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Britney & Sean Preston at the Beach

Britney & Sean Preston at the Beach

Britney Spears, through her press representative, denied a report Friday that she was considering a Namibian birth for her next baby. "Not true," Spears‘ New York-based publicist, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, said in an e-mail to The Associated Press. Zelnik did not immediately elaborate.

Earlier in the day, Deputy Environment and Tourism Minister Leon Jooste said officials had received an inquiry on behalf of the 24-year-old pop star, who has a 9-month-old son, Sean Preston, with husband Kevin Federline.

"She has shown interest to come over to Namibia," Jooste said by telephone from a conference in neighboring South Africa. "Nothing has been confirmed yet, but there is a definite possibility of that happening."

WOWOWOWOWOW.  Britney Experts posted new beach pictures of Britney Spears (five months pregnant) and her son Sean Preston from this past Tuesday.  Britney and Sean P. enjoyed some fun in the sun making sandcastles and seashell hunting at a local Malibu beach.  Adorable to the max. More pictures in the gallery!

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britney spears sean preston beach21
britney spears sean preston beach22
britney spears sean preston beach23
britney spears sean preston beach24
britney spears sean preston beach25
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britney spears sean preston beach27
britney spears sean preston beach28
britney spears sean preston beach29
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britney spears sean preston beach31
britney spears sean preston beach32
britney spears sean preston beach33
britney spears sean preston beach34
britney spears sean preston beach35
britney spears sean preston beach36
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62 Responses to “Britney & Sean Preston at the Beach”

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  1. 1
    t=spears Says:


  2. 2
    Charles Says:

    Sean Preston is cute.

  3. 3
    cathj Says:

    I think people are being too hard on her. You try being a first-time mother when the whole world is watching. Sean Preston is way cute, and he looks happy!

  4. 4
    Carlinha Says:

    I love britney !!!!

  5. 5
    joliepittme Says:

    Aww she looks great, she’s too good for namibia anyways.

  6. 6
    Aly Says:

    aww she looks cute and her belly is big already.She seems to be such a great person, people need to leave her the way she has one of the cutest babies!

  7. 7
    Andru Says:

    aaaawww I love Britneeeeyyyyy and Seeeanshe looks G.R.E.A.T!

  8. 8
    Mia Says:

    She is no-class trash. I am so tired of her nasty cheap ass "Amuricun" style. Why do you all persist in liking such a piece of garbage?Her baby is obese, on his way to skin cancer thanks to momma and she is the filthiest thing on that beach.

  9. 9
    Laura Says:

    Mia STFU She looks great! and she has a beautiful baby!

  10. 10
    Dani Says:

    Where do you get off saying that baby is obsese? All healthy babies should be chubby. It’s a baby trait.

  11. 11
    namibian Says:

    hahahahha obese… he’s not at all obese, he’s adorable and i want to squeeze his cheeks. but that was a funny post. i disagree with it all and think it’s mean. but still funny.

  12. 12
    RC Says:

    I’m with #10. You obviously don’t know anything about babies.

  13. 13
    flisted Says:

    get your own TEAM FIRE CROTCH t-shirt here:

  14. 14
    Breanne Says:

    AWW sean’s sooo cute!

  15. 15
    Paul-ann Says:

    Notice how Brit wears sun glass to protect her eyes from the glare of th sun, I feel she is a bad mother it would never occur to her to put a hat or sun glasses for for the baby

  16. 16
    ladybug Says:

    sean is a super cute baby. he could be the gerber baby. britney doesn’t look as fat and unattractive here as she did in that interview. odd that she acutally looks in better shape with less clothes on. either way, mommy and baby seem to have a tight bond. i hope the next one is a little girl and then she will have all she needs from her unsupportive husband.

  17. 17
    Tiffany Says:

    Sean Preston is so cute it’s not even funny! And I fully agree with the comment about how she looks a lot skinnier in these photos than she did during the interview. As for the hat/sunglasses issue, I know I’ve seen him in hats plenty of other times, but he is getting close to his terrible twos…maybe he was just being fussy that day and wouldn’t allow anything of the sort on his face. My little nephew gets in moods like that all the time. At least he has sunscreen on. *shrugs* Cute pictures, looks like they had a blast.

  18. 18
    syd Says:

    #16 – the only thing is that she keeps that unsupportive husband around. how can you like her for that? Btw, Sean is really cute.

  19. 19
    melvin Says:

    so so cute!!!!!!!!!

  20. 20
    flisted Says:

    Ger your SAVE SPF and I love NAmibia t-shirts here

  21. 21
    Jess Says:

    I don’t think she looks good in a bikini like that. Other pregnant celebs may look good, but i dunno she just doesn’t. I wish she would stop tying her hair like that. It looks nasty.

  22. 22
    Jess Says:

    Doesn’t Sean’s face remind you of some old president or politician? But god… britney’s hair… i just can’t stand it.

  23. 23
    Mediterrenaen Says:

    #10 BEING CHUBBY (even as a baby) IS NOT BEING HEALHTY AT ALL! Please do immediately speak your doctor who will correct you about this subject.The doctors warn the parents who have chubby babies and sometime put them on diet although she/he is a baby.Britney is a loser; the way she dresses up, wears make-up; her hair-do, the chewing gum are so low class.She lied about the facts which are not deniable like the ex-girl of her husband and her not knowing the pregnancy of the ex-girlfriend. These are not the mistakes of paparazzi, these are hers!!! Her marriage is her responsibility; I am not sure if she divorces this one, she is capable to find better than him. With this stupidity, she will find worse than him most probably. By the way, Kevin carries his baby much safer and better than Britney.Some of you might excuse her because she is young. Excuse me, she is NOT even MATURE enough for her age and if she is defending her actions, why are you excusing her? She insists thinking that driving a car without a seat belt and having a baby on her lap is a very normal and right thing. How can you excuse someone so stupid and insists to stay stupid?She has to disappear for a long period of time from public’s eyes. She is disturbing.

  24. 24
    Jackie Says:

    You go Britney! Stand by your man and if he makes you happy screw what others may think of him. Live your life ..don’t let others dictate what you should do.

  25. 25
    remember da truth Says:

    That is one cute baby!! I agree — it’s a BABY, it’s not supposed to be judged on adult or even child features. The baby is not too fat for just being one year old (not near terrible twos, it just seems like it because we’ve seen the baby all the time). I agree that she does not get a pass for being young — she is not the teen pop star anymore. She is a very immature 24-year-old. Reese Witherspoon was a mom at this age. Think about it.But I have a soft spot for her because I really believe she is doing the best she can with her limited resources. She has no common sense, and is really not that bright. She was more mature for her age as a teenager, but stopped growing emotionally and intellectually. She obviously has no guidance from her mother, but she just might be going through a phase where she’s not listening to her parents. Most of us did this in our teens — she’s doing it now in her 20′s. It’s unfortunate she has a baby and another on the way right when she is trying to make decisions for herself, and not always successfully.I was feeling bad that she is obviously in a bad marriage, but rather than owning up to the fact that she made a mistake and dumping him, she still cares more about how it would look than doing what is right for her, so she justifies it. This is her not growing up. She is NOT taking responsibility for her actions, whether driving with SPF on her lap, or marrying too hastily, or letting herself go and looking like crap.I no longer feel sorry for her after the interview. I agree with Mediterranean she needs to go away, stop caring what the press says, and admit to mistakes. Be a single mother, and get her act together. Get rid of all the publicists, etc and hire one good nanny who will teach her how to be a good parent. There’s lots of time for a comeback when she’s grown up.

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