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Brad Pitt's Mighty Heart

Brad Pitt's Mighty Heart

After a trip on his custom-made motorcycle, Brad Pitt took the time to pose with a few tourists.  Brad then met with executives from his production company Plan B to work on upcoming project A Mighty Heart (the kidnapping and murder in Pakistan of Mariane Pearl‘s husband and reporter Daniel Pearl).  A script for Mariane book’s A Mighty Heart:  The Brave Life and Death of My Husband Danny Pearl is currently still in development (Warner Brothers reportedly paid more than $500,000 for the film rights in late 2003).  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Always last!

    Can I be first for once?

  • Elle

    I really do not get the fascination with this man…

  • stef

    oh he is just so gorgeous!

  • jizzy

    Uh-oh…what’s going on here? it looks like he’s missing some jewelry. Where’s the bangle bracelet he’s been wearing for months?Where’s the circle ring?

  • walkwell

    He is such a sweetie!! I wish him and Angelina will finally get some privacy.

  • em

    I hope that Brad will act as Daniel Pearl and Angie as Marian Pearl. It is a fitting tribute to a man who lost his life in trying to expose the truth.Brad, through the years is a fascinating actor just with the variety of roles he has portrayed. My favorite Brad movies are A river runs thru it, Legends of the fall, Seven, Fight club, Seven years in Tibet, Snatch, 12 Monkeys,Ocean’s 12&13, Troy and of course MAMS.

  • good grief

    looks to me like a shadow of the man who was once BRAD PITT. Elle is right–do not get the fascination. That said I’m outa here.

  • Lynn Campbell

    Brad, way to go, you look better than ever!

  • Frenchy

    I hope he had a great Father’s day. I hope Brad continues to close more deals for his company. Wishing Brad & Angelina more privacy and for them to settle into family life in Malibu away from the glare of Hollywood.

  • velvett1

    Who cares were the jewlery is. Is it any of our bussiness what does or doesn’t he wear? These are nice pics. He was gracious and took photos with some fans. If all you have come here is to start conflict please don’t or go to another thread.

  • kidi

    Don’t you love these people who post 7 entries apart under different names and just happen to agree with each other…and then they are "outa here". Not the same person? Ya think?

  • canwesay oxymoron

    If you don’t get the fascination why are you looking and posting?

  • candice

    You’d think since he is worth like a ba-zillion dollars he could invest in some jeans that didn’t look like he just finishing painting in!

  • em

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For me, Brad certainly looks hot and very fine.

  • angelah

    geesh I was on the other thread pressing refresh!!Anywho, thanks j@red for the new thread & pics. He looks fantastic!!! yummy

  • Clueless

    I must admit, Brad Pitt is OK looking. I think he was once a gorgeous guy. Age, however, is beginning to catch up with him (as it will all of us) and I just don’t see that "drop dead" gorgeous man anymore. He’s attractive and talented – yes, but the way people place him on this pedastal, like a Greek God is just so riduculous. He is one of thousands of handsome men in this world. He is NOT the ONLY good-looking guy around. I don’t understand the obsession with Brad Pitt, to be honest. I’ve seen much better looking guys right here in my own hometown. The only difference is they aren’t rich and famous.

  • Tijen


  • teresam

    Damn, Brad is looking very fine! (And why would he wear jewelry and good jeans to go out motorcycle riding?)

  • Original QQQQ

    # 16 | Clueless | Then continue looking at guys from your hometown, instead of seeking out a celebrity blog with pics of celebs that not up to par in look… it’s simple really.

  • fan

    He’s still Brad Pitt. Hot and Gorgeous. All of you who want to put thim down, you are doing so out of spite!

  • kidi

    # 19 Original QQQQ–ITA. And Clueless, it’s not an "obsession with Brad Pitt", it’s a fascination with Brad AND Angie as an interesting couple.

  • anon48

    He look gorgeous at this age. I love him at his 20s, 30s and 40s.

  • briseis

    I will put up Brad on a pedestal if I want to. I can drool over him if I want to. Why does it bother you so much? Go drool at your hometown guys and I WON’T SAY ANYTHING. But let me drool over my Braddy in peace.

  • Tijen

    What time does Anderson Cooper’s 360 come on CNN on the West Coast? Can anyone tell me?

  • Elle

    #11 – can’t help it if there’s actually somebody else in this Brad-crazed world that agrees with me. Bigup ‘good grief’.

  • Dancer

    Well, I’m older and maybe blind ‘cuz so many of the younger actors are not lookin’ very hot to me! I love Pitt and Clooney–they have aged well, have brains in their head as well as their pants and they both support humanitarian causes. I think Brosnan and Connery are both dashing. But buys like Cisco, Phillippe, Bloom, DiCaprio etc., leave me cold.

  • angelah

    I believe @ 10PM

  • I’m over BP too

    I would not have looked twice at the man in thie phot os here if the caption hadn’t said BP and I am a gossip hound. Not a fan of BP and these photos seem to make a case for mid-life crises being the reason for all the recent frantic activitiy in his life.

  • Nika

    The guy still is HOT. @Dancer: i agree completely, even though i’m not ”older”.

  • George IS Smart

    Brad…not so much.

  • question

    Will Brad Daniel Pearl in Mighty Heart? BTW, I just read in some article that Daniel Pearl was the son of Judea Pearl. Probably you guys do not know him (the father, that is) but in the field of Artificial Intelligence (where I belong), he is very much renowned.

  • oh, no, is it?

    Brad the bobblehead.

  • oh, no, is it?

    Brad the bobblehead. Angie’s hand puppet.

  • piyutra


  • Beth

    He is nice looking but my husband is MUCH hotter

  • African Girl

    # 2 Elle and # 7 Good GriefLol…thanks for the laugh guys. Honestly, we needed the comic relief. Thanks Jared. You spoil us so. I mean two new threads in minutes….how nice of you.

  • not again

    # 30 Yeah Brad is not smart. That is why he able to maintain as an actor in an industry that is so fickle and has thousands of actors ready to be the next big thing. That is why has more than $200 million dollars in his bank account and has one of the best growing production companies in hollywood. Yup. Your right. That’s why he is able to command 20 million per movie because he is not smart. To remain in the entertainment industry for as long as he has, you have to have some smarts. But I don’t expect you to know that as you seem to be lacking in the smart department.

  • fan

    The guy is hot and every negative comment is a joke! If you wake up in the morning in a house with three kids under the age of five, and you are a hands-on dad and you look like that, you’re hot, hot, hot!

  • lookwhaticando

    He is sooooo hot, You go Brad

  • Brad’s Accountant

    That’s why he is able to command 20 million per movie because he is not smart. # 37 | not again———————–According to Forbes his paycheck is now $25 million.

  • sultrydame

    Gotta love this hot man – he needs to be naked in the movies.

  • Dancer

    I truly don’t understand why people say Brad Pitt is Angie’s puppet. To me his walking behind her is him being a gentleman. It certainly IMHO is a lot better and more respectful than Tom Cruise’s method–which is dragging Katie Holmes all over the place–I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a picture with her in front of him when they are walking. Angie was the one that moved and sold her beloved home in English for Brad. She was the one that had a baby after saying she would only adopt (again for Brad). She is the one that is turning down roles in movies to stay with the kids. He taught her motorcycling, she taught him to love flying. She thinks the world of him in the few personal statements she has made (unlike JA who has criticized his humanitarian work, his emotional sensitivity, his hair, his love of architecture, his desire to have a half dozen children). I don’t think any of us have even begun to see his strength and maturity as a man yet. I think, personally, that folks crticize him for being a puppet because AJ is a strong woman. JA was not.

  • carrie

    I think Brad is at his best when he was in his thirties, but every guy look good at that age anyway. at 40s, age a bit but still look great . I love this guy.

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks JJ for the new pics of Brad. He is a hottie. Love him

  • b4bitching

    Being a dad make him must hotter. to be a "puppet " of Angelina is must better than the accessory of Aniston in all those red carpet parade.

  • kk

    #42-Dancer – ITA with everything you said. Sometimes Brad walks ahead of Angie, and smetimes Angie walks ahead of Brad. Some only see pictures wherein Angie leads him and then use that to say negative things about this couple that validate their ongoing anger about the demise of the socalled golden couple. They can’t seem to move on and accept what is, rather would moan about what isn’t. What sad sad people. People is now sayng that Angie tells AC that she and Brad will adopt again, looks like they will end up with six or seven. Well, they both have expressed the desire for a LARGE FAMILY and seem intent on having one. Angie also stated in her January interview that they plan to both adopt and have more children. Angie and Brad do appear to share the same/similar goals in life and to communicate well with each other. Wonder if Angie talks about her career plans in this interview as it sounds like she (Brad also but primarily Angie) will have her hands full being a mom. and carrying on with her humanitarian work.

  • ((chanel))

    brad looks great when was these pics made? and when were does pics made that angie is with ac? on cnnangie 4 life!

  • yummy brad

    yummy.. great way to wake up. Brad for breakfast.

  • anon

    # 37 | not again Excellent response to a stupid comment…

  • lookwhaticando

    That said I’m outa here. # 7 | good grief |======================Wonderful, and please do us a favor and STAY Gone..