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Michael Jackon Visits Paris Garden

Michael Jackon Visits Paris Garden

Paris, France :: Protected by a huge blue umbrella, 47-year-old Michael Jackson (dressed in his pajamas?) left Jardin des Plantes — the main botanical garden in France — in a wheelchair earlier this month. Bodyguards hugged Michael Jackson‘s three children (whose faces were covered with masks) on their way out — 9-year-old Prince Michael Jackson I, 8-year-old Paris Jackson, and 4-year-old Prince Michael Jackson II.  More pictures in the gallery!

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  • Mango Pie

    That shit ain’t normal. Those kids are seriously gonna have issues until they die because that freak is their so-called father. Masks? Every time you are in public (and god knows if they have to wear them in private, too?)? Seriously. It’s fucked up.

  • eu

    Michael Jackson is a great entertainer and is not a FREAK first all, he has problems just like any one else and what kind of human being are you to call out someone’s parenting skills! Let’s see you parent in the spot light. MJ has said he doesn’t want his children’s faces in the tabloids and the press, that seems pretty fair. He clearly wants to be left alone.

  • jodie

    omg what a fucking weird l dont think it is at all to be protecting them! he draws atention to them making them wear mask and being carryed! he can walk he is old enough!!! he is a shit dad shows when he nearly droped his kid and killed it poor things!

  • Becky

    How many kids does he have ?..3.? two girls and a boy?

  • jodie

    plus why the fuck is he in a wheel chair dressed like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!! freak!!! he should be hugging one of his kids if he loves them that much no acting like a prince plus if he is hurt one of the kids could sit on his lap!

  • jodie

    think so becky lucky he didnt kill one freak!

  • JaJa

    Yeah, pijamas are really threatening. Let’s all haunt him! He doesn’t want his kids in the tabloids? Sick man indeed. He shields the kids, who dare he? He’s different… yeah! field day, let’s all burn him down, because we don’t like different. It threatens mankind. Pffffffffffffff sad people are everywhere…

  • Becky

    How many kids does he have? 3? two boys and a girl? Is that wacko in the wheel chair? Hes one weird mofo!!

  • rob

    two words: poor kidsthey should be taken away from that sick bastard!

  • jodie

    Nothing to do with being different just sick in the head. He knows the kids are going to be photographed if they are with him or not! Shielding the kids ok but getting them to wear masks when it is hot? why? Kids want to be running around but not these kids they cant!

  • pnutmnm

    I can’t wait these kids grow up so they can tell the media what it is really like to have Micheal as a father!! The kid that gets the first book deal will make a fortune!!!

  • save the kids

    Where is that blanket kid?…Oh those poor kids…Suri Cruise now seems to be living a much more normal life.. aaaaaaaagggggggghhh~

  • anon!

    I nearly puke thinking about the horrors those children must live with. I thought he had 2 boys and a girl. Looks like he collected another older child?

  • bluepaintred

    i wonder if the kids like the masks? i mean maybe they play "super hero" in the back yard with them. While I do not like MJ i think he is trying to protect them with the mask. When these kids turn 21 they can deny MJ is their father simply because of the masks!

  • teddy

    Michael Jackson has been dissed long enough. He just doesn’t want to be seen or his kids photographed when vacationing like most celebs. Big deal! I didn’t seen you same losers slam Britney for driving with a baby in her freaking lap! JustJared you guys are proof that internet gossip sites are just as low as supermarket tabloids. Those pictures of Mike are over a week old. I guess you wanted to bash Jackson for" funsies".

  • jodie

    Teddy your wrong lots of poeple slamed britney for what she did. I jsut dont get why they wear masks most celebritys dont want their kids to be photgraphed but dont put maks over there face!! The little girls dont even wear pinks one but spider man ones! JUST PUT A HAT ON NO NEED FOR MASKS

  • rob

    What the hell is that sick bastard going to do when they become teenagers? They will pretty damn silly at 16-17 wearing a damn batman mask everyday. Also, who the hell is going to get to carry them as teenagers when they weight 100+lbs.?

  • Jen

    He’s a freak. If he wanted to be left alone, he would have told his father years and years ago (when he was still black that is) to stuff it. These poor children (though they may not even be his) don’t deserve to be treated like animals in the zoo – that’s what he’s doing to them. Regardless of what the jury found – this guy is not innocent. He’s messed up and sick. Oh and if he doesn’t want to be photographed, Teddy… then why did he hold his third child Prince Michael II (wtf on his name) over the railing of a balcony when there was cameras?!?

  • lookwhaticando

    Michael, is so sick, I don’t know rather to feel sorry for him, or kick him in the head. the poor kids, are going to be so dysfucntional, really sad beyond words.

  • Mango Pie

    Eu – why don’t you just print your real name Michael Jackson and get off the computer you freak!! MJ is the freakiest of freaks and his parenting skills should be questioned by all authorities. He needs to be taken away from these children soooooooooooooo much therapy. How they live is not normal. A good parent would not let them live that way. He doesn’t want to be left alone – only you buy that shit – he’s a mediawhore and does everything for attention now that no one is interested in his dead music career.

  • Jess

    Wait a minute. Shouldn’t his kids be black? Maybe I’m wrong but I don’t think bleaching your skin changes your DNA. Or are they adopted? Either way he shouldn’t be allowed to have them.

  • Kells Bells

    THIS WILL MAKE ONE INTERESTING "WHERE ARE THEY NOW" EPISODE IN ABOUT 20 YEARS. Whaco will be in jail because he cannot keep his urges under wraps forever, and the kids will probably need support and sell their stories to the press. Shall be interesting. As far as "protecting the children", we have all heard the term oxymoron!

  • Anonymous

    All I don’t get is why his kids are white. As far as I know, Michael only bleached his skin. His DNA would be the same as when he was black. And it would be dominant over their mother’s DNA. So unless he has undergone gene replacement therapy or something, why are his kids white????

  • jodie

    The fact that their white is maybe why they are always wearing masks the boys is wearing a black one they should be black! l just feel sorry for them!

  • jodie

    The fact that their white is maybe why they are always wearing masks the boys is wearing a black one they should be black! l just feel sorry for them!

  • conrad

    do those kids even get an eduction?

  • Jess

    Jodie, why would he want his "kids" to black if he doesn’t want to be black himself?

  • gina

    Just FYI Jared, His son, who is the oldest, is Prince Michael, then his daughter, who is the middle child is Paris, both of whom are his supposed biological children with former wife, debbie rowe, who gave michael total custody of the kids when they got divorced. the youngest, prince michael II, is his son through a suragote mother. He is the one they call (or at least used to) "blanket" I do agree that the kids don’t look very black, expecially his oldest who has always had blond hair and blue eyes. the younger two could be half black, I have known a lot of half black kids who look more latino than black. I don’t think its weird that he puts masks on his kids, people on this blog are always talking about celebs exploiting their kids, he is just trying to protect them. Its just sad that he has to go to those extremes to keep them out of the press.

  • ?

    I thought Michael was the guy in the pnk shirt at first. I didn’t even notice the wheelchair. Kids like masks and costumes. so maybe that’s ok right now but what happens when they’re teens? Is he still gonna make them wear masks then?

  • Pache

    I don’t think he had actual sex with the mom of the kids. Looks like she may have gotten pregnant by a white man.

  • Krysia

    I think the one in the white shirt is Blanket, and Paris is actually younger than Prince, to correct the caption there. In any case, I feel bad for those kids. I hope their home life isn’t as messed up as people say it is.

  • Dee

    All you MJ haters I hope you ROT in HELL you don’t know SHIT about Michael Jackson so GO TO HELL!

  • Just Jared

    Thanks so much for that explanation, Gina!!!!

  • veeno1

    JJ, I can’t seem to post… please help?

  • veeno1

    Even if you hate someone try not to be ignorant. MJ is not white, didn’t make himself white he has Vitiligo & discoid lupus. Google images on people with Vitiligo & learn about Vitiligo here: are more pics with proof of MJ’s vitiligo. Not the spider bite itself, but around MJ has vitiligo from his dads side, it started during the Thriller period, he used dark makeup to cover the light spots until 70% of his body was light then he started using white makeup to cover the dark parts, his dermatologist decided to accelerate it so that he is more even because of him being such a mega star they gave him medicine to help that (you can’t get it over the counter). He did but it didn’t work too much, he continues to have vitiligo & always will. He doesn’t look Caucasian, he looks WHITE he has no pigmentation & is severely affected by the sun. To-date there is nothing, medicine etc that can change someone’s pigmentation from black to white but the disease does it makes you whiter than an albino.. he didn’t ask to get vitiligo for such a visible celebrity it must be the worst thing to have. About his kids, covering them has worked well enough that the go out in public without him they’re able to be free & normal coz no one recognizes them. They’re only covered when they are with him in public. If you think of the paparazzo who jumped a fence trying to snap Maddox imagine what it would be with MJ’s kids. He’s managed to protect them so far & everyone who’s met the kids including Ed Bradley etc have said the kids are normal, playful, very smart & disciplined. As for "he’s not their dad", its speculation but we’ll never know. He has Cherokee Indian blood in him, he’s dad has green eyes, his nephews/cousins are very fair & the kids mom is white anything is possible but for all intends & purposes he is those kids father. As for the surgeries, he did it on his nose, in Hollywood who hasn’t?

  • ew

    It is not sad that the press hounds Jackson–it is TRAGIC that he is such a perv and has custody of innocent children.

  • rob

    Its not that I hate MJ, he gave us "beat it" and "Thriller", its just that he is as useless as the hair in my shit pocket. He is a nasty perv that needs to disappear in a bed of concrete. As far as that nasty ass Debbie Rowe giving full custody of the kids to that disgrace of man, uh dont think so…he bought the damn kids…the stupid prick gave her money for the kids and the whore glady accepted. Who in the hell would sleep with that damn thing anyway.Thats just the way I see it!

  • Original Curious

    As I recall, Debbie Rowe is the natural mother of the two oldest. I’m not sure if MJ was the sperm donor or if they came from a sperm bank. From what little one sees, I’d guess a sperm bank. I have biracial cousins, and they are a gorgeous mocha colour, not paler than a good Italian!Know what is really sad? In his own f*cked up way, he’s screwing up "HIS" kids every bit as much as his dad f*cked HIM up. I hope the judge gives the kids to Debbie – she’s probably not a great mom either, but she has to be better than this! [I hope]Heck, what’s easier than saying they are kid "friends" of his and that his kids are home? Honestly, no kid that big should be carried.

  • rob

    oh…they are carrying the kids…hell, I thought they were kidnapping them. Thats what it looks like to me!

  • anon!

    that looks like twin girls and an older boy. The 2 girls are the same size with same hair. Look how tall the older boy is!I agree, they all look floppy and drugged. WTF???I hope he didn’t buy those kids! I don’t think those are his at all.

  • melody

    did you all flunk grade 11 biology or something? I’d sure like to see you post your grades and your "beautiful and normal" pictures. Since ‘jacko’ is so abnormal and you’re not it only makes one wnoder what you do in your fabulous lives. If you don’t like michael jackson why the hell do you bother posting? I hate britney spears and think she’s a horrible parent but I won’t go posting shit about her on websites so it can only make me wonder what you’re doing here. Maybe the mask thing is kind of funky but at least he’s not exposing his kids all over the papers the way britney spears, gwen and all those other money hungry celebs and media whores are doing. Have you thought of the fact that those kids are not objects and have a mind of their own and maybe they don’t want the media to see them either? When they’re ready they’ll stop wearing the masks. And for the record I can’t wait for what the kids will write about their father, but I can only wonder where you’ll be at when that time comes, probably feeling stupid for thinking perverted the way you do, sick freaks! Get a real job would ya?

  • Anji

    For those of you who care to know the TRUTH about the subject in which your speaking about read: Michael Jackson masks his children to protect them/to keep their faces unknown. Prince is Michaels first child, he has naturally dark hair and brown eyes. Paris is his second child who has naturally dark curly hair and blue eyes, Blanket is his third who has longer dark hair and brown eyes. The mother of Blanket is unknown. Debbie Rowe claims that she and Michael are the parents of these children. She is white.. Michael is black. Michael Jackson did not BLEACH his skin he has Vitiligo (do a search yourself).

  • zenab

    Seriously , "before you judge him , try hard to love him ". i used to be a hater like all of you but i gave him a chance , ignored the media , understood who he really is , and that he has feelings , then i became a HUGE fan . Please try that . Thank you.

  • the best here


  • kel

    Hey Melody, We are all here for the same reason as you. Bordom at work! LMOL. We know we are druging through the slime of earth, but YOU ARE TOO! God I fucking love idiots!

  • LOVE


  • white

    Best must be BLACK!

  • Susan

    Love or the best here…You talk about others being ignorant because they don’t side with you about your opinions of MJ and yet you down others and curse at them. How educated is that??

  • zenab

    ^ to the post above ^^^^^ because ignorant haters judge people without knowing them , and it drives peopel crazy , yet fans LAUGH at haters .———————You people have only seen MJ on TV , singing and dancing , so you have no rights to judge. TO ALL HATERS : SINCE U ALL HATE HIM , TRY TO BECOME AN ARTIST AND BEAT HIS "THRILLER " ALBUM , THEN WE WILL SEE WHOS BETTER AT DANCING , OKAY ?

  • Susan

    People laugh because it gets a rise out of others to continue name bashing and insults. Kinda silly but as we all know, it happens. I didn’t really follow any of his trial but was told once that he had paid off a family, before this whole trial came about, for some reason. Does anyone know why?