Britney Spears: OK! Magazine

Britney Spears: OK! Magazine

What do you think the advantages are of being a younger mom? My mom was a young mom, and I’ve looked up to her. I just feel that it’s so important to instill so many good beliefs in your children. I think I’m younger doing that — I’ll have more energy in being able to bring up more positive kids than if I’m 40! But there are parents that are 40 that do a damn good job. I always wanted to be a young mom.

Do you know the sex of the baby yet? We don’t know. I dont care, as long as it’s healthy. That’s all that matters.

Were you surprised how quickly you became pregnant after Sean Preston? Yes, very surprised, but I was excited! I was a little scared at first becauseI was shocked because it was so soon. I was like, Its okay — I love boo-boos!

Have you thought about how many kids you would like to have? I could have three. If I did have three, I would wait a lot to have the next one.

How did Kevin react when he found out you were pregnant again? He was a little shocked (laughs). He was like, Whatever you want to do, baby! Hes like, I’m excited for you! Lets’ just go for it.

Radiant mom-to-be Britney Spears opens her heart in the upcoming July 3, 2006 issue of OK! magazine.  The healthy, happy and loving life, 24-year-old Mrs. Federline is looking beautiful and couldn’t be prouder to show off her bump.  Two quotes: "Everyone thinks they know me" and "This pregnancy is lot easier than the first one."  OK! magazine is on newsstands today.  More pictures in the gallery!

UPDATE :: Apologies, images removed!

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  • L


  • L

    and the photoshop award go to…………….

  • jmill

    FIRST!! Cute Pink Dress! She looks decent unlike her other pics where she looks like total trailer trash!

  • L

    and the photoshop award goes to…………….

  • Lmao

    Why didn’t she look like that during her last interview?

  • joliepittme

    She looks really nice, she’s gettng there.

  • hello

    why can’t she cut her hair short and start over againthis wig/extention thing looks horriblealso get a bra- you aren’t 13 and pregant even if you have the mind of a 13 year oldwhy can’t she dress like a mother to be not a 13 year old with a gut

  • dodgy

    Please, this skank is busted. The horse already bolted out that door, Britney and until you leave your man and straighten your life out, you’ll still be trailer trash.Oh well.

  • and

    is there a law in California about Britney not brushing her hair – seriously – even if it is a nasty weave – couldn’t she brush it?funny how in her radiant pregancy her jack ass husband is no where to be foundand why are the two bump pictures exactly the samehow come there are no pictures of her cleaning her houseif her pr people want to improve britney – remove kfed; lock her up with a parenting coach, an english teacher and and dr. phil

  • Delores

    She looks beautiful, radiant. This will be the first time I actually buy OK! I’m not a fan of Brit with short hair, I think she looks better in long. Such a loving mother and sweet girl. Thanks for the pics!

  • Laura

    She looks very pretty I like that picture of her with that pink dress.

  • Trisha Vanderkelp

    Ugh, I see the Angelina fanatics who have taken over this site are here, bashing Miss. Spears. I’ve noticed really ugly comments in all the threads here lately, except of course the Angelina ones. You people are whack.Britters looks lovely.

  • leni

    she looks beautiful, I love the second pic, she looks great!

  • you are kidding?

    trisha – are you as smart as britney?just because someone things she is a trashy ho – who has the money to change but would rather not brush her hair or look out for her son’s saftey doesn’t meant someone is an angelina fanangelina has 3 kids now and can brush her hair – but she also can speak the english language without sounding like it is her second language

  • Me

    She looks lovely, her belly is so cute, I hope she is having a girl!

  • kfed

    yeah – where is kfed in the pictures – i thought her PR team was trying to make it look like they were a happy couplemaybe he is out counting his penniesif her PR team is really all that – why didn’t they get the dateline date right?

  • Emily


  • Amy

    aww she looks adorable. very cute pictures.

  • she’s none to bri

    "everyone thinks they know me"britney are you nuts?you made a reality tv show to show people who you are; you write songs to show people who you are – either you were faking all of that or you are lying nowif you don’t want the paps to follow you – why are you having these pictures taken?

  • ericka

    she looks beautiful.

  • lili

    she does look pretty

  • Amanda

    I’m not a fan but yeah the girl looks beautiful in those pictures, I din’t like the pictures when she was pregnant with sean "elle magazine"

  • brashgirl

    Okay, guys give her a break….she looks stunning. At least she’s trying…

  • diane

    i love those dresses! they look beautiful on her.

  • Susan

    She does look better here but enough with the boobs already.

  • we don’t

    i guess she does look better than she has in the past – but we don’t have a high bar for her now a days do we?

  • your the problem

    #13HELLO! This has nothing to do with angelina.BTW, Britney looks really pretty here…….I wish she can keep this style.

  • Vic

    beautiful pics

  • ryan

    Wow she looks BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • hottie

    Beautiful pictures.

  • Lalala

    I’ll admit: these pictures are nice. But it was obviously photoshopped. I mean, if you compare candid pictures with these…if you compare these pictures to her latest television interview…the difference is just so obvious.

  • Karen23

    Has she given up on bras?

  • Jessie

    Now, why couldn’t she look like this during that awful tv interview? Now she looks decent and not so dumb.

  • TR


  • anna

    She looks great, beautiful pictures, I wish her the best with the new little one!

  • Camila

    very pretty.

  • who cares?

    She looks amazing. I like the 2nd pic.

  • Liznerd

    LOVE Brit in these pics. She may be trailer trash, but I’m STILL rooting for her and I LOVE that pink dress. If anyone knows who the designer is, please pass the info along.

  • M8

    Seriously, how old are you guys (about being first?) It’s extremely annoying! If you don’t have anything to say about the picture or article, don’t post. How juvinile!Britney’s people must have worked pretty hard that day to clean her up – them and the photoshoppers at the magazine…..

  • irish

    okay while she does look better and I couldn’t give a toss about brangelina — did no one else find this comment weird?How did Kevin react when he found out you were pregnant again? He was a little shocked (laughs). He was like, Whatever you want to do, baby! Hes like, I’m excited for you! Lets’ just go for it.Quote " Whatever you want to do" — uhm didn’t you help her get pregnant .. what do you mean what do you want to do .. and Quote " I;m excitedfor you" yeah that tells a lot about their "AWESOME" marriage … in other words .. I couldn’t care less here are a couple of my wild oats , do what you want and make sure my bank account is full and the cheques are signed .. I really feel sorry for this girl — she is even more zoned out than Katie Holmes from reality.

  • tilda

    Never mind the Pink dress too much is wrong with these pic’s , now that JT is single maybe he can help!!!!!

  • heavenlydivine

    she does look nicer here! but that doesn’t change the fact of how she really is OR how she really dresses herself! #20 good points!I agree photoshop–where’s the double chin?where’s the rest of the chub?

  • la Reina

    When she and K-Fed were here in Dallas to promote his record, they stayed at the Crescent. I happened to meet a friend for lunch at one of the restaurants there. We happen to pass Britney on the way from the parking garage. She was walking with her security guard. Of course we said nothing,,, We made a comment to our server who told us that she and her guard were like walking up and down the street and around the hotel (It takes a whole square city block. ) all morning long , like they were trying to get noticed. I guess she was trying to get noticed, but nada. So that bs about the paps is just that,

  • Doreen

    This was BEFORE the interview for Dateline! She mentioned on Dateline she had a photo shoot so I believe this was before the Dateline interview. Why couldn’t she have looked this nice for the interview? Obviously, she did her own ‘make-up’ on the show. Eeeeek!! Horrid!! She is soooo fake!! All that money and she appeared on tv as trailor trash, it’s a darn shame!! Longer dresses like in the 1st pic look much better on her than that short, white one. Her hair looks like crap but her make-up, very nice, airbrushed prob!! :)

  • LilyNLucysMama

    Kevin’s quotes disgust me. When someone tells you "we’re pregnant" you don’t say "whatever you want to do" or "I’m excited for you". What an @$$. (no pun intended with the money signs.)

  • she wants it

    this girl wants attention – i totally believe post #44she put her courtship on DVD for people to buycan you believe she was that crass in her dateline interview to say "i like money"this girl was taught from day one you are only worth the attention someone else gives you – so that is why she walks the block – she wants attention (good bad it doesn’t matter)those who pity her need to look at the people angelina trys to help or the homeless guy outside – they need pity – britney can buy a brain she would rather buy grape nailpolish

  • #48

    she needs to go back to grammar school…. and hwats up with k-fed other kids if hes’s such a good father, i never see them on vacation with him….

  • #48

    she needs to go back to grammar school…. and what’s up with k-fed other kids if hes’s such a good father, i never see them on vacation with him….

  • tandem

    Anybody know how far along Britt is?

  • chachados

    so no one has mentioned how she has never said ‘we’ are excited…’we’ blank..? it’s either ‘he’ or ‘I’. Also, she looks much much better with short hair and not this horsetail hair. Someone needs to explain to her how you are super duper fertile after you give birth and breast feeding is NOT birth control. she makes me wanna bang my head on a desk sometimes.