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Reese Witherspoon Loses Bikini

Reese Witherspoon Loses Bikini

Malibu, CA :: Reese Witherspoon enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend with her daughter Ava and son Deacon.   Although Reese has vowed never to strip on-screen again because she has "cellulite and saggy boobs," she wore a bikini to the beach and almost lost her bottom to a crashing wave!  Reese‘s full quote to Vanity Fair: "I have cellulite. I have stretch marks.My breasts are not what they were before I breast-fed two children. If I ever have to do a bikini scene, it will become a kaftan scene… I’m trying to make movies that have nothing to do with my body. It makes me nervous when I see a woman with her midriff showing. When I was growing up, I wasn’t allowed to wear bikinis because it was inappropriate."  More pictures in the gallery!

How Reese almost lost her bottom…
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reese witherspoon bikini01
reese witherspoon bikini03
reese witherspoon bikini04
reese witherspoon bikini05
reese witherspoon bikini06
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53 Responses to “Reese Witherspoon Loses Bikini”

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  1. 1
    trullesand Says:

    she´s not pregnant.

  2. 2
    emma Says:

    she said after that interview she was just having ‘a day’ and is happy with her body. which is obviously so if shes wearing bikinis.wheres the set of pics? i love this site, always the best pics. thanks.

  3. 3
    emma Says:

    it says fatal error jared. i see no pics :)

  4. 4
    movie fan Says:

    She sounds normal to me — happy with her body, and not willing to go to extremes to be "perfect", or to be naked in front of strangers, which stripping for a movie is really all about. Reese is wonderful! She sets such a good example for her kids, just being normal and not fretting over superficial stuff, and for letting other women know that they are normal too, even if they don’t look like movie stars. Even movie stars don’t look like movie stars!

  5. 5
    emma Says:

    aw such cute pictures. they totally are the cutest family.shes said in the past, sometimes she gets insecure about her body like all women, but she doesnt want to be perfect, and she remembers how her own mother used to remark on how she thought she was looking fat (reese’s mother, not reese) and she vowed never ever to talk about her own body in a negative way in front of ava. because she didnt want her to become body concious and insecure.

  6. 6
    finn Says:

    She looks great!!! She is the mother to 2 young children and is having fun with them, good for her! I think she is absolutely beautiful, and a wonderful Mom.

  7. 7
    Lauren Says:

    She is so beautiful. I think she looks great and she is a great roll model for women and girls. I hope she doesn’t ever do Botox or collagen and end up looking like some of the actress freak faces out there.

  8. 8
    celebsareannoying Says:

    that is soo cute. That can happen to anybody.

  9. 9
    shae Says:

    toooo funny, she is so down to earth and normal, yet ubelievably beautiful, she amazes me!and looks great!!!!

  10. 10
    Lindy Says:

    So today is a "Reese is NOT pregnant" day?

  11. 11
    Nana Says:

    Thanks for these pics! It’s wonderful to see a great mom like Reese having fun with her kids, really wonderful!

  12. 12
    Susan Says:

    I think Reese is wonderful and Amen to her for being comfy with the woman she is. We need to see more of this type of attitude in Hollywood instead of all those damn skeletal freaks we’ve all been seeing now a days.

  13. 13
    Deniz Says:

    i love this woman

  14. 14
    Yay Says:

    Woah, she looks like she’s having fun. Not one of those posers in their bikinis …

  15. 15
    Tealeaf Says:

    If I was an actress, I want a career like hers.

  16. 16
    Fred Says:

    Am I the only one noticing that she can’t have a day at the beach with her family without personal pictures of her butt getting splashed on the internet?

  17. 17
    bennyp Says:

    She is not pregnant. I don’t think ANY pregnant woman would go all confident jumping on waves. She looks great tough, i like the fact she is not going with the oh so popular ¡deadly thin young hollywood right now!.

  18. 18
    Miller Says:

    I just love her.I’ll see any movie she’s in because I like to support the good, decent actresses like her. And she’s just the cutest thing…I like a woman who has the shape of a woman. Not a stick. She’s a great role model!

  19. 19
    piyutra Says:

    She and her children look so cute :DLove her movies also!

  20. 20
    Tash Says:

    hi i think she is pregnant but i think she is only 1 or 2 months pregnant and will be due next year in Januray or February 2007 thanks

  21. 21
    justme Says:

    "Am I the only one noticing that she can’t have a day at the beach with her family without personal pictures of her butt getting splashed on the internet?"Thank you. That’s what I was going to say. Can’t people just leave each other alone? It’s a damn shame that a person can’t be with their family without being invaded. Way to go respecting boundaries, you heartless photographers and journalists. No wonder there is so much hatred for the media. OK, I am done ranting… sorry.

  22. 22
    abc Says:

    I agree, it’s refreshing to see a celeb with a "normal" body. Michelle Williams who i think is pretty has gotten way too skinny now. She should look at Reese. Great pics.

  23. 23
    jj Says:

    I think Reese looks sexy as hell with those curves. She looks great and she looks happy being herself and being a mom. Kudos for not giving into the skinny Nicole/Lindsay celebrity mindset.

  24. 24
    p. Says:

    ew her body is horrible and having 2 kids is no excuse for that, look at posh. now i dont mean that posh is normal or anything but that doesnt mean that a celebrity should be wearing bikinis looking like that especially if she know she’s going to be photographed. plus shes boring as hell. ryan deserves much much better.

  25. 25
    d Says:

    omg #24, seriously let’s see you give birth to two kids then see what your body looks like. it sure as hell won’t look like posh’s. anyway, posh probably had her plastic surgery done right after she gave birth. they probably wheeled her straight from the delivery room to the lipo room.

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