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Britney Spears in a Bikini

Britney Spears in a Bikini

While Britney‘s tear-filled interview with Matt Lauer may have been no day at the beach, her afternoon in Miami Thursday certainly was. Pregnant with her second child, the pop princess sported a bikini while frolicking in the ocean with hubby Kevin and son Sean Preston. After putting to rest rumors that her marriage was in trouble on last night’s "Dateline," the holiday seems to reinforce the fact that the Spears-Federlines are indeed a happy family. Even Sean Preston can’t hide his contentment as mommy and daddy dote all over him.

TMZ scored the cutest pictures of Britney, Kevin and Sean Preston on the beach.  Wow.  Cuteness overload!  Bigger pictures in the gallery!

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  • K

    Oh, Love the ocean. ;)

  • syd

    SPF is a cutie.

  • ladybug

    i wonder if it was impossible to get a shot of the man actually looking at his wife?

  • Tanya

    Awww I LOVE Britney!!! And these pics are really cute!!!

  • ha ha

    #3 ladybug–i wonder if it was impossible to get a shot of the man actually looking at his wife?ha ha your comment made me laugh, thanks.

  • just guessing

    please put sun lotion and a hat on that child

  • ErinMarie79

    Cute pics! They look happy. Sean should have a hat though, IMO.

  • Peppered

    Wth her money can’t she buy clothes that fit. First that god-awful "outfit" yesterday, then this bathing suit that Maybe fit four or five months ago. Does she EVER put hats on the kid when the sun is out? UGGG

  • TR

    I wish them all the best. SPF is so cute!!

  • suspicious_package

    After seeing her Matt Lauer interview last night, I lost all hope for her. She’s tacky and looking like trash. Total braindead idiot. She looked like Liz Taylor on a bad day. And I do NOT need to see her overtanned and chubby little bod stuffed into too-small clothes anymore. "Kaballah has…uh…codes for the world and stuff." Jeezus. Is it any wonder K-fed is her soulmate?

  • spf

    Baby Sean is a cutie, but Britney needs to put a hat on his head.

  • Kristen

    Shouldn’t he be wearing a life jacket or some sort of arm floaties?

  • TM

    How do any of you know that the kid doesn’t have sunscreen on??? And how stupid is the comment saying that he should have a life jacket or floaties on him. His Dad is holding him. Don’t be so stupid and judgmental. Give the poor girl a break!!!!

  • Laurene

    aww so cute Sean P is so adorable… I wish them the best.It’s nice to see them having fun. Great pictures.

  • Lola

    Some of you need to leave Britney alone.I love those pictures Sean is sooo cute.

  • Lindsay

    Great pictures! nice to see the whole family together!I can’t wait for the next baby I hope she is having a girl!

  • Britney the best

    oooooo so Cute i love Britney 4 Ever!!!

  • Anni

    Yeees happy family Britney is the Best and Sean is soooooooooooo Cute…and k-fed is k-fed

  • boyboyboy

    the baby needs a float….please! he’s holding him!stop being so judgemental on her clothes, if any other celebrity were wearing a bikini while pregnant people would say "oh how great it is that they embrace their belly" but since it’s Britney you guys scold her.She looks happy…stop being so mean!

  • Tmoto

    There is something seriously wrong with this woman. She seems to live her life for publicity. She draws more attention to herself with these antics. Plus, we’ve all seen the baby. I also find it interesting that she never tried to shield Maddox and Zahara from the cameras. Maybe that has to do with reminding everyone what a humanitarian she is for "saving" the poor children.Is it cold in Malibu?? Chill Angie, everyone has seen her already. Remember you sold her picture off to the highest bidder? Ya that’s right! We’re not interested anymore.

  • joliepittme

    Aww.. she looks… well happy! I love her and baby Sean!!

  • Carolyn

    Hey Tmoto, I thought we were all talking about Britney. This is her story. I DO believe you’re on the blog this time!!

  • nacho libre

    Gee, I wonder what K-Fag’s other children are doing? Do they even know who their dad is? Maybe they don’t, and that would be a good thing for them!

  • ::WINK WINK::

    y does he need a hat. ever think that maybe he doesnt want to wear one. lmao yall are so critical. she cant wear a bikini she cant take him anywhere with the constant bitching. I would love to see paparazi pics of what u would do and what u do with ur children

  • libraesque

    she looks really beautiful here. How is it possible that she looks better with less clothing on than she did in the interview last night???

  • **RC**

    GOD!!! All these comments seem to be coming from people that either have no kids or are not in a relationship. First she is pregnant and so what if she is wearing a two piece, and yes it’s going to look like it doesn’t fit, HELLO she is pregnant! I think she looks cute. So much trash talking about someone no one including myself knows. As if everyone else is so perfect. The only difference is all cameras are on her, I can only imagine if they were on us…..

  • libraesque

    "tmoto" what the fuck are you talking about, this is Britney not AJ, PUT THE CRACK PIPE DOWN, and yes they sold the pics, FOR CHARITY asshat

  • Katy

    I used to hate her but before that interview I realize that she is human just like us and to be honest I like the girl now!Go britney live your life!

  • Emily

    aww those are really cute pictures I’m from miami I would like to see them. she looks very cute and sean is so adorable.

  • kingsberry

    i am glad to see that k-fed is a family guy, not too busy in the studio to take some time out to be with his wife and child.

  • Rose

    Leave the girl alone she is human. I love seeing her having fun with her family!

  • McS

    I think she looks about 100% better here then she did in the interview last night, maybe matt should have interviewed her by the pool or something! Kristen you are an idiot! do you ever see babies in the OCEAN with floaties on? If anything happens to him floaties are not going to help and the can actually harm him worse if he got torn from K-Fed’s arms.

  • **RUTH**

    You go Nacho Libre!!

  • **RC**

    Ditto..Wink Wink!!

  • Yuck

    She is just repulsive.

  • loveya

    Hi!… All you Brit haters!! SHHHH… All I can say is that all of you are probably realy fat ans wish you looked as good as she does!!, And shes pregnant!!.. Whats your excuse!!!… So stick your comments up your you know what and go on a diet!!..JJ they are cute pictures!!!!

  • design_officer

    wow, that is one great staged series of photos. they must have hired one of the bush photographers.

  • 4 Real now

    BTW there are some more cute pics on the net of her on another day at the beach and lil seany is trying to walk. He looks up at her so proud just the way he is looking at his daddy now. I mean people comment on that I mean for real look at how he is looking like daddy Im having so much fun. Can anyone ever jsut enjoy that they all love each other?

  • how cute

    Aww look k-fag enjoying a vacation with his family. You know that wife he is hardly around with and the son he rarely ever holds. Precious. Did Brit Brit also fund this vacation? She is an idiot to still be with this guy after she started dating while his baby momma was having his second child at the time. You all forget so easily. Sean is a cute kid. But Brit Brit is wasting her time with this k-fag. Like Nacho Libre, I also wonder what his other two kids are doing. You know the ones he left Shar Jackson with to be with Britney. I wonder if they ask where is daddy. Or do they even know who daddy is.

  • Down To Earth

    Sean looks to happy, he is smilling at his daddy. Brit looks fine in the 2 piece, she has really pretty skin. No stretch marks, because I am sure they would put that on camera before the baby pictures. Give the girl a break, at least let her have the rest of her pregnacy in piece. It looks like Kevin might be trying.

  • Down To Earth

    I meant to say "Sean looks very happy"

  • Rowan

    Britney is an idiot who is uneducated and needs to do an interview without chewing on guy. she makes the stupidest face when she is speaking and is in desperate need of a good PR person.

  • Chantelp

    I think she looks much better here than in that interview yesterday. She really looked trashy in that interview but here she looks great. Also alot of women celebrities where revealing stuff while pregnant, it just means they are happy with themselves no matter what anyone else thinks. I wish I had the guts to wear a two peace while pregnant, I felt like a whale lol. Anyways I think she is a good mom and loves her son very much, you dont see very many celebs with their kids as she is. On shit face Kevin…she needs to divorce his ass and let him strive on his own. He is only using her and I honestly feel bad for her because of it. He will only keep popping babies out and never have enough money to support them. I dont like to talk trash but I just dont like him and never will.

  • Chantelp

    I meant wear not where…lol

  • en0ra

    omg she was risking her life there!She’s lucky nobody thought she was a beached whale and harpooned her

  • en0ra


  • poppp

    #14 TM AMEN, leave her alone and stop picking on her. SPF most likely had sunscreen on. Have any of you actually tried to keep a hat on a baby’s head…most of them yank it off.

  • Lori

    cute baby but what is wrong with Brit doesn’t she have a stylist. She looked like trash with Matt and this bikini looks awful.. She needs to stop being lazy and and try a little harder to look better no matter how fat you are.

  • Just Jared fan

    Hello every-one , Brit never has a hat on her kid, Star mag sent her a hat to try and give her a little hint about sun protection for the little one. This is a big no no any M.D will tell you to Babies are ultra sensitive to the sun. Some-one slap some sense into her, New picks of her out in the sun with her new black hair due and sweet but hat-less baby once again.

  • sick_of_it

    Holy shit, this woman (KID) will do anything to be in the public eye. She boo hoos about everything! She loves the publicity, since she is a has-been, she knows that if she does something stupid(which is very often) she can still have her name still in the spotlight, bad publicity is still publicity. She is a twit, and marrying a loser just proves it. But I will say that she is a very pretty girl…. Brit lose that chump he is bringing you down, thinks of your kids!!!