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Angelina Jolie's Baby Shower!!!

Angelina Jolie's Baby Shower!!!

Brad Pitt Makes America Great

A new picture of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie has surfaced, reportedly taken at mom-to-be Angelina‘s baby shower before giving birth to daughter Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt on May 27th. Looks like they’re having an absolute blast with those white feather boas on their heads!  Bigger picture in the gallery.  Thanks to Harmoni and Nancy!!

UPDATE 1 :: Added two more ADORABLE photos: 1) Angelina carrying baby Zahara  in a Namibian desert 2) Angelina holding a balloon while Brad laughs next to her.

UPDATE 2 :: Apologies, images removed!  Replaced with Brad Pitt featured in the latest issue of Newsweek‘s "15 People Who Make America Great" (he’s on the cover).  Article after the jump.

Brad Pitt

15 People Who Make America Great
Newsweek, July 3-10, 2006

He lured the paparazzi to Africa, where people really needed the attention.

If it wasn’t for Brad Pitt, most Americans would never have heard of Namibia. They might not know about AIDS orphans in South Africa, or the plight of children in Haiti, or what transpired at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Pitt, 42, has been a movie star for 15 years—and a paparazzi target for nearly as long. Celebrity mags have made millions reporting on his love life, and the obsession only intensified when he began romancing Angelina Jolie. So he started fighting back—but not by punching photographers. If paparazzi were going to follow the couple everywhere, Pitt figured they might as well drag them somewhere that desperately needed the world’s attention. "It’s the first time I’ve actually felt like we have some degree of control over it," says Pitt, from his home in Malibu. "I can’t describe what an immense relief it is for me." The splashiest example of his new strategy unfolded just last month. He and Jolie, who, perhaps you’ve heard, recently gave birth to their daughter Shiloh Nouvel in Namibia, sold the coveted first baby photos to People magazine for a reported $4 million—and gave all the money to African charities. "Knowing that someone was going to hound us for that first photo—and was going to profit immensely for doing it—I just couldn’t live with it," Pitt says. "We were able to turn that around and collect millions for people who are really going to need it."

If Pitt was simply using his star power to force the celebrity press to cover poverty and disease, that would be enough—heck, it’s far more than most celebrities do. But Pitt has also been studying trade issues, diving into why much of Africa is so impoverished and how it can be turned around. "Industrialized nations cost Africa three times what we give it in aid," he says. "We buy their coffee beans, but we don’t let them process the beans, which is where the real money is. So what we’re doing is digging a hole for them that they can’t get out of, and then throwing a little money in the hole. The odds are just stacked against them."

Fatherhood, he says, helped accelerate his activism. Not long before Shiloh was born, Pitt adopted Jolie‘s son, Maddox, whom she originally adopted from Cambodia, and her daughter Zahara, whom she adopted last summer from Ethiopia. "I look at [Zahara] and imagine what her life could have been," he says. "You want to grab as many of these kids in your arms as you can. They need our help, and we should be doing more."

He’s doing more in America, too. A longtime student of architecture and an advocate of "green" design, Pitt saw an opportunity after Hurricane Katrina to help rebuild New Orleans in an innovative way. Joining forces with Global Green USA, an environmental advocacy group, Pitt put up $100,000 to help sponsor an architecture competition that requires contestants to create affordable, multifamily housing for the city that is ecofriendly and community focused. Global Green has already received more than 3,000 submissions. "We can’t just consume ourselves into extinction," he says. "We have to find a new paradigm, a new way of thinking. Of course, the ultimate goal is to get the designs built. It’s a bit of a quagmire down there now, so I see myself getting even more involved in the future."

First, he has to be free to leave the house. Since returning from Africa, the Jolie-Pitt clan has been swarmed by paparazzi. "They’re outside the house right now, at least 40 of them," Pitt says, as a baby’s cry fills the background. "There are two boats out in the water, and there’s an occasional chopper that goes by." Indeed, the sound of a helicopter propeller is so loud at times during Newsweek‘s interview that Pitt can’t hear the questions. "It’s madness," he says. But he doesn’t sound annoyed. Far from it: he sounds like any other blissed-out new dad. "Do you have kids? It’s absolutely sublime." You can virtually hear him smile over the phone. "Whether you have them or adopt them, they’re all blood. And the funniest people I’ve ever met." Pretty soon, it’ll be their generation’s world. "I’ve had the luxury of being able to see these issues firsthand," he says. "If I don’t share that, I’m complicit in the problem." Instead, he’s making sure he’s part of the solution.

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  • Beth

    I wouldn’t be very happy about these pictures if I were them, but then again I’m not them so who am I to say….. Cute pictures Jared

  • Northeastern

    You should NOT have these pictures posted on this site. I would expect a C&D in a couple of hours. The person who got these photo’s are trying to shop them around to the tabloids and magazines for money and without permission. While the photo’s are fantastic and show Brad and Angelina in very private moments they should not be for public consumption. What this person is doing is flat out WRONG!

  • april

    Although this is a total invasion of privacy; who can now deny that Brad is not happy in this relationship.Who is the low down scoundrel in their inner circle trying to make a buck. What I have read at another site this photo was sent via email to websites, magazines etc. to purchase some 450 pics from a digistix.

  • Brad and Angie

    i love these two!!!!

  • E!

    Very nice Jared…THANKS. Ok, now u can remove the pic…heh

  • CCC

    The picture is very cute, but I do believe it is an invasion of privacy… it should be removed.

  • kearnie

    Jared – you know I love man but I also love me Brad and Angie. Please take down this picture.thanks.

  • Oh My

    Ohhhh look at them. They’re so happy. Goodneess look at Brad’s face and smile. I’m embarrassed looking at them though. I guess this person sent three photo’s. Another one similar to this and one with Z. It seems like the hotel staff threw them a little party and someone took the pics. These photo’s shouldn’t be on the site. It’s one thing on the street or when they’re in a public place but this is just too personal. You can feel the vibe between them in that pic and we shouldn’t be a part of it.

  • gitane

    jared you are awesome. thanks for the pic! dont’ take it down unless there’s legal action. some people need to see them happy together. maybe it’ll pull them out of the land of delusion…

  • cain

    I agree with the rest, beautiful pic, but this is not meant for public consumption. Especially when this person has statedthat they have 450 more pics? That is total sell out they can expect to hear from Brad and Angie’s lawyers soon.

  • AddictedtoBAMZs

    Agreed. But so glad I saw this. They look exactly as happy as we all know they are. Love to them both…

  • Renee

    Wow, what amazingly intimate beautiful pictures. I do hope all the haters (JA fans included) get to see this. Every time a double negative is thrown their way, a positive something resurfaces. Granted this picture is only a second in time, but its enough to keep them at bay and they look very happy and extremely in love to me. I guess the haters will say the ‘pictures are fake’. At any rate, I absolutely love it and I love you, Jared. Thanks for keeping up. Even though you probably don’t care (your fXXk ‘em mentality ROCKS) I don’t want you to get in any more trouble and your site to close. THANKS, again,

  • Seaglass

    This photo should not be posted here. I have a feeling if the 450 number is correct someone stole the memory stick from a camera owned by someone in their inner circle. I say the photo’s are stolen. 450? That’s a lot of pictures and just the sound of it is suspicious. With all that said. Look at the way Brad looks at her. He loves her so much and look at Angelina’s face. She’s so, so very happy but we shouldn’t be a part of it. That feeling, those emotions belong to them and should stay that way.

  • anon

    Looks more like a wedding than a babv shower!

  • Boston Babe

    They look like they’re having so much fun. They both look so amazing, relaxed and happy. I agree though these pictures shouldn’t be posted.I think Brad and Angelina need to copywrite their names and images if they can. It’s the only way to protect themselves because the tabloid press and the man in the street are out of control trying to make a buck off these people.p.s. Damn look at how happy Brad is

  • anon

    I think Brad and Angelina need to copywrite their names and images if they can. It’s the only way to protect themselves because the tabloid press and the man in the street are out of control trying to make a buck off these people.p.s. Damn look at how happy Brad is # 17 | Boston Babe ———————————-Yeah, probably they should think about copyrights, otherwise all these tabloids and paparazzis will be hunting them always. Brad and Angie make good business for them. People mag just sold at least 800,000 more copies for the Shiloh pics. This just proves that this family is hot property.

  • Danielle

    GUYS, this is not an invasion of privacy. Legally when a photo is taken of you ANYWHERE, as long as you are AWARE of it, which they were, and it is not pornographic, people have right to distribute it. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Brangelina themselves that allowed this to be distributed to show people how happy they are. Besides, the friend or relative who took this photo, may have taken it in to get them developed and the store may have been the ones responsible for distributing it. The store can be held responsible. Not the friend or the tabloids & websites distributing it. Anyways, WHAT’S wrong?? This is a perfectly wonderful photo of them. I am sure even haters will be shocked to see such a nice photo of them. Also, I am sure people have already copied this photo and are distributing it personally to people. When it comes to photos, it’s rare to use invasion of privacy as a defense, unless it’s pornographic or illegally taken out of a photo developers store. But like I said, they were AWARE of the photos being taken, so it’s not private. Their friend has every right to distribute it, if they were responsible for it and not the store.

  • sheila

    They´re so happy!! Beautiful pic!I love this family!

  • Confused

    feel humiliated for them. What a pair of dickheads # 16 | Miss Realistic Why?

  • Pol

    # 1 | Beth ITA Beth. This is cleary a violation of their privacy. I´m sorry, but though it makes me happy seeing them happy, I feel this is not right.

  • annon2

    It’s one thing to have your picture taken by someone you know and trust. It’s another thing if the memory stick was stolen from a camera. Since they’re digital I’m going to assume no development happened. And if in fact it was someone who works for them then I’m sure Brad and Angelina have people sign all sorts of confidentiality agreements and that person would be in violation of that. Therefore, it is an invansion of privacy. Bottom line. These people should be left alone. It’s ridiculous how hunted they are and how obsessed the tabloids and some fans are concerning them. They have rights too and they have a right to live peaceful lives

  • Danielle

    Also, if this was DIGITAL and saved on a computer, I wonder if some hacker can hack into that computer if it’s logged online and steal those photos. Like I said, NOTHING is "private" anymore. We are all ‘Big Brother.’ So, stop blaming tabloids or photogs or what have you. We can’t do anything about it.

  • Pol

    # 19 | Danielle You don´t know if they gave their consent and that for me it´s all I care. Like I said I above all people LOVE seeing pics of them but not at the expenses of their privacy. I still have a conscience. I´m sorry, no offense, but they are probably taking legal action now which sys how much they want this to be seen.

  • bdj

    #16You are too jealous of this couple. You need to let it go. It is eating away at you. Your posts are becoming negative to the extreme. Let it go.

  • Pol

    # 23 | annon2 ITA annon2We are all ‘Big Brother.’ So, stop blaming tabloids or photogs or what have you. We can’t do anything about it. # 24 | Danielle ——So the fact that this is seenas normal: displaying private pics, we should take it fro granted and accept what is clerly wrong and ethical harming? Just for the sake of greediness and curiousity?

  • Boston Babe

    Are you for real? The tabloids and paparazzi’s are hunting these people. Like someone said it’s one thing to be on a public street or in a public place it’s another thing when your not. They just had an incident of someone stalking Maddox’s school. And yes it is stalking. Just because you have a camera it doesn’t mean you have a right to harass people. Brad, Angelina and their children have the absolute right to freedom of moment and privacy like everyone else. It has reached out of control porportions with these people. Leave them ALONE already

  • Kris

    Invasion of privacy? No, I agree with Danielle. This is the price of fame, they knew it when they got into the business.

  • Giadana

    It shows a fun & playful side to this couple that we’ve never seen before. They always look so serious together…even when they’re with the kids.

  • Katie

    Out of 450 photos, one photo was bound to get out! I am sure Brangelina, who have been in this industry for years, suspected that and knew it would happen. Otherwise, only allow polaroids at your party next time! Even if a friend signed an agreement not to show those photos, what’s to say their kid or maid didn’t get their hands on them and distribute it.

  • piyutra

    They both look great, very playful and loving. It’s such a cute photo. : )But please JJ, you should remove the pic now!

  • annon2

    Point is. If someone is under your employment and signs a binding, legal document that prohibts certain things which include photographs and talking to the press without permission they are in violation of that agreement. If Brad and Angelina allowed people to photograph them without issue then fine, it’s a non issue but this person or persons are saying they have 450 private photographs of them from Namibia and are trying to sell them. That’s sounds awfully suspicious and like they are from Brad, Angelina’s or someone close to them’s private collection. Why would this person have 450 private pictures of them? Key word "private" meaning someone probably did steal something from the hotel they were staying. I hope to see J.Lavely and M. Singer busy at work this morning from their law offices tracking this down

  • Cici

    This could have been Brad & Angelina’s camera and personal photo collection. Not their friend’s. So, no friend may have been involved or responsible. Brad and Angelina may have been the ones responsible and trying to get them developed or something and one photo just got out or was stolen. If it’s a digital stick, with 450 photos, you would think it belonged to Brad and Angelina.

  • wow

    WOW…look at brad’s smile…this is a beautiful second of their lives…i wish them the very VERY BEST!…….now I feel a little stalkerish……thanks jared….i think…..

  • kidi

    THEY LOOK ADORABLE. Shows a happy silly side to them. So much for the "he’s-whipped-she’s-gonna-dump-him". They are happy, in love, excited. End of story.

  • tasha

    Katie ..they are human beings, yes they are in the biz , but that does not mean they don’t deserve a little privacy. MY God….I could only imagine what they are feeling, first the situation with maddox school, now this…Someone either stole this or a friend sold them out. I would not want private moments out there. This is sad. Whether you are a fan of theres are not, everyone can I agree that this is wrong. 450 pictures…this shit is stolen and these pictures should be removed.

  • julia

    they look so happy, I love seeing them like this, it makes me all warm inside. But believe it > Brad’s lawyers will be all over these pics.

  • gorgi

    They look like they’re pretending to get married in that photo and joking about marriage or having a wedding.

  • cj

    AWWWWWWWWWW!!!!the pic looks sooo cute….happy to see them having a blast.

  • gorgi

    So, obviously they havent had a wedding, I’m assuming, from their joking around.

  • Veronica

    That’s right! They’re human beings. And just like any normal human being who goes to get their photos developed or has gotten their photo taken by somebody, they are at risk of being distributed publicly. You can’t stop it. NO ONE is safe from it. When I go into a store to get photos developed or even if I save digital photos on my computer or just have a digital photo stick or film lying around, even safely, I am ALWAYS aware that my photos can be viewed or stolen or distributed, especially when I take them to the store. There have been so many times I did not want my photo to be taken but people took them, whether or not I wanted them to, and I am sure they show it around to people or probably lost a photo or two. Who knows. No one is safe from it. You can’t help it. it’s not like identity theft. You may feel invaded but you cant help it. It’s a party! of course, photos will somehow leak! If it’s a party, privacy is not there anymore. Photos will get out.

  • kidi

    Look, if there’s a legal issue, their lawyers will be on it. I don’t think there is. Ethical, maybe, in that a friend or someone is shopping a picture around. But they’re not having sex or anything (hmm. wouldn’t that be…..Stop it! Slap, slap.) Invasion of privacy is very hard to prove for public figures if they aren’t doing anything illegal or salacious, and these pictures aren’t that.

  • auntymags

    the pic is really lovely, and shows a lot od love and emotion that should be just for the two of them. i agree with most of the posts here, this should not be for public consumption….this is really getting out of control and i wish that people take stock and rid themselves of this madness beofre someone gets hurt again(Princess Diana)

  • lily


  • freidaflo

    Love to see them happy.Maybe the talk of unhappiness will be silent for a while until they see Brad puff a smoke or Angelina out alone their balcony enjoying the oceanview.

  • kidi

    Brad’s body language is very loving and happy and protective here. Angie’s is very open and joyful. To those who say these two usually look too serious or not loving enough–YOU try managing very small, frisky children in airports or public venues with photographers up your asses and YOU see how much time you have to put your tongues down each other’s throats.

  • so cute

    Whether or not it is a private moment, and should or should not be up…This is soooooo cute!

  • LeslieNY

    Well, the photo’s already been shown to the public! so, what is the use that the lawyers take it down? It’s not private now! This photo is going to be shown to millions of people in different countries around the world. Big and small tabloids, popular and unpopular websites in ever part of the world is going to be showing this photo. What are the lawyers going to do? Sue every nook and cranny of each country hiding this photo and showing it to people. Well, it’s not hidden, now is it. So, what’s the use. Millions of people are distributing it as we speak. There are atleast a million media outlets showing this as we speak. My point is what is the logic in having the lawyers take it down? The purpose has already been defeated!

  • X

    Hey guys, I am new. I love the photo, I was just watching Mr. and Mrs. Smith last night. Great film. As long as everyone in that love triangle is happy now, I see no reason for any haters.

  • Missouri Fan

    "Just Jared" you are full of suprise"" that’s is why we love you!!! I…. love… it.. SHILOH had felt that mom & dad is playing & gigling…. Thanks Jared I do not see nothing wrong with it. IF Brad/Angie decided to have you it down, we understand… A lovely playfull of 2 lovers very in love . to each other …for SHILOH…. Love you Jared..

  • Cinda

    From my understanding of the situation the person sent an email to a number of publicitions and web sites with three photo’s attached. This one, another similar to it and one with Zahara with direction that they have 450 ‘private photo’s" of them and are asking how much money people are willing to pay. The person who owns celebritybabyblogger is the one who actually posted the pic on her web site. Non of these other places did. She posted it and it’s been linked all over the place including here and JJB/EZboard and other places. The person who sent the email has got to be beyond stupid. If these pictures belong to Brad Pitt and are from his private collection then there is a legal issue because the pictures were stolen. I hope the person who got these photo’s are reading because regardless if they set up a dummy email address you can be found in less time then it takes to read this post. You’re IP address and location, counytry, city, state etc are an easy get. I’m just shocked at the sheer stupidity of someone to think they can take on someone with as much money and legal power behind them as Brad Pitt