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Jude Law & Sienna Miller Lunch

Jude Law & Sienna Miller Lunch

Gawker Stalker had a sighting at Prince and Mott this past Sunday @ 3PM: "Saw Jude Law twice between 3 & 5 with a platinum blonde girl w/large sunglasses. He wore a tacky black vest, was very tan & short. A photographer said he screamed obscenities at people taking pics. He was nice to my mother when she said hello."  Tacky black vest, hahaha.  Poor Jude. Pictured above: Jude, 33, having lunch on Sunday in SoHo with Sienna, 24.  According to the NY Daily News, "Jude Law and Sienna Miller have been shacked up in the Carlyle Hotel. The on-again couple briefly came out of their room to accept a hand-delivered invite to the Ford Models/Margarita King party tonight at Naima on W. 27th St." More pictures in the gallery!

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  • LeeDC

    First?What’s up with the trashy tourist look, Jude and Sienna?

  • pagebetty

    ————–Yuck! He looks terrible! And he usually looks soo sexy! I think he’s gotten too much sun! Obviously! Aside from the serious tan, he also looks wrinkled! I guess becuase he’s pissed in these photos! I like Sienna’s hair color! It’s very Jean Harlow!

  • velvett1

    Whos cares anymore. Neither one of them are nothing more than last years flavor. Wouldn’t it be funny if they were ignored by the paparazzi.

  • chanelconspiracy

    Wow. He looks rough.

  • Amanda

    I’m sorry but they look more like a pimp and his ho, rather then two successful actors.

  • I love Jude

    It doesnt matter what he wears or how tanned he is, he is always HOT HOT HOT!!!!!

  • gina

    they look soo weird in these pic.ı guess they going through a lot things right now..interesting but jude looks old and pissed off but good legs sienna:)

  • noodles

    He looks like he smells of dirty willies, yucky little man. Her feet always look like a pair of old kippers.

  • big sissy

    He looks hot with that tan..

  • erica

    Jude is Hot!!!!! end of story.

  • DirtyDriver

    Yuck! Jude looks like the guy who ran up to my car at a stoplight and wanted to "clean" my windshield for $1, made me want to sanitize my car after he leaned on it. Pigeons look cleaner than this guy. A tank top & vest?Sienna…uggh where to start? She started her ensemble at Goodwill, will finish in a the garbage.

  • gemma

    sIENNA’A HAIOR are alomst white!!! wHAT DID SHE DO? I prefer her a little bit more natural but hey, she’s beautiful as usual!

  • Brittni

    oh man i saw him that day in nyc. i went to the international center of photography gallery and he was there in the shop.. he didnt look as greasy as he is looking in these pics. he looked really good. he looks much different in person

  • Charles

    Jude Law is the most metrosexual man I’ve ever seen! He’s so good looking and well dress I wonder if the women around him ever get jealous of the guy.

  • Annie

    Thank you for posting about Sienna again!! I think Jude looks like a slob, but who cares.

  • Annie

    I guess Sienna is starting to love those shoes..

  • Charles

    Sienna is always beautiful but her new hairdo is completely wrong. She should go back to her original hair style. Blond, long, and with bangs just like her character in "Alfie."

  • maire

    They just fit to a T coz they’re gross looking and just looked like they have NOT taken a bath for a week!!!

  • david

    The tan is fine. The problem is the uncombed hair, and the vest and the untucked wife-beater. Atleast he’s not as poorly dressed as the pasty red-head in the background wearing the green baby-doll dress.

  • Charles

    Apparently, Jude and Sienna is trying on a new trend which is "dirty-lookin chic." Its all the rage now in Hollywood. Uncombed hair, greasy tan line, untucked shirts and pants, sweating looking, and rugged unshaven hair are all part of Jude and Sienna’s ongoing promotion of their new style.

  • asher

    They’re doing retro bohemian chic. Tre chic!

  • Dolores

    it always amazes me how little people with ordinary lives love to tear a celebrity down. jude law was in greenwhich villiage in almost 100 degrees heat and he looks sweaty to you? he doesn’t walk around with built in air conditioning. this is a beautiful actor who owes us one thing. his performances. i’m certain that all you critics of mr. law look perfect all the time in any circumstance. why else would you be able to tear him apart?i’ll take the beautiful and talented mr. law in any outfit in any circumstance because with a paper bag on his head he’d still be sexier and prettier than most mere mortals.

  • Nancy

    I saw Sienna while I was shopping at Calypso on Madison Saturday. She is plain and tiny, looks about 14.

  • Maz

    Two lost souls feeding off each other maybe? Jude has an inflated ego, how dare anyone take notice of him – except when he has a movie to plug. Needs to stay off the drugs, that goes for both of them. They are making them bad tempered and boring. Hate to think how these two will look in ten years time.