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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban Wedding Pictures

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban Wedding Pictures
  • Mariah Carey has been forced to cancel three dates on her upcoming tour (including Seattle, WA and Hershey, PA) due to low ticket sales. The tour has ONE sold out show in NYC and the rest of the dates are selling very poorly. The pop diva will do her 900th interview this week on Leno to try and sell tickets. In recent years, Mariah Carey had to scale back from large arenas to more "intimate" locales after ticket demand fell short of expectations.  She’s certainly no Madonna
  • Justin Timberlake will release his sophomore album "FutureSex/LoveSounds" on September 12. The first single "SexyBack" will go live July 7. "SexyBack" was co-written and co-produced by Justin Timberlake, Timbaland and Nate Hills.  Sexyback!!!!!!!!!
  • Invasion‘s William Fichtner‘s joins the cast of Prison Break playing a federal agent who’s hot on the trail of the show’s on-the-lam lead characters.
  • As expected, Superman Returns is getting rave reviews.   If you’re around the Mann Village Theater (961 Broxton Avenue,  Westwood) @ 5:30PM this Wendesday, the 21st…  make sure of the first 300 people to arrive.  You’ll get a front row seat in the red carpet high-rise bleacher and a limited number of give-aways will be distributed to the crowd at random — premiere tickets, Superman t-shirts, posters, and two 37” LCD TVs! Who’ll be there? Brandon Routh, Kevin Spacey, Kate Bosworth, James Marsden, Parker Posey, et al…

In celebration of tomorrow’s World Refugee Day and
Angelina Jolie‘s interview on Anderson Cooper 360°.
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    And people think she does this for publicity?!! ROCK ON ANGIE!!!

  • slj

    Thanks Agelina…You did already make this word better and you will more. Not many peopl are that compassionate and able for that.World need more peole like you.Thanks.

  • slj

    Thanks Agelina…You did already make this word better and you will more. Not many people are that compassionate and able for that.World need more people like you.Thanks.

  • slj

    Thanks Agelina…You did already make this world better and you will more. Not many people are that compassionate and able for that.World need more people like you.Thanks.

  • ana

    Angie is really an angel. She’ s very compassionate and not afraid to go out there to this world a better place. She had me crying with her at the last segment of of the video. Thank you, JJ. You’re the best!

  • guli

    Many thaks JJ. My first message to this thread went to cyber space black hole :)This is how Angie wants us to spend tomorrow, celebrating with her on a very important issue, learning more about how we can help out (not monetarily but by becoming informed and involved). Around the world most people don’t pay attention or want to hear bad news, but this is reality and we can all help out at some level. JJ you are the best. AJ, you are a wonderful person that matured and found your purpose in life. Amazing!

  • J

    I love that video. One of my favorites made by a fan for sure.

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks JJ, Angelina you are an incredible woman and I admire and respect you for all that you have done and continue to do in your humantarian work and in your personal life. You are an amazing human being. Love you AJ.

  • African Girl

    #1 / CHMLol….yep I agree with you.#6 / GuliWell said.Thank you Jared. YOU were robbed, should have been you on the Entertainment List. Not to worry though, WE know YOU are the best…the absolute best.

  • bdj

    Beautiful Video. We can all learn from the message in that video.

  • Maniston

    She is an amazing woman with a wonderful soul. I will be her champion forever.

  • guli

    # 9 | African Girl First of all welcome back and your TOMATO has missed you we were too busy with well whatever. I really would like to have folks write something to show their share of celebraion with Amgie this means so much to her. It is a heck of alot more constructive than discussing what raggazine wrote what :) You go to more threads, if you agree will you pass the word. :)

  • Alexanderina

    # 10 | bdj | – ITA

  • AddictedtoBAMZs

    Stunningly sad and heartbreaking. I know BAMZS fans would do anything to help change this situation. Because of Angie I am far more aware these horrors exist, but I do not know what we can do. Perhaps there will be more information in the interview. Isn’t she amazing? A brave, brave girl and now a valiant woman. This is why we love her, and why Brad loves her.

  • the tempest

    That video is freaking awesome. Great work by cinemuse @ YouTube. :)

  • Dancer

    Having been to Africa and having witness both the extreme poverty and the resiliant spirits of the people–I can only applaud AJ and her efforts. The kids would come up to our cars and beg–not for money, but for pens, pencils, paper and books. They so value education as a way out of poverty and as a way to give back to their community, while so many of us in America take it for granted. As Oprah said, for $16/year a child in Africa can go to school, unfortunately for many of them that $16 is out of reach. A hug to our Angie as she continues to help those who cannot speak or help themselves.

  • Andrómeda

    You got to love that woman !!! She is such a nice person, with a big heart and a lot of love to give…I wish her the best, because she deserve it…Love Angie !!!

  • Joy

    # 10 | bdjI totally agree with you guys! Wow! Angelina is definitely an AMAZING womnan. The video made me cry especially at the end. It’s sound corny, but something that boy was telling her made her cry.

  • Maniston

    I just watched Showbiz Tonight on CNN. Anderson Cooper was on talking about his interview with Angie. He kept saying how impressed he was by her and how serious she takes her job as ambassador. He says that there were no restrictions on the questions he could ask but he wanted the focus to be on refugees even though most of the soundbites we’ve heard are about her family. He says that she had no problem talking about them and that for the most part she initiated the subject. According to Anderson, at one point she joked that she and Brad say that they should run off to the Congo to make the media follow. AJ Hammer one of the hosts brought up that Anderson gave Angie a Dr. Seuss book but Anderson didn’t want to go into detail. He would only say that he brought gifts for the kids. Also, Shiloh was there but in another room and he did not get to meet her.

  • moonbeams

    I have no words. It takes an incredible amount of spiritual strength to bear witness. To do it over and over again. Angie is an extraordinary human being. I send her my love and my prayers and she makes me want to help somehow and be involved.

  • em

    Refugees around the world who flee their country from tribal/government atrocities are survivors but their lives will be forever changed. For Angie to speak about her experiences is shedding further awareness to a horrifying problem in our world. Hopefully, the international community can come together and do more and in our own little way, we BAMZSters can also help.Anderson Cooper is an insightful jounalist and I have watched his show in CNN on occasions.Angie just radiates beauty inside and out, her compassion and empathy is admirable and sincere. Brad must be so proud of her!

  • angelah

    she’s such an inspiration.

  • Mich

    I love you Angie! You are an amazing woman!

  • African Girl

    What is depicted in that video IS the reality in most African Countries. I know some people will see the video and probably think AJ had the cameras follow her to just the parts of the country that shows the suffering but the truth is you don’t have to go far to see it. It is everywhere….little children living under bridges, eating from rubbish bins with no hope of ever going to school. I don’t want to say the boys have it relatively easier but compared to what the girs go through….goodness, some of them would pray to be boys. Sometimes it gets to a point where the parents themselves sell one child just so they can take care of the other children. Having witnessed this first hand, I for one am glad that AJ is very passionate about this and to think of what she’s giving up (The Privacy of her family) just to bring this to the forefront makes it really hard not to admire this woman.A person would have to be heartless to watch that video, hear her talk, see what she has seen and still think it’s all PR and apart from that, it is offensive to Africans.A few months back we had a long discussion about Education and after seeing the video, I am even more convinced (I don’t see how, since I was already 100% convinced) that Education IS very important here. It is all about empowerment and like #16 / Dancer said, these children are really eager to learn…to be enpowered. More power to these people..AJ, BP and AC for shining the light on Africa.

  • ariel

    Amazing woman we haven’t seen for years. You are an inspiration. Love you so much. Haters be damn!


    Love the video. Short but very powerful & meaningful. Most of the clips are done since she started her work at the UN since 2001. I truly adore her. & really a great example for a girl who got a wild past but surely turned her life around & help people who really needs it. LOVE YOU ANGE! ALSO TO BRAD & THEIR KIDS!

  • lurker

    # 24 | African Girl I agree completely with what you said. Education is supreme and a necessity in order for people to feel empowered. We can all financially help and spend our time with these people but unless they are provided the tools to learn and broaden their minds to empower themselves, this cycle of ignorance breeding poverty, death, and disease will continue. And the other thing is that we have to remain dedicated. It’s very easy to show compassion after seeing a video but we have to do something further than that. One way is to certainly support those who have the power to bring effective change to Africa and other places, as you all have done by supportin Angelina but we should all keep what is happening there in our minds and make ourselves more aware and then share what we have learned. It is not enough to say Good video, we have to do more. I’m sure most of you do contribute in other ways but part of keeping awareness alive is by keeping the conversation about this crisis going. Thanks for letting me say what I wanted to say. I hope Angelina inspires many to help and contribute in many other significant ways. Keep up with the thoughtful posts African Girl and other fans. I enjoy them a lot.

  • guli

    She is amazing and IMHO she would appreciate us making comments on issues she really cares versus trying to defend her on what is written in rag-magz.Folks lelts keep on telling her as BAMZS fans we will always support her and UNHCR!

  • hanna

    i always believe celebrities have the power to pass the message around the world. some of them use it like you, Angelina , but not enough . I wish they learn from you.i have the passion and the will to help and change, but do not have the fame and can i join you and help?

  • hanna

    I always believe celebrities have the power to pass the message around the world. some of them use it like u, angelina , but not enough .i wish more of them followed you.i have the passion and the will to help and change, but do not have the fame and can i join you and help?

  • guli

    # 29 | hanna | I know we can help even it is not in $’s . And I am sure after tomorrows interview we will learn how we can support at he ground level. Please let us continue this convo… I need some sleep, tomorrow BAMZSers!!!

  • Moi Jade

    I am so happy you posted this video! It’s my favorite BAMZS video even though there are SO many awesome ones. This one really hit home to why I admire and support and defend this woman. What a blessing to the meek. For-evah Forward!!May God’s Eternal Love Guard and Guide you.God Bless BAMZS!!!

  • ehlodz

    hey ladies, have you read the new interview the X gave in Europe, she says she just wants to be good friends with Brad.She just doesnt give up.It feels like she’s been trying hard to get a reaction or attention from him.She and her friends been dissing on him but he didnt give any comment about her.She’s hopeless. By the way I’m Angelina’s fan, i just love reading and watching about her interviews.She always have interesting things to say.She’s an intelligent and confident woman.I love her but i dont worship her like the X fans say about Jolie’s fans though.

  • Fae

    I just love Angelina.

  • Alicia

    Oh, such a touching video, especially in honor of world refugee day. unfortunately for me, it kinda steals my thunder for a video i made….but its all good :)

  • Pol

    Thank you Angie for making my day better. Even today with so much pain for me as something really serious in my life happened, seeing your example makes me have faith in a better world, makes me believe that there is still good people on this world although I´ve been founding really bad human beings. Thanks Angie.

  • cinemuse

    I’m glad u all like the video, it was my way of contribute to this special day :)

  • Murphys law

    Excellent video it opened my eyes. I give AJ allot of credit for making people more aware. My view of her has defiantly changed. You have to be blind not to notice her compassion to help others out. She is defiantly not doing this for more publicity if anything its to make people aware of how serious the situation really is. She is a very SPEICAL person. I am glad her and Brad are partners because together I believe they both will make a difference in this world for the better. Bless their family.


    I all for Angelina! She really deserve my admiration! Love her to death.

  • brandon & gang

    Very touching video. You got our support Angelina!

  • Alicia

    not trying to compete (because there is no competition; Cinemuse’s video is incredible) but here is a video i’d been working on. enjoy, especially for today.

  • QQQQ

    Thanks Jared for posting this video. Angie truely is an inspiration. I really admire her.

  • tracey

    thank you so much for posting that video – seeing her cry at the end really got to me and only reaffirmed my support for her. she’s going to get haters and flack no matter what she does – but she still does it anyway because it’s what she believes in. more power to her!

  • Amazing

    Thank you so much for everyone’s videos. Just, wow, speechless. She is just touched by the stories and you can see her empathy. I don’t know what happened to the young man at the end of the clip, but I felt so bad for him, especially seeing how much his tragedy affected her.

  • elle

    On another thread original jpf wrote that people can’t stand other people happy, especially celebrities…I agree. For some reason there is such a fascination with scandal these days. Like people get this sick pleasure out of it, insyead of focusing on the good, and maybe taking an example and applying it to their lives. I am not a regular poster but I love what you guys are doing not focusing on petty gossip but real issues. Kep up the good work! :)

  • elle

    On another thread original jpf wrote that people can’t stand other people happy, especially celebrities…I agree. For some reason there is such a fascination with scandal these days. Like people get this sick pleasure out of it, insyead of focusing on the good, and maybe taking an example and applying it to their lives. I am not a regular poster but I love what you guys are doing not focusing on petty gossip but real issues. Keep up the good work! :)

  • Watch CNN

    CNN is dedicating most of today’s programing to Refugees. Watch it, it’s an eye opener.

  • Watch CNN

    Super Model Alek Wek is a former Sudan Refugee. She is talking about her experience and what she is doing to bring awareness.

  • Amazing

    I forgot to mention that I have been humbled by her effort to raise awareness of refugees. I too was a refugee from Vietnam after the war. You feel ashamed, embarassed because you don’t have anything and have to rely on others for everything. Most people often don’t like it because you, as an unwelcome guest (not a resident, not a citizen, a refugee), was using their state funds. From a refugee camp in Hong Kong to finding a home in the US, my transition was not easy, especially when I couldn’t speak Chinese or English. As a kid, it didn’t matter. All I wanted to do was go to school. What Angelina is doing is helping to change the perception of refugees, putting a human face to the word, helping people to understand what it means to be a refugee. Of any causes she picked, she chose one with issues that were controversial, complicated, got zero or negative attention. Now, we’re celebrating World Refugee Day. It’s amazing. It’s wonderful. Because refugees don’t need pity, they need help. Usually, people feel numbness and have inertia when tragedy is so great, but it’s so exiting to read your posts voicing interest to learn more. What Angelina has done is give respect to refugees for their plight and preserverance. I am just greatful for her work, her focus, her compassion, and passion. And thank you to all aid workers out there.

  • Pol

    # 41 | Alicia Thanks Alicia for sharing your video. I´m not a regular poster because I can´t stand the hateful comments and all the snarky remarks that flow around here. It was nice to see something beautiful for a change.