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Superman Returns Review

Superman Returns Review

WOW WOW WEE WAA WAA! From the moment I saw the trailer last month, I knew Superman Returns was going to be a fantastic film. (Conversely, during the same week, I was severely disappointed in a 7-minute clip released for X-Men 3–and that movie wound up being terrible.)  And, before you could say kryptonite, Bryan Singer‘s latest was boasting rave reviews from Variety, Time, Newsweek, and The Hollywood Reporter.  Will Superman Returns live up to expectations at the box office?   You betcha.

UP, UP AND AWAY!  The hot new Man of Steel Brandon Routh is a dead ringer for the young Christopher Reeve, but less steel and more soul. Kate Bosworth brings a softer side to the edgy Lois Lane we’re used to. And Kevin Spacey, well, was born to play the iconic role of Lex Luthor.  Or any other maniacal villian for that matter. 

SHHHHHHH!  It’s hard not to get riled up when John Williams’ theme music cranks through the speakers.  You’re bound to get goosebumps when it hits crescendos but the two best scenes of Superman Returns actually took place in dead silence: 1) After saving the planet from a ‘ginormous growing kryptonite crystal island’ gobbling up Earth, an unconscious Superman hurtles back to Earth.  Dead silence. Heart tug.  2) Lying in a hospital bed with shards of kryptonite embedded into his skin, a critically injured Superman is visited (and kissed!) by Lois Lane and her son. Dead silenceHeart tug.

DUN DUN DUN!  Comics-obsessed dweebs can rest easy.  Superman Returns definitely comes close to matching up with last summer’s superhero film Batman Begins (barring Katie Holmes). Plus, there’s much to look forward to.  Executive producer Chris Lee has confirmed all of the actors "are signed on for three films." Will I see Superman Returns again?  YES! IMAX 3D, HERE I COME!

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  • Estelle

    Thanks JJ, I can not wait to see this film as well, Superman is my favorite alien…well. all others superhero are human.

  • singi

    I think, i’m going to watch the movie. I saw a few interviews with Routh and i didn’t like him that much. I guess he’s attractive, but not my type at all. Hope his Supes is going to be good.

  • Tee

    Superman sucks, Any X-Men could take him like that. Especially Storm. Steel and Lightning = A FRIED MAN.Anyway have fun with Superman, Good thing Bryan Singer only had one MAIN lead male role. So he didn’t have to neglect the other 7 characters to give the actor he found the hottest the most camera time…

  • geniass

    IMAX has been sold out since yesterday. Sigh.

  • jaromir

    Wonder who wrote these reviews? Anyways must say, aside from the special f/x I’m really not looking forward to this movie, not one bit.The story plot, characterization, casting, IMO is all wrong. I’ll probably wait to see this on DVD.

  • jaromir

    Oh and also, I thought X-men 3 turned out to be real good. A lot better than the previous 2.

  • black

    Yeah X-men 3 was the best movie this year (or the last two years!)……….I was really impressed.But Superman……………BORING………´s a waste of time.

  • Elle

    Kate Bosworth is so pretty!

  • Charlie

    That’s why they’re called opinions, because everyone is entitled to one. I and the majority of the theatre going public thought X-Men 3 was the weakest entry in the franchise. Superman Returns on the other hand will be critically and commercially succesful!

  • chris

    ok i just saw this yesterday and i gotta say it’s truly the best superman so far. and there is a nice twist in this one. lex luther is played by kevin spacey and they couldn’t have picked a better actor for the roll. superman returns after five a five year outing to his home planet or what remains of it. nobody seems to be too curous about clark’s where-abouts though. great special effects and i liked the plot. i can see many more to come after this one. i would recommend this movie to anyone.



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  • katedon

    Kate and Brandon look stunning! they are sooo perfect 4 each other…and the best superman movie ever!!!!!