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Brad Pitt in Bed

Brad Pitt in Bed

One more thread before the weekend’s up!  People magazine reportedly pulled in an extra $2 million in additional revenue for its cover picture of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt‘s baby Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, for which it reportedly paid over $4 million. They sold at least 2.3 million copies on the newsstands, which is 800K more than usual.

In extra weird (and fake) news, a genuine baby Shiloh diaper containing actual poop is listed on eBay.  The current high bid is $348,000 and here’s what the freak bidder had to say: "I’ve already built a glass case with a stand and spotlights and everything, so that the diaper of the child of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will be unmistakably, right there. I’ve sold my car, pawned my flatscreen TV and mortgaged my house to win the auction this diaper will be mine!"

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brad pitt in bed01
brad pitt in bed02
brad pitt in bed03
brad pitt in bed04
brad pitt in bed05
brad pitt in bed06
brad pitt in bed07

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  • tambay

    where did these pics come from?

  • pm

    2nd? i’ve seen some on bradforum

  • Nicky

    He looks like he smells bad and rotten!

  • Mia

    DAYUM! This man is soooooooooooo sexy!!

  • Sexy

    # 5 | NickyYou would still run to hit that though if given half a chance. Woohoo!

  • Alexanderina

    Thanks JJ for the thread and the pics, Brad is sexy and hot and always will be.

  • pm

    # 3 | Nicky He seems to look like one, but he’s not. Fellow bamzs, i’m looking @ the jeans..yah the butt lol.

  • fox

    Definitely pre-AJ- he looks like the good ole Brad I used to know.

  • cj

    that guy who bought it is really freaky…anyway, brad is HOT!

  • J

    EWW a dirty diaper? That guy is a crazy fan for sure. I’m soo glad Brad doesn’t do the highlights in his hair anymore. I like the beard!

  • Hot Papa!

    Definitely pre-AJ- he looks like the good ole Brad I used to know.# 10 | foxThose photos are maybe 5 or more years ago. Nobody continues to look the same. He’s still one HOT Papa though!

  • Maniston

    NickyHe could smell likes J. Maniston’s ass and I’d still hit it. Twice.


    You guys, there is no poopy diaper on ebay — this was a SPOOF, on, it’s satire. That’s why there’s no link to ebay, it’s all made up. I didn’t think JJ would fall for it. LOLOn another note — but DAYUM!!!!!!!!! That man is FOINE. Thank you JJ!! Whooweeeeeee! I feel faint, just looking at those pics. Who’s your Daddy indeed?

  • Original Curious

    Thank you JaredMay this thread be peaceful.CJ- it’s a spoof. ;-)

  • Passing Through

    Hell…it figures….a guy that gorgeous would be a bed hogger.

  • Agnieszka

    Thanks for lovely pictures JJ!I don’t know why but whenever I look at pictures of someone in bed or asleep (like the Shiloh pictures), all I wanna do is go to sleep too.When the Shiloh pix came out everytime I stared at them, I got sooooooooo sleeeppy. I am guessing this weekend I will sleep more than usual..:)

  • oh my oh my

    have fun fangurls.

  • Estelle

    Thanks JJ for the pictures…anyway, noone read the head line from JJ: In Extra Weir(and Fake) News…I guess not

  • Alexanderina

    # 17 | JJ | – OMG OMG how did you guess, you fucking idiot

  • Sexy

    # 17 | JJDon’t you mean Alexanderina=CLINIQUA=Mia=Maniston=Sexy=cj=pmWe’re all one person ya know. At least that’s what we’ve been told.

  • Estelle

    # 19 | Passing Through -LOL, well, lucky him to have AJ then, she likes to be on top, isn’t it?…LOL, either way, they don’t need a big bed.

  • Krissy

    Agnieszka-~~~~~~Have you drolled any today?

  • shit analysis

    Heck I would buy the diaper lol. Do you know how much shit analysis could be done on it? I could figure out what the baby ate, indigestion, health problems…and sell it to the tabs.

  • me

    He looks hot. But for some reason I don’t find him sexy here. And yes I think there is a difference being hot and looking sexy. Slight one but nonetheless, there is one. I was never a fan of his before, I only paid attention to him after he was with Angelina Jolie. I find him sexy now for some reason, even though he doesn’t always look perfectly groomed and has no highlights. Before, he was a plastic ken doll to me. I saw that he was good looking but he did nothing for me. Now a picture of him smiling with that woman and her child looks more sexy to me than this old Brad. But that’s just me. Carry on.

  • anon

    where did these pics come from? # 1 | tambaythey are from the edwin jeans photo shoot.

  • Estelle

    # 23 | Alexanderina -Hey Alex, remembered that I have 50% of the take ok?…you can keep it 4 days/week only..

  • SA

    It’s maddox fault. I wasn’t into either of them, then his cuteness got to me.

  • Worked Up and no BRAD!

    Thanks for lovely pictures JJ!I don’t know why but whenever I look at pictures of someone in bed or asleep (like the Shiloh pictures), all I wanna do is go to sleep too.When the Shiloh pix came out everytime I stared at them, I got sooooooooo sleeeppy. I am guessing this weekend I will sleep more than usual..:)# 20 | Agnieszka Let me paraphrase this for you:I don’t know why but whenever I look at pictures of someone(BRAD) in bed all I wanna do(HMMM) is go to sleep(ARE YOU CRAZY!) too. I am guessing this weekend I will sleep(UH HUH ) more than usual(ME TOO!).Now all I’ve done is worked myself up! Haha!

  • Alexanderina

    # 30 | Estelle | – lol, okay no problem we can share

  • estelauderQUA

    #24 We’re all one person ya know.Um yes we do know and we know you keep things stirred up to. I watched your thread from late last night and everytime it calmed down and was normal talk about AJ & BP one of the 3-4-5- or how ever many there are of you…had to make a snide mark toward a JA fan or draw JA’s name into the thread yourself/selves just to stir stink. Quite frankly I don’t give a damn if you’re 1 person doing it all or a pack of you….I don’t think you love AJ and BP, I just think you love to stir shit. Now all of you spend your Friday into Saturday morning hashing this out….I’m going to start my weekend.Toodles.

  • me

    Toodles. :D

  • Estelle

    # 27 | shit analysis -great, I did not know there are jobs like that out there…you so funny!!!# 32 | Worked Up and no BRAD!-LMAO…sleep?…what is sleep?>..that is a questions Brad asked AJ every day for the last 18 months.

  • Susan

    A dirty shiloh diaper on ebay? Ummm, gross!

  • Snooze

    The only reason this is hot is because Jessica Alba is laying over a beachball in the pic below his.

  • me

    Susan – JJ said it’s a fake story "In extra weird (and fake) news". It’s okay. Nothing to be "gross" about. Although the person who thought of this is kinda gross.

  • Passing Through

    # 34 | estelauderQUA Let me see…someone just stirred up some unnecessary shit by accusing someone else of constantly stirring up unnecessary shit. Hmm. Hyp-o-crite.Speaking for myself I make fun of X because I like making fun of X. There’s no hidden motive there. True, it IS like shooting fish in a barrel, but just because something’s too easy doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it!Toodles.

  • me

    # 38 | Snooze And yet you managed to stay awake long enough to come on this thread to post your comment. I’m proud of you! Now why not go enjoy something that you like to look at, like Jessica Alba’s pics. Toodles. That’s my new favorite word. :D

  • shit analysis

    Estelle, I’m surprised it’s not on CSI yet. There is this British show regarding health and losing weight and the lady on there, that is her job. She touches it, sniffs it, analysis it to death and she can tell you if you are missing some essential vitamins, if your bowels are not working right, what you can do to lose weight based all on looking at shit. It’s rather gross actually. Aside from that there are medical tests out there that requires looking at shit.

  • gitane

    okay. anyone else expecting him to be naked? even half? really! there’s no point to seeing brad in bed if he ain’t nekkid!btw, when were these photos taken? there’s no buddhist prayer tattoo on his back!

  • the real tita

    If these pics are for Edwin Jeans, then it was made for the Japanese consumers? I heard the jeans cost about 225 bucks a pair.

  • me

    # 42 | shit analysis To quote Susan: "Ummm, gross!"

  • last laugh

    Toodles. # 34 | estelauderQUA——–lol – although I know you don’t need validation from me.—————————————–PT = #40. I’ll be around the board looking for your posts when you don’t think it’s quite so easy. Stay tuned. Be sure you hang on to that name, too passing through….my a***

  • Don’t spray in my face!

    # 34 | estelauderQUA Stop spraying your damn perfume in my face!Now then, let me get this straight, you are here on a B&A thread saying WE like to keep things stirred up because I commented on post #17JJ=You=estelauderQUA who commented on another post. Interesting analysis. I don’t mind stirring things, but I wouldn’t have to if someone else hadn’t put the pot on the stove set to boil, now would I?

  • cj

    that guy who bought it is really freaky…anyway, brad is HOT!

  • Missouri Fan

    I liked him most when he ‘s holding and staring @ SHILOH-my desktop background. He looks peaceful and very happy – filled one of his dreams.

  • Passing Through

    # 42 | shit analysis Hey, I saw a guy do that on Dirty Jobs one night! Only it wasn’t human excrement, it was cows. This guy sold feed to ranchers. He mixed the grains specially for each customer depending on what they were raising their stock for. He’d go to the farm and catch fresh shit…it couldn’t already be on the ground. So Mike Rowe was running around with a cup and sticking it under the tails of cows as the shit came out! It was totally gross, but hilarious. Then the guy would run his hands through the shit to feel if the cows were passing undigested corn, grasses, wheat, etc. If they were, then he’d dump the shit on the floor and take a water hose and water it down so he could look at the undigested particles to see what they were. Once he found that out he’d go back to his feed mill and adjust the coarseness of the feed so the cows could digest it all, get all the nutrients they could, so the ranchers had bigger, fatter cows to take to market. I guess that same principle would work for humans, but EEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! I hope she gets paid well!

  • Sexy

    # 46 | last laughSo will I. Dipshit! Haha!And no I’m not PT, you wish!

  • Passing Through

    # 46 | last laugh Now I’m the one LOL. I’ve posting under this name for MONTHS…so I’ll be around…making fun of X no doubt.Meanwhile, follow the advise you gave me and stick to one name yourself. If you’re going to shoot at MY FISH IN MY BARRELS, then have the guts to stop playing 3 Card Monty with the barrels.

  • Passing Through

    And no I’m not PT, you wish! # 51 | Sexy ++++++++++++Sexy…the "dipshit" was taking a crack at both of us. I guess s/he’s a glutton for punishment.

  • Alexanderina

    # 52 | Passing Through | – lol, you know PT , she definitely going to come back under a different name