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Jude Law & Sienna Miller Lunch at Grotta Azzura

Jude Law & Sienna Miller Lunch at Grotta Azzura

New York, NY :: Jude Law was spotted with Sienna Miller (wearing one scandalous all-black swimsuit-ish outfit) yesterday afternoon at Grotta Azzura (Blue Cave) located at 177 Mulberry Street in Little Italy.  The on-again couple arrived in a taxi together and left together in a taxi.  Their lunch together definitely seemed pleasant!  Pictured above :: Jude on the set of My Blueberry Nights and Sienna eating lunch with a mystery male friend in NYC earlier this month.  Pictures in the gallery of the aforementioned Jude & Sienna lunch!

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jude law sienna miller eating lunch01
jude law sienna miller eating lunch02
jude law sienna miller eating lunch03
jude law sienna miller eating lunch04
jude law sienna miller eating lunch05
jude law sienna miller eating lunch06
jude law sienna miller eating lunch07
jude law sienna miller eating lunch08
jude law sienna miller eating lunch09
jude law sienna miller eating lunch10
jude law sienna miller eating lunch11
jude law sienna miller eating lunch12
jude law sienna miller eating lunch13
jude law sienna miller eating lunch14
jude law sienna miller eating lunch15
jude law sienna miller eating lunch16
jude law sienna miller eating lunch17
jude law sienna miller eating lunch18
jude law sienna miller eating lunch19
jude law sienna miller eating lunch20
jude law sienna miller eating lunch21
jude law sienna miller eating lunch22
jude law sienna miller eating lunch23

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28 Responses to “Jude Law & Sienna Miller Lunch at Grotta Azzura”

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  1. 1
    Rikki Says:

    Ouch! That looks like a painful thing to do to an ankle in that pic with the "mystery" guy.

  2. 2
    PERLA Says:

    ma i first, ijust don’t know what he likes in this stupide girl she is so ….

  3. 3
    ghislaine Says:

    i don’t like her

  4. 4
    Susan Says:

    I second that, ghislaine. Something about her just bugs the hell out of me.

  5. 5
    shirls Says:

    what the hell is she wearing in the pics with jude!

  6. 6
    Leire Says:

    People, this is how Europe is like! More stylish than you think. And by the way, she looks fantastic, I’m sure in a couple of years you’ll be wearing something like her. Take a look at lindsay and all those taky girls, currently wearing leggins, something demodé over here.Love

  7. 7
    Solo Says:

    how she does that thing with her feet ?? woooow

  8. 8
    ann Says:

    oh my gosh! i think that she twisted her ankle right there ..

  9. 9
    Sphh18 Says:

    Leire yes you are right she has an excelent style, and Jude is so sexy!!

  10. 10
    dolores Says:

    jared….thanks so much for the jude pics. cannot get enough of him. i just got an e mail from a friend of mine who lives in london and she says that the way jude and sienna dress is what they are wearing in london. sienna is always a little ahead of everyone else…..jude he’d look good wearing anything or nothing.

  11. 11
    Teeps Says:

    she’s obviously wearing a backlass swimming costume with a skirt. I live in london and had done most of my life,and i have not seen a single person wearing anything like this. Its fine for the beach but kinda looks trashy, esp. when its a bikini top. She’s looks nice tho, think she’s trying to tart herself up to kept him interested.She used to kinda annoy me, being so rich, so lucky with a hot actor bf, knowing every guy i fancied! but i kinda feel sorry for her now ,everyone harps on her a bit too much. She really hasnt done anything wrong but stuck by a boyfriend who cheated on her.Think its pretty courageous.

  12. 12
    Oh no she didn't Says:

    "This is how Europe is like"? I’m from europe and god forbid someone should pass by me, wearing a tacky looking swimsuit/beach outfit like that, downtown… I would seriously laugh so hard… Agreed; she’s has been known to wear some great stuff, but after this my feelings towards her dressing dropped a few degrees…

  13. 13
    deborah Says:

    I’ve never really liked Sienna Miller, but then all I know about her is through Jude stories where she is screaming at him in public or hinting at what she might do to the former nanny – and who knows what’s true? But she’s dressing like a ****. She has hardly any clothes on. I’m surprised that Jude will let her go out like that. She’s leaving very little to mystery.

  14. 14
    fanofthepretty Says:

    U know what?. i liked her style, till ppl started saying what an awesome fashionista she is i think that is getting to her head, and instead of her fashion sense getting better its getting too trashy.

  15. 15
    Caza Says:

    She tries too hard, that’s her problem. She’s constantly looking for new ways to push the fashion barriers and keep herself in the fashion spotlight. She’s lost her boho chic and has turned into a boho bimbo

  16. 16
    Charles Says:

    Sienna looks hot! She’s way cute.

  17. 17
    Erica Says:

    Dear JudePlease dump the boho bimbo.LoveErica

  18. 18
    Annie Says:

    Thank you for posting! Her outfit is so cute

  19. 19
    Annie Says:

    BTW I’m from Europe too and if you have the bod to wear that you should! It’s NOT tacky.

  20. 20
    black Says:

    Please don´t believe that people in Europe dress like her…….that´s an insult for every European! She just tries to be cool but fails BADLY.

  21. 21
    Lisa Says:

    I wish everyone would just leave them alone. They are a beautiful couple. So Jude made a mistake, a HUGE mistake, I think if there is still love there and both people are willing to move on, then the right thing to do is to save the relationship. I don’t understand why people love to be so negative about people they don’t even know, I for one prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt. I think Sienna is beautiful, she does her own thing fashion-wise, and let’s not forget that she wasn’t the one who started calling herself a "style-icon"! For goodness sake, she just likes to play around with different looks, like most of us girls (and she is probably having quite a hearty giggle at all you lot who take it so seriously like it is the most world changing offence that she is wearing a swimsuit out of the beach) OH MY GOODNESS! FORGET WORLD HUNGER, WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST! HOW DARE SHE WEAR A BATHING COSTUME???? LOL It’s ridiculous! Ah well, I hope all you people who criticise Jude and Sienna enjoy the rest of your apparently PERFECT day, in your PERFECT lives, with your PERFECT dress sense and PERFECT bodies LOL!Much love and POSITIVE ENERGY!Lisaxxxx

  22. 22
    cawaii Says:

    she’s too skinny and barely has no butt. I like her fashion style sometime, but kate moss does it better, and i think Sienna is a copycat of Kate. I don’t like her ‘trying to be wild’ attitude. but she and jude really deserve each other

  23. 23
    dolores Says:

    lisa…bravo for sticking up for two people who are trying to get on with their lives. the whole world has become critics. they vent their own frustrations on other people. jude is one of our finest actors who made a boo boo. to err is human…to forgive is devine. they are not bothering or criticising our way of life…let’s be a little more charitible to people we don’t even know.

  24. 24
    dolores Says:

    jared you’ve been so generous to post these jude photos..on east news and isisa they have additional photos of norah jones and jude on set plus some others of jude. do you think you could post them…you have been absolutely wonderful in fulfilling my jude pics.

  25. 25
    gemma Says:

    LISA YOU ARE THE BEST OF ALL!!!!!!!!!! : )THANK GOD SOMEONE HERE HAS A REAL BRAIN! ; ) LOL I think Sienna doesn’t look trashy at all! All you can see is her back…OH MY GOD! BIG DEAL! She is beautiful, natural and creative. I love her and come on guys leave the girl alone! She is not to skinny she is petite and her face is beautiful even with no make up AT ALL! Sieena is great and talented. Jude is hot… But makes HUGE mistake sometimes…So i didn’t made my mind on jude yet ; )Have a great day everyone!Gemma

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