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Angelina Jolie: Forbes Magazine

Angelina Jolie: Forbes Magazine

On her epiphany that lobbying was worth it: "As it came down to it, you could build a well, buy soap, spend time with refugees to hear them tell their stories, but it became clear there were decisions being made back home in Washington, and it became clear to me that I had to do something to influence these decisions, no matter how many stories I would be willing to listen to in the field."

On chances she’d ever run for office: "It’s difficult, as much as I’d love to get more involved in different ways, I am able to work with everyone [as an actress], I’m able to do a lot from the position I stand on. Otherwise, I would have to take a side, and I don’t know I’d be very good. I don’t have the confidence … if that day comes, it would surprise me more than anyone."

On her standing in Washington: "I am very aware in [Washington] I don’t have the education or background that is typical. I feel like a little punk kid dressed up in a suit. But I have traveled for about six years to several places around the world and have seen very shocking and disturbing things. Look, I’m just an actress in a silly profession."

On Shiloh’s birth: "It’s different to say that you choose to bring a child into existence. I didn’t choose to bring my two adopted children to life. Strangely enough, I was concerned about [this difference], and I have been making a point recently to give my adopted children more attention. But I feel now I love them equally … and I am very lucky that I am not a single parent. I can’t imagine how difficult it is for mothers who have to go back to work so soon. "

On working with Republicans: "Fortunately, my issues are not partisan issues. Certainly, you learn to work with anybody–I’ve worked with the most hard-core Republicans. Why? I can’t wait until there’s maybe a more flexible group in office."

On the Washington-Hollywood connection: "I don’t know what is a harder [place to work]. In both cities, it’s strange bedfellows. I’ve never done the cocktail party in Hollywood, but I have in Washington. Maybe I care more about policy issues than a movie role."

Angelina Jolie‘s lobbying work has won wide coverage of the plight of poor children in the Third World. It has also averted her own image disaster.  Angelina tops Forbes’ List of The World’s Most Powerful Celebrities at #35, one rank behind Brad Pitt‘s ex, Jennifer AnistonForbes magazine managed to score an exclusive interview with Angelina Jolie amongst 1200 other media requests.  Read the full article after the jump.

VIDEO :: Watch Angleina Jolie and baby Shiloh leave their Malibu compound as their security guards attempt to shield them with blankets from prying paparazzi (they stood on the roofs of cars and climbed trees to catch a glimpse of the mommy-daughter duo).

Bad Girl Interrupted

Matthew Swibel, Forbes Magazine

Angelina Jolie’s charity and lobbying work has won wide coverage of the plight of poor children in the Third World. It has also averted her own image disaster.

Angelina Jolie, the oscar-winning actress and media obsession, has focused international attention on her heartfelt cause, the plight of the poorest children in the developing world. She visits refugee camps in war-torn regions of Southeast Asia to comfort hundreds of kids who have lost limbs to land mines. She lobbies Congress on behalf of orphans with AIDS. She personally has donated $4 million since 2001 to Pakistani earthquake victims and other causes, most recently to maternity wards of state hospitals in Namibia, the impoverished African nation where she gave birth to her daughter, Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, on May 27.

The first photos of her new baby, which Jolie released to Getty Images (nyse: GYI – news – people ), brought a reported $4.1 million payment from People magazine–the glossy disputes the amount–and she is giving all of the proceeds to charity. But Jolie, in her first one-on-one interview since giving birth, candidly acknowledges her crusade has an extra upside: It diverts movie fans, supermarket tabloids and the media from focusing on more controversial and less attractive elements of her life.

"That is a fair assessment," she tells FORBES in an exclusive interview. Her work "is twofold: I have all that gossip in my life that has gotten so out of control. And my work in Washington and with the UN gets people to focus on other things." Jolie, 31, who won an Academy Award in 2000 for her supporting role as a mental patient in the film Girl, Interrupted, has thus been able to endure hits to her image that might otherwise have badly hurt her career.

The public-relations value of a good deed has quelled carpers who could have painted an uglier picture, say, of a home-wrecker and sex symbol who’s had an out-of-wedlock baby with a heartthrob actor she stole from America’s sweetheart. (Last year Jolie had a rumored affair with Brad Pitt, her costar in the film Mr. & Mrs. Smith, purportedly prompting him to leave his actress wife, the perky sitcom darling Jennifer Aniston. "Brangelina," as the couple has been christened in the press, have denied that marriage will follow.)

But some of the best charitable works are motivated by a personal stake. Michael Milken, the former Wall Street banker and philanthropist who survived prostate cancer, has pledged $50 million or more for research on his disease, yielding breakthrough therapies. Virgin Group Chief Richard Branson devotes money and staff for work on AIDS in South Africa, in part because he employs 4,500 there.

"It’s all about self-interest. Your experience is the epicenter of your efforts," says actor Michael J. Fox, whose Parkinson’s disease was diagnosed in 1991. He has mounted a nationwide effort to increase Parkinson’s funding and persuade Congress to override the Bush Administration’s ban on using federal dollars for research on new stem-cell lines, which might be useful in treating his debilitating disease. Had it not been diagnosed, "Would I have picked this disease out of a hat and run with it?" Fox asks. "No. Besides, it would be less authentic if I had."

So it is that Angelina Jolie, who earns $15 million per film, has benefited visibly from her good works. Her Q score, a much-watched quotient in Hollywood that gauges a star’s likability among hoi polloi, has gone up with her aid efforts. In 2000 only 31% of respondents said she was "familiar" to them, and only 14% of those viewed her positively. By 2006 she was familiar to 81% of Americans, and her positive rating had almost doubled to 25%, says Marketing Evaluations Inc. (Her negative rating rose, too, but it is lower than that of the average performer.)

Still, her improving image is in sharp contrast with the bizarre persona she had before her Third World aid efforts began in early 2001. Back then, the star with the fullest, most famous pair of lips since Mick Jagger was known for edgy eccentricity. She got multiple tattoos. She had been in naughty romps with costars. She wore, on a chain around her neck, a tiny vial of blood from her then husband, actor-writer Billy Bob Thornton. She passionately kissed her brother on the lips at the 2000 Academy Awards and spoke publicly of bisexual trysts. "In my early 20s I was fighting with myself," Jolie says. "Now I take that punk in me to Washington, and I fight for something important."

Her awakening began in early 2001, when the self-styled "sheltered Los Angeles kid," the daughter of actor Jon Voight and actress Marcheline Bertrand, began reading United Nations reports on global poverty and refugees. She approached UN officials, hoping to help but wary her offbeat image might get in the way. They sent her to paparazzi-free zones: hot spots Sierra Leone and Tanzania. In 2001 the UN High Commissioner for Refugees wanted to make her a goodwill ambassador, but she told UN officials in Geneva: "I don’t think you want me. There’s a lot of bad things written about me and my behavior. I could have a negative effect on your operations." They gave her the title anyway.

Five years later rock stars and actors dish with world leaders about global debt relief and stem-cell law. U2′s Bono held forth in January at the power-packed World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. But he was upstaged by one Angelina Jolie, who took the dais to say she was "ashamed" that the Bush Administration had refused to sign a UN bill of rights for children. The world’s most luminous tabloid target had remade herself into an efficient advocate for the Third World.

Now she also lobbies in Washington, D.C. "Hollywood types have figured out the only difference in Washington is that you’re selling bills instead of scripts," says Erik Huey, a D.C. lobbyist. Jolie, who has dropped in on scores of congressmen and senators at least 20 times in the past three years, says she hopes to return to the nation’s capital on June 20 to attend World Refugee Day. "As much as I would love to never have to visit Washington, that’s the way to move the ball," she says. And since giving birth to Shiloh, her third child–she adopted son Maddox, 4, in Cambodia and Zahara, 1, in Ethiopia–she promises more cameos on the Hill. "The more children I have, the more I feel it’s my duty," she says.

She has pushed three bills to protect children. One would have the U.S. spend $500 million next year and $15 billion over ten years, to educate kids in the poorest regions. She plans to work with Senator Hillary Clinton of New York, who has proposed it. In April, to pique interest in the press, Jolie joined in a media conference call about education when she was eight months pregnant; it generated 243 stories.

A second bill would provide legal help to alien minors (she despises the term "alien") who are alone and pass through U.S. borders. The Senate passed it in December 2005, but it has languished in the House for six months. "It’s caught up in the overall immigration debate," Jolie says, "but I just think it’s un-American to refuse refugee children access to a lawyer." But in a private meeting, Representative F. John Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin scoffed at the cost of implementing such an idea, she says. "He didn’t treat me gently–I left shaking in my heels." Her third bill, to aid 70 million "vulnerable" kids in the Third World, was signed by President Bush last November–but so far no funding has been okayed. "We worked so hard to pass a bill, and then you realize you have to figure out a way to pay for it," she gripes.

Still, Jolie got the issue to center stage. "She fills a room," says Chris Ann Keehner, a Senate staffer who helped draft the bill. "It gives a member of Congress a photo op, and it’s a way to get the message out–even if she did break up a marriage."

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    That’s Bullsh*t, to have ended the article on that note, from some back-stabbing b*tch – it’s a slap in the face, and pretty sickening. I mean the language, and the willingness for some women to beat up on others disgusts me – even in the face of Angie doing good in the world. Even if you believe Brad left Aniston FOR Jolie, how is that HER FAULT again — wouldn’t it be BRAD’S?!Again, if that were TRUE, which it is not – as we KNOW their marriage had been toast for a while. Last time I checked BOTH Aniston and Brad denied Angie had anything to do with their split, and Maniston even took half the blame herself.That really steams me. ..and if you want to know AGAIN why I hate that fug bitch Chin, the above article is IT. She put out mixed messages and signals, saying one thing thing and inferring another – just to get back at Brad, but also slandering Angelina. Yet at the SAME TIME getting her friends in the VF article to hurriedly say, she has nothing ‘against Angelina, and that she likes her.’ If Aniston isn’t the most passive aggressive WEAK chicken-sh*t b*tch EVER I don’t know who is. If she stole your man you dumb@ss, SAY SO…don’t mealy-mouthedly say you liked her. Scaredy cat ho!The trth is even she knows it’s a LIE – it’s just been her monster PR’s way of keeping her lame medicocre TV @ss in the press.UGH!

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    On Shiloh’s birth: "It’s different to say that you choose to bring a child into existence. I didn’t choose to bring my two adopted children to life. Strangely enough, I was concerned about [this difference], and I have been making a point recently to give my adopted children more attention. But I feel now I love them equally … and I am very lucky that I am not a single parent. I can’t imagine how difficult it is for mothers who have to go back to work so soon. "————————————————–I love this quote. She is a amazing woman and mother, and she loves all her kids the same way.

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    *****Getting Serious With Angelina********Yeah the ending of the article sucks because the woman didn’t know what she was talking about but we are all used to that mentality by now. The majority if it was good info.Here’s a video of the Forbes writer describing how he got the scoop on being the one to interview Angelina right after Shiloh was born. This clip mentions Brad as her husband by the presenter:


    excusa? brad did speak up didn’t, he. most of you have already agreed that he was honest in telling his wife he was attracted to Angie. In most homes that WOULD break up a marriage.Probably even yours. # 25 | to #21 nona___________________________PAY attention #25, HOW is what BRAD chooses to TELL his wife (at the time), somehow ANGIE’S FAULT?!Angie supposedly had no idea Brad felt this way about her – NOR, that he was going home telling his spouse. The VF article even implied it was all on his head, this attraction — that Angie wasn’t instigating anything outside of the roles they were playing – Angie was just doing her friggin’ job. Not that she didn’t like Brad, or that she wasn’t attracted – but she sure as hell wasn’t telling him, or anyone about it – that’s stuff she probably kept to herself. So again, WHY does what Brad FEELS and chooses to tell Chin, end up being Angie’s fault.If anything these people in this article should be saying BRAD ‘broke up a marriage.’ IF they believe his pronouncement did indeed ‘break them up.’ I personally do NOT. They would have been TOAST, (and in all probablity were ALREADY, considering what they were saying about their relationship for the past two years) even if Angie had never been born.Angelina wasn’t MARRIED to Chin! Her behavior was not in question.That b*tch once again – gets off scott-free, from her slandering…she’s mad because Brad GOT A LIFE, a love and a family – SO SOON, her being mortified is what’s driving these slurs against both Brad and Angelina. Chin is worthless.


    Angie on the cover of FORBES? You know that Tom is pissed. Brad and Jennifer BROKE up their marriage. Not Angie. I have a feeling these three are going to be linked for a very long time and that is so unfortunate.I liked what she said regarding Shiloh/Maddox/Zahara.Has Rica posted anything new?KEEP ON ROCKIN BAMZS!

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    Edit to my last Post # 34 | Alexanderina | ————————————————–To the haters who said that Angelina is not going to love and treat Madd and Z the same way as Shiloh, please read this quote, she loves them all equally.

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    If he hasn’t already done it, he will be giving his Esquire interview in the coming days. Personally, I really think he needs to defend this woman and her role (or lack thereof) in the breakup of this marriage. I’m no fan of hers but enough is enough. More than that staffer (who I know) who said that quote, my anger is toward the author of the article for letting that be the last word. Yes, she’s a strong woman and doesn’t need defending (for those of you who think that), but Brad needs to define this relationship and his love for her QUICK because crap like this will continue to be written.

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    I think Brad needs to defend Angie NOW or I hope she dumps his sorry ass! I remember his interview with Diane Sawyer he said he would be the bad guy , but HELLO! this is the mother of his children being portrayed as the bad guy. she’s been dragged threw the mud for the millionth time this year. He better say something.

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    Brad did say in his interview with Diane Sawyer that Angelina is not the reason of his marriage breakup.


    SHE IS AMAZING WOMEN. LOVE HER SO MUCH.#17 Cliniqua,Totaly agree with you!!!Brad is happy with Angelina. She gave him a family!!!

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    omfg their relationship is none of our Bussiness. Brad does not owe us or anyone else any explanation, If angie wasn’t happy with him she would not be with him.

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    hey ladies, happy friday….be sane…welcome back…this forbes list is another popularity contest….useless list….as far as maniston ahead of my chickie babe on the list…..whatever….this list is based on earning….and maniston got lucky with syndicated friends….a rerun of useless unimaginable sitcom…i don’t even know what the story line of that sitcom because i have never have the urge nor interest to watch it….give me "will and grace" and we’re buddies…that is one of the best tv sitcom as far as i am concern….maniston is also lucky because of the coattail effect of her marriage/divorced with an a-list/sexiest man alive…if by herself…maniston is nobody in hollywood and this twat is not grateful at all for the luck/favor she got….also…i hope that brad will say something about their relationship…i got tired of hearing all these nasty name calling against my chickie babe….why is it that she almost get all the flack and not braddy….just wondering and i hate wondering….