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Jennifer Aniston... in PINK Dress

Jennifer Aniston... in PINK Dress

After many stops around the world to promote The Break-Up, Jennifer Aniston was spotted arriving at her Malibu home this weekend with her RAZR, Blackberry, and Bottega Veneta bag in hand.  Jen was also sporting an atypical pink, flowery summer dress.  Yay or nay?

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  • Caza

    Wow this is a first to be first! heheI think she looks lovely. Check out what she has to say about Brad here:

  • Kellie


  • Caza

    If you cant be bothered to check out the link above to read the whole article I’ve made it easy for you here by copying and pasting the bit about Brad:"And she harbours no bitterness after the high-profile split from Brad Pitt. The couple were together seven years and married for five. They divorced in 2005 after he fell in love with Angelina Jolie. She says graciously: "I don’t regret any of that time and I’m not here to beat myself up about it. "They were seven very intense years together and it was a beautiful, complicated relationship. I will love Brad for the rest of my life and I hope that someday we will be able to be friends again." She also revealed she wants to be a mum one day. "Do I want to have children? I do, and I will. The women who inspire me are the ones who have families and children. Why would I want to limit myself? I want to have it all. At the moment, I think I’m doing really well. "There were times when I had a little ‘pity party’ for myself? Sure there were. Absolutely — who wouldn’t?" Well she seems to have finally laid to rest that part of her life and has moved on. Great to see.

  • anon

    Just an fyi for anyone that is gullible. The News of the World is the biggest tabloid in the UK and she did not give them an interview. Instead they have taken bits and pieces from old interviews and pasted it together as one and also added their own made up quotes. It is NOT an exclusive interview given by Jennifer and there are also quotes there that she never said. Before anyone starts ranting about her still talking about Brad. The interview is MADE UP and not exclusive, the source of News of the World should tell you that anyway.

  • irina

    the interview is sooooooooooooo old. it’s from august-september 2005

  • Meg

    With this girl is always nay…

  • Nana

    Definitely YAY! She looks lovely!

  • Gracie

    It’s Bottega Veneta, btw

  • bianca

    Jen looks gorgeous:D I lovee her dress:D but yesh Jen is always gorgeous:D

  • MIMI

    Speaking of yay OMG ANGELINA JOLIE looked so stunning in her black dress on her interview last night with ANDERSON COOPER even he admited how AGIE is such a beautiful person inside and out helping the poor and the suffering little children around the world unlike the others who care only about their looks and hapiness eventhough ANGIE is #1 beautiful woman on earth and is happy with proud father of the year BRAD, new baby Shiloh , MAD and little Z. Such a beautiful family.This family just rock.

  • Kerry

    Dirt never sticks to Jennifer. She’s beautiful.

  • jade

    After watching AC360 with Angelina, I say Brad is so lucky to have Angelina now. She is just so miles apart from Aniston in substance. Jennifer, you just dont see her other than in red carpets, TV interviews promoting her movies, going to friends house, shopping, drinking, smoking, going to restaurant. Funny she carries her cellphones/pdas and dog all the time, just so shallow. Mayne she can adopt a baby from ?Africa instead of spending so much money on her dog, bringing him everywhere with him even when she goes abroad. Does she do anything worthy of her to be a good role model to her fans? Sorry for the rant, just bored seeing her again in this board.

  • alys

    she is gorgeoussssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!really!!!!

  • d. c.

    How brave, tho Jen must have felt like she was on fire, evil and exposed in pink flowery pastels and needed a bland fix for ever so long……

  • malibuom

    I just really disagree with the negative comments towards Aniston. We have said many times that both sides need to let this go because what is between the parties is between them. Of course we have Freedom of speech, but this type of baiting brings negative comments to any BAMZS picture. Jennifer may not be a humanitarian . I don’t know if she is or is not, but she is human. I believe she did what was best for her and also what she was guided to do. Personally I didn’t think it was right and Yes if she has something Horrid on like the Aluminum foil dress, I am going to state my opinion. But I don’t have to compare her to Angie-By the way she looks cute in the dress. It is very feminine and she should stick with clothes that are.

  • robert


  • oh come on!

    Well, when you devote your life to pedicures, your feet are going to look very nice.

  • YaYo

    I have nothing against her looks or what she wears but this woman lacks substance and that’s a shame. She’s just one step above the Paris Hiltons and Nicole Richies of the world.

  • robert


  • ew

    Jen, take a cue from Jolie and do something worthwhile with your life. Not saying you have to adopt orphans or go to th e Congo, but just do SOMETHING. You’re very boring.

  • jen rocks

    She looks fabulous and happy and I think she moved on a long time ago.

  • momo

    I dont see why people still keep on comparing jen and angie when that is so old news already. People if you like angie go ahead and praise her with all your might, go ahead and worship her, dont’ bother to keep comparing her to jen, i mean who the fuck cares? are you still hung up on this! we have moved on, jen has moved on, can’t you! what’s your point? what’s the point! it’s so freakin over….go to angie’s and thread and go GAGA over there.

  • chaz

    She looks great!!!! Love her natural and healthy beauty.

  • very YAY!!

    Jen looks great–and just because she doesn’t issue a press release every time she gives a dimeor does some good in the world does NOT make her a bad person. Thank you m-mom for starting a trend towards fairness at JJ (I hope.)

  • Baby

    No she’s not a bad person but she is a shallow person.That’s my honest opinion. Deal.

  • Apelilae

    She looks so cute here. She’s very pretty in a shallow Cali girl way.


    Jen is a class act and has wond the game with the hand she was dealt. Lots of grace and humor.Love her.


    Jen is a class act and has wond the game with the hand she was dealt. Lots of grace and humor.Love her.

  • rey

    #12 JadeThis Jade chic is a flake. She is either insecure about Brad-Angelina’s relationship or totally obsessed with J. Ansiton. Why the hell is she compelled to draw comparisons between Jolie and Aniston on this thread??!

  • Original jpf

    # 3 | Caza this is not a legit interview/article. It’s a patchwork of various snippets she’s said and/or that have been attributed to her over the last year or so. Sad that the rags resort to this type of thing, but type of thing IS is fact what it is.jpf


    Jen is a class act and has wond the game with the hand she was dealt. Lots of grace and humor.Love her.

  • yay to the pink

    Double yay to Jennifer Aniston. Loved her long before Brad did.

  • Jessica

    All of you are so funny. You nay sayers who are bashing Jen say things like "go do somehthing, adopt an orphan, etc etc etc. Which yes all those things are great and I respect Angelina for doing those thing, but if Jennifer started to do it you would just turn around and say she is trying to be Angelina now and how it is only a stunt to get Brad Pitt back. No matter what she does, you will criticize her. She has done nothing wrong here, she is stepping out of a car in a pink dress.. she isn’t killing kittens or saying nor doing anything negative towards Angie and Brad. Give it up, it’s all so childish now. She loks wonderful and refreshed. She is moving on with her life, and yes this interview is fake.

  • oh come on!

    You Aniston fans should see the Anderson Cooper interview with Jolie. They talk about African children being raped, and many other horrible things going on this very moment. Jolie talks about how she took notebooks out into the field and used them not just to jot things down, but to hide her tears when she heard unimaginably sad stories. She covers her own expenses when she travels around the world, appears before Congress to lobby for change and donates huge amounts of money to these causes. She’s admirable not just because she has shiny hair and a good tan. No wonder Brad Pitt fell in love with her; there’s something behind her beauty besides me, me, me–a lesson Aniston could learn.

  • sal

    I think Jen is great. She is mega mega millionaire but still seems so real and approachable…like someone I’d like to have as a friend…with good and bad points. Unlike others, she doesn’t portray herself as a beauty or a perect human specimen, a saint or toot her horn ANYTIME she does something of value in life (before anyone throws darts at this comment, they need to realize all they know about Aniston is from tabloids…they do not know a damn thing about what she does on her own time).BAMZS fans ae caught up in a delusional world created by the expert manipulation of Jolie.

  • to #20 – ew

    hard as this may be for you to believe–it’s possible to do some of those things without issuing a press release to make yourself look good. Jennifer makes her contributions to humanity–and that’s a fact. You deal.

  • Baby

    If Jennifer started doing some of the things Angelina, Brad, Bono, or Oprah do then I would be the first one to sing her praises and "defend" her on every blog. The woman only thinks of herself.

  • bellabeesting

    looks like #37 baby needs to read #36′s post to ew. Love Jen – great to see her looking pretty and peaceful.

  • ew

    #36– And just where are all these contributions to humanity? Drinking on a Parisian booze cruise with Vince? Oh, yeah, that benefitted the French champagne grape growers. Good cause.

  • Jen’s Feet

    Hi, I’m Jen’s feet. I look so pretty because Jen spends more time on me than most people do raising their children. LOTS of time and money go into me. Have a nice day!

  • Baby

    As UNHCR Ambassador its Jolie’s job to issue a press release. She is supposed to bring awareness to the plight of refugees. Yesterday was World Refugee Day. Again its her job to put herself before cameras, reporters, anyone who will listen. Both Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice have respectively praised Jolie for doing what she has. That’s a fact. You need to deal.

  • AJ media monger

    It’s really too bad that some stupid people believe the only way to measure someone’s worth is if they blab blab blab everytime they give money to the poor or do something for the needy.Oh PLEEEAse ..did Angie really say that she had to hide/wipe tears with her notebook? What an actress…even performs during interviews..!! She is such such such a fake.Based on #37′s post, there must only be 4 celebrities who do anything good for the world.

  • o.k. baby

    jolie made a deal with the UN so she could improve her image. much needed move as tarnished as it was.jen doesn’t need to hide behind her good deeds so she can afford the luxury of doing them privately.that said, are you one of those fans who see aniston and hope brad pitt doesn’t see her looking so hot and have a regret or two–so you just have to start running her down right away?Brad and Jennifer were once in love and married and they are both entitled to make it what they want it to be now. YOU deal with that.

  • star


  • Thumbs up

    JA is so pretty! I wish we could all look so damn good at almost 40.

  • dana

    When will she go to stay in Chicago???

  • wtf?

    Q: Why does Angie send out press releases?Its the same reason Oprah does shows on her charity work. Its the same reason George Clooney called multiple press conferences to talk about Darfur. Its the same reason Matt Damon sent out email thru and was interviewed by People magazine about the Sudan. Its the same reason Cher called C-Span at least twice to talk about getting proper equipment for our troops in Iraq. A: To get people like you and I to pay attention to what’s happening in the world. Its to get people like you and I to call upon our government to put its resources where they count the most.

  • Carmella & Jon

    rocking the dress, rocking the bod.some people just can’t seem to stand it that she’s looking better every time you see her. GO JEN. You deserve to find peace and happiness again.

  • chloe

    She looks pretty! I like her in the pink…that is unusual to see! Good luck to is good to see her happy!

  • to #47 – WTF?

    get your facts straight here. it’s a well-known documented fact that (just one example here) Oprah does plenty of charitable deeds and donations withOUT recognition. If she sees the need to call attention to an issue she does–but she gives far and above beyond what is published.Check your facts before you open your mouth.On the other hand Jolie/Pitt give $15,000 to a hospital that the used for their own purposes and there’s a press release? How is THAT a UN requirement? Please.