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Nicole Kidman's Wedding Pictures

Nicole Kidman's Wedding Pictures

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are set to get married this Sunday in Manly at St. Patrick’s Seminary’s Cardinal Ceretti Chapel. Among those reportedly invited include Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Moulin Rouge director Baz Luhrmann, Cold Mountain co-star Renée Zellweger and her ex-husband, Kenny Chesney, who is a good friend of Keith‘s.  There is speculation that Nicole‘s ex-husband Tom Cruise will attend but no official word yet. Pictured above starting from the top left :: Nicole with cancer patient Ben Osborn at the Sydney Childrens Hospital from yesterday.  Nicole (I love her outfit) and best friend Naomi Watts out and about last night.  Nicole, Keith, 13-year-old daughter Isabella Cruise, and 11-year-old son Connor Cruise, are driven to Nicole‘s Sydney waterfront home earlier today.  More pictures in the gallery!

UPDATE 1 :: Is a Moulin Rouge reunion in the works? Nicole Kidman is reportedly going to sing at her own wedding together with Moulin Rouge co-star Ewan McGregor, just as they did in the movie.

UPDATE 2 :: Nicole and Keith‘s wedding pictures can be found here.

Keith Urban, wearing a hat, with his mother, Marienne Urban,
and Nicole Kidman‘s son, Connor Cruise, between them.
Just Jared on Facebook
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nicole kidman wedding pictures02
nicole kidman wedding pictures03
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nicole kidman wedding pictures09
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  • amber

    first!!! yayi feel sorry for connor and isabella, suddenly both parents are getting followed by the paparazzi non-stop, it would be such a big adjustment for them

  • anonimo

    Congratulation nic, keith is a good choice! I hope that your wedding is last.

  • Nana

    I hope they have a lovely and memorable wedding day and everything goes well! I also hope they will be very happy together!

  • Lima

    It’s funny how the media/tabloids refer to Tom and Niclos’ kids as their “children”… …however, Angelina Jolie’s kids are always labeled as her “adopted children”

  • yaya

    I think it’s because she adopted Maddox on her own, and then she adopted Zahara when she was not admitting her relationship with Brad. Tom and Nicole adopted their children when they were married – which makes it more "their" children.

  • EIRE

    why bring up angelina jolie?? nothing to do with this thread!! Can we not have one where she’s not mentioned………………….

  • yaya

    #6 / You’re absolutely right – I was about to say that – however, I kind of wanted to say something in favor of Nicole.

  • ErinMarie79

    I think the media should get rid of pointing out "adopted" whenever they talk about either sets of kids. It’s so needless to point out in my opinion. I’m happy for Nicole and Keith. I hope they can manage to have a nice wedding without the media intruding too much.

  • Lima

    I guess I am not being clear here , I was referring to "Adopted Children” as opposed to "Children”.

  • love Nicole!

    Hope Keith is good ’nuff. lol. Love his music.agree w/you others who said what does the brange have to do with Nicole’s happy news?Could be it’s JJ and so they end up in every thread because this is where the besotted-by-brange-bunch lives?Anyway, BEST WISHES NICOLE AND KEITH!!

  • The Children

    I’m old enough to remember when TC and Nicole adopted their children. They were adamant they wanted their children to be raised away from the limelight with as much privacy as possible for them. They did a great job of that and you never saw those kids being used for good press. In fact, you practically never saw them at all until they were old enough to veto! TC seems to be following that pattern with Suri, and in spite of all the well-deserved critcism of TC– you still gotta give him a point for that.

  • rob

    This marriage is a crock of *hit! It will never last. And why in the hell would Keith want to sign a prenup giving him $875,000 for every 2 yrs that they are together? Who in the hell wears the pants in this awful relationship? What a pansy…doenst he make enough damn money that he doesnt need hers when they decide to part ways. He should be ashamed of himself. I kinda liked him before this.

  • karen

    #9 "I guess I am not being clear here , I was referring to "Adopted Children” as opposed to "Children”."To a parent, there is no difference between an adopted child and a natural birth child. What exactly is your point? It appears as though you just wanted to mention AJ. Do you ever think of anything else?

  • k.c.

    boy Conner is going to be quite handsome when he grows up!!!All the best for Nicole, the institution of marriage seems to be crumbling at our feet atm with 50% of all marriages ending in divorce but I’m glad that people haven’t lost hope.

  • prenups for all

    I wish ordinary, poor people like me could have my mate sign a "get lost" pre-nup if they have any bad habits in the marriage. lol. Good luck Nic, good thing you jumped or was pushed off that crazey train!

  • Anna

    i am bit freaked out they refered to Bella and Connor both with last name Cruise!!! Their names are each Kidman Cruise!!! They are not just Tom kidz, just wanted to get that right!And I really wish Keith and Nicole the most beautiful wedding and some privacy!!!

  • katie holmes

    I have always admired Nicole and wish her good luck in her wedding and marriage to Keith. Now, if someone could please help me escape from this maniac.

  • I’m New it me or does something not lok right with these two??? I always liked Nicole.. actually was glad when she and Tom C. split up he seems so erratic.. anyhow thinking back to how she loooked just a few years cheeked long gorgeous red hair.. now she looks just like the rest of hoolywood.. frozen hair all burned out from overbleaching.. toomuch botox.. that surprized deer in the headlights look… and I really don"t know Keith , Iam notr into cw. music.. but wirh his highlighted hair and all those earring.. I just don"t know something seems off to me.. does Nicole come off kina desperate to anybody.. hey I am just an outsider ..but I truly wish them the best of luck.. and I hopre they make a good family life with out all that scientology stuff thrown at them.. they are the important people in all this good lick all

  • I’m New

    # 19 sorry about my ttyping I am a invalid do the best I can/ and my keyboard is ancient

  • me

    Isabella looks like she might grow up to become like Chastity Bono. Just saying’.I sincerely hope she is not gay because of the whole Scientology thing. sigh*

  • anon!

    someone, quick, ask the kids if they "REALLY" have a new sister or if it is still on order!

  • dogdayscoming

    #4 t’s funny how the media/tabloids refer to Tom and Niclos’ kids as their “children”… …however, Angelina Jolie’s kids are always labeled as her “adopted children”Go talk to Cliniqua, I’m sure you can still find her on AJ/BP’s last thread still waiting to pounce on anyone who isn’t in agreement with her.Now, back to our regularly scheduled program. I certainly do hope this is the real thing for them. I think she either carried herself very well after the way TC divorced her or she under some kind of threat to never open her mouth about what really happened.Which one is Isabella? Not the one walking with the blond pony tail. She looks too old.

  • showmethemoney

    #13 rob Who in the hell wears the pants in this awful relationship? I don’ think that’s really the question….probably more like who has the most moola. :-)

  • ben

    that’s naomi watts with the blond pony tail. isabella is the girl in the group photo (standing to the left of Keith Urban) on her own in the one after that. here’s hoping nicole’s move to nashville will help her wash the rest of that phony hollywood muck out of her hair.



  • syd

    I wish Nicole all the best. And I’m a BAMZS fan, but could all of you brad and angelina fans please leave them out of this. There is a thread for them.Now, back to Nicole. I love how she handled her divorce and her career afterwards. And got an Oscar for it. Hope she stays happy with Keith and I’m glad that the kids are there. I rarely see them with their mom anymore.

  • that is all

    Isabella looks like Tom. I think this marriage is a sham.



  • Sandbitch

    Why Nic why? Why the brown boots?

  • fan

    i love nicole kidman she is agreat actress! i love her

  • S

    # 27 | syd ITA syd. Every thread to their own.

  • millie

    I agree that the marriage looks arranged. She gets her big day and maybe a baby and he gets her fame and contacts. They don’t look well matched at all. Too bad since I think Nicole was great up to a point–I don’t know what happened, maybe Cruise messed her up, but all the PS and her choices in men scream insecurity. She should go back to red hair, stop with the botox and get an older husband who’s not in the business and really cares for her, not her position. I think she’s trying to beat Tom to the altar here.

  • suspicious

    not trying to being insulting or anything, but I think Isabella is/will be a lesbian

  • Juz asking

    Why can’t people just be hapy that 2 people are falling in love and are getting married. Why do women as a whole have to project their opinions and negative analysis on any of the celebs? Many American woman are cruel and mean toward eachother. Such competitiveness. I feel sorry for American woman and happy that Nicole went home and did not get married in the USA.Best wishes for a long and happy life Nicole and Keith.

  • anonimo

    Have a good day Nic, keith a great guy. Best wishes for your wedding Nicole!

  • animals party

    fucking bitch!’hate when they use sick kids for their PR!marriage= visit sick kidsfucking whoressome ppl work for free all year for them and watch them dying; we don’t nedd camera all aroundI love the ‘you called us nicole!!!"she is ugly, good Tom dumped that sluther movies sucks, box office flop, undeserved oscar up with paltrow oneloli’ve never see isabella that close. Tom must be happy…

  • jodie

    June how does his kid look like tom when the are apoted lol!!! goodluck to them and the person who said they got to get used to being followed by the press they are always followed by the press bu not many suface

  • black

    I think it´s funny how much her son Conner looks like her………see, even adopted children take after their parents.

  • Mire


  • Millie

    Keith looks like a ASS that’s for sure who knew he was this hard up??!! Is it to late to kick him til he wakes up?

  • holly

    they are going to release photo’s to the media of the wedding,for no fee. Cant wait to see them.

  • anon

    just because a young girl doesn’t wear dresses or really girly clothes doesn’t mean she is/is going to be a lesbian. she might be a tomboy or just prefer those clothes. give the kid a break.

  • pm

    First of Congrats to Nicole & Keith. I wish them the best!! Secondly, #36, pls don’t generalize the entire bamzs fans as crazy. I also disagree w/ post 29….

  • Penny

    The whole thing is a joke!! lets see how long it lasts!! She is lucky to have gotten him. If she were not a movie star you wouldn’t look at her twice let alone once – other than the fact she is a giant!!!

  • Robin

    I wish them the best and am happy for both of them. I believe their marriage is genuine and Nic is not desperate.Leave Isabella alone. Looks alone do not determine sexuality.

  • Diana

    Congrats to the happy couple!!

  • Duude

    # 37 | animals party Some actor/esses do crap like this for PR but not Nicole. She snuck out to the hospital but the paps were tipped off later on whilst she was leaving. As for the photo, it was taken by the kids parents. She always visits the childrens hospital when she’s in Sydney so please get your facts right before you start brandishing her as a media whore. Her ex & his fiance certainly are but not Nicole.# 27 | syd ITA, leave the Brangelina comments in the freaking Brangelina threads!

  • sara

    Isabella is only 13 years old, and some girls step into the more "girlier" stage of life kind of late. Just as some girls step into it when they’re 9, and some never do. And with girlier I mean like wearing make-up, girly clothes, boy interested and so on. I was 14 when I started to be interested in those stuff, and I sure am not a lesbian!! Not that I mind those who are though.Good luck to Nicole and Keith :)

  • Susie

    She deserves some happiness. She’s a good person and treats her family well. Her family are very grounded people. Tom was a fool letting her go. She’s behaved with great dignity since her divorce.

  • Jennifer

    You all need to get a life. Just think for a moment how weird it would be if you all started stalking your neighbors. Did you see Mr. Smith doing the dishes how he did them OH.!Don’t you get it there just normal people like you. Its an obsession. Idolizing putting them above somewhere there not. At the end of the day they go to bed llike everyone else. They just took steps in ther lives to have those achievements whats it any more or less then what you or I accomplish. Any one could be an actor actress if they really tried hard enough.There empty people looking to fill themseles up with oly what God can fill. It just upsets me. can’t whorship each other. Lets get out of dream land. Where all born and will all die. Just cause there clothes cost more dosen’t mean they are "gods". There people with hopes an dreams just like you and me. SO lets not waste any more time gauking at other people and get on with our lifes. Who has the alst laugh.