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Ryan Phillippe's Family on Beach

Ryan Phillippe's Family on Beach

You recently surpassed Julia Roberts as the highest-paid actress in Hollywood. How does that feel?  I don’t know if people believe me, but the money’s just the icing on the cake for me. It’s really nice to be in this place. But if it all went away tomorrow, I’d still be happy. I’m thrilled with my family. I love my husband. I have great children. Literally, this is just a job.

Do you spoil your children? Ryan grew up in Delaware and I grew up in Tennessee so we don’t have a lot of tolerance for children who want their way. We’re raising our children the way we were raised. They won’t get their own credit cards and fancy clothes any time soon!<

More pictures of Ryan Phillippe, 31, and Reese Witherspoon, 30, on the beach at their Malibu summer home last week.  They were accompaned by another family and of course, their kids Ava, 6, and Deacon, 2. Above quotes are from Reese‘s interview from the July 206 issue of Australia’s Marie Claire.  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • carlinha

    FIRST !!!!

  • emma

    THANKS A LOT JARED! love the pics. love this site. keep up the good work, and awesome pics. especially of the gorgeous phillippe family. what cuties.

  • jerseygirl

    Ryan should bring his gang back to the Jersey Shore like cape may, stone harbor or avalon. BTW, those Malibu beaches look crappy ~I like that they are such normal as a couple..

  • Lori

    Yeah the beaches in New Jersey are nice. Even the Gulf Coast beaches look better than the Malibu beach. Maybe it’s that area that has grass growing on it?

  • kk

    Did i read that she is preggers?? or am i losing it?

  • bart

    oh ryan how do i love thee….let me count the ways…..i love the little belly he’s getting! hot stuff..

  • XOXO

    So cute. They have obviously been enjoying their summer. They seem like a nice normal (gorgeous) family.

  • neenee

    This is a well put together family. I just love their interaction with each other.

  • fran

    is this their beach house? thank you for the pix, jared :-)i like the one with ryan playing with his son in the sand. the others are great, thanx!

  • Angelique

    She’s definetly pregant. Look how her midwaist got wider and bigger. Typical when you are in your first trimester. And the little bulge on the first pictures. That button is not closed for a reason.

  • MB

    From what I hear – she’s more like a Reese With-her-knife in most people’s backs.

  • Myrtle

    She is totally pregnant. If she wasn’t they would have issued a stronger denial this week. It’s been reported everywhere that she’s pregnant and they have said nothing.

  • angelah

    another wonderful family!! thanks j@red for the pics

  • Tata

    Deacon is adorable!!!!!!!!!

  • kendra

    They both are PAUNCHY!

  • Pri

    Wasnt reese wearing a bikini the other day.. And if i remember right, she said in an interview that she would never wear a bikini nor is it allowed for her daughter..

  • emma

    her reps told us weekly she ISNT pregnant. so lets stop with the pregnancy rumours.and no she didnt. she said she’d never wear a bikini in a movie again.she doesnt allow her daughter to wear bikinis tho no, she said she thinks little girls in society are growing up to fast and she doesnt think it appropriate for little girls going around with their stomach on display.

  • Sharon

    Yeah Right – no fancy clothes for kids? What 2 year old wears Puma?

  • asher

    He totally looks constipated.

  • martian

    they’re great and they seem to have a clue of reality and of what it means to educate children. and that it depends a lot on how you have been educated. I wish them a longlife of happyness.

  • Sharon

    Emma, are you just dense? Reese was wearing a bikini two days ago and her daughter was wearing a tankini! Get a clue – woman. I like Reese & family as much as the next person but they are not holier than thou.

  • brashgirl

    I think they seem like reallevel-headed parents…good for them. They’re a great family!!

  • emma

    sharon. maybe youre dense? reese never said she doesnt wear bikinis’ SHE DOES. she said SHE WOULDNT IN A MOVIE AGAIN.and she said a bikini regarding ava, what avas wearing IS NOT A BIKINI. have you seen a bikini before dear? its got space between the bottom of youre boobs and youre tum. something that is basically like seeing a kid in their underwear, reese said she doesnt think its appropriate to wear a bikini showing off her daughters tummy. you cant see her tummy, you cant see anything. thats why shes wearing it. please take youre hate elsewear you dense woman.

  • emma

    and no fancy clothes means designer clothes. all the crap victoria beckham ect kit their kids out in. puma? lmao. pretty much every little boy i know wears puma. you think thats fancy? haha. reese kits her kids out in very normal clothes, puma, gap etc. i think you have a problem, you obviously seem to hate reese, sharon, so why you here in a thread about her? what a life you must have.

  • supper

    I don’t think you can really say she looks pregnant, when his midsection is sticking out just as far.

  • Pri

    As much as i love reese, she sometimes comes across as a snob.. and i agree with And she did say that she would not wear bikinis.. I totally agree with sharon, they are not holier than thou. When you are bringing up children, you are always being judged on how good a job you do. Even my parents were being told that they’ve spoilt me rotten, just because i spend too much time reading novels!! Only in reese’s case, its a lot many discussing her abilities as a parent.

  • skyler

    They have decided to have another child although it is obvious that Ryan is carrying this one!

  • C

    "When I was growing up, I wasn’t allowed to wear bikinis because it was inappropriate." This is what she has said in previous interviews, came right from the pictures the other day! And about the pregnancy, she’s sueing the magazine that reported it, if that isn’t denying the rumor I don’t know what is. Awesome pics BTW love this family.

  • aimee

    Such a beautiful family… I love seeing all of them together! They are a model to all the other celebrities out there. Reese and Ryan have been married for seven years, and have two beautiful children who they obviously love and care for–and it’s so clear that they love and care for each other as well. I think it’s just wonderful that Reese says Ryan is her best friend as well as her husband. I

  • marissa

    Great pictures, Jared–thanks very much! :) I love this family–they are so sweet and genuine. You go, Ryan, Reese, Ava, and Deacon!And #18, just because they are able to afford nice things for their children does not mean they are spoiling them. Spoiling your child is a) giving them every single thing they ask for, and b) not disciplining them. Giving them nice things to wear/play with is not spoiling them, it’s just being kind to them.

  • kelley

    im friends with reese and ryan. i grew up with Reese and i DO NOT KNOW why some of you people are judging her as a parent. she is a wonderful mother and ryan is a wonderful father. they do not think they are holier than thou!! and they are very down to earth. they have tried to raise their kids the way they were raised which was very down to earth. reese’s parents raised her to respect people and the fact that you guys sit here and say how she spoils her children by letting her son wear PUMA is spoiling him than you guys dont know what spoiling is!!!!!!

  • kelley