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Nicole Kidman Wedding Pictures

Nicole Kidman Wedding Pictures

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have gotten married. The all-candlelight ceremony took place just after sundown Sunday night at Sydney, Australia’s Cardinal Cerretti Memorial Chapel on St. Patrick’s Estate at Manly. Guests at the black-tie event included Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman, Naomi Watts and Rupert Murdoch.

Kidman‘s wedding party consisted of her sister Antonia, who was her maid of honor, and daughter Isabella, 13, who was her bridesmaid. Antonia‘s daughter, Lucia, was a flower girl. On the groom’s side were Urban‘s brother Shane, who served as best man, and longtime buddy Marlon Holden, who produced Urban‘s first solo album in 1991.

Kidman wore a dress by Nicolas Ghesquiere for Balenciaga. Her father, Antony, walked her down the aisle under the dramatic glow of a spotlight. She kept her veil on throughout the ceremony, only lifting it when it came time to say the (very traditional) vows.

Kidman got ready at her home in Sydney’s Darling Point with Isabella and son Connor, 11, and drove to Manly with her father in a white Rolls Royce. Bella and Antonia rode just ahead of them in a matching white Rolls Royce.

"Nicole cried all the way to the church in the car and then she cried all during the ceremony and had to wipe her eyes under the veil," a guest revealed. "It was the most emotional and beautiful ceremony. Nicole looked ethereal with her veil floating, like a vision in white. … Keith cried when he looked at her.

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"It was so intense," the guest says. "When her veil was lifted, he moved right in and he grabbed her and kissed her. It was a long, passionate kiss. (Then) everything went from being quiet and elegant and intense to really loud, like we were suddenly at a soccer game. There was screaming and hollering and such excitement.

"But when Nicole and Keith looked at each other it was like they were the only two people in the room. They are so deeply in love. It was the most incredible wedding."

In lieu of gifts, guests were asked to donate to the Sydney Children’s Hospital.

Both Jackman and Crowded House’s Neil Finn performed at the reception, which had a "passion" theme and red color scheme – including red carnations hanging from huge chandeliers and red roses on the tables.

Later in the evening, the newlyweds released a statement: "We just want to thank everyone in Australia and around the world who have sent us their warm wishes."

Wedding guests including Jackman, Watts, Isabella and Connor and Urban‘s parents and brother arrived Down Under for the celebration.

"I’m very excited for my friend," Watts told reporters upon her arrival. Jackman, who arrived later that day, joked, "Wedding? What wedding?"  [People]

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  • angelah

    congrats to them!!! the pictures are beautiful. Thanks j@red.

  • julia

    she looks so beautiful I love her…

  • judy

    I wish them all the happiness in the world, they look beautiful

  • velvett1

    Right on Nicole and Keirth.Meanwhile………..Somewhere in Hollyweird Kat…ee is crying on her pillow aka Suri for a wedding she will never have. Her’s will be a right of passage into a feak cult.

  • Sunny

    She looks pretty.

  • slj

    She probably hada perfect weding like everythig she is trying to do. Congrats

  • Agnieszka

    Congratulations Nicole and Keith! I wish you all the best in the world. You deserve the happiness!Love your wedding dress and the black&white theme- so classy and so modern. I really respect all your movies. I loved Dogville – one of the best movies out there.


    Congrats to Keith & Nicole. I love Nicole too. And I wish her all the happiness in the world. Enjoy this special day!

  • Dancer

    I love the way they had a traditional wedding and she looks so radiant and so happy! She has so wanted to find true love, I hope Keith is it and that they "live happily ever after."

  • Johnny

    She looks amazing!

  • Ippink

    congrats to them!!! the pictures are beautiful. Thanks j@red. s he looks so beautiful I love her…


    She looks beautiful, and he looks great, contrats to them, I hope she can finally have kids of her own since crazy cruise couldn’t give it to her.

  • LeeDC

    Nicole looks like royalty. She exudes this Grace Kelly aura… just gorgeous!

  • em

    i’ve always admired Nicole as an actress and as a very elegant woman. Wishing her the best.


    I am happy for Nicole.


    Love you Nicole.


    many years of happiness to keith and nicole!btw #12–get a more original and accurate ID

  • #12 sucks

    Hope a baby is on the way!

  • @12 D’evil

    Happy for you Nic & Keith! BTW #12…did you miss your meds again!

  • ladybugbelle

    She looks so beautiful! Congratulations and best wishes for a happy life. Hope all your dreams come true!

  • Diana

    Congrats!! Nicole seems so happy. I wish them the best.


    she is so beautiful i love her!

  • pandalover810

    congrats to two deserving people!! They both look radiant and I am sure the night was special!:)

  • Original jpf

    I just love her, and I’m so glad she’s found what feels like the real thing. I wish them all good things.jpf

  • Miss Realistic

    WOW! So stunning. These two know how to work the media, now the press will lay off them to enjoy their marriage and it is a pleasure to see them share their happy day without putting a price on it.

  • Pol

    wonderful Nicole: I wish all the hapiness in the world with Keith. You above many people deserve to be happy in love after 10 years of wasted time, which have only brought you 2 precious gifts: Isabella and Connor.Congratulations to Keith whom has won a wonderful woman.

  • Keith fan

    Congratulations to Keith and Nicole!! They both look so happy and I wish them a lifetime of joy. Nicole is absolutely stunning in her gorgeous wedding gown. She is a lucky woman, Keith is a wonderful, caring, funny, talented and HOT guy!

  • Kathy

    Congrat’s I sure hope you guys have a long marriage. I hope your can have your own little babies. The other 2 children can have sisters and brothers to love. Good Luck and GOD Bless you and yours.

  • Bobo the Minstrel

    HA HAAAAA yes pay for your new husband to stay with you!!It sounds like a bad car warranty commercial.Yes for every repair free year you get a free veggie platter.Nik minus$600.000=veggie brain.Prenup=no trust can you say DOOMED kiddies.The air is rank with desparation!!Let the parasitic bonding ritual begin-NOT-Come on Nikkers,when the final moment is upon you just say I DONT—OOPS TOO LATE- Church bells pealed 90 minutes later, indicating the services were over.Isnt that how they used to indicate that a hanging was over??Run up the black flag boys and girls another poor hapless soul launched into eternity…oh well you could have sent XenuTom back to the loving arms of his newest lov um er clone,minus the kids.You really dont need a Rent Boy in your life.I used to think that you were,intelligent,strong,vibrant,sexy,now unfortunately when I think of you a Rutabaga comes to mind.Say no to life in a RUT.Say no to lowering your standards.Some hopes and dreams you have when you have to purchase a mate.It sounds like the Nightmare After Your Birthday.I would have wished you happy birthday but I dont see a lot of good times ahead sighh.Here you go Keith $1000 bucks to make love$500 for a dinner date I wonder how much you will have to pay to bear his child-Gag

  • Robin

    WOW! She and he both look amazing and elegant. Nicole was already one of our most elegant ‘movie stars’ but seeing her in that beautiful wedding dress really makes you look at her in a totally different light. But I’ve always liked her(I’ve only seen a few of her movies though) and her husband is so talented and handsome. Also, looking at the pictures reminds you of a royal wedding or something. Very classy.I wish both halfs of this beautiful couple the best.

  • Pitchajarun

    # 30 | Bobo the Minstrel – shut up you idiot.. you sound like a rambling raving cross-eyed moron… you are probably tom cruise!! what a disgusting human you are, saying all those awful things on her wedding day!! you’re obviously a mean hearted prick who has no love in its life!! and by the way, your post was idiotic, none of it made sense & i could see you were hoping to come across "witty but cutting"… well you didn’t achieve it loser … you just sounded like a moron – lucky these posts are anonymous – otherwise you’d have rocks thrown at your dumb head!! spit on you!!

  • JIll

    Congrats to a BEAUTIFUL couple!!! What a Great Birthday present ;) I wish for you both a beautiful life together!!! Nicole you deserve it!!! May God guide you both through a very loving & devoted life together!!! Best Wishes Nicole & Keith!!!

  • hello

    this is how normal people act, take a hint mr. cruise.

  • Duude

    She looks beautiful, and the two look so happy together!It’s kinda nice to see celebs taking the more traditional route of having a church wedding before they pop out some kids. As for the pairing, Keith is a HUGE improvement on the scientology freak, Tom the midget!

  • hello

    her dress was very retro, and stunning.

  • kirst

    she looks beautiful, not a fan of his but he’s not lookin bad either!

  • congrats!

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  • Mire

    Keith’s career is about to tank and all he wil have is one old hag a rich hag but a old hag. Keith put down the crackpipe and the Fosters Beer and rum wow crack really is wacked.

  • kk

    This is all very funny so so so very funny – Keith who knew how hard up you must have felt to marry someone so washed up!!!!!!??????

  • YO


  • YO


  • grace

    They both look wonderful, but Nicole, you need to lay off the botox. Does she think that look looks good? Oh well, its her face. ;)

  • Millie

    The sad thing is Keith is her puppy and her asskiss so he will never have the balls too dump her , And who in the hell would want her not even for the $$$$$$$ So poor Keith is stuck now Poor little Bicth Keith LOL

  • Ja9stamper

    #38 and #39……how old are you and what have you done with YOUR LIFE? Nicole Kidman is 39 years old, worth estimated 150 million dollars and has admittedly stated that she intends to do much more with her life in addition to acting. How old are you and what do you have to show for your life? If NK is washed up then I wish I was too!!!! Living life is about redifining your life, setting new goals, achieving those goals and moving towards new aspirations……….that is NK. Maybe you should observe more and talk less… could perhaps better yourself from the observation of others achievments!!!

  • Millie

    And 100 mil came from being married to Tom so don’t pat her on the back to hard.

  • Mire

    For someone who did not want paparazzi at her "Big Day" she is making sure they get her on film what a whore.

  • ja9stamper

    And you have how many million yourself………funny how she didn’t reach such fame until AFTER her divorce from the crazed lunatic! How much money did you make between the ages of 36 and 39? By the way NK was awarded 85 million from the divorce from Cruise. That leaves her earnings at over 75 million…..and only 39 years old. I think we should give credit where credit is due!!!!

  • KiKi

    I wish Keith was in more pics!!!!

  • ja9stamper

    You are the words you speak. Say them once and you become that. NK is such a big deal to you that you would risk your own character. Your own integrity. Just browse the photo’s and once, just once, try NOT to speak like someon who has little or no moral fiber.

  • KiKi

    # 50 – So sorry but I don’t understand ?? Just would like to see more of Keith SORRY.