi. You can get more info on her on my site:

  • Mira

    Oh her mom’s just a cutie pie. Lucky mom. I hope my daughter turns out that way… when I get one… that is, if I get a girl… cause, you knw, if i had a boy, I’d be like, what the hell am i supposed to do with this?? J/K… have had NO sleep in two days.

  • Mira

    Oh no no no.. I don’t like this photo at all, no: yes I am still sleep deprivation drunk.

  • Venom

    She’s beautiful. Up there with Adriana and Angelina.

  • Ayan

    @angelina mmm: Angelina is a mix of Native American , white and some other stuff. :)

  • movie fan

    What other movies has she been in? Maybe I can rent them. I can’t get over how strikingly beautiful she is! She was on E!’s sexiest list, but I’ve never seen her in movies. She simply draws you in. You cannot take your eyes off her. I’ll bet she is amazing in a movie.


    @movie fan: She looked beautiful in Bride and Prejudice. Check IMDb for her Indian movies.

  • god

    she has an external beauty but she does not possess that aura, that "IT" factor quality. She’s not illustrous and alluring… ppplease, don’t compare her to the likeness of JOLIE… my only, the only pulchritudinous bitch

  • Mediterranean

    If I am not mistaking she was Miss World! She is very beautiful and elegant lady.

  • Gwyneth Paltrow

    Why is it the most beautiful woman in India is a blue eyed "white looking" woman? What happened to the dark Indian women. Messed up.Angelina looks more ethnic than this chick!

  • anon48

    of course , she is pretty, She is a former Miss Universe, she had brown eye not blue eyes. She and Angelina Jolie had some kind of similarity. both are gorgeous woman.

  • Roxy

    how do you pronounce her name?

  • Anon

    She has green eyes NOT brown eyes. And yes I agree, she is a "whitified" Indian woman. She does look like Jolie, that’s true.

  • Mediterranean

    Her eye colour is real, not brown.In the past someone from her family got married to someone who had green eye colour and was whiter than the Indians. Maybe English.I hope that this is a right respond to your questions, right? :)

  • yeah i said it

    She lost the Miss India title and became Ms. World. That same year, the woman who won the Ms. India title won the Ms. Universe title. For some freaky reason, India regard the Ms. world title better than ms. universe. Also this chick has flaunted her beauty and her tittle for all it’s worth. just my opinion. i know there are some hardcore ash fans here so don’t go ballastic on me. i’m just saying what a lot of people feel. here is the pic of her as ms. world:

  • me

    ash on oprah in 2005:ashwaraya on Oprah:

  • Leni

    I think it was for the better of both contestants that Aishwarya was The First Runner Up at Miss India and Miss Sushmita Sen was Miss India!Sushmita in terms of intellect and poise and confidense is leagues and leagues ahead of ash and can talk circles around herBut in terms of pure physical beauty and grace and feminine charm ash is without comparison .The Best!Ash mussed up the final round of questions when asked which day in her life would she change if she could and she said her birthday for no apparent valid reason and thus though she was poised to win the pageant lost :0(So many Indian beauties.esp famous models who discovered ash was competing that year dropped out and waited for the following year to compete for the crown .so utterly convinced were they that they would lose since ash was so popular and beautiful esp after the Pepsi ad with Aamir Khan and Mahima!This was emphatically stressed in a Sushmita articleShe too apparently feared that she would lose but stuck to it because her father encouraged her saying that it is more noble to take up the challenge and fight and lose rather than opting out of fear!Well Sushmita thankfully chose to battle it out and magnificently won the chief crown and won The Miss Universe 1994 and ash won the Miss World crown 1994!I don’t know whether this is true but I read in an article that during the Miss India contest she slipped with her lovely evening slippers and to prove a point she wore the same pair to the Miss World and won the crown:0)If I remember correctly she was voted Miss Photogenic as wellhow very very appropriate since it is 100%evident that the camera ..still or moving simply adores her :0)Word Of WarningTHIS IS AN AISHWARYA RAI THREAD AND WE ARE HER FANS SO KEEP ANY OTHER WHOREY TRASH OUT OF HERE..ESP SOMEONE WHO COULDN’T KEEP HER LITTLE FILTHY DIRTY HANDS OUT OF A ANOTHER WOMAN’S MARRIAGE AND BED!Ash is much much beautiful than that thing called Jolie whatever it isShe is just a big slobbery fleshy piece stuck to her mouth!!Puffer fish would be attractive if she was considered attractive!Sorry even the poor puffers can’t compete with her..maybe the rotten swollen ones since it is only after death that organs swell to that big a size!And Shiloh.please.In that set of pictures only little Zahara was beautiful.She has an exotic face and looked like a miniature Iman!Lovely:0)

  • scorpion

    # 33 | Leni You know Ash aint virtous as she makes herself out to be. She dates men and dumps them like there is no tomorrow. She has to be dating a man to somehow stay in the news. She hasn’t had a hit movie in the longest time yet some controvery or the other keeps her in the news. People still doubt her acting skills. Beautiful yes. Talented hell no. And no award can prove it either. Filmfare is usually given to the most popular actor nominated. Sometimes they get it right, but most often, it’s a popularity contest. Even Amir khan doesn’t attend those shows. And who the hell says I want to change my birthday. LMAO. Sushmita has also has had affairs with married men and even dated Vikram Bhatt. She isn’t a saint either. Ash looks beautiful because she invests a huge amount of time on her looks. She never goes without makeup. Ever. She is vain and spends more time on her appearance in her movies than the script. Her arrogance reeks in her interviews. She might be a beauty but she doesn’t have the brains what so ever. Thanks for proving that. She as such an air of arrogance about her. If she had any humility, I would root for her and what she does and be a fan. But if all you possess is the ability to sound good in interviews and look physically beautiful, then how can someone be a fan. She has had her fair share of looking bad in pictures so don’t go there. Remember her first time at cannes. That was 2001. If she was humble and honest I would be a fan of hers but she doesn’t. Instead in all her interviews she just sounds like a diplomat never wanting to say the wrong thing and pretending to be some kind of chastity queen. And Angelina Jolie is beautiful. I don’t like Ash but atleast I can see she is too. Don’t be that jealous to not even recognize a woman’s beauty even if you don’t like her. And how disgusting are you to be rating a baby’s looks. An adult talking trash about a newborn baby. What kind of fucking moron are you?

  • Leni

    Scorpion,EXCUSE ME First of all I want to say I never EVER critisized about Baby Shiloh’s looks..I never said anything All I did was express my individual opinion about how attractive and lovely little Zahara isThis is a free world and I think that I have the right to express my point of view in the same way that you have the right to express yours!You have said that quote"Angelina is beautiful"I think she is absolutely horrible lookingThat is my personal opinion and if you can’ see that then I think that it is YOU who are a fucking moron !Ash is a good humane individualwhen the terirble tsunami tradgedy happened in Asia she donated a massive sum of her own personal moneyShe didn’t need a so called donation from "pawning her newborn to the masses" to do that!!Also some time ago she was heavily involved in an organ donor campaign by featuring in TV commercials about donating her corneas and immediately the organ donor applicants in Inda rose by like thousand percent!So please do not even go there saying that she is not a decent human being!It was said even Mother Teresa loved her charity work !!Her performance was brilliant is Devdas!There is absolutely NO argument about thatyou can say that Rani was better in BlackAll I cansay to that is, well every single actor or actress performs magically under the wizardry of director Bansali!Same with AB in Black, Manisha ,Nana and Seema Biswas in Khamoshi!Besides at the moment at least she is a Bollywood actress & I think she is more than a merely competent actress THERE.(the majority of her bread and butter comes from India) She is a brilliant dancer..she single handedly turned a mediocre at best "BantiAurBabli"in to a blockbuster with her"Kajra Re" Loks absolutely stunning in the silver screenAnd how many men were there SCORPION??there was Ranjeev Mulchandran ..she dumped him because he was unfaithful to her with Manisha Koirala…remember their malcontent with each other!then there was Salman Khan ..he was physically abusive .the whole world knows .if you didn’t then Iwould advice you to come out of your cave in the middle of nowhere!then there was Viek Oberoi and now maybe AB jnrWHO ELSE As if Jolie isn’t the poster girl of controversy!She slept with a lesbian,wore a vial of Billy’sblood,kissed her own brother and stole a married man and had his child unmarried!

  • guest

    35 | Leni what’s wrong with Angelina ? Angelina beauty is reknown worldwide. she was alway on top of the poll of most sexiest, most beautiful woman in the world. She was triple golden globe awardee, and won one oscar. She’s an A-list HW actress commanding 12-15 million US$ per film, she was voted most beautiful people in People’s mag 2006, she was among top 100 influential person in Time 2006, she was 35th in this year Forbes influential celebrity , She was # 13 in this year Primier mag poll of HW most influential person. all this achievement done at 31 yrs of age. her freaky past is over, she had change to a better person and about those husband stoling purely tab shxt, what really happen to Brad and jen marriage, nobody knows. actually your idol should be proud to be compare with Angie. there’s nothing wrong with it, and please don’t downgrade Angelina.

  • Disgusted

    I’M TIRED OF PEOPLE COMPARING HER TO ANGELINA JOLIE. I AGREE WITH THE PEOPLE WHO SAID SHE HAD SURGERY. Look at her old pictures, her eyes were big, rounder, not like how it looks these days. Also her lips got fuller. I have no respect for this woman, because she tries to be White, and claims she is proud to be Indian. That’s why she dresses in modern clothes, and wears skimpy outfits and says Namaste (hello). Seriously all of these girls in north of India are soo modern. If you guys want to see culture, and traditional girls, look at the south indians, not the north. the South, have more culture. AISHWARYA RAI TRIES TO BE LIKE ANGELINA JOLIE. Comparing Angelina to Ashwarya is a disgrace to all Angelina jolie fans. Seriously look at her old pictures. Does she not look indian there, look at her in this picture at her EYES,. and her cheekbones. I’m telling you she got surgery. Also if she’s so traditional as she claims to be, she’s over 30 shouldn’t she be getting married soon. Seriously. I hope Jared doesn’t post anymore of her pictures.

  • scorpion

    It was said even Mother Teresa loved her charity work !! # 35 | Leni | Oh god. and we fans of Angelina try to to make her a saint? What about you. Mother Teresa! Quit painting Ash to be some damn diety that has to be worshipped. Leni, hon get out of the stone age and come live in the present. You seem to worship the ground Ash walks on so I’ll leave you to your ass kissing. I’m a fan of Angelina but I recognize her faults. You my dear somehow think that your idol can do no wrong. If she helps others, good. But many other celebrities from India also donated huge amounts of money to the Tsunami relief. I’m just saying I think she is arrogant and comes of very selfish and "nose in the air" kind of type to ME. Like you said, it’s my fucking opinion. JMO! I don’t have the time to write a freaking a page lecture like you so I’ll stop. You keep on worshiping your queen.

  • Lori

    I like both Ash and Angelina. Angie has a huge following worldwide because American movies are shown throughout the world. Ash has only been in one American/Indian movie "Bride and Prejudice (that I knwow of). Indian movies aren’t shown in theatres here in the States. They may be in other parts of the world but not here. You can’t compare their fame because it’s comparing apples to oranges. Granted they are both beautiful women there is no doubt about that but that’s all they have in common. Ash would never appear in the same movies as Angelina. Indians don’t believe in showing parts of their bodies or kiss in films. I think Ash might have a hard time in some roles here unless she got a serious role.I have a friend from India and she’s from northern India and is also very pretty but as someone said here that northern Indian girls are stuck up that isn’t true for ALL the girls there.

  • jessica

    Aishwarya tries to hard to copy Angelina Jolie but too bad she is nothing but a freaking ugly whore.

  • Amber

    I don’t like her here. She looks weak and dark as she hasn’t eaten for days. Very bad looking.

  • Lilya

    I don’t see anything beautiful about her. She is so fake and tons of makeup she wears, her co workers Rani and Priety are the best looking women in the world.

  • Maya Shaw

    Aishwarya can’t act and I agree Rani is the best actress and the most beautiful natural looking girl in Bollywood. I used to like Aishwarya but since she lied about Salman Khan I hate her now. She is so fake, and I agree she wears too much makeup.

  • Hina

    How can someone compare trashwarya to Angelina. Angie is so hot and sexy and yunger than Trashwarya. Angie has given millions to charity and trashwarya has wasted lakhs on surgeries.


    HAHAHAHAHAHA I like this name "Trashwarya", she is really a trash, she is ugly as hell and acts like a white girl.

  • Sidney

    # 33 | LeniWhy would you continue to tell everyone not to trash your "idol" Ash…. and then go ahead and trash Angie? What a pointless post you make.I agree with the comment that Ash is "arrogant and plastic" I would also add Cold to the list. She is not charming in the least, just a pretty face and stuck up personality.Angie has changed her "freaky" ways from the past and has matured into a Lovely, Graceful, and Caring Women. I have to admit I loved her even when she was a bit freaky… she atleast has a personality and is not riding on her appearence.

  • Mustaf (

    Aishwarya can’t act and I agree Rani is the best actress and the most beautiful natural looking girl in Bollywood. I used to like Aishwarya but since she lied about Salman Khan I hate her now. She is so fake, and I agree she wears too much makeup.make life easy same…

  • hERO

    Bitchwarya is the worst thing ever, she is butt ugly, she can’t , she is arrogant. She is a fucking moron.

  • kyle

    So many haters but that is not a surprise because good looking women always get that insecure scumbags.She is easily #1 and then Angie. The woman is heavenly hot!

  • jolie

    She is not pretty at all without makeup. Some people have seen her washed out face she looked very dark and pale and her eyes colour is not green, they are dark colour. She is fake and without her plastic surgeon she wouldn’t be where she is right now. I agree with many people here Rani is amazing , Rani is so pretty and a great actress.